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Toxic lessons from dumblr: BDSM is abuse. Um, WHAT?

Talk about NSFW topics and abuse and Puri's enraged screaming. )

I hope to GOD someone types an extremely long and detailed rebuttal to that post complete with links and professional sources, because I can't stand the thought of damaging misinformation like this spreading like wildfire.
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Ugh, I've had this Undertale rant in my head, one that I made on plurk again and again. I guess I better elaborate on LJ/DW? Because... this is driving me crazy. It's about a certain character at the end of True Pacifist. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE BEATEN UNDERTALE. SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING INCLUDING TRUE PACIFIST, GENOCIDE, AND NEUTRAL.

Unpopular Opinion Time! It's about a certain serial murderer. )
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So, I think I have enough songs for a fanmix (we called 'em "FSTs" in the ol' days of Livejournal) so I'm checking out how 8tracks works to see if I can get one ready. Which leads me to a rant about something that annoys me about 8tracks.

The biggest problem I have with 8tracks is I can't see the tracklist. I have to listen to the entire fanmix first, and I'm only allowed a certain number of skips. What if there's an artist I don't like? I wouldn't know they're there until it's too late. Sometimes I want to look at what other songs people have for Frisk, Chara, etc. So that I, a fanmixer, don't end up using the same songs everyone and their mother already uses and associates with Frisk, Chara, etc.

I don't have time to listen to entire soundtracks. JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN TRACKLIST AND I'LL DECIDE IF I WANT TO LISTEN OR NOT. This is what I really miss from the FST days on Livejournal. YOU HAD A DAMN TRACKLIST. At least some 8tracks fanmixes are advertised on tumblr posts with a tracklist included, saving me a lot of time. Still, it's extremely frustrating.

"But Puri, the whole point of 8tracks is to discover new music! You can't do that if you have immediate access to tracklists!"


Sometimes, if I see artists I like on the fanmix? I may be encouraged to listen to the others. And I haven't heard every single song by my favorite artists, especially if they've got a HUGE library like say, Tori Amos or The Beatles. So finding songs that remind me of a character or pairing by an artist I like that got buried beneath Archive Panic is a cool thing. Ex. I hadn't registered "For Good" from the Wicked musical as a Friskriel song until someone pointed it out and sang a cover for it. Even if it's a song I already have, I could agree with the fanmixer's choices and I'd want to know what else they've got. Back when [ profile] fst was still active, I used to comb the archive for FSTs that had at least one song by an artist I liked, such as Patrick Wolf or AniDiFranco or Bjork. That's how I got into their music, from little trickles that people would include on FSTs. Didn't matter if I didn't know the fandom. I'd look up, see they have a song by Garbage or Say Anything I hadn't heard yet, and pounce on it like a cat with a new ball of yarn or a laser pointer dot.

And this way, I have something to associate the song with to remember it by, as opposed to aimlessly wandering iTunes. Ex. I have this gorgeous male cover of "I Hope You Dance" (done by Ronan Keating) I got it off of some random shippy Iruka/Sakura FST or something. I wouldn't know anything about the fandom or pairing at all, but I'd go, "Oh hey, I got that song from a random Naruto FST! :D"

Hell, I can tell you the FST I was introduced to Patrick Wolf from. It was for Ken Ichijouji from the second season of Digimon. Looking through the tracklist, I saw "Magpie" along with a few sample lyrics. I thought, "Hey, that looks pretty" and downloaded it. I was blown away. Like, from the first note.

Reaction .gifs? Oh yeah. Required. )

Where was I? Oh, right. I can't really do that anymore on 8tracks. I'm forced to go blind with the exceptions of a few artist names in the tags instead. THANKS 8TRACKS.
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Well, That Escalated Quickly

Someone at the Mary-Sue posted an article about the idea that Samus might be trans. It went just about as well as expected.

