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Things I did NOT want to see on my dash while looking up the "chinchilla" tag: a gory picture of a flayed chinchilla.

GODDAMMIT I was trying to find cute chinchilla pictures and .gifs, and that was NOT something I wanted to see ghdsjkhdsjkgsgd. Why the hell isn't there a block button, gdshjgksdgdsg. I am well fucking aware of the horrible chinchilla coat business I DID NOT NEED TO FUCKING SEE THAT. Especially when I'm trying to show cute stuff to my Dad. Thank god he missed the picture at least.
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There's really no difference between how America treated minorities in the 60s and today, except now we have the gall to say that "racism is over" while black people are still murdered for fabricated crimes.

I wonder why I like horror stories so much. Cthulu and Uboa are horrifying abominations, but at least they're not racist. I fucking hate Freddy Fazbear and the rest of his hideous crew, but I can take comfort in knowing they're not real. Even if they are (and god I hope not), they don't care if you're black or white or rich or poor. You can brag to the guy in the wheelchair or the girl with anxiety attacks that the monster will spare you while it "picks off the weaklings" or other "survival of the fittest" bullshit; the monster does not care. Your privilege won't save you, and neither will your religion (or lack of one); you're going to die anyway.

In that respect, those horror villains are better "people" than our own IRL police force. Think long and hard about that.
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What happens when you have a game inspired by Yume Nikki, Ib, Eversion, and Madoka? (And NPCs inspired by Animal Crossing) You get something Puri loves! :D

Dreaming Mary

Mary is a girl who loves to dream. In fact, she loves to dream so much she can spend an entire day dreaming. One day, when she falls asleep, she finds herself in a nostalgic place very different from her other dreams. Everyone there knows her and treats her like an old friend, and they invite her to play with them or help them. When she finishes all of their tasks, she is invited deeper into the dream.

Will you lead her to fall into her dreams? Or will you bring her back to the waking world?

As the player, you have the choice in the final decision of Mary's final dream.

This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition and may contain triggering content. Please play with headphones or high audio in a quiet room. There are four endings and bonus content is available after all four have been achieved in one game file. For hints and information, please see the game's homepage at the bottom of the description.

Non-spoilery walkthrough here. There's also this one which is much more specific if you're still stuck, but use as a last resort since it's got spoilers.

It's a gorgeous game, and it scared the bejeezus out of me too. Especially one of the variants of the ??? ending. *hedgehog hiss forever* I was actually kind of afraid to get all the endings, considering I got the Good ending and didn't figure out how to save the ??? ending. (I was supposed to press the "down" arrow key to get through the credits. Whoops) I can't wait for Blue Dreams to come out. :)
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Why referring to the Romani people as 'gypsies' is a bad idea, and why you should listen if someone tells you you used a racial slur.

I have to commend this chick for keeping her cool as long as she did while dealing with those bigots. Especially when one of them spouts something like this:

Get ready to be amazed. )

I knew the Romani were hated, but I had no idea it was THIS bad in the present-day.

Burned girl a symbol of Roma hate and hope. Whatever the hell you do, don't read the comments.

A few of them are basically, "WAAAAAAH WHAT ABOUT THE 13-YEAR-OLD WHITE BOY WHO GOT BEATEN UP AND MUGGED BY ROMA KIDS? I DON'T SEE YOU BRINGING THAT UP!!!!11!1" Shut the fuck up. Nobody deserves to be beaten or set on fire. And way to miss the point of the article; trying to burn a child to death, no matter what her race, is immoral. But I guess you don't care, since she would've totally grown up to beat up poor innocent white children for their money if the far-right extremists hadn't intervened. ghjkaghkjdsghkjdshge

I also like how bigots stereotype certain races as "lazy" when they don't even allow jobs for those races in the first place. Or how people see the Roma as "happy nomads" when in reality, they had to keep moving around because they kept being kicked out of their homes by bigots who don't welcome them. GEE I WONDER WHOSE FAULT THAT REALLY IS.

