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Things I Love About Undertale #568: Male characters with obviously feminine traits/interests/personalities, and they're not ridiculed for them or treated as joke characters or "justified" that it's done for a ~*~manly reason~*~ (I'm looking at you Cori Falls, for your depiction of the Flaming Moltres as the "ultimate symbol of masculinty." *cough*)

Dammit, I should just download Photoshop again. I want to make Mettaton icons. And Papyton icons, 'cause they're my new OTP.
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When you see this post, feel encouraged to post something in your journal. Short or long, trivial or profound, it doesn't matter, just something. And if you like, you can pass on the token by copying this notice at the bottom of your post.

I love Steven Universe. ;; It's such a cute show, and I'd say it's better than My Little Pony! Watching it is helping me lift out of my depression funk a bit. ;; I just finished the two-parter where they first introduced Lapis Lazuli. I can't wait to see Jasper, Peridot, and the rest of the major characters! I'm looking forward to Ruby & Sapphire's episodes especially. :o And of course, the wibbly and heartwrenching episodes.

Jean recc'd Undertale, so now I own it on Steam! My account there is shamanicshaymin for those who want to add me~ ♥
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The Neverending Story is officially one of my new favorite movies, and I regret not seeing it as a child. I want a nice fuzzy Falcor of my own. I almost never have crushes, so it's notable I fell insta-love with Atreyu. Atreyu is so pretty. ;;

Brief spoilers for an 80s movie. )

*weeps forever because iconzicons is dead and she can't see all the icons they made for that movie*
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I decided that my future hedgehog will be named Sylvie Beatrice Platt. But in the chances that I get a boy and he's salt-and-pepper/oreo-colored, he'll be called Poe. :3

I got to play Story of Seasons so I can have more vendors and villagers in my town, but I also want to read my sister's dusty volumes of Tokyo Babylon and X/1999 so I can fangirl them with Jean. SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME AAAAAAAA
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Quick spoiler alert for those who want to see the trailer themselves. )

Anyway, the official Smash Bros. site is holding a Fighter Ballot on who YOU want to be the next downloadable fighter in Smash Bros.

Everybody vote for Genoooooooooooooooo. :o


(That was Ryu the chinchilla giving his endorsement. Everybody listen to the chinchilla!)
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Why Ruka Tsuchiya is the greatest character in Revolutionary Girl Utena )

Finally, the #1 Reason Ruka Tsuchiya is the best...

Oh Ruka, you are truly amazing! ;; )
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I've been fangirling Teddy/Loid on Twitter~ Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~! ♥ Here's a copypasta from my Twitter as I look up some dude's Let's Play of Tomato's translation of Mother 1 to collect quotes and compare with Earthbound Zero. :D

Puri babbles about glasses-wearing nerds and gangsters with Elvis hair and surprisingly non-shippy stuff too. SPOILERS AHOY )

That'll be enough for now. Whew, I'm tired.
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Sara sent me a large homemade Togekiss plushie, a hand-painted Mario mushroom container with chocolate kisses inside, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a cute card, and a picture of Madoka and Homura spending their first night at Freddy's.

Christmas = TOTALLY MADE. ♥♥♥

Thank you so much, Sara. ;;

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Guys. Guys guys guys, I've finished watching Utena, and the movie too. I MUST TALK WITH PEOPLE OMG

The Juri-centered episodes are my favorites. :D I feel so bad for Juri, but I don't find myself enormously hating Shiori either. That's the thing with this series; everybody is flawed in some shape or form, and some are even downright horrible people. But rather than pissing me off and wanting to ragequit the product for its cast being too unlikable (*coughWutheringHeightscough*), there's qualities about the characters that are fascinating, even endearing. Like Touga and Saionji are assholes, but they're such stupid kids that I wanted to see them be friends again. Any other series, I would've despised Nanami, but she's such a butt-monkey it's hard to get mad at her for long; hell, I felt downright sorry for her during her last arc in the series. D: I appreciated having the nicer characters to balance things out (Miki, Wakaba), and their fatal flaws didn't turn me off them at all... instead, they felt a lot more realistic. Like Miki's need for the "shining thing," I've seen a lot of people grasping for something like that. And Wakaba's need to be special and above "the other girls," I can relate to that. ;;

Spoilers for the whole series. TW: abuse and sexual assault )

I still can't believe this was made in 1997-1999. It feels like such a recent show. :o

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What happens when you have a game inspired by Yume Nikki, Ib, Eversion, and Madoka? (And NPCs inspired by Animal Crossing) You get something Puri loves! :D

Dreaming Mary

Mary is a girl who loves to dream. In fact, she loves to dream so much she can spend an entire day dreaming. One day, when she falls asleep, she finds herself in a nostalgic place very different from her other dreams. Everyone there knows her and treats her like an old friend, and they invite her to play with them or help them. When she finishes all of their tasks, she is invited deeper into the dream.

Will you lead her to fall into her dreams? Or will you bring her back to the waking world?

As the player, you have the choice in the final decision of Mary's final dream.

This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition and may contain triggering content. Please play with headphones or high audio in a quiet room. There are four endings and bonus content is available after all four have been achieved in one game file. For hints and information, please see the game's homepage at the bottom of the description.

Non-spoilery walkthrough here. There's also this one which is much more specific if you're still stuck, but use as a last resort since it's got spoilers.

