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I beat Final Story on SA2B again. I kept needlessly getting killed at the final boss (fucking lasers), but I managed to stick around to hear Sonic and Shadow's lines to each other at the 4 minute mark with Final Hazard in the red.

More SA2B nostalgia beneath the cut. )

I hope my store has those new MLP: FiM Valentine cards. Mwoiiiiing~!
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Another fun meme from [personal profile] ceasefire:

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them

And now, we take a journey beneath the cut. )

The latest MLP episode makes me thirsty. I'll have to make due with a cold glass of apple juice.
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Hey guys! Wanna know how infamously glitchy Sonic 2006 is? Here ya go!

I've been watching the LP of Sonic 2006 to pass the time when Jean wasn't reading Homestuck with me, and lately, I've been getting a strange sense of nostalgia from my time in Sonic fandom. Hell, after I talked to Sipp on Plurk, I felt inspired to make an RP account for E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure 1, and did it. I'll refine it and make icons for him later after I replay the game. Just... wow. I used to love Gamma. :o And I totally shipped him with Amy. I still do.

Aside from Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog fandom had a lot of "firsts" for me. My first serious crush on a fictional character (Shadow the Hedgehog, which I felt a lot of guilt for, mostly because I was scared of being a "rabid fangirl" and that I was gonna be labeled as a "furry", though I eventually stopped caring about the latter. :P Former, on the other hand... hoo boy), the first time I started receiving attention for my work in fandom (not BNF-status, but I've had a couple strangers who went up to me and said, "Hey, aren't you the one who wrote that one fic/that Sonadow essay at [ profile] ship_manifesto?" and gave me warm, fuzzy feelings inside. Usually those fans and I became friends. ;;), and hell, even the first time I wrote smut... a looooooooong story which deserves its own entry. :P Gods, the first AMV I ever made was a Shadow the Hedgehog AMV using "Bliss" by Tori Amos. I think I lost it and never recovered it, which is kind of a shame, but then again, I made a couple other old Sonic AMVs too, haha. XD

It's kind of painful for me to look back on my years in Sonic fandom since I went from being a cheerful fangirl who did what she loved to being a paranoid worrywart who was concerned what people and older fans thought of her because she loved Shadow and Sonadow and felt "ostracized" because she enjoyed playing the newer (at the time) games as well as the classics. When I look back on them now, Sonic Heroes and the games after them are crappy. Yet even knowing games like Shadow the Hedgehog are horrendously and painfully cheesy and has all these flaws and tries way too hard to be hardcore ("Where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald!? DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN WATCH ME SAY DAMN."), I get a sense of guilty pleasure from them due to the time I spent with friends in fandom. Under normal circumstances, I would've found a character like Silver stupid and annoying, and today I really wish he didn't have to be another hedgehog, but... ngggh. Fucking Narm Charm. gjdskgjdksg

My heart will always belong to Sonic Adventure 2 and the earlier games like Sonic CD and S3&K though. Fuck yes.

I don't get me started how much I whined about Sonic elitists. It's like I spent the last part of my active years of Sonic fandom feeling "persecuted" and miserable, and it shows in the last few Sonadow fics I written. To the point I think my friends were calling me out for it. When I think about it, the more I want to strangle my past self. I was so concerned with being a "good" Shadow and Sonadow fan, even in the eyes of people who didn't like them, and... gdhskjghdkjsgh. I even gotten into fights with a couple friends about this, and lost one of them because of it. I spent too much time worrying about what other people thought. You can see why this was painful for me to think about. I feel like Karkat from Homestuck with his self-loathing and how much he detests his past self for being so moronic, 'cause I'm feeling exactly the same way when I look at myself in my late years of Sonic fandom.

As my Sonic obsession waned into hiatus (a little before I got into Earthbound), I finally got around to watching SatAM despite feeling "poisoned" and what do you know, I loved it. I started to mellow down, thank god, and stuck around to spazz about the series for a while. Sonic/Sally became my favorite het pairing for Sonic, I shipped Bunnie/Rotor, and it was around the time the Sonic Kink Meme ([ profile] kinkyclosetzone, which I helped name) opened. It's pretty much dead now, I think. XD The other day, my friend and I were talking about robot sex ("How does it work? Transformers fandom is divided over this."), and though she wasn't much familiar with the fandom, I linked her to my favorite Shadow/Omega fic (NSFW, despite wires and robotics) for referential purposes. (Her response: "Hee hee. Code-fondling.")

