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Hey guys! Wanna know how infamously glitchy Sonic 2006 is? Here ya go!

I've been watching the LP of Sonic 2006 to pass the time when Jean wasn't reading Homestuck with me, and lately, I've been getting a strange sense of nostalgia from my time in Sonic fandom. Hell, after I talked to Sipp on Plurk, I felt inspired to make an RP account for E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure 1, and did it. I'll refine it and make icons for him later after I replay the game. Just... wow. I used to love Gamma. :o And I totally shipped him with Amy. I still do.

Aside from Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog fandom had a lot of "firsts" for me. My first serious crush on a fictional character (Shadow the Hedgehog, which I felt a lot of guilt for, mostly because I was scared of being a "rabid fangirl" and that I was gonna be labeled as a "furry", though I eventually stopped caring about the latter. :P Former, on the other hand... hoo boy), the first time I started receiving attention for my work in fandom (not BNF-status, but I've had a couple strangers who went up to me and said, "Hey, aren't you the one who wrote that one fic/that Sonadow essay at [ profile] ship_manifesto?" and gave me warm, fuzzy feelings inside. Usually those fans and I became friends. ;;), and hell, even the first time I wrote smut... a looooooooong story which deserves its own entry. :P Gods, the first AMV I ever made was a Shadow the Hedgehog AMV using "Bliss" by Tori Amos. I think I lost it and never recovered it, which is kind of a shame, but then again, I made a couple other old Sonic AMVs too, haha. XD

It's kind of painful for me to look back on my years in Sonic fandom since I went from being a cheerful fangirl who did what she loved to being a paranoid worrywart who was concerned what people and older fans thought of her because she loved Shadow and Sonadow and felt "ostracized" because she enjoyed playing the newer (at the time) games as well as the classics. When I look back on them now, Sonic Heroes and the games after them are crappy. Yet even knowing games like Shadow the Hedgehog are horrendously and painfully cheesy and has all these flaws and tries way too hard to be hardcore ("Where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald!? DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN WATCH ME SAY DAMN."), I get a sense of guilty pleasure from them due to the time I spent with friends in fandom. Under normal circumstances, I would've found a character like Silver stupid and annoying, and today I really wish he didn't have to be another hedgehog, but... ngggh. Fucking Narm Charm. gjdskgjdksg

My heart will always belong to Sonic Adventure 2 and the earlier games like Sonic CD and S3&K though. Fuck yes.

I don't get me started how much I whined about Sonic elitists. It's like I spent the last part of my active years of Sonic fandom feeling "persecuted" and miserable, and it shows in the last few Sonadow fics I written. To the point I think my friends were calling me out for it. When I think about it, the more I want to strangle my past self. I was so concerned with being a "good" Shadow and Sonadow fan, even in the eyes of people who didn't like them, and... gdhskjghdkjsgh. I even gotten into fights with a couple friends about this, and lost one of them because of it. I spent too much time worrying about what other people thought. You can see why this was painful for me to think about. I feel like Karkat from Homestuck with his self-loathing and how much he detests his past self for being so moronic, 'cause I'm feeling exactly the same way when I look at myself in my late years of Sonic fandom.

As my Sonic obsession waned into hiatus (a little before I got into Earthbound), I finally got around to watching SatAM despite feeling "poisoned" and what do you know, I loved it. I started to mellow down, thank god, and stuck around to spazz about the series for a while. Sonic/Sally became my favorite het pairing for Sonic, I shipped Bunnie/Rotor, and it was around the time the Sonic Kink Meme ([ profile] kinkyclosetzone, which I helped name) opened. It's pretty much dead now, I think. XD The other day, my friend and I were talking about robot sex ("How does it work? Transformers fandom is divided over this."), and though she wasn't much familiar with the fandom, I linked her to my favorite Shadow/Omega fic (NSFW, despite wires and robotics) for referential purposes. (Her response: "Hee hee. Code-fondling.")

