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Jan. 21st, 2016 10:57 pm
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Trapped behind the barrier and fearful of further human attacks, we retreated. Far, far into the earth we walked, until we reached the cavern's end. This was our new home, which we named... “HOME.” As great as our King is, he is pretty lousy with names.

Fearing the humans no longer, we moved out of our old city, HOME. We braved harsh cold, damp swampland, and searing heat... Until we reached what we now call our capital. “NEW HOME.” Again, our King is really bad at names...?

Inside NEW HOME is the largest academy of the Underground. But what really makes the school stand out is there's a private club that the Student Council members go to where they pull swords out of magic and duel each other. But for what purpose? That place is called...“DREEMURR ACADEMY.” As expected, our King is atrocious with names.

485 words today for Rosetale!
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These aren't on my creative journals yet, but I'm too stressed to deal with posting and editing, so I'll just link to them on Ao3 for now.

Lucky Hearts (Mettaton/Papyrus, NC-17)

It's fluffy and silly Papyton porn! This gave me the chance to explore body headcanons, which is fun. Plus Mettaton based his ideas of human genitals off of Alphys' hentai collection, so there's that. You're welcome.

Golden as the Sun (Chara/Asriel, PG)

For those who don't care for smut, here's pre-tragedy Charasriel. Inspired by this cute .gif here. Chara has a bit of potty-mouth, but nothing too bad.
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Yuletide Recs are going to come late this year. I got so many fics to read and so much I want to write and auuuuuugh. But for now, here's the gifts I got, which is the biggest turnout I recieved from Yuletide thus far! :3

Puri loves each and every single one of you! ;; )

My fic will come later. I've got a Yuletide treat I want to finish for the New Year's Resolution collection. :)

Whoo hoo!

Jun. 23rd, 2015 05:12 am
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Gabriel's Inferno is finished! All that's left is revision and inserting reaction .gifs! :D
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Fandom Stuff to Do

- Finish MSTing Gabriel's Inferno and make revisions
- Write letter for Rare Pair Fest
- Brainstorm for Season of Kink (and remember to post your card since you've been keeping it for a while)
- Consider PMMM Non-Canon Ship Challenge as a way to improve art skills (and maybe a few ficlets too)

Gabriel's Inferno takes the highest priority atm. I'm almost done! :D

Zar started a screencap adventure of Mato's translation of Mother 1. I'm so happy! ;;
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Here's my [profile] fandomaid posts if you want to make donations to Nepal:

$5 per 500 words for fanfiction and original writing.

$5 for a five-song fanmix and $10 for ten.

I'm praying for Nepal's swift recovery.
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Taking three English courses in one semester is really, really, really draining. I had a great time at Realmscon earlier this month, and I uploaded photos and... haven't had the energy to post them, whoops. Anyway, cosplaying a Shaymin gajinka was a success! I bought a gajillion new goodies, like plushies, buttons, and even a couple art commissions. :D Panels overall weren't that impressive, but I really liked the Furry 101 one. Everyone was so kind! There was this Derp E. Wolf dude who was like this little mascot kid straight out of a cartoon. He'd so mild pranks like shifting chairs and he's always so enthusiastic about everything. There was also a shy cheetah fursuiter who purred when I hugged him. :D shh i'm learning to embrace my inner furry okay

Femslash EX just put their archive up. I'm praying like hell my fic isn't a total bomb. I got a nice gift though, where Sayaka and Kyouko are badass normals. :D

I'm not joining Yuletide this year, unfortunately. I've got way too many writing assignments on my plate. :( Good to see Clock Tower nominated though! Ib got a little more attention than last year, and there's a couple interesting Chrono Trigger requests. It doesn't surprise me that Five Nights at Freddy's will be the main horror attraction this year. :D There's even a SatAM request buried in the letters! It's too bad I don't remember enough of the series to do some serious worldbuilding fic for the requester though. Balls. The Thief and the Cobbler (Recobbled Cut) got nominated this year by someone, so I'm crossing my fingers someone's got a treatable request for me. <.<;;;

I've been playing Smash Bros. 3DS constantly. Villager is one of my new mains. ♥ Go figure, I made a ton of Mii Fighters, including several characters from my novel, Mami Tomoe (MaMii? *rimshot*) and Homura Akemi, and Utena Tenjou. :D
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Dear Night on Fic Mountain writer,

Thanks for being patient while I got my letter ready! And thanks especially for writing for me this NoFM. I'm really excited to see what you have to offer! :3 I understand that my fandoms are kinda on the obscure side even for a challenge like this, so I'll provide links to help you out. Without further ado, onto my requests!

Likes )

Dislikes )

Kinks )

Nonkinks )

Under each fandom, I'll list the canons I'm familiar with, my ships if I have any, and whether or not I allow smut. Ships can be considered as separate, open-ended prompts.