Something that's been bothering me regarding transphobia. ALL CAPS at the end, with a mini-rant about biphobia. )

*panting* I think I need to look at a pile of potatoes.
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The rare characters Puri despises so much she cannot rationally discuss them without getting pissed off:

- Ellen (The Witch's House)
- Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey)
- Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
- Patch Cipriano (Hush, Hush)
- Gabriel Emerson (Gabriel's Inferno)
- Julia Mitchell (Gabriel's Inferno)
- Zoey Redbird (House of Night)
- Danisha Wood (Hunchback of Notre Dame suefic)
- That CotD Samurai Kid (Pokemon)

All of them Karma Houdinis and/or Author's Darlings in some shape or form. I left out Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X because I heard he gets better in the second season, and he's not nearly as psychopathic or bratty as the ones I've put on the list. Left out Edward Cullen because as whiny and genocidal as he is, his imitators are worse and he's easy to make fun of (plus R. Pattz hates him way more than I do). I considered Bella Swann, but I haven't been through enough books/movies/sporkings for her to really get under my skin (yet), and there's already tons of spitefic calling her out on her bullshit. But Christian "Hellspawn" Grey stays because A. I've read the first 50 Shades book unsporked in its entirety. B. Grey aka 50 Shades of the Midnight Sun exists and Hellspawn's bullshit is still going strong. Considered DiC!Dub!Rini in Sailor Moon, but mercifully I hadn't seen enough of Sailor Moon, dub or sub. The first dub of the Fiore movie was thankfully my only exposure to Pre-Stephanie Beard!Rini.

Not in a good mood today. Nope.
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Zar played a game called Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and she wondered if I played it yet. So I told her I'd review it, nom. I've been dying of boredom since my cough, and I was getting burnt out on Story of Seasons. TIME FOR SOME OLD FASHIONED INDIE HORROR. I downloaded a program that let me open .zips, and so far so good, my computer's cooperative. So I zoomed through Wadanohara! Yay!

I thought I'd enjoy it more, tbh. I mean, it's an okay game, there's a lot to like about it, and I came in without much expectations (and I was warned for gratuitous sexual assault, which I'll discuss in a bit). But by the time I finished it, I thought it would have much more than what I got. :o It had potential and a lot of cool concepts, but they never really got expanded upon and it makes the game feel incomplete. It didn't leave me mad in a "Uggggh, how could you waste such a good idea" kind of way like some Pokemon movies did, just... empty and kind of hanging.

SPOILER ALERT! Also a rant regarding rape and sexual assault. )

I spent way too much time talking about this game. There's probably some points I've forgotten, but eh. I'm not in a rush to play Mogeko's other games any time soon.
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Puri rants about Madoka fandom and why it is suffering. Spoilers for Rebellion of course. )

Guhhh, just ranting about this fandom gives me a headache. Now my dinner's cold. :(
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Me: 50 Shades slut-shames women who dare to be kinkier than the heroine and treats BDSM as something resulting from mental illness.
Me: But I never said anything about the audience--
Public: DUNT B A PRUDE!!11

Nice to know that pointing out a book romanticizes abuse means I'm kink-shaming someone for their fantasies, even though the series makes it explicitly clear a sexually-confident woman is to be regarded as complete scum of the universe under Ana's feet.

It won't matter if I explain and defend myself until I'm blue in the face. No one will listen.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised the movie's making money, no matter how much I cross my fingers and pray that it'll bomb. But now it means the next two movies (or THREE, if they decide to go with the "split-the-last-book-into-two-movies" fad) are going to follow me for the next few years like a parasite that won't fucking detach.

I don't care if I'm overreacting. I don't care if it's "just a book/movie." I don't care if there are worse things out there, like The Turner Diaries or whatever the hell people are saying about American Sniper. I'm allowed to be upset about more than one thing, even if it isn't as "lethal." I'm just sick and tired of people writing off kink such as BDSM as something only "damaged monsters" are into while abusive-but-rich-and-hot-and-heteronormative and double standards are glorified. I'm tired of E.L. James' smug grin as she rolls in the pile of money she doesn't deserve. I'm tired of being shut down just because I'm a "kink-shaming prude feminist who doesn't like fun."

