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My sweet angel Ryu passed away in my arms this morning.

He's a chinchilla that I adopted from my sister when she went to college. He's everything you could ever ask for in a chinchilla. When we took him to the vet to fix his eye issues, she said that he's the most docile chinchilla she's ever cared for. He really is chill. He just takes everything in stride. He loves being held and scratched behind the ears. He's smart, too. Once he escaped and kept ducking under the piano. Every time we almost caught him, Amanda and Freddie would come bounding up and he'd bounce away. Amanda loved Ryu. She'd treat him like he was her own puppy. She'd kiss him and he'd take it, wet and completely unamused. He's going to be buried next to Amanda...

I kissed Ryu and told him how much I loved him, and how much happiness he brought me, and how he made Frisk's first few months of life a joy. This and this were the music I was playing while I was holding him. I thought it would be good if he got to listen to soft music before he passed. This too, but I think Ryu had died by this point. He stretched himself and didn't move again. He made a few soft breathy squeaks while I held him. I kept him close so he'd be comfortable. He seemed warm and comfy, at least.

We're still going to the vet anyway, to see if Frisk is pregnant. It could be she's just growing, but she's gotten huge. I'm going to miss my darling gray angel. I love him so much. He's the reason I recommend chinchillas as pets. Freddie was with me on the bed. I think in a way he knew. Now he's lying beside the cage. Anyway, I'll get dressed so I can take Frisk to the vet.
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Guys guys, I finally have a new chinchilla. ;;

After Dad and I walked Freddie at the botanical gardens (he fell in love with a tortoise, which I've captured on camera), we went to Petco to get more chinchilla pellets for Ryu. Sure enough, they were selling two chinchillas at a few months old. An assistant explained that they only get chinchillas during the fall and winter seasons, since they're in danger of overheating in the summer. I asked to hold one, and there was this teenie chinchilla that let me pick her up! She was timid at first, but she kept hopping back to my hand, gradually coming closer each time. The other chinchilla didn't budge from the plastic stones she was sitting on. :o Dad and I had been cautious of getting female chinchillas since we didn't want accidental babies, but a chinchilla breeder told me that since Ryu is so old, he's past the age of being interested in breeding. So Dad and I agreed it was best that we kept an eye on Ryu and the new chinchilla to see what happens, and accept the consequences if we do get babies, nom.

We slowly introduced the new chin to our home, and I let her romp a bit on my bed. Whenever she hears the slightest movement, she bolts right back into her box, it's so cute. :) Then I brought Ryu to see if they get along. Ryu's age is even more obvious now that we got a younger chinchilla to compare with! The new chinchilla is a silver poofball with smaller ears and beady black eyes, while Ryu's fur is more ruffled with age and his cataracts make his eyes look like opals. They hung out in the box Ryu likes playing in, and the new chin would run back in there for security. Ryu seemed to tolerate her, so I put them both in their cage to see what would happen (I had an extra cage prepared in case the chins needed time to get used to each other and bond). She's already welcome in his home. ;; Ryu would sit there on top of his house being his meditative self while the new chin would romp around and check out her new surroundings. I could swear I heard chirping, and I don't think Ryu's ever chirped in his cage before. ;; As I kept checking in on them, I found her on top of Ryu's house while he sat inside, like she's imitating him. :D Dad and I are helping her socialize, and Dad's warmed her over with her first almond. :3 She doesn't quite understand the concept of dust baths yet, but boy, she'll be so excited when she learns~ ♥

Welcome home, Frisk. :3
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Mom noticed that Freddie was looking pretty sad, so she put him on her lap and started petting him. She started talking about Amanda and reassured him how much Amanda loved him, and as she was doing that, Freddie started licking the pillow they were sitting on because he knew Amanda sat on it too. It's the closest he could get to kissing her. ;;

It's okay, Freddie. Soon we'll get another doggie and Amanda will be happy knowing you won't be lonely anymore. ;;
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The biggest birthday present this year? A brand new chinchilla. ♥