gkjdsghdsakjghkfjdghkfjdb fuck humanity.
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I just finished reading and listening to a really awesome creepypasta based off the NES Godzilla. Sure, it's had its corny moments ("I KILLED SPOILER MUFASA") and cliches common in crappypastas ("ZOMG THE GAMEZ ALIVE AND TALKING TO ME!!!11!1"), but the spritework and the way the author sets up the atmosphere is so good, I can forgive them. I was invested in this from beginning to end, and though a lot of people would disagree with me, I thought the ending was satisfying and well-deserved. There's a lot of legitimately creepy parts in this, particularly the Entropy level. :o

The dramatic reading is great too, it plays music from the original game and such, and has a few bonus jumpscares. Plus the reader kinda sounds like James Rolfe at points. :o Someone recommended it over the original blog, but your call.

Retsupurae did a dramatic reading of a SMB3 crappypasta called BLOOD WHISTLE. I gotta give my hand in riffing that one when I get some spare time. XD
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TW: Transphobia and misandry, including slurs. Mainly transphobia.

This is NOT how feminism is supposed to work. )

I hope this monster gets their limbs soaked in army ants before slowly pulling them out of the sockets, then has the remaining stubs get rammed in with hot pokers.
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Review of FATAL, the world's worst RPG.

I can't believe I hadn't read this earlier. The review is hilarious. The game, on the other hand... The sheer badness of this game is... legendary. :o

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

On an unrelated note, my current music is totally Homura's theme.
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It's that time again! Time to MST more crappypastas! :D This time, we'll be looking at "Starfox 6664", a pasta so over-the-top that after it was featured on Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime, it was moved to the Trollpasta wiki. Boy, this should be fun! :D

Can't let you brew that, Starbucks! )
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The 5 Most Spectacular Landscapes on Earth (That Murder You)

6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On 'Lost'

Man, I'd like to write a book with places inspired by these someday.

While we're at it, meet haunted dolls Robert and Annabelle. I knew about Annabelle from [ profile] kitty_advanced, but this is the first time I've heard about Robert. *hedgehog hiss*
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I've read some infamous fanfiction. Some disturbed me, some didn't. I've read Cupcakes and Sweet Apple Massacre, endured both versions of Agony in Pink, and wanted to shoot myself in the head after listening to an audio reading of Artemis' Lover and Cloud Mows the Lawn.

But Cori Falls' character bashing is a different level of creepy, particularly her treatment of Ash. Hell, even if you don't care about the guy, some of the stuff she's written might make you queasy. How do I describe it? Well... it's not any ol' boring bashing, that's for certain.

"A bright-eyed young boy who just wanted to be a Pokemon Master, but years of being stalked by Team Rocket plus a family history of mental illness and retardation eventually come to stand in his way. His actions, though made out to be violent and petty, could easily be taken as severe PTSD symptoms and in the end he's become a delusional manchild with only his aging mother to care for him. And the worst part? Everyone but his mother sees him as a walking joke. That's right, rather than getting the psychiatric help he obviously needs Ash is reduced to the village idiot, this thing to be mocked and snarled at just for existing. Oh, and he doesn't even have Pikachu anymore. ...yeah. Think about it."

TW: Ridicule of mental illness )

What Cori Falls Heard: this.
What I Heard: that.

My apologies. Have a hedgehog.

You know Nostalgia Critic's review of "Little Monsters" where he's horrified at the montage of children being punished for pranks they didn't commit? ("...THAT WAS HORRIFIC! That wasn't funny! That was... painful and unpleasant!") Yeah, that tends to be my general reaction to Cori's Ash-bashing.

To illustrate the horror even further, here's a spitefic by [personal profile] guardians_song.