It's a gorgeous game, and it scared the bejeezus out of me too. Especially one of the variants of the ??? ending. *hedgehog hiss forever* I was actually kind of afraid to get all the endings, considering I got the Good ending and didn't figure out how to save the ??? ending. (I was supposed to press the "down" arrow key to get through the credits. Whoops) I can't wait for Blue Dreams to come out. :)
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Happy National Cat Day!

Spam with kitties to your heart's content. Meooooooooow~! ♥
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Back from vacation! I've watched all three episodes of Sailor Moon: Crystal so far. I am a happy, happy soul. The CGI gets a bit weird in places, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. People whining about how different Crystal is from the 90s Anime can kindly go choke themselves.

Deadly Secret: As much as I love Sailor Moon, I never had a chance to finish the manga or the original series, not even the DIC dub. So a lot of this is a new experience for me. :o
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IRL is still shitty. No surprise. My Animal Crossing life, on the other hand, just got 100x more awesome because I'm finally getting Stitches. :D

9 dreamies down, 1 to go! Only Snake left! ♥ C'mon Ribbot, move ouuuuuuut!
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 photo HNI_0076_zpsf8813bca.jpg
 photo HNI_0078_zps73a156ee.jpg
 photo HNI_0080_zpsfb31ce76.jpg

Whitney has the best taste in men ever. ♥
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I went to an animation Livestream yesterday, which showed a cute movie called "A Monster in Paris." There's two versions, the English dub and the original French, and we watched the latter with subtitles. It's got teeny bits and pieces of "Phantom of the Opera" and little homages to other films such as "La Belle et la Bête" and "King Kong" and a charming cast (for the most part. The chat booed whenever the annoying waiter showed up. XD), including the titular monster who is a giant flea and his only dialogue is in song during the film's musical numbers. He's so cute and timid and sweet! (And the chat squeed with me, of course) And his voice is gorgeous in French. Sean Lennon (John Lennon's son) plays him in the English version and he does fine from what I've heard of him, but I'm too spoiled by the original French actor, haha. XD

Here's the song he sings after we see his form for the first time.

Sorry for the Spanish subtitles, but this is the closest to high quality of the French version I can find. Anyway, the highlight of the movie is when Francoeur (aka the Adorable Flea Monster) and Lucille share a duet together:

La Seine (French version)

Watch it when you've got spare time, nomnomnom. I'm certainly glad I did. :D *adds Francoeur to the list of characters I've got to get icons of*

In Animal Crossing news, Cookie threw a party for Queen Mary today, and Marshal and Skye attended the party too. I love you, Cookie. ;; Never change. ♥

I finally finished my English paper! Now I can curl up and dread my lab exam tomorrow morning. :P
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Bad News: I still have my paper due Monday and I'm not confident about the lab exam. Bleeeegh. I wasn't able to get the whole Weeding furniture set in Animal Crossing today. :( Ryu's chewed my 3DS charger so I have to borrow my brother's until I get anew one.

Good News: I have all the sources I need for my paper, so I'm secure about that. I got the topiary PWPs from Leif, and best of all?

I beat three other people in getting Ankha for my town! For free!

Now I have an adorable Ancient Egyptian kitty for my town! Oh boy oh boy oh boy~ ♥ I'm amazed I even got her, considering how much competition there is for her. ;;

 photo tumblr_mzhjldluPL1slqizko1_500_zpscea45d59.png

All worship Ankha in all her glory~ ♥
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‘Hyrule Historia’ overtakes ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for Amazon’s No. 1 spot

For anyone who has ever loved Zelda, this is happy, happy news indeed. :D

He's taken down Ganondorf, now he's kicked E.L. James off her throne. Link is truly the Hero of Time. ;D

Another win for Nintendo! ♥
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I miss holding hedgies already. ;; There were two of them at the exotic petting place. One was energetic and the other kept curling up into a ball and hissing. I think the energetic one was feeling stressful after a few hours, so he was sensitive and hissed sometimes too. But I held him a lot, so I think he got used to me a bit. :3 He even pooed and completely missed me! XD

Alas, hedgehog kisses actually mean the hedgie is taste-testing your fingers, so I got chomped. But the bite mark looked like a smilie face! And it healed quickly. :3 Some people were afraid of holding the hedgies 'cause they didn't want to get stabbed. XD But I got to hold the energetic hedgie a lot and he even relaxed in my arms a few times. I managed to stroke his quills a bit when he was calm, and rubbed his belly a bit. Obviously I couldn't flip him over, but I got to feel his belly anyway. :3

I'm tired as hell and ten trillion things happened, including my friends getting two new ferrets: Cooper (after Sly Cooper) and Korra, respectively. I introduced Ryu to my friends and they absolutely love him. ;; I started a fic for Porn Battle, but I didn't save it so I ended up losing it. Fuck. Oh well, I only got as far as 108/9 words anyway.

 photo 2014-02-08190248_zps7cef3305.jpg

Have some AC screenshots and QR Codes:

Who are you, stranger with the red rose in your hand? )

Mary goes to town. )

 photo HNI_0055_zps8a0e6236.jpg


Hilariously, Sydney doesn't care.

Princess Anna of Arendelle visits Magicant, homoeroticism stirs between squirrels, and I earn Marshal and Static's photographs! :D )

Ready! TO DIE )

There's a reason I'm cosplaying Princess Nehema too. It has to do with a new Animal Crossing screencap series I'm starting...

Hint: It has to do with Dream Addresses.
Hint 2: It has less to do with Valentine's Day and more with Halloween.

Coming this February: Puri's Creepy Crossings


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