This miserable series just won't go away.
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Will Sylvain Reynard shut the fuck up about "Closer" from Nine Inch Nails? All she ever does is quote the "fuck you like an animal" line and act like it's the single most objectifying and sinful lyric in the universe. Never mind that Trent Reznor's written other sexually-charged songs and that "Reptile" is 100x more violent, degrading, and disturbing. Never mind that he wrote "Fragile," one of my favorite NIN songs and one of the wibbliest love songs ever. On the other hand, I totally see Reynard using "Fragile" as a way for Gabriel to compare it with Julia, and yuck. I actually hope it never comes up. Reynard already thinly alluded to Trent doing backup vocals for Tori Amos' "Past The Mission," and I don't want her to shit on more of my favorite bands and songs.

Everybody in this book other than Gabriel has better chemistry with Julia. Rachel was basically professing her love to Julia before she had to go on the plane. DON'T LEAVE ME RACHEL, YOU'RE THE ONE CHARACTER I DON'T FEEL LIKE STABBING A PIKE THROUGH *sobs*

It never ever goes through Julia's brain that her big nostalgic night with Gabriel was when he was drunk off his ass. Of COURSE he doesn't remember her! Why the fuck doesn't she tell him about the night at the apple orchard? Just say, "Hey, I don't think you remember me, but one time, we kissed at an apple orchard." It's not that fucking hard. Manufactured drama/Lack of Communication Kills like this does not increase the goddamn tension in romance novels; it just makes me think the characters are fucking stupid!


By the way, there's still four chapters open for anyone who wants to spork the book here. :D I might consider taking another chapter on, this book is pissing me off this much.

Edit: TW: Slut-shaming and tasteless use of eating disorders )
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Jesus tumblr, calm the fuck down regarding Book of Life.

I understand you want animated movies starring POCs to do well at the box office. Hell, I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time, and social justice reasons is the least among them. But for gods sakes, Book of Life is not in danger of being the box office flop you're making it out to be.

1. You're aware that the US is still in a recession, right? If it's not Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy or a related superhero movie, people will be more concerned about saving their money for their next meal or rent. They may see the movie, but they'll probably wait until it goes to the Dollar Theater first. Being poor does not mean we're actively conspiring to keep movies about POCs from being successful.

2. Movies make most of their money back globally; it takes time, even months or early next year, before they're released to other countries. According to one comment, Book of Life is actually doing pretty good now, currently at $47.5 million when I'm writing this. The film got #3 at the box office on its opening weekend, so this is nowhere as bad as say... Delgo.

3. Speaking of which, didn't the ads say the movie will come out on Halloween? Yes, it was released earlier, but ads are weird like that and lie. A lot of people may not even be aware it's out yet.

4. Frozen has nothing to do with Book of Life or its performance at the box office except that they're both animated. You're just making an excuse to be whiny and butthurt about Frozen's popularity again. ("DreamWorks isn't making enough money and Laika's probably shutting down, BUT YOU'LL GET A MILLION FROZEN SEQUEL SPINOFFS WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH")

"Is this gonna be the new Frozen? Let me know now so i can get a head start on filtering it." <---- Best Frozen-related comment on the thread. XD

5. Guilt-tripping/shaming people into watching a film is NOT cool and can actually turn off potential viewers, especially when you trash things they already like.
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FUCK Tourney Smash Bros. players. FUCK THEM FOREVER. Excuse me for wanting to play Smash Bros. the way it was meant to be played, instead of being confined to No-Items and the erasure of all stages except Final Fucking Destination. FUCK. YOU.
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Remember that one quote by J.K. Rowling? Let me tweak it a bit: "If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his NOTP and its shippers, not his OTP and their shippers.

You know what? I've been keeping this bottled for a while. I've spoken with close friends about it, and they made me feel better enormously, so I thought that was the end of that. But I might as well tell you what happened, DW and LJ.