Animal Forest | Animal Crossing )

Mother | EarthBound Zero )

Raggedy Ann & Andy )

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars )

God bless you if you've managed to read all that and are still willing to put up with me. I can't wait to read your story! May all your NoFM years be absolutely awesome. :3

Your Recipient,
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I've misread "Sycamore" as "Seymour," and now I have an image of Lysandre as a hairy man-eating plant, aka Audrey II. Whoops.

So life happened. But I don't want to talk about life. I want to talk about fandom.

An AC friend of mine, Alex, found a Mother 1/2/3 town through the Dream Suite where Wendell gave you Magicant tiles. Just what I've been looking for! It's insanely difficult to find Mother 1-based patterns, but now they're finally mine. *-* For those curious, the Dream Code is: 2200-0468-3784. Pretty pleasant place, and you can talk to Lucas, Claus and Kumatora too. :)

I've taken TONS of AC Photos (including shippy ones that I'll give its own post later), but I've still got to organize them and junk. The Shachipanda episode of Creepy Crossing is almost ready, I just gotta comment on the last few photos, type up my theories, and edit. God, that delay took me way longer than I had to. I've been putting off visiting more creepy towns because I've already got so much queued. ;; I'll have to put off showing a town called "Harudin" for a while, since it's based off North Korea and I'll have to do my research for that. tl;dr: I'VE TAKEN PHOTOS OF TONS OF HORROR TOWNS THAT STILL HAVE TO BE ORGANIZED.

I'm shocked that no one has made a Bubble Bobble-themed town yet. Absolutely shocked.

Fandom Fic Exchanges are happening this summer! Here's a couple that have caught my eye:

[community profile] mm_rares (Rare m/m ships)
[community profile] nightonficmountain (Rare/Small/Inactive fandoms)

I haven't decided the fandoms and pairings for the first one yet. Anyway, off to bed.
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Here's a list of all my unfinished fanfiction and plot bunnies! Bear in mind that if a story has a title, it's definitely not its final one. I'm just naming them based off what their filenames are called.

Without further ado, the list from hell. )
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Being sick sucks. :( I'll just post my Yuletide story really quick here:

Crawling Under the Skin by ShamanicShaymin for stockingsandseams:

Janice and her new friends, the pirate crew of the Laughingstock, arrive at the legendary Candle Cove seeking ultimate riches! Will they get to the treasure before Horace Horrible and the Skin-Taker do? Find out in the newest episode of Candle Cove!
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Fandoms: Ib, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Literary Trysts It Gives Me Great Joy To Think About RPF, Maurice, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Toy Story, Twisted Princess, WALL-E, Windows 95 Tips.

Whoo hoo! )
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[community profile] areyougame

God, I would've made Mario/Kirby/Pokemon/Yume Nikki/Mother 1+2+3/Harvest Moon/Super Smash Bros/Ib/OFF/etc. prompts in a heartbeat. ;; Oh well. Still a lot of prompts I got my eye on. :3 Like the Kid Icarus ones... go figure, I still haven't played Uprising and I even own the damn game. Until Pokemon Bank comes out and Smogon uploads movesets for Gen VI, I don't have much to do in Pokemon except breeding and grinding. I have until the 30th to make claims... hm... *dundundun*

Again, sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been working my ass off in college (hence I gotta miss out on Poke Exchange. Sorry! ;;), and I gotta work on yet another paper. I got an A- for my Composition II assignment, and I'm not about to let my good record slip! :o

Next month promises to be full of fandomy goodness (including Yuletide!) to make up for my lack of productivity this year. Oh boy oh boy oh boy~
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I found this little gem from The Problem(s) With Fan Fiction:

If you’ve got crazy cool ideas for characters and relationships, don’t waste them in someone else’s world. Do you think Suzanne Collins would have been successful if she reworked her Hunger Game stories into works of Rugrats fan fiction?

Congratulations, author. You just shot yourself in the foot, 'cause now Hunger Games AUs in Rugrats fanfiction probably exists. Or will exist. I don't even like Rugrats, and the first thing I thought was, "Dude, now I wanna see Collins do dark Rugrats fic set in her own universe."

Is it me, or does a few of the anti-fanfic arguments seem misogynistic? "Ugh, women and their slash and talentless hacks masturbating over porn of someone else's characters! Stupid anime fangirls who crush over hot bishounen disrespect the author by writing fanfiction."

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Post the first lines of your last 21 fics.