I'll have to wait four weeks though. The baby chins aren't ready to be weaned yet. :3 The breeder says she only has females, but because Ryu is so old, she feels that he wouldn't care about trying to breed anymore. I hope she's right. She's not sure what colors they'll grow into yet. There's also a new chin that just got born and she doesn't know its sex yet. So here's some names I've been thinking of naming my future darling~ ♥

  • Lyra - After the female protag of my favorite Pokemon gen, and also because I like the name. I still haven't finished reading His Dark Materials, let alone The Golden Compass. *hangs head in shame*

  • Poe - It's perfect for a gray or black chin! Plus I love the mental image of a chinchilla named Poe bouncing off the walls while Ryuichi, named after a hyperactive rockstar, just sits there. XD

  • Homura - For a black (maybe gray) chin! Plus I'd be able to call her "Homu-chin."

  • Geno - Ideal for a beige or chocolate chin. :3 I've been wanting to name a pet after Geno for a long time. Especially for one as wise and active as a chinchilla~

  • Vivi(an) - For a gray, black, beige or brown chin. Named after Vivian from Paper Mario 2 or Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. Nothing quite like having a little chinchilla mage! :3

  • I hope Ryu and the new chinchilla like each other. I wanted to get Ryu a friend for so long. ;;
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    While I was volunteering at Gulf Coast today, I met a white miniature poodle named Prada. I messaged Dad about her, and after answering a few questions, Dad and the rest of the family (including Freddie) came over for a Meet-&-Greet. :o Everybody got along really well, and then we got home. Anyway, Mom came into my room crying, telling me she's allergic to Prada.

    Mom: *dabbing her eyes with a Kleenix* I'm so sorry...
    Me: *hugging her* It's okay, Mom. Thank you for giving her a chance. It means so much to me.
    Mom: I'm too allergic to her. My hands are itching, I'm getting hives, I never touched my face but my eyes are watering...
    Me: Even if you weren't allergic to her, we'd never be able to clean the house on time. Don't worry about it, I'm glad you decided to give it a shot, even if it didn't turn out well.
    Mom: I didn't want to get too attached then be forced to give her up. I hope you get another chinchilla. And we've got to order you cake and make preparations...

    So it looks like we're a Bichon-only household, nom. Mom's currently trying to find the names of the breeders we got Freddie from, and Dad and I told her we found purebred Bichons up for adoption in San Antonio. (Dad: "I think I like Bichons better anyway.") I'm glad it ended well, even if we didn't bring a doggie home. Probably for the best for all of us, including Prada.

    Freddie got so excited while visiting Gulf Coast. Trust me Freddie, you don't want to stay in a shelter. :P
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    Things My Mother is Allergic To

    • Dogs

    • Cats

    • Happiness

    • Making comments without the slightest hint of criticism

    • Going five seconds in Dad's presence without nagging and hen-pecking him

    • Not showing off her "gratitude" by reminding Dad of something he's forgotten or a mistake he's made whenever he goes out on errands for her or buys her a gift

    • Good memories (but she's more than happy to remember some insignificant fight Dad or I had with her just to criticize us even more)

    If Mom doesn't want me to get another pet, she should outright say so. That way, I wouldn't spend so much time going through Pet Finder and other adoption sites looking for chinchillas and dogs and whatnot. I go through all the trouble to look up hypoallergenic dogs for her and offer to bring helpful research articles and honest reviews of dog breeds, but she shuts me down every time. I suggest dogs like Shih-Tzus and Malteses, and she whines about how she'll only listen to what her allergist told her (whom she hasn't met in 18 years) which is Poodles or Bichon Frises or nothing. Since she considers Poodles to be too "high-strung" and smart, I look up Bichon Frises (and from Corpus Christi, the nearest Bichons up for adoption are in San Antonio) and manage to find a dog who looks just like Amanda. Rather than be fascinated like my Dad was, Mom goes on and on making up excuses how ZOMG HE LOOKS LIKE A MALTESE MIX (his Pet Finder page lists him as a purebred) and I WANT THE POOFY BICHON LOOK AND WE WERE NEVER ABLE TO GET THAT WITH AMANDA and nitpicking the living hell out of him like she does with Every. Single. Fucking. Thing.