At the Food Court (PG-13) (Part 1) (Part 2) (TAKE HEED OF THE WARNINGS)

Just... holy fuck. Cupcakes didn't faze me much at all, but Cori turning Ash into Chris-chan sure made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe because this whole thing was played as humor? I dunno. :(
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One of the Fifty Shades fans said that the last book she read was a SparkNotes book for a college course...and that was fifteen years ago. "Reading is hard," she told me. "There are so many long words. Like 'beautiful.' It doesn't look like it sounds. I hate words like that, and they're everywhere. Fifty Shades is easy to read. And if I don't understand something, I can skip it and not feel like I'm missing anything important. With most books, you can't do that. I have to skip because I don't understand the words, and then I lose track of the story."

After I pulled my jaw up off the floor, I asked her why she didn't look up the words that she didn't understand in a print or an online dictionary.

"That's too hard."

After some conversation, she admitted that looking up the words wasn't the problem; understanding the definitions was. I said that there were dictionaries that had definitions for kids (Merriam-Webster) or in simple language. She just shook her head. It was too hard. Too much effort. And she didn't really want to know what words meant THAT badly. She was just going to stick to "skippable" books like Fifty Shades. "All books should be like that, don't you think?"

Let me guess. Dr. Seuss books are too hard for her to read because they have long and difficult words like "wonderful" or "balancing."

You know what's worse than stupid people? Stupid people who want to stay stupid and make no effort to better themselves because they don't care.

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On April 12, 2012, it was announced that Hasbro will be making a new line of Furbies, which will be released in September of 2012.

Confession Time: I used to love Furbies. As in, I was completely obsessed with them. I had two: Mee-Mee (Gray with black polka-dots and pink stomach) and Toh-Moh (a tiger one) and a red McDonald's one with a lime-green that I can't remember what the hell I named, if at all. I decided to make them children and families out of cotton-balls. I'd color the balls with marker, draw and color and cut out the parts, then glue them onto the body. I made children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters... I had a gigantic extended Furby family, you could say. And they all showed up on the couch on my eleventh birthday (to my joy), the same fateful surprise party where I received my copy of "Pokemon Blue."

My family put up with me and my love for Furbies. My parents complained about them, my relatives wanted them silenced, and my sister hated them. First the Tamagotchi craze (I even had a couple GigaPets and a Talking Nano), then the Furbies. I used to talk to them constantly.

Nowadays... Furbies remind me of robotic mutant owl eulogy statues. (If you don't know what eulogy statues are... look up Zelda: Majora's Mask. And stay far far away from a series of YouTube videos about a boy called "BEN")

What is my life, and why did I have such horrible tastes as a kid? I think all my Furbies are still stored away in a box somewhere. Like Tribbles, but Uncanny Valley. *hedgehog hiss forever*
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God, reading Dorian Gray after finishing 50 Shades is like playing Earthbound after beating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

To say it AVGN-style: "I've got something to blow the lid off the crap barrel. Time to flick the shit switch, turn up the diarrhea dial! IT'S 50 SHADES OF GREY!! Yeah! We're living on the edge! More like living on a prayer! I'm begging you, don't read 50 Shades of Grey. To read this shit is to be on the receiving end of punishment! ...And not the good kind."

Copy-pasting my review from GoodReads. )

Here's a treat for my LJ/DW followers... my laundry list of the Inner Goddess's activities and more abused repetitions.

This'll make your heads spin. )
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Me: Caught up on Nostalgia Critic reviews.
Me: I'm interested in "Heavy Metal" now 'cause it looks Crazy Awesome.
Me: And the "Signs" review accurately shows everything that's wrong with Shyamalan.
James: Hah.
James: Misread that as Shaymin.
Me: Awwwwww!
Me: Shaymin is way cuter than pretentious directors~ <3333

Which makes me feel a little better after reading some horrific things in the con/weeaboo horror stories thread that he linked me. :(
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Hey ladies and gentlemen, have you heard of a term called "reproductive coercion"? YOU WILL NOW.