So, there's these two artists who are twins in the Earthbound fandom who draw for an obscure pairing: Jeff/Poo. They've put a lot of thought into their headcanon (Jeff and Poo would eventually raise a couple Mr. Saturns), their art is cute, and their smut is tasteful. Unfortunately, there's a reason I don't follow them on tumblr and separate their art from them as people. And it looks like that reason won't be changing anytime soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen? This is how NOT to react to your NOTP. )

tl;dr: I'm a horrible, dirty Jeff/Tony shipper, and putting Tony in art (especially with Jeff) is offensive, because HE'S EVERYWHEEEEEERE OMG.

Anyway, off to feed the campus cats. They'll cheer me up.
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Anyone who refers to Sylvia Plath's poetry as "emo" will be strangled until their entire head turns blue.

tw: rant about depression, suicide, and ableism )
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The internet, especially tumblr, needs to learn the difference between a trigger and a berserk button.

This is what triggers do.

War veterans have triggers. Domestic abuse survivors have triggers. People recovering from eating disorders have triggers.

A pairing that you don't like is NOT a trigger.

Unless a pairing specifically gives you panic attacks, remind you of a specific phobia, or any of the symptoms described in the article above, a NOTP is not a trigger. It's a berserk button.

Berserk buttons are things that piss you off or make you uncomfortable. Like triggers, they can be blocked via Tumblr Savior. But that's where the similarities end.

I'll give you examples of berserk buttons by telling you mine. 50 Shades of Grey is a berserk button, and I bring up the trilogy as little as possible to avoid rampaging across town. Certain Pokemon movies are also berserk buttons, because I'm sick and tired of ranting about everything that bothers me in those movies over and over again, and it reminds me of past shameful fandom experiences I've participated in. "White tears" and "cisgendered problems" and similar tags are blacklisted on my tumblr. My boyfriend avoids anything to do with "Repo! The Genetic Opera" because it reminds him of an abusive ex who adored it.

I respect the right to not discuss ships you don't like. That's easy. There's a billion other things in the world we could talk about. But if you fly off the handle at someone because you can't stand Sonic/Amy, Kyousuke/Sayaka or Kain/Rosa (three of my personal NOTPs, so don't think I don't know what it's like to not stand a ship) and consider it a trigger rather than a berserk button, then you have a problem with overreacting, anger issues, and/or basic human decency, and you need to grow up.
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But then again, I didn't expect it to be. Let's see what we've got here!

Who's sexier?
The fans pick: Holli Wood

Holli Wood: 67%
Jessica Rabbit: 33%

*feigns drinking and collapsing her head on the counter*

Good thing this one poll is the minority. Most people love Jessica and have never heard of Holli, and it should stay that way. :P

I think i know nowwhy so many people don´t like Titanic : The animated Movie.. I mean, not just because of the story and such... Since i´m doing a comparison between both versions ( cut and uncut) i noticed maaaaany animation errors... i might do a indepth article about it, to show how many things are just poorly done and how it would have been possible to make it a better movie ( yes, there wold be ways for that!)
But i´m really happy that the other titanic movies are now higher on your list then this one.

Yeah, it just occurred to me that the story is bad and the animation sucks (and traced), but the fact that it's BLATANTLY OFFENSIVE BY DISMISSING TITANIC AS A LEGEND INSTEAD OF A REAL LIFE TRAGEDY doesn't come to mind. Not at all.

My Top 20 Saddest Childhood Animated Movie Moments... and Nice Guyism!

Way to shame Esmeralda for not returning a man's crush, asshole. )

If he thinks Disney!Esmeralda is bad, hoo boy. Book!Esmeralda will drive him up the Chrysler building.

From the same person who hates Esmeralda, I find his reasons of why WALL-E is on his 10 Worst Animated Films list to be... rather flawed.

Haters Gonna Hate! :D )

At first, I thought this was written by a 13-year-old. Turns out he's 18. *feigns drinking and collapsing her head on the counter... again*
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Notice how all those recent bestsellers romanticizing abuse are written by women for women?