    She had the fucking gall to excuse me of being selfish because I wanted presents for my birthday. What the FUCK.

    I told her that I wanted another dog for my birthday. I told her that Amanda would've wanted me and Freddie to move on. (And it's not like Mom is still grieving for Amanda, considering she explicitly told me that she'd think about having another dog in the family. She even told me she loved pugs and wished she could have one, but can't because she's allergic) I told her how therapeutic pets are for me and how important it was for me to be surrounded by animals for my mental health. I told her that I felt like she was finding excuses for why I can't get a dog though I did everything I could to accommodate her needs, and that I felt hurt by that. So she goes and digs up all the mistakes I've ever made with Freddie, saying how OMG YOU'RE NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH and YOU DON'T BRUSH FREDDIE ENOUGH AND LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HIS COAT WHEN HE GOT TOO MATTED and YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A JOB and did her best to make me sound like the most neglectful parent in the universe. 'Cause you know, forget that I've been taking Freddie on various trips to the dog park and other places you're allowed to walk dogs. Forget that I gave him a bath before one particular dog event so he would look and smell nice. Forget that I realized shearing him was a mistake and that I've been brushing his fur to make sure I don't do something careless like that again (Hell, I'm the only one who brushes and bathes him, and he's supposed to be the family pet. I certainly don't see Mom taking the effort to brush him). Forget that I volunteer my ass off at the Cattery and Gulf Coast Humane Society. Forget that I clean Ryu's cage every week and give him his dust baths when needed. Nope, I'm just an irresponsible git who neglects the pets she already has. Oh yeah, and then Mom goes and grumbles and rants and stews what horrible and awful and nasty and illogical people Dad and I are to my brother. That's always fun.

    No matter what I do, no matter how much I try to address her concerns, Mom is just going to keep making up excuses. Because she won't outright tell me that I can't have a new dog because she's allergic to happiness and any effort I try to reduce or escape the drama and misery of the household.

    So once again, I'm left in a position I hate. I fucking hate arguing. So I either don't say anything and be passive and let troubles stew in my mind, or I call her out for her selfishness and it results in a screamfest. I fucking hate this and I feel like I'm turning into a horrible person because of all the fights I get stuck in with my Mom. I don't want to be a person who starts fights and yells all the time. But Mom's already made me into one.

    It's not like I can discuss this with Dad either, because either Dad will shut down or make excuses for Mom and how I shouldn't treat her like a bad person.

    I think at this point I can pretty much say goodbye to going to Portland this year. Jimmy barely has enough money to get by and so does Aspen. Unless I get a job that makes me millions of dollars, I'm fucked. I get the feeling I probably won't be able to go to Portland at all. And I have absolutely nowhere else to go.
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    Good News: I'm in Wisconsin with Mom and my brother! It's gorgeous up here as always. The weather is so much better, and the crisp air makes me feel so energetic! There's a room in Aunt Steph's house where she stored all of Uncle Ricke's collection of board games. It gives the room such a comfy feel, like Ricke is still here with us. :) It makes me feel so much better, since I was worried an air of sadness would hang over Wisconsin with his absence. I'm glad I was wrong. This room is proof of that, and I feel his warm presence like he's telling me I've got nothing to worry about. :) I hope we get to play one of his games before we go to Door County, he's got some neat looking ones.

