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Buggerpantx ran outside on his mop and said everyone we need to talk.

"What do you know, Buggerpantx? You're just a little MTT employee!"

"I MAY BE A MTT EMPLOYEE...." Buggerpaintx paused angrily. "BUT I AM ALSO A SATANIST!"
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It's Icon Day, and [personal profile] itsamellama is taking free requests until the end of July 7th! :D Ask her to draw anything you want; yourself, your friends, your favorite character, your OC, etc. and she'll draw custom icons for you! And if you tip, you get even more goodies! ♥

All About Icon Day 05. Get your icons today!
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The 6 Male Characters Women Never Get to See in Movies

This is one of the best feminist articles I've read in a while. I especially lol'd at #2.
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I hope everyone in America had a good Thanksgiving! :) Anyway, I'm gonna take a Pokemon related meme, inspired by [personal profile] guardians_song's post, nom.

Character Interests Generator
Random Outfit Creator
First Name Generator / Surname Generator
Teen Generator - Anime Edition
Town Generator

I've also used a few others like Name Smasher, Fuzzle-Wuzzle Names, Big Bad, Random Dragon Designer and Magical Pet Maker.

I'm actually quite fond of some of the names I've rolled. )

This big bad is a psychotic male alien. He plans to become immortal with dark magic. He commands a small team of elite underlings and can only be defeated through the determination of the human spirit.

Giegue/Giygas/Gyiyg, is that you?
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[community profile] areyougame

God, I would've made Mario/Kirby/Pokemon/Yume Nikki/Mother 1+2+3/Harvest Moon/Super Smash Bros/Ib/OFF/etc. prompts in a heartbeat. ;; Oh well. Still a lot of prompts I got my eye on. :3 Like the Kid Icarus ones... go figure, I still haven't played Uprising and I even own the damn game. Until Pokemon Bank comes out and Smogon uploads movesets for Gen VI, I don't have much to do in Pokemon except breeding and grinding. I have until the 30th to make claims... hm... *dundundun*

Again, sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been working my ass off in college (hence I gotta miss out on Poke Exchange. Sorry! ;;), and I gotta work on yet another paper. I got an A- for my Composition II assignment, and I'm not about to let my good record slip! :o

Next month promises to be full of fandomy goodness (including Yuletide!) to make up for my lack of productivity this year. Oh boy oh boy oh boy~
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Okay, now that I've taken a few deep breaths, let's play a game inspired by Maureen Dowd's twitter, 'cause it's awesome.

Instructions: Take a favorite book or imagine your favorite video game/movie/webcomic/etc. was a book. If its original creator was a guy, genderflip him and give his book a stereotypically girly cover. If a female creator, genderflip her and give her book a badass/decent cover that accurately shows what her book is about.

Here's a few examples I made to get you started. :) )
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God, the radar stuff at the hot springs with Ionia was awful. So why did I laugh?

 photo PKShaymin_zps68328816.png

Aww. I forgotten that I named my Favorite Thing that.

Zar's doing a screencap adventure of Mother 3, so I've picked up my file to keep ahead of the recaps. Last night I finished Chapter 4! Without spoiling anything, I want to hug Duster and be his friend. He needs all the love and support and pick-me-ups he can get. ;;

I find myself really disliking Wes(s) a lot more this time around. I dunno, probably after experiencing it with my Mom during her manic episodes, I feel a lot more sensitive and uncomfortable whenever there's verbal/emotional abuse. Not a "ZOMG IM BEING TRIGGERED" thing, I just find myself identifying with the victim a lot more in a "I feel you, man" way. Reading Misery by Stephen King got a whole lot scarier because Annie Wilkes did and said things that my mother had, and the way Mother Gothel in "Tangled" complinsults (???) Rapunzel always unsettled me and I never saw her as a good parent. We'll see if Wess redeems himself in later chapters, but until then, I'm :/ towards him.

Cori Falls would have a heart attack if she ever played Mother 3. She thought Team Rocket had it rough? Weeeeeeell... :P

Speaking of Cori, I finally got my boyfriend James (we'll call him Jimmy to avoid confusion with Team Rocket!Pod!James) to read her writing and rants! We skipped ahead to the DnD session of "A Fair Fight", which he identified as Edition 2. He said there weren't any inaccuracies he could spot with the game they were playing, and if it wasn't for the Ash-bashing, the ridiculously OOC Team Rocket and Gary, and the Mary-Sues, it would've been a heartwarming story about a group of friends playing DnD. The Pod!Rockets and the Sues bullying a 12-year-old reduced to a mentally retarded mindset aside, Jimmy pointed out that the DM Sue had deliberately screwed him over, rather than Ash digging his own grave like Cori insisted.