So yesterday, I decided to browse the kink meme to read old fills. I came across an old request of mine, which wanted Sonic/Griff from the "Warp Sonic" SatAM episode. I went on, expecting nobody answered that one ever, except... bam. A fill. Written two months after I left it. And... it's fucking incredible. (NSFW) I don't know how I never saw that fic in my LJ message box, but it's been about three years before I finally read this fic. Even though the writer will probably never know my thanks, I left it anyway. God, I wonder if I should've de-anon'd myself. But just... I'M FEELING SO MUCH EMOTION. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU HAVE ALL MY LOVE IN THE WORLD. ;; I wonder if it's even someone I know, though I don't think I recognize the style. I can't help but feel guilty somehow. But still... anon, whoever you are. Thank you.

Reading that fic meant a lot to me, and I've been feeling sort of crummy lately. Namely about my creativity (or lack of it).

Sometimes, I wonder if ought to finish that humongous Sonadow fic I started that was going to be one of my fandom magnum opuses. Post-SA2, Shadow was caught in space and taken inside a hidden lab in the Mystic Ruins run entirely by a sentient supercomputer named P.A.N.D.O.R.A. PANDORA likes to build creepy advanced robots, including the Leviathan, and has experimented on an unconscious Shadow for three years. Shadow wakes up before he's "ready" and steals a Chaos Emerald one of the robots brought in and escaped. Sonic, having since moved on, is troubled why he still remembers a rival he barely knew. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman wants to seek out PANDORA and claim the lost lab and the creations inside for his own. Shit goes down in Mystic Ruins and Sonic chases Dr. Eggman. The Leviathan is trying to hunt Shadow, and the two hedgehogs meet again... Cue "WTF!?" In short, Sonic and friends must stop Eggman while figuring out what the hell is up with the PANDORA business and its connection to Shadow. Sonic & Shadow begrudgingly work together, and end up more tangled in each another than they'd like to admit, playing right into PANDORA's logic-minded hand...

If I stopped to work on it, would I feel closure? Sometimes I wonder if I should save it as maybe a future original work, but the story is clearly written to be for the Sonic universe. To take out all the Sonic essence would be robbing it of its soul. I will never be able to unsee it as something that used to be "about Sonic." I'm like this with my other incomplete big fanfic projects I started too. Augh.

tl;dr: Puri was a self-pitying paranoid moron for her latter years in Sonic fandom, and is now wibbling over old crap and a lovely fic featuring a super obscure pairing someone left her in a time capsule. She then goes on to fret about her own fanfiction again. WHOO SELF-DEPRECATION

Damn blue hedgehogs giving me feelings.
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I'M SO HORRIBLE (but not as horrible as I could be). I was gonna do Lucario, but he got spared because I couldn't find enough expressions for him. :( Same with Poo, he's grouchy on all of them. >(

Shadow is the only one I could find icons for. )

It touches me so many Shadow RP journals still use my icons though. Aww.
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Day 13: A game that is a guilty pleasure

Mother Superior, jump the gun )

30 Day Video Game Meme )
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Well that was fun, spending hours in there watching two guys play Sonic games for clean water in Ethiopia. It's fun watching the chat argue which game (Heroes, Shadow & 06) was the worst of the three. XD The highlight was when Tim started singing My Sweet Passion during a tragic cut scene with Shadow & Maria. Nothing beats busting Chaos bubbles on the ARK to the tune of shaving the Sphinx! XDDD

It's making me feel kind of nostalgic for Sonic games again. Sure, Heroes/Shadow/06 was bad, I'll admit that, but I'm still attached to them in a weird way. Especially Shadow the Hedgehog. I'll never stop loving that black bastard. XD Which again, makes me realize how deceptively dark Sonic games can be. All the bright colors and you're busting out cute critters after they've been through horrendous experimentation and used as fuel for robots. Then there's Shadow, which is a whole new ball altogether.

Several years ago, I couldn't pinpoint why it made me uncomfortable to see Shadow as the bad guy/villain. But hey, it's my birthday, I've turned 22. I think I know now. Since SA2 he's an anti-hero, yet I've admired him as a kind of Byronic hero in my eyes. O RLY? Lemme fetch Wikipedia: The Byronic hero is an idealised but flawed character exemplified in the life and writings of Lord Byron, characterised by his ex-lover Lady Caroline Lamb as being "mad, bad, and dangerous to know". The Byronic hero first appears in Byron's semi-autobiographical epic narrative poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812-1818).