I've heard a little about this kind of thing happening, but I didn't know it had a name. Or that it was that common in domestic violence. :(

The more I read about the horrible things that happen to women by men, the more I feel so goddamn lucky to have met James instead of those fucking douchebags. Not only would he never force me to be pregnant and bear his kids (we both agreed we didn't want any anyway), he would never fucking mess with my birth control either. In fact, when I was in my first month of taking my meds, he said he wanted to wait for them to work before getting anywhere near vaginal penetration. God I only wish other men were that considerate. The comments where survivors shared their stories are heartbreaking. D:

I reblogged it on tumblr, but I'll link it here too because... people need to know about this sort of thing. So it can be stopped and we wouldn't have abused women, unwanted children, and boys growing up into manipulative misogynistic douchebags who will never deserve to be called "fathers". :(

At least Santorum's no longer running for office. Thank god.
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Hey guys? You know David Hopkins, aka the creator of a really awful webcomic called "Jack"? In a nutshell, he's an entitled misogynistic creep who draws a fursona to rape women with increasingly shitty art and lazy storywriting. Some more disturbing information about Hopkins has recently come to light...

tw: rape and domestic violence )

All I can do is spread awareness. Fuck you, David Hopkins. I hope you get fucking arrested. Preferably before you get the chance to act out any of your "fantasies" on an undeserving victim.
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Oh god oh god oh god. How did I go from researching sex this morning to being all "LULZ LET'S WATCH CREEPYPASTA"? With all that buildup of watching scary shit, Puri decided it wasn't a good idea to go to bed while it was dark. So she stays up all night. Which come to think of it, that might be a worse idea for two reasons: A. Don't want to lie in bed awake at midnight? Yeah, anywhere between 3-5 AM is sooooooooooo much better. B. Staying up late now reminds me of the Russian Sleep Experiment. Which I know is technically impossible and would only happen in a King/Lovecraftian short story or something, but still.

For some reason, suicidemouse.avi disturbs me. I know this "lost footage" is clearly bogus. I know it's a short clip looped over and over again by some guy at 4chan. I know the "creepy melody" at the beginning of the video is a short classical piece played in reverse. I know the screams and moaning come from L4D2 or something. But I still can't get over how unnerving the audio is. Just... brrr. The "music" and screams/static/gale blowing is what makes the video so uncomfortable for me. The footage could've easily been accompanied by something sad (if I hadn't known better, I could've easily applied Gary Jules' take on "Mad World.") but NOPE. The way the same six buildings distorts reminds me of a cross between Giygas's battle screen and the witch barriers in Madoka. Speaking of Madoka, it'd make sense if suicidemouse.avi was a witch barrier, and the guy driven to suicide was actually influenced by a Witch's Kiss. "Real suffering is not known", eh? Not unless you form a contract with Kyubey and become a magical girl, since "being meguca is suffering" and all that. Oh boy, and Mickey's face becomes a cloudy mess of nothing, and he's still walking. :/

And now, I'm hearing things, fuck. God, I'm too afraid to look up the pasta now even if it's just to check facts. hdjgskdg aaaaaaugh I looked up way too much creepypastas this round. Why do I do this to myself, wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy D:
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Anyone seen "The Adventures of Milo & Otis"? I haven't, and... I'm relieved. Because the sheer amount of horror and guilt I would've felt if it had been a nostalgic favorite would've been staggering. I clicked the review expecting a simple forgettable cutesy-type film. Alas... I think we've got animal snuff on our hands. FOR KIDS!!1!1!11

"The animals used were filmed under strict supervision with the utmost concern for their handling."

It's no "Cannibal Holocaust" but when you've got scenes like a kitten being thrown off a cliff, a kitten struggling up said cliff and constantly crashing into the rocks and water, and a pug pitted against a bear, and you consider the fact this is not CGI'd/puppeteered/etc., it makes it uncomfortable to watch.

While there's no evidence to prove there actually was animal cruelty and murder, there's still that... possibility, and I don't think I can ever separate this film from the rumors. Just... ick. :(


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