1. Shadows appeared before Briar Rose, thin as a knife's edge and untouchable as air.
2. "Stop biting your lip, Marshal." My Fifty Shades says. "You know it turns me on."
3. As far as N was concerned, sex meant two things: logic and selfishness.
4. Heaven forbid to be an adamant Kirlia without a Dawn Stone.
5. "Go away." Scrafty grumbled.
6. Zee-Tee sat upon a stool in front of a decorated table, his feet dangling off the edge.
7. Volkner listened to plenty of good advice, and most of it was directed toward children and young women. Oh yes, he frowned, very good advice.
8. Since he knew him from when they were boys, Morty knew that Eusine was a dreamer.
9. Grimsley had nothing but his scarf for company by the time Marshal met him in his room.
10. "The POKEMON here are so chunky! There should be a pink one with a floral pattern!"
11. "Where are we going?" "Home."
12. To combat the Cosmic Destroyer, one must send a being of creation. In that case, an artist.
13. It was funny about the things you find while your children have grown up and live on their own.
14. Exactly how far was Eusine going to do this? Did he love Suicune so much that he'd do anything... anything for the Northern Wind?
15. He told Morty to wait at the Bell Tower today.
16. She wasn't going when it was dark, plain and simple.
17. No grudge. No war. No fear. No regrets.
18. They didn't need much in the world at all. As long as they had each other, it was all good.
19. "Aiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please don't hurt me!"
20. She had the freedom to see the world again.
21. Karen was not falling for it.

God my writing is old and shitty and terrible. To hate myself a little less, here's the first sentence of my novel, whose beginning I'm still trying to figure out:

Extra: Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy were two ragdolls living together in the Nostalgia House.
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I've been browsing through old entries at [ profile] id_smash_that, the Smash Bros. Kink Meme. So many memories! Ness/Lucas and Red/Lucas were very popular requests, which makes me a happy duck. Here's some old fills I've liked~ ♥

Red/Lucas: Squishy cute awkwardness with the size difference is welcomed. (Fanart) (G)
Ness/Lucas: Cavity-inducing fluff. (Fanart) (G)
Meta Knight/Kirby: Scars and bittersweet fluff. (G)
Marth + Meta Knight + Ike: Oath of Fire (G)
Jeff + Lucas: Jeff teaches Lucas the finer points of aiming a bottle rocket. (G)
Peach/Zelda: Peach making a 'cake' on Zelda's body for her enjoyment. (R)
Red/Lucas: Dick in a Box (PG-13)
Olimar + Pikmin: Excerpt from Captain Olimar's Journal (G)
Ness/Lucas: Coming of Age (NC-17)
Captain Falcon/Snake: After being rejected by Samus in rapid succession, the two raid the liquor cabinet to drown their sorrows in alcohol...and end up drowning them in each other instead. (R)
Snake/Samus + Pit: Pit is Trojan Maaaaaaaaaaaaan! (R) (Skip second part)
Red + Jigglypuff + Leaf: Red recognizes one of Jigglypuff's alternate outfits is that of the female trainer back home. (G)
Mewtwo/Lucario: Purpose (G)
Meta Knight/Jigglypuff: Fool (G)
Meta Knight + Marth + Ike: For Our Friend (G)
Ness/Lucas: Changing Colors (G)
Lucas/Smashville boy: Lucas finally finds someone to protect, instead of being the protected one. (G)
Lucas/Ness/Claus: Outnumbered (NC-17) (Includes twincest)
Flint discovers his sons on the Kink Meme: It Doesn't Run in the Family (NC-17) (A couple of my fills got featured in this! :D)
Dedede + Zelda: Behind the Mask (G) (Vague spoilers for "Revenge of the King" from "Kirby Super Star Ultra")

Man, I remember that no one in Smash Bros. fandom could write Pit as anything other than an angelic uke who had no idea what sex was. Boy I bet they were in for a surprise when "Kid Icarus: Uprising" came out!

Someone requested Ness/Ninten/Loid fluff. I would've been happy to fill that. ;; And hardcore Meta Knight yaoi, but you didn't hear that from me.

I want fluffy fanart of Lucas and Madoka hugging. They'd be the best friends ever. ;;
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Whee! I love alliteration. Anyway, I should've done this a few days ago, but I'm finally gonna list my plans for the Pokemon Rare Pair challenge!

Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~! )

Around six in the morning, I got past the Magma Pool guard and painted one of my Neopets "Magma." Yay! :D
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pokeprompts tournament 2013: rare pairs!
Write as much rare pair fic as you can during the month of March.
The writer with the highest word count receives a
$50 donation to the charity of their choice!
Sign up now!

I'm so going to fail this. :P Ah well, might as well write about some rare Pokeships. Mwoiiiiiiiiing~! ♥
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I've got a fanfic idea, but I have no idea how to pull it off. You know how the Mario universe has its own system of granting wishes? Then there's Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I want to write a dark AU of the Marioverse following Madokaverse rules (with Geno as the Homura figure trying to fight the system), but I have no idea how to pull it off.
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Also, if you're wondering what I've written for Yuletide, it was a Twisted Princess fanfic. :3 You can check it out here.


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