So yesterday, I decided to browse the kink meme to read old fills. I came across an old request of mine, which wanted Sonic/Griff from the "Warp Sonic" SatAM episode. I went on, expecting nobody answered that one ever, except... bam. A fill. Written two months after I left it. And... it's fucking incredible. (NSFW) I don't know how I never saw that fic in my LJ message box, but it's been about three years before I finally read this fic. Even though the writer will probably never know my thanks, I left it anyway. God, I wonder if I should've de-anon'd myself. But just... I'M FEELING SO MUCH EMOTION. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU HAVE ALL MY LOVE IN THE WORLD. ;; I wonder if it's even someone I know, though I don't think I recognize the style. I can't help but feel guilty somehow. But still... anon, whoever you are. Thank you.

Reading that fic meant a lot to me, and I've been feeling sort of crummy lately. Namely about my creativity (or lack of it).

Sometimes, I wonder if ought to finish that humongous Sonadow fic I started that was going to be one of my fandom magnum opuses. Post-SA2, Shadow was caught in space and taken inside a hidden lab in the Mystic Ruins run entirely by a sentient supercomputer named P.A.N.D.O.R.A. PANDORA likes to build creepy advanced robots, including the Leviathan, and has experimented on an unconscious Shadow for three years. Shadow wakes up before he's "ready" and steals a Chaos Emerald one of the robots brought in and escaped. Sonic, having since moved on, is troubled why he still remembers a rival he barely knew. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman wants to seek out PANDORA and claim the lost lab and the creations inside for his own. Shit goes down in Mystic Ruins and Sonic chases Dr. Eggman. The Leviathan is trying to hunt Shadow, and the two hedgehogs meet again... Cue "WTF!?" In short, Sonic and friends must stop Eggman while figuring out what the hell is up with the PANDORA business and its connection to Shadow. Sonic & Shadow begrudgingly work together, and end up more tangled in each another than they'd like to admit, playing right into PANDORA's logic-minded hand...

If I stopped to work on it, would I feel closure? Sometimes I wonder if I should save it as maybe a future original work, but the story is clearly written to be for the Sonic universe. To take out all the Sonic essence would be robbing it of its soul. I will never be able to unsee it as something that used to be "about Sonic." I'm like this with my other incomplete big fanfic projects I started too. Augh.

tl;dr: Puri was a self-pitying paranoid moron for her latter years in Sonic fandom, and is now wibbling over old crap and a lovely fic featuring a super obscure pairing someone left her in a time capsule. She then goes on to fret about her own fanfiction again. WHOO SELF-DEPRECATION

Damn blue hedgehogs giving me feelings.
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Sonic: *finger-waggle while playing Black* You're too slow~!
Shadow: hfkjgskjghsrkgj
Sonic: *hands him the DS* Here. I haven't even started it. :D
Shadow: I don't want it anymore. >( *grumblegrumble* You better not pick Snivy.
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I feel like anyone who's ever been in fandom has their own personal "worst badfic." [ profile] ficbitches brings up Chocobo Nights a lot, for example. Without a doubt in my mind, I know lots of badfic classics and talk of them like we talk of bad movies (some with humorous affection aka My Immortal, others with disgust and utmost horror, like "the one where Tifa gives birth to a Chocobo."), but the one that leaves tar-coated thorns oozing over the cockles of my little black heart is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic called "Manipulated Love."

Apparently, Manipulated Love has been deleted from The fic whose badness inspired me to write my first lemon as an antidote / "brain bleach" to the UTTER HORROR AND RAPE IN MULTIPLE LEVELS OF THIS GODAWFUL SGHDKJGHDKJGHKJD disappeared. My first reaction? "Nooooooooooooooooo!"

Then I realized it still existed on Cue simultaneous response of "Whew!" and "Oh god no!" My god, the memories. Yeah, a fic this bad to influence an ashamed 16-year-old girl wrangling with her sexuality to write loving graphic smut of two hedgehogs is uh... "special."

I'm going to play more Epic Yarn.
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I'M SO HORRIBLE (but not as horrible as I could be). I was gonna do Lucario, but he got spared because I couldn't find enough expressions for him. :( Same with Poo, he's grouchy on all of them. >(

Shadow is the only one I could find icons for. )

It touches me so many Shadow RP journals still use my icons though. Aww.
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# Day 06 - The best kiss?

All of Dee & Ryo's scenes in FAKE. ♥

Outlaw Star with Gene & Melfina had an epic kiss. Gods, it's been years since I've seen that show, I barely remember a thing.

WALL-E & EVE's buzz kiss~ ♥

The ending to Nightmare Before Christmas. ;;

Megan and Graham in But I'm a Cheerleader! in the back of the bar and during the Glass Vase, Cello Case scene. Just baw.

The early kisses in Adrian Lyne's Lolita in a DEAR GOD NO kind of way.

Princess Bride. 'Nuff said.

Never saw X/1999. But I saw an AMV where it had Fuuma kissing a crucified Kamui. That was cool in a twisted kinda way. :o

Rotom and Shaymin's kiss in the mistletoe event in [ profile] pokedressing. Just... oh god, I feel warm and fuzzy every time I keep rereading that.