Jimmy: *in response to the DM Sue literally slapping Ash* Hitting your fellow players. That's totally acceptable DM behavior!

Jimmy's reactions are pretty great to watch. He pumped his fists going "Awesome! :DDD" when it looked like a particularly bad segment was about to begin, laughed his ass off at the Ash-bashing scenes because they reminded him of injokes and Chris-chan, wanted to shoot himself at the obvious Author Filibusters, and pulled up reaction videos to particular segments that made him cringe.

Jimmy: *reading "The Thrill of Defeat"* *facepalm* Oh god. Really?
Me: Which part?
Jimmy: "Velvety"? Ugh.
Me: Velvety what?
Jimmy: *points out "soft, velvety kisses"*
Me: Oh, that's common in romance novels. You have no idea...

Funny how this is one of the things that sets him off, but he takes the crazier shit in stride. :P

Reading Cori with Jimmy is making me want to write a parody Team Rocket fic with the most obvious and out-of-place Author Filibusters possible. You can totally tell Jessie, James and Meowth aren't interested in the same things as I am, especially when they're discussing their favorite Cinema Snob episodes! Oh, and throw in Mary-Sue friends with names like Kanaya Ashtear, Lucca Andonuts, and Homura Lovecraft. They could share their love of Tori Amos and Patrick Wolf. (Since Cori already beat me to Nine Inch Nails. :P)

It makes me wonder what would happen if Cori was in Homestuck fandom. Aside from her blatantly denying any slash in the series (despite it clearly stated to be CANON), I imagine she'd be an Eridan/Feferi shipper and woobify Eridan to the max, while also shipping Karkat/Terezi. Gamzee and Equius would creep her out, she wouldn't like Doc Scratch or Jack Noir, and she'd absolutely detest Vriska and bash her every chance she'd get. Then she'd ragequit the comic canon after Feferi's death, because she'd plug her ears screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ERIDAN WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO HER!!!!111!11" and then proceed to write AUs where this was all in Vriska's sick fantasies and that Eridan and Feferi are actually living Happily Ever After with a billion grub children.

Of course, if I tell Jimmy that I'm writing a fic where Jessie, James and Meowth are Homestuck geeks, he'll tell me to choke myself. XD Haha. :P
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I just found a video that has every episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show ever made. This has led me to do things one would only do if they had spare time... writing my own episode summaries. Some based off my fandoms.

Old fashioned cat-and-mouse gore. Some episodes are titled, others aren't. )

Feel free to makes your own "Itchy & Scratchy" episodes in the comments. :P
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It all began when I got Fluttershy, my favorite pony of the Mane 6. Then I thought she'd be lonely and decided to get the rest of her friends. James happened to be given Cupcake for his birthday, so cue the endless stream of "Cupcakes" jokes. In the end, he decided to let me keep Cupcake and her raccoon friend because he felt like I wanted her more. I let Cupcake "join" the gang, and it grew from there...

So now, I like collecting G4 ponies. <.<;;; I've been meaning to make a list for a while, so I could show off the ones I owned and which I still wanted to get. I'm thinking of keeping an eye out for G1 and G3 ponies in yardsales and possibly get some from eBay (Namely the Mane 6 "prototypes" like Firefly, Surprise, Twilight, etc.), but for now, G4 is way easier and more affordable for me to collect. :P

Anyway, onto the list!

Puri's Equestria )

Will be updated as I collect more ponies and discover more releases. Mwoiiiiiiiing~! ♥
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I got to spend three days with Jimmy for three days of fun~ ♥ We're unlocking the final boards in the original "Mario Party", (Rule: Skip/Deliberately lose games like "Paddle Battle" so you don't ruin controllers) and I played half of "Portal" and watched Jimmy beat the rest because I couldn't figure out the last puzzles for the life of me. We watched "Battle Royale" at Dave's apartment, which is probably one of my favorite movies now. <.< I gotta get my hands on the book and manga! We went to Lock-In, which is basically a place where you stay up all night to play pinball and arcade machines free of charge. (You still gotta pay to get in and for extra drinks and pizza, as well as signing up for tournaments, but still) I played and beaten "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace", but I only got beyond the first level in "Dragon's Lair II" before I ragequitted. Deranged Animation aside, that game is friggin' hard. :/ I got the top High Score in "Bubble Bobble II" though! Some dude praised me on my skills and said I should be in the Smash Bros. tournament. :o Apparently I was at it for so long that someone was waiting their turn. Whoops. I managed to beat the game in time though, even if I didn't get the true ending. (Fuck that, I'm raising a kingdom as a bubble-blowing dinosaur queen! Why would I want to be human again?)