It's been a while since I've been on a tl;dr fangasm about Shadow! :D )

Off to bed so I can better celebrate a year closer to death. Oh boy! XD
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# Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry?

Lack subtext? Have no fear. This is what chemistry is for~ ♥

I'm a Shipping Chemistry Major~ )
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I don't believe I ever posted the rest of my SSBB caps. Let's remedy that. Let's start off with a tradition Puri has: the 99-Minute Battle!

25cc and No Bodies Yet! )

Field Trip to the Mushroom Kingdom! )

And the Rest Nom )

I'll see what else I have stored later. :o

Here's Part 1 for now!
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Fireimps87 8:39 pm
(8:39:38 PM): Shadow is a sad boy
Greenband Jiggly 8:58 pm
(8:58:19 PM): Shadow?
(8:58:33 PM): He still rides his motorcycle, right? XD
Fireimps87 8:58 pm
(8:58:39 PM): yup yup
Greenband Jiggly 8:58 pm
(8:58:48 PM): Silly Shadow~ <3
Fireimps87 9:00 pm
(9:00:48 PM): haha in his profile
(9:00:50 PM): under LIKES
(9:00:54 PM): it lists NOTHING
Greenband Jiggly 9:00 pm
(9:00:58 PM): ddjkflgyfdkljhdklfjhdfkljht
(9:01:00 PM): LIAR
(9:01:01 PM): LIAR
(9:01:03 PM): PANTS ON FIRE
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
(9:01:10 PM): haha
(9:01:12 PM): I dont use shadow
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:18 PM): He likes Maria! >(
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
(9:01:22 PM): %D yeah he does
(9:01:31 PM): My favorite character to use is Billy
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:37 PM): Silly Shadow! That's not liking nothing!
(9:01:39 PM): Ooh.
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:58 PM): Yep!
Fireimps87 9:02 pm
(9:02:13 PM): SHADOW"s special is chaos spear
Greenband Jiggly 9:02 pm
(9:02:24 PM): Sounds like him all right~ <3
(9:02:39 PM): Shadow: I like NOTHING. >( Not even beating up Sonic!
Fireimps87 9:02 pm
(9:02:43 PM): haha
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Today I picked up the three Knuckles the Echidna issues at the comics store. They only had Part 2 of The Dark Legion, so I wasn't able to get that mini-series. But this was what I was most excited about: Sonic Universe.

This is the fanletter I wrote Archie. :3 )

If you see a Star Wars-ish cover with Shadow pulling a Gendo and Blaze looking like she's almost flipping you out, this is it. Pick it up. *____________*
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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

This time with Carrie's! Plus a ton of people associate me with Earthbound and Shadow. :o )

Now for [ profile] fannish5: Name 5 characters you would not want to trade lives with.

1. Lucas & Claus
2. Madotsuki
3. Silver the Hedgehog
4. Lucy Barker
5. Job
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[Error: unknown template qotd]AM from I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

Seriously. Go listen to him.

HAL 9000 and TEC were super close, followed by Gilliam (Outlaw Star), Metal Sonic, Gamma, EVE (Earthbound 0/Mother), EVE (WALL-E), WALL-E, M-O, Tom Servo, Croooooooooooooooooooooooooow! R2-D2, C-3P0, and the Starmen as runner-ups. Omega gets an honorable mention because of his devotion to Shadow and his immortal meatbag line in Chronicles. XD And the Axem Rangers if they count.