    Bad News: Neither Jimmy or Aspen have enough money for me to move in by the end of August, and September is looking unlikely, so I'm stuck in Corpus for even longer. :( When I get home, I really have to focus on getting a job. I'll have to keep bugging the local vet until I finally start training to become a vet assistant. :o

    My birthday's coming up on the 22nd! Teddy/Loid art and/or fic will totally make me squeegle. Or any ship I like.Or anything based off my novel.
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    I volunteer for two animal shelters now! :3 I've got months of experience with the Cattery on me, so now I also volunteer for the Gulf Coast Humane Society, so I can learn to take care of doggies as well as kitties~ ♥ Dad comes along too, so it's a good chance for us to bond. There's an English bulldog I love named Ladybug, and she got adopted to a nice man last week~ ♥♥♥ So now my new favorites are Kody the Chow-Chow/Australian Shepard Mix and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix named Floyd. Even while wearing the cone of shame (he'd just been neutered and the staff didn't want him to bite at his stitches), Floyd is friendly and loves everyone, and even tries to kiss us despite his cone being in the way. Corgis are amazing, the Internet did not lie. ;;

    Whenever I need cheering up, I check the FB pages of the shelters I follow to see who got adopted today~ ♥♥♥

    I beat Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea! It was okay, I guess? I'm typing a large review for it, so expect my thoughts on it later. Slowly but surely. <.<;;;;
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    I made a new (and better!) deal with my Dad. Instead of getting a hedgehog after cleaning the house, I earn money to go to Portland. :D Dad felt much more motivated, nom. We worked together today sweeping the floor after we roachbombed the house. We cleared a huge chunk of space and it makes me so happy! *knocks wood* The house may actually get cleaned and be a permanent reality instead of an empty promise! ;;

    Speaking of roachbombing, we couldn't find a babysitter for Ryu (Freddie stayed in the backyard to avoid the poison), so we took him with us while we dined at the patio of a Mexican restaurant. Everybody absolutely loves him! Some never heard of chinchillas before and listened quite intently while I talked about them. People cooed over how cute and soft he is, including the manliest men and the waiter. Ryu is so well-behaved! He was so quiet everyone but Dad and I forgotten that he was there. The only bad thing they had to say about him is why his eyes looked so milky ("Are they supposed to look like that?"); I explained to them that he had cataracts and that he's an old chinchilla around 11-13 years old, and then they become fascinated that chinchillas live to be 15-20. :3 The closest he got into trouble was when he tried dipping his nose into the salsa. :P He squirmed a lot and we had to make sure he didn't escape to the floor, so while Dad paid the bill, I took him out to a large rock to romp on and have some space. Then we went on a short trip to Half-Price Books (avoiding the cafe so we wouldn't get in trouble with health regulations), and the cashier and I made up a joke: "You bite it, you buy it!" Aka if Ryu chews any books, I have to pay for it. :P Thankfully, he didn't even try~ Ryu didn't even pee on my lap until we got back home. I have the most well-behaved chinchilla in the world. ;_____; I made sure he got a long dust bath, and a couple more almonds than usual when he got put back in his cage. :3

    Freddie's made a new friend with a Shih-Tzu named Abby. Her owner is this really sweet little girl and we've been hanging out a lot lately. Abby loves everybody and Freddie wags his tail when he sees me get dressed, because he knows I'm getting ready to take him to go see her. ;;
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    I was clearly too optimistic last post. 'Cause now I remember WHY we've never succeeded in making our house look "normal" and clean enough to invite neighbors over.

    Me: *dumps a bunch of garbage-looking papers in a bag*
    Bag: *sits there and is never checked, so it becomes a part of the house's mess*

    And he yells at me if I've already thrown the bag out.

    What's the fucking point? Every little scrap of paper is apparently of ~*~enormous significance~*~ and something important will be OMG LOST FOREVER if it's thrown out. So if I'm sorting papers the "wrong way" by mixing what could be "important" papers with "garbage," I'll just get lectured and yelled at by Dad. Mom does the same thing, and her room is the most impossible place to clean in our garbage heap of a home.

    No wonder we never get anything fucking finished. No wonder this house will never get clean.
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    Pimping my friend Sara's novella!