I watched some guy play crappy SNES games on an emulator, which was fun. Once AVGN is done with his movie, he's got to review the "Flintstones" games. The SNES one based off the live-action film feels reminiscent of the "Wayne's World" game, and it's so deranged in its Uncanny Valley it isn't funny. Just... look at Fred's face and the "health emoticons." wtf.

I didn't go for the Smash Bros. tournament 'cause hey, it was No-Items-Final-Destination-Only crap anyway. :/ I would've signed for the Pokemon tournament in a heartbeat, but B/W wasn't allowed (not compatible with "Pokemon Battle Revolution") and I had already moved all my best Pokemon from Diamond/Platinum/HeartGold. Aaaaaaaaugh. DDD: Those bastards used Garchomp and Legendaries, I would've wiped the floor with them with Togekiss. >( (And if we're going the Legendaries route, Shaymin will be there for the whooping too) Thankfully, the trainer without Legendaries won, and his Breloom cleaned some guy's Mewtwo's clock~ ♥ Which goes to show how awesome Breloom is. Spore/Leech Seed/Substitute/Bullet Seed doubled with Poison Heal/Toxic Orb combo, baby. 8) He had a Swampert with Jimmy's name, awwww~ ♥ There was a hilarious match where someone challenged a trainer with a Magikarp called "YOURFUCKED" and it was getting beaten up by a Shuckle. Eventually, the guy only had Magikarp (poisoned and in the yellow) left, then he forfeited the match because "I didn't want to see my baby get hurt." Awww. Crowning Moment of Heartwarming there.

When we got back to Dave's (and crashed for a while, because Lock-In wiped us both, and we had no pillows. :( ), Jimmy introduced me to "Minecraft" and I'm kind of hooked now. <.<;;; I'll have to buy the game on PC, nomnomnom. We also went to Target because I wanted to see if "Pokemon Conquest" and any G4 pony I didn't own was there, but no luck. "Pokemon Conquest" was nowhere to be found, and except for expensive playsets and a Fluttershy or two, the "My Little Pony" section was wiped clean. :( I was hoping Honeybuzz or Plumsweet would be there, but alas.

Jimmy has also sent me a .pdf of the entire "50 Shades Of Twilight Boredom Romanticized Abuse Grey" trilogy, so I'll likely be snarking on that later. Buwahahahaha.
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And electric flying squirrels. What is this tom-foolery I don't even. My god though, all those Emolga icons [ profile] youendme made are adorable.

My novel is finally getting a kick-start! At least in terms of plot. I'm not stuck in the same scene anymore! Raggedy Andy and his friends are heading out into the wide world of the museum and it makes me happy~ I'm amused by their reactions.

"Oh shit, we're leaving the nice big safe cheerful preschool room and we're going back to dusty gritty hell and worse. D:" "UM. SUDDENLY I FEEL DISCOURAGED. DD:" "*sigh* I expected this. Might as well face the music and get ready to die." "We can do this, everyone! I know we just met a few days ago, but we worked together and discovered we're stronger than we gave ourselves credit for. If we made it to start our journey, we'll make it against anything that stands in our way. *leads everyone by the hand* Now let's get out there and stop those chimeras! :D"

Guess which one's Andy. XD And now I've got Pollyanna (I Believe In You) stuck in my head. DAMN YOU FUCKING RAG DOLL.

Speaking of lovely music, I'm gonna jump on a bandwagon and take the music meme Carrie, Indie, and Tifa have been circulating. :3 I thought of starting it but stress and family matters got in the way, but I'm definitely free now! Oh boy oh boy oh boy~ ♥

Day 1. A song/artist you're currently hooked on

Alongside Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers and a few scattered songs from that movie, Kate Bush is my primary musical influence for my book. :3

She couldn't have made a worse move~ )

30 Day Music Meme~ )
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While GPX+ is being a dick, let's play a game! :3


Comment with < b > (without the spaces) and then I will respond to your icon with one of some relevance to yours. 100 x 100 pixels are comments worth a thousand words! Let's make some delicious threads!

Let the spamming begin!
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I'm getting a sore throat. Not fun at all. :(

But what IS fun is that I finished making a fanmade trailer for my friend James~ ♥ We're going to have a Bad Movie Night together, and I thought I'd make a little something for him to show off my AMVing skills and since it's so long I got to do anything video-related in the first place. I got him curious about Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure after all the crazy articles and clips I showed him (as well as a little art history) and as MarzGurl and Linkara explained, one cannot watch Cool World alone. So we're teaming up to help me finish watching that monstrocity. :P If we still have energy after all, we'll celebrate by watching an actual good movie; I never seen Kubrick's The Shining, and now that I have someone I'm comfortable enough to cling to when I'm scared, now would be a good time. :o

We're hoping to get together this Friday, but Mom probably won't let me go without a chaperone at James' place. :( So we'll have to see what we can do.