I probably forgot somebody. I just love robots and self-aware computers, okay? XD

Blegh, I'm on a coughing fit. Mmm, Shadow Androids. ♥

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Greenband Jiggly (10:54:51 PM): I can just imagine Shadow coming in with his own horrible metal band to rival Sonic's. XD
GosaiSon (10:55:27 PM): PFFFT LOL
Greenband Jiggly (10:55:48 PM): Metallica, Nirvana, Slayer... and a buncha screamos. XD
Greenband Jiggly (10:55:57 PM): He could persuade Manic to join him. XD
Greenband Jiggly (10:56:02 PM): Seduuuuuuuuuuuuce him
Greenband Jiggly (10:56:10 PM): Sonia would be ZOMG U CREEP
Greenband Jiggly (10:56:46 PM): And Sonic would think he'd be really cool if he wasn't stomping over his turf.
GosaiSon (10:57:12 PM): or seduce sonic
GosaiSon (10:57:19 PM): "Hello, little prince."
Greenband Jiggly (10:57:30 PM): OH HO HO HO. 'Cause two hot hedgies are better than one.
Greenband Jiggly (10:57:54 PM): Rouge is Sonia's rival keyboardist, and she wears punk stuff outdated after the 80s were over. XD
Greenband Jiggly (10:58:40 PM): Omega is the drummer Shadow always brags about to make Manic and Sonic jealous (and make out behind the scenes, er, I mean practice with)
GosaiSon (10:59:12 PM): PFFT
Greenband Jiggly (10:59:56 PM): Shadow: It's been a hard day's work putting down that punk. Let's say you and I do some REAL music.
Omega: Yes, oh great--Mmmm... *pulled into bed* *FADE TO BLACK*
GosaiSon (11:00:21 PM): .....
GosaiSon (11:00:26 PM): LOL metallic taste

Horrendous punkmetal lyrics and cheesy rivalry ahead! )

The Lost Episode of Shadow Underground: 'RAWK You Like an Animal!' )
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Mother 3 makes you laugh your head off until you realize Bambi's mom has been shot. Then it makes you laugh five seconds after that. Then it punches you in the stomach. Repeat back and forth as your emotions are manipulated, while throwing in a bit of MOMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!1!1!11 too.

Sonic Chronicles? Pure unadulterated hilarity.

That's it. Nice balance of current games, huh? ;D

Eggman doesn't walk. He prances.

Shadow runs like he's knocked over a hive of bees. He also talks about Omega like how Amy refers to Dexter. ("Omega isn't like the other robots! Omega... is intelligent. He hates Eggman. >(" "Err, Shads? It's hard to be jealous of someone with a robot for a boyfriend." "You keep quiet! >(") Shadow talks about his friendship with Omega and goes on and boasts about the perfect partnership they have together and how superior their make-out sessions are to Sonic and What's-His-Date's and expects us to take him seriously. Tee hee! X333 Either way, Shadow's on my team now, and I absolutely refuse to separate him from Sonic~ ♥ Atomic Strike is the most beautiful storm I've seen in my life. *__________________* Their love circulates and shocks the world~ ♥♥♥ Took out those Raptor Hawks fast too, haha! X333~

Shadow's making friends with an adorable pink Chao named Joy~ ♥
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Puri did her best to get rid of subtitles, but some I let some stay instead of exchanging them for a nauseous WMM special effect. That said, the world's first Tori Amos-based Sonic AMV! Based off Shadow the Hedgehog (the Game). Made by yours truly~ ♥

Mom's going to have surgery so she can drink fluids again. She did have surgery earlier but it caused something in her to clog up and she throws up whenever she tried to drink something. If my Dad hadn't been a doctor, she'd be in the hospital by now. She and Dad are heading off for the second surgery while I babysit my brother.

That means back to my commodity paper for me. Hopefully I'll actually get it done before Friday this week. Thursday if lucky.
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[ profile] sevetenks discovered this hilarious site: Shadow the Hedgehog for President!


Our other candidates include Pokey Minch, Gary Oak, Taj the Genie, and Jeff Andonuts. Cast your vote!
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Stolen from [ profile] sevetenks :

Fandom Meme of 2007

First Fandom of 2007: SEGASonic
Favorite Main Character of 2007: Does Jeff Andonuts count? If not, Pit from Kid Icarus. :D
Favorite Villain of 2007: Giygas/Geigue/Gyiyg, hands down.
Favorite Video Game Character of 2007: JEFF ANDONUTS
Favorite Game of 2007: Earthbound/Mother 2
Favorite Het Couple of 2007: Tie between Pippi x Loid (Earthbound 0/Mother) and Rotor x Bunnie (SatAM).
Favorite Yuri Couple of 2007: Sally x Bunnie (SatAM)
Favorite Yaoi Couple of 2007: Jeff x Tony (Earthbound/Mother 2) EFF YEAH
Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: Does Kid Icarus count? Pit's appearance in SSBB sure wowed me. :o Same with SatAM though it had to come sooner or later.
Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Sonic in general, temporary.
Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Earthbound. 'Nuff said.
Last Fandom of 2007: Earthbound. Again. XD