    Want some slice-of-life mother/daughter relationships inspired by the likes of Beverly Cleary, Ann M. Martin and Cynthia Voigt? Then this might be for you~ ;D

    I want to thank everybody for your kind words regarding Uncle Ricke, including those who responded to my comment on Das Sporking. Your support means a lot to me and my family, and now Ricke is in a better place. He'll always be loved and remembered! ♥♥♥

    I've been taking Freddie outside a lot so he could play with this adorable little Shih-Tzu named Abby. She belongs to this cute little girl who lives in the same neighborhood as I do. :o A few days ago, a Maltese named Fifi ran away from home, and Dad and I worked a really long time to snip her mats out. She's so cute and she wouldn't stop kissing us! She's so well-behaved too, she never tried to squirm or run away while we groomed her. Her owner was really happy I took care of the mats for her, and hopes she and Fifi could see me again soon.

    After years of boycotting, I finally succumbed and got a Facebook. Bleeeeeeeeeeegh. The good news is I got to reunite with one of my oldest friends, at least! I'm primarily using FB as a way to contact family and animal shelters and posting pictures of pets, so don't expect a whole lot of fandom stuff there, if at all. FB already hates me and has "temporarily blocked" me from liking books/movies/music/etc. Excuse me for being cultured, FB. :P

    My sleep schedule's messed up again and I'm tired. Actually interacting with the neighbors makes me want to curl up and hide because I feel so socially awkward. Help. D:
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    It's official. There's absolutely nothing that can be done to help Ricke. His skin is completely yellow and he weighs 150 pounds.

    We don't know how long he's going to stay in the hospice. But I hope it won't be long. I don't want him in pain anymore. I want him to be able to see his long-lost cat Kiki again. I want him to meet Amanda for the first time. I bet she'd love him and give him kisses.

    My sister has a skin condition that prevents her from traveling, so she's hoping to say goodbye to him on Skype. I want to do the same. I just emailed my aunt asking for his username. I'm glad I visited him in Wisconsin, while he was laughing and happy. I'm glad I took videos of him with my 3DS. That way, I'll be able to hear his voice and jokes and laughter and remind me what a warm and kind person he is forever.
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    Ryu had quite a day today! tw: Eye Scream aka Puri's too squeamish to be a vet ) He's been calm throughout the whole thing and never tried to escape. He's such a good boy. ;; The vet said she was also impressed how old he is, since the oldest chinchilla she had evermcared for was around eight years old (Ryu is 10-11).

    Ryu's like the Snow White of the pet world; everybody who meets him loves him. ♥ The people outside in the waiting room were curious about my chinchilla, and a lady asked me if she could pet him. She's so enchanted and amazed how soft he is! Then she asked if she could take a picture of him with her cell phone, which I said of course, haha. I talked to the other patients and visited their pets while waiting on Dad and Ryu, hehe. A lady had two rescue doggies, both mixed, and one of them is likely to have Chinese Crested in her. :o The poor things were so nervous. I saw a couple with a Siberian husky mix, and I talked to them about Ryu, but I couldn't let them pet him because I didn't want their dog to jump all over me and him. :o

    Ryu's currently relaxing in his little house right now, occasionally running on his UFO wheel. I'm so glad he's doing okay. ;;
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    70% of his liver has cancer. Or his colon. I can't remember which. But Uncle Ricke can't get donated a new liver because his colon is too cancerous. The hospital is contacting other doctors to see what they can do. But at this point... part of me wants to hold on to hope that he'll be okay and they'll find a way. That he'll recover like Freddie did. That some sort of miracle would occur. But it's looking extremely unlikely.

    The worst part is this all could have been prevented. If he had access to screenings when he was fifty, they would've caught it early and saved him. He doesn't even have health care.
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    There's this big kitty that I used to see on campus, back when I still attended university.

    I mean, he was HUGE. Probably the biggest cat on the entire campus. He didn't seem to get along with the other cats, considering how often he hissed at them to go away. But when it came to feeding time, he always seemed to like humans. Or liked me, anyway. He usually lets me pet him and purrs when I do. Usually he'd have a big scab on the back of his neck, either due to fighting with other cats or raccoons, likely the latter. But he was always this big tough "bully" cat who softened