You can download the .zip of my Bad Movie Night Trailer here. This is something I only feel like showing friends as opposed to YouTube, nom. WARNING: It will traumatize you and break your brain. Just sayin'.

We're not watching Plan 9 yet (though James needs to~ ♥) but I have a warm fuzzy place in my heart for Ed Wood, so here he is. :3 My only regret is that the sound quality of one of the clips could be better. I need to hear both the sound clip and the music clearly for that one scene, dangit. :(
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To sum up my Halloween night: Lost Silver!Gold wearing a corset.

Basically, James and I met in costume (I was Sweeney Todd, he went as Dr. House) went to eat at Chilis, I read him the Lost Silver creepypasta, then we went to the 11 O'Clock showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh my fucking gosh, I had a blast~ ♥ I got to meet an Edward Scissorhands, Westley as Dread Pirate Roberts, and the Phantom of the Opera (who apparently has a sense of humor. XD "ELBOW SEX! ELBOW SEX!") I also found a Mario who was friends with Scissorhands and they sat next to each other in the theater~

The show was fantastic. The actors were amazing and the audience made it even better (as should be~) When it ended, we did the Time Warp again before we left our seats. I got to give Rocky a hug. I also got my picture taken with me holding a razor to Frank-N-Furter's throat. Poor Frank-N-Furter. :o

This is the best Halloween night I've had in years~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Funny how the mood fluctuates depending what music is playing and what kinds of fanart you're looking at.

Since my Mystery Dungeon picspam post on [ profile] ontdpokemon and people unfortunately finding themselves in the same predicament as I am (aka gigantic PMD fans but their fanart folder is emptier than it should be, except for a couple moths), so I browsed pixiv in hopes of recovering some of my favorite pieces. To those of you who have played the final Special Episode of Explorers of Sky, I dare you to look at this picture while listening to this song. After a while of repeated listenings, you'll end up like this.

Then Puri discovers hot Morty/Eusine pr0n (Obviously NSFW, and since it's Rule 34, there might be ads. :P) she's never seen before when she least expects it. On Rule 34 of all friggin' places, and that site isn't exactly known for its yaoi. No censorship! No rape or weepy ukes! Morty doesn't even have his headband on, dang. :o Puri's mood changes to this.

I wonder what kind of sound effect "nnk" is though. Oh well, pr0n's goofy like that.

Speaking of pr0n. Save for being trapped with my Mom and Dad on last minute shopping, I spent most of my day writing smut for Jean's birthday~ ♥
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Realmcon was a lot of fun~ I played Smash Bros. and met new friends and joined a tournament and not ended up in last place~ ♥ Take a Final Destination/Smashviller out of his enviroment, and watch him collapse. :P Here's my loot:

- Gigantic Jigglypuff cuddle pillow that becomes a Pokeball when you turn her inside out.
- Old*sk00l Sonic, frownie-face Shadow, and Knuckles plushies for $13 bucks each! Unfortunately one of the spots on Knux's shoes came off when I came home, so I gotta glue it back on. :o
- Chef*Kirby! :D
- Meta Knight and Jigglypuff pins. A dollar each. :)

I wanted a Celebi that was a little smaller than Jiggly, but it was too expensive. D: It was 45 dollars, the guy dropped it to 30-35 and I still couldn't afford it. Grrr. So I got Kirby instead. :P Nomnomnom~ ♥ There was a delicious rave with glowsticks the night before. I got to see Breakdancing Kakashi AND he took his shirt off at the end. We high-fived each other and it was awesome~ ♥
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Well that was fun, spending hours in there watching two guys play Sonic games for clean water in Ethiopia. It's fun watching the chat argue which game (Heroes, Shadow & 06) was the worst of the three. XD The highlight was when Tim started singing My Sweet Passion during a tragic cut scene with Shadow & Maria. Nothing beats busting Chaos bubbles on the ARK to the tune of shaving the Sphinx! XDDD

It's making me feel kind of nostalgic for Sonic games again. Sure, Heroes/Shadow/06 was bad, I'll admit that, but I'm still attached to them in a weird way. Especially Shadow the Hedgehog. I'll never stop loving that black bastard. XD Which again, makes me realize how deceptively dark Sonic games can be. All the bright colors and you're busting out cute critters after they've been through horrendous experimentation and used as fuel for robots. Then there's Shadow, which is a whole new ball altogether.