The Fanfic Pairings of 2007 Meme! W00000000~! )

Year-End Fanfic Meme )

Meanwhile, I've added a new twist to ShtH:

Shadow has an epiphany while I play inappropriate music.

Edit: Scribbler did the meme too, so I added a few more categories I missed~ ♥
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My Paid Account! Nooooooooooooooo! *sniffles as she deletes icons*

Ah well. I have YouTube videos to share! ♥

Shadow - This is Sparta! Remember the 300 commercial done to ShtH? Here's another one, this time with Sonic X! :D

Sonic X - Happy Happy Joy Joy Okay, this just kills me every time. Especially the timing and lip sync!

Next-Gen - If Everyone Cared A bittersweet video with pretty nice timings and spot-on lyrics. ;D

Molly & Shadow - Breathe I never saw the second season of Sonic X. (Pretty much because what I've seen of Season 1 disappointed the living heck out of me. XDDD!) But I DO know what happens to Molly, and what can I say? This really touches me. It also touches some depths and pathos I doubt Sonic X itself would shed on this amazing girl and her relationship with Shadow.

Shadow/Mephiles - User Friendly Holy fuck. Mephadow on YouTube. oO;;; Video's not really that great, but special enough for me to share. I don't even listen to Marilyn Manson, but she made it work! XDDD!

Infamous Next-Gen Death done to inappropriate music - OMG. THIS IS SO FUCKING CRUEL. HORRIBLE. But I can't help but laugh my ass off. The background sounds and Mephiles's laughter make it even more fun! XDDD Obviously, Next-Gen spoilers.

I also have a cell phone number. :o Feel free to ask and share yours (will be screened of course), and I might give you a call~ ♥♥♥
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I love how Shadow goes from "I am the ultimate life form, Shadow the hedgehog. I will crush anyone who stands in my way!" to "I don't need it (the Chaos Emerald). I have Maria in my heart" the very next line. Silly Shadow! Shoujo hog~ <333

I think [profile] soulrockcandy converted me to Bowyer/Yaridovich today. oO;;;
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Stolen from [ profile] klobber:

The first 15 nubs to comment on this here post get to request a sketch of a subject/character/shipping of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal (EXCEPT NOT). Mind you these will probably be MS paint doodles or quick sketches or something but we'll see!

Post all fandoms you're willing to draw crappy MS Paint for.

*Super Smash Bros.
*Kid Icarus
*Hoshi no Kirby
*Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA/SatAM/AoStH/etc.)
*Chrono Trigger
*Final Fantasy IV
*Something else if you really want it and I'm familiar with it

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From [ profile] obabscribbler & [ profile] rec_a_day:

Anyone is welcome to join in, even if you and I don't usually agree on pairings or hang out in the same circles. I'd like that, actually, to get a bit of variety going. Please don't feel shy or unwanted around here. ♥

Please link to the author's work (you don't have to stick to any of the major archives, anywhere is fine), include relevant information if possible (pairing, author, maybe any non-work-safe ratings if you feel up to it), and there is no time limit, this post will stand for as long as LJ is around.

1) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s).

2) Rec up to five of your favorite fics featuring your favorite character(s).

3) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your preferred pairing(s) or threesome(s) well.

4) Rec up to five of your favorite authors who write your favorite characters(s) well.

5) Rec up to five authors who you feel deserve more recognition for their fanfic contributions.

I hope by highlighting the up to part of these, people realise you don't HAVE to post five in response to any of these, nor do you HAVE to answer all five requests. One for just one of them would be fine. I'm looking to get as much variety here as possble, so post away.

Here's What I Listed~ <333 )

Yes, I'm up late. As usual. Shhh. :o


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