Speaking of Rotom and Shaymin~


9:04 in. A peck on the cheek that leads to the best expression of King Dedede ever. But hey, if you've got spare time, you can see how cute Kirby & Ribbon are in general. :)

Now for our usual fanart splurge~ From snogging to pecks to eskimo kisses, get ready to squee~ ♥♥♥

First, we have a couple gay hedgehogs. )

But those two schoolboys just take the cake. ghskjghskjghr )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~ Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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# Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry?

Lack subtext? Have no fear. This is what chemistry is for~ ♥

I'm a Shipping Chemistry Major~ )
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I don't believe I ever posted the rest of my SSBB caps. Let's remedy that. Let's start off with a tradition Puri has: the 99-Minute Battle!

25cc and No Bodies Yet! )

Field Trip to the Mushroom Kingdom! )

And the Rest Nom )

I'll see what else I have stored later. :o

Here's Part 1 for now!
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(1) List 10 5 "ONE TRUE PAIRINGS" that you admire.
(2) Put all of them in order (10-1, 1 is the ultimate OTP).
(3) Supply photos for said people.
(4) Post your favorite quote.

Screw this, I'm putting quotes first, then picture. :P I'm only doing five ships 'cause I always get so distracted looking for quotes, and some of my ships don't even exchange a word with another, so yeah. :P

Nomnomnom pictures nom. OTPs not really in order except Sonadow )

Poor Geno/Mallow, Poo/Paula and all the other OTPs I left out. :( Oh well. Always next time.
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Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!


"There's very little whatsoever to imply any sort of attraction between Sonic and Shadow of Sonic The Hedgehog. That being said, it's one of the most-shipped yaoi pairings out there, Or So I Heard." --TV.Tropes on the Foe Yay page

Quick! Somebody update that page with Sonic's flirting in Shadow the Hedgehog! :o

Time to tackle my paper for Rhetoric! *disappears*
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Mother 3 makes you laugh your head off until you realize Bambi's mom has been shot. Then it makes you laugh five seconds after that. Then it punches you in the stomach. Repeat back and forth as your emotions are manipulated, while throwing in a bit of MOMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!1!1!11 too.

Sonic Chronicles? Pure unadulterated hilarity.

That's it. Nice balance of current games, huh? ;D

Eggman doesn't walk. He prances.

Shadow runs like he's knocked over a hive of bees. He also talks about Omega like how Amy refers to Dexter. ("Omega isn't like the other robots! Omega... is intelligent. He hates Eggman. >(" "Err, Shads? It's hard to be jealous of someone with a robot for a boyfriend." "You keep quiet! >(") Shadow talks about his friendship with Omega and goes on and boasts about the perfect partnership they have together and how superior their make-out sessions are to Sonic and What's-His-Date's and expects us to take him seriously. Tee hee! X333 Either way, Shadow's on my team now, and I absolutely refuse to separate him from Sonic~ ♥ Atomic Strike is the most beautiful storm I've seen in my life. *__________________* Their love circulates and shocks the world~ ♥♥♥ Took out those Raptor Hawks fast too, haha! X333~

Shadow's making friends with an adorable pink Chao named Joy~ ♥
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Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Keep on crackin', eggies~~! ♥♥♥

Puri decided to post her old Sonadow and Mario/Peach [ profile] 1sentence pieces on The review I got on Mario/Peach was just a one-liner "Awesome", which sucks. But this is the best review for my Sonadows I've received yet. He's even a self-affirmed troll! X3

FruiTROLLups: "Nothing says fail more than writing about male anthropomorphic animals with ghay undertones. You furries, you."
Me: "No thanks, I'm not a furrie. Thanks for the LOLerrific troll review, though. XD"

Why can't my other flamers be more silly and creative like that?

I learned how to make sharps/flats on Mario Paint! X33 Now you can too:

Ctrl-Click for flats, and Shift-Click for sharps.

Makes my life a whole lot easier. XD
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Nightmare aside, I had this twinkly melody composed in my head. Gameboyish and gorgeous. It's in the same key as "Black Balloon" and it sounds like something that could fit into a Kirby game soundtrack. (Might be similar to Fallin' Love too) It's hard to record sounds on paper when you don't know how to set up the key and hence, don't know how to organize the notes. Figures I'd forget that pretty melody later. Goddamn it.

Sonic FF.netters: If a story says The End in clear bold letters, that means there's NO more chapters. Also? There is NO sequel. What the hell could I make a sequel out of? XD Stupid brainless Sonadow fangirls. XD

If Dad still won't give Puri a hedgehog, maybe she can bug him into getting her a rattie. An adorable cute little rat~ ♥

Today's Mario Party Day at Smash Club! :D

Magic Cake Woman wanted requests, so look what I got from her: ♥♥♥

George, Maria, and Giegue
by ~Magic-Cake-Woman on deviantART

EB0 Mood? Me? :D
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I think I know how the Fire Emblem fandom felt when Marth/Roy fangirls started flooding their fandom with OOC badfic when Melee came out.