We work our fucking asses off for equal rights for all genders, and then we get female writers going "Tee hee!" and worship abusive manchildren simply because they're hot and dismiss other female characters for being "slutty" or "ZOMG IN DA WAY!!11!1" You know, those very things we've been fighting against. What are men supposed to think if we say, "Don't treat me like a child" while the most popular book written by women for women showcases the "perfect" romance by having the "hero" treat the heroine like a child?

It's like if black people wrote best-sellers glorifying slavery and saying it's the utopia we should aspire to.

How can we stand up for ourselves if we treat our own gender like crap?

If we're going to put an end to misogyny, at least give a serious talk to the women who have internalized it, not just sexist men.

Sorry I'm being bitchy. But my computer's on its last legs and I don't know when it'll randomly shut down again. And after many years of following, I've left [ profile] weepingcock. This is supposed to be a comm for hilariously bad sex scenes, and over and over and over again, people have broken that rule. It clearly says in the user info that it's not a gross-out community, and yet, people post the Pokemon Story and the Other Story. 'Cause brutal Gardevoir rape and Videl discovering her abortion fetish is funny. There are plenty of comms where you can freak about horrific pornfic, but [ profile] weepingcock? No. Basically, it's become a generic bad sex comm, and it's boring. So yeah, I'm done. Truly a shame. Do people think generic rage and pointless nitpicking is funny now? Truly sad.
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.....I can go on a 30 minute rant on why it's aged horribly.....fuck it I'm going to do it anyway. I'm sorry Zaria I think Mother 3 is a fantastic game but earthbound......the game looks awful by even the standards at the time cause Final Fantasy Vi and Chrono Trigger came out at the same time, sound quality is just terrible. The game pretty much sucks Ness' dick and he goes through no hardships, he gets it easy, he doesn't really suffer any hardships aside from being homesick, the story yes it's silly and it's not taking it's self seriously but at the same time it doesn't do a good job at all, and overall while it is important and does set an important part in history, the game overall hasn't aged well at all. Games like Final Fantasy Vi, Chrono Trigger, and hell Super Mario RPG have aged better. I think Mother 3 is a better game cause it's soundtrack is much better, the character sprites are better, and the combing system is a well done mechanic that makes the game a blast to play. Also think Lucas is a better character cause of all the hardships he goes through but he still carries on....Ness gets it so easy it just makes me wanna kill the brat....which is why that's how my video game review of Earthbound is going to end like that and the Mother 3 review is going to end with me hugging Lucas as he fades away. But year Earthbound......overrated as fuck

I like Zar's response to this: "Are you secretly Pokey Minch? Cause wow you've got a major hate-on for Ness going on here." XD

Now time for me to give my two cents. No hardships? Really? 'Cause being a regular kid who holds the weight of responsibility to save the world from an alien eldritch abomination (and to prevent a shitty dystopia that happens only ten years into the future) totally isn't taxing at all. Nuh uh. Neither is being impeded by a sociopathic next-door neighbor (who may or may not have once been your friend) who exists to make your life hell and endangering everyone and everything you've ever cared about just because he could. Did Magicant mean absolutely nothing to you? How about the fact that his soul got transferred into a robot so he could go back to the past to defeat an incomprehensible evil with no guarantee of ever coming back? Don't you think that maybe those things would stick with Ness for the rest of his life?

Just because Ness doesn't "suffer" as much as Lucas doesn't mean that he's never endured hardships or that he's any less of a hero. Hell, one of the things that made Earthbound (and Earthbound 0, for that matter) refreshing was because the main protagonist was a normal suburban boy with a regular childhood as opposed to the angsty knight with the tragic and/or complicated past that is so common in RPGs. Are you saying you'd think Ness would be a better character if his dog was torn apart by Starmen, his mother turned into a brainwashed robot for Giygas, and his sister has been sold to slavery? Should Ness wear his black Mr. Saturn t-shirt and climb up to Mt. Ordeals to contemplate his navel? Seriously, I'll take Ness over the latest cynical Gackt-expy anyday.

I wonder how much Ness & Lucas fanfiction pisses him off. 'Cause there's no way Lucas would be best friends with such a brat, right?


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