Several years ago, I couldn't pinpoint why it made me uncomfortable to see Shadow as the bad guy/villain. But hey, it's my birthday, I've turned 22. I think I know now. Since SA2 he's an anti-hero, yet I've admired him as a kind of Byronic hero in my eyes. O RLY? Lemme fetch Wikipedia: The Byronic hero is an idealised but flawed character exemplified in the life and writings of Lord Byron, characterised by his ex-lover Lady Caroline Lamb as being "mad, bad, and dangerous to know". The Byronic hero first appears in Byron's semi-autobiographical epic narrative poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812-1818).

It's been a while since I've been on a tl;dr fangasm about Shadow! :D )

Off to bed so I can better celebrate a year closer to death. Oh boy! XD
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Seriously, there's trees (different kinds!), colors (GREEN), lakes, barns & silos, birds, fireflies, gorgeous skies, jgdkslgdlk oh yeah Wisconsin Dells AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It's eye candy everywhere I look. The sunrises/sunsets are amazing here. *-*

Parents had me up about all night (mostly drills from Mom) and what's worse, they blasted music when I was trying to sleep. No, talking to them didn't make it better, all they did was lower the volume. Ugh, and I can still hear it. The plane ride was terrible. The cushions were nice, but I wish I could say the same about the chair itself. I was weary and wanted shut-eye, but no. My back hurt, I got a crick in my neck, and I couldn't get comfortable no matter how I positioned myself. A couple good things did come from the trip though. Mom and I went to a book shop to get ourselves something to read; Mom got Chuck Palahniuk's Tell-All and I got *dundundundun* Watership Down. I always wanted to read that book! Thank goodness for Steph's kindness and Dannie's warm and cozy bed.

The Dolan's house is comfy and amazing and they have an outdoor kitty named Striker that took a love to me right away. I got up for a closer view of the woods and she was rubbing against my legs. ;; I got to meet Matt, Brianna's future husband, and he's truly a great guy. Hilarious, warm-hearted, and fun to be around. Uncle Ricke brought a travel edition of Apples To Apples, so we had fun and laughs playing that (I kept picking Mom's cards although I was clearly trying to avoid her. ;;) I got to show a few of my music videos finally, though later people were mostly chatting. Ricke seemed genuinely interested in my work though, and was deeply focused in watching and listening to me explain things. ;; Later, Matt realized that I made these instead of watching someone else's vids and he said he was impressed. :o

Yesterday we went to Noah's Ark! Aka the biggest waterpark in the world according to the consensus. It's been what, years since I've been there? I missed the place so much. Flash Flood's gotta be my favorite. You get double the benefit; a splash from coming down, and a splash from standing on the bridge~ &hearts; The first time, we were all chanting, "One more time! One more time!" Hehe. We got Dippin' Dots and crummy food (nomnom Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dots. Not-so-nom to the so-called "chicken stix" I ate. :P), and I waited below while everyone else committed suicide on The Plunge and Point of No Return. The Stingray is amazing too! My brother and I were holding a tube, I remember getting nervous because I was facing backwards and it looked steep, and my brother said in a soothing way, "It's going to be all right." Aww. ;; My brother can be really sweet like that sometimes. Anyway, we made the drop and it was a ton of fun. Definitely one of my favorites even if we had to cut out of line twice due to the length. XD

Note to self: next time, bring shoes 'cause wearing your wet watershoes inside a restaurant is not fun. :P We went to Famous Dave's for dinner (whose mascot is a cannibalistic pig) and Brianna, Matt and I doodled wicked atrocities all over the coloring paper until our orders arrived. It was a BBQ restaurant, and I was already feeling pretty full, so all I had was a basket of fries and some ice-cold water. Nomnomnom. The moon was gorgeous that night too. I always felt like it was an alternative version of Earth, with all the gray spots being the continents such as Europe and South America. Though tonight I saw a couple of eyes and a face too. Kinda creepy and mesmerizing in a way, though thankfully nothing like Majora's moon. XD

Who needs Internet when I'm having fun? Remind me to import Phantom of the Opera and the second Cranberries CD on my computer. I've been loading a ton of stuff from the Dolan music library and all the Talking Heads/Josh Groban/various 80s stuff is gonna do me good when I get home! They even have Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Beethoven's Last Night!"
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Allow me to advertise [ profile] bluwiikoon 's walking icons by introducing you to [ profile] bluicons !

Brought to you by my three favorite Pokemon in the world~ ♥

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Puri wants to direct everyone to


Now with less BJ and drama~ ♥ Let's fill in some requests, shall we? :3


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