The Smash fanboys are clogging the Earthbound section. God help me. "lulz I never played da game butt h3rz Mother 3 fic! LUCASXKUMATORA 4EVR!!1!" Um, no. You realize Kumatora's old enough to be Lucas's mom, right? Do you have any basis for pairing them together other than they're the main guy and girl? Besides, wouldn't it be urm... Oedipal? Except I doubt that's what the so-called "fans" had in mind.

Edit: Okay, my mistake. Kumatora's age isn't really stated. I've got nothing against age differences. What got Puri was from her knowledge of Mother 3, Duster and Kumatora were like a "second family" to Lucas while Flint wasn't there. So Puri viewed Lucas and Kumatora being close friends. And if Kumatora was like a "mother figure" to him, wouldn't it be like falling for your own mother? That's what Puri meant. Forgive me, I'm feeling light-headed especially when typing in the heat without food. @.@;;;

Thank god there's a couple people leaving huge intense constructive criticism.

I wish whoever keeps posting these "_________ PAIRING MADNESS!" 'fics' would just. Fucking. Stop. It's like those disgusting Ask Fics before they were banned, only know the reviewers sent pairings instead of questions. THOSE FICS PISS ME OFF. If you're braver than I am (I only glanced at the Ness/Pokey chapter), this is the source of my rage. Pairings mutilated and their carcass left to rot: Ness/Paula, Jeff/Tony *SCREECHSTAB*), Lucas/Kumatora, Pokey/Giygas, Flint/Hinawa (*SCREECHSTABAGAIN*), Ness/Pokey, and Jeff/Paula.

I swear to hell it's a good thing people get cooties from Mother 1. This guy nudges Poo/Paula, I'm gonna have to whip out a chainsaw.

Yes, this is the same dude that brought you Ness bearing a jealous grudge against Macho*Lucas posts back.

Here's a taste of how bad his writing is; Puri picks a pairing she's used to seeing badfic for. Look, he wrote Sonic/Shadow! Awww, how cute! )

From his profile: I'll also work more on keeping my fics more "in character", because I really don't want people to hate me! But, can you get two characters to form a relationship in a romance fic without tweaking their personalities a little?

BUWAHAHAHAHAHA. It's called "growth" you ninny. Probably never occurred to the guy that relationships don't always end up 100% fluffy either. (Fluffy Mephiles/Anyone? Ah ha ha, that's like saying salt on the wound doesn't hurt)


Sonic couldn’t tell Amy that he hated DDR! “Oh, nothing! Come on, Amy, let’s go see a movie together! How about ‘Saving Private Ryan’?” A/N: I’ve never seen ‘Saving Private Ryan’, or do I plan to in the future, just so you know…

Soldiers lying in agony with their entrails scooped out at a blood-soaked beach of WWII... the Ultimate Date Movie! ♥


I have more respect for a person who can get two people to hate each other to get involved convincingly than a 13-year-old cheapifying my OTP with mindless OOC crap.
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Now that Puri's discovered the Share This/Blog It feature on DA... ♥

We've Got Sonic, Pokemon, Mario, Earthbound, Sweeney Todd, Original, Misc... )

I was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tempted to share the Ultimate Jeff Fanservice art, but I was nice and tucked it to the back of my subconscious. ^^;;;;

*whistles* *glances around real quick* *POSTS!* )

I'm such a liar. XD
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My computer's getting surgery. *cackle*

In other words, dream time! Of Stalkers, People/Characters I Did NOT Want to See in My Dreams, and Look! It's Mother 3! (No Spoilers) )


Two Movies of War of the Worlds With Fog, Floods, Zombies/Possessed Folk, And Super Smash Bros! )

Huh. Reminds me of that other beach one, with these huge sand/mirage islands and monuments. And the gigantic waves hiding kraken/leviathan/those freaky eels from The Princess Bride/sea serpents with long needle-sharp teeth anyway. Either way, they had teenie fins and were a light marine-blue and camouflaged with the sea. :o

But you know what's really awesome? I had a dream Sonadow became canon~ ♥

Done To Horrible Boy Band Music, But Still! Stick Around For Nummy Desert Palace Escapades! )

Heart of a Dog refuses to play on DVD at my dorm. Fuck.


Oct. 5th, 2007 10:01 pm
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For No Apparent Reason
Shadow visits Sonic and savagely rapes him. Yep, that's about it. Anal,Angst,Anthro,Humil,M/M,M/M/M,N/C,Oral,PWP


Every time I go over, I have a huge need to update with something. :o Alas, I have nothing finished or started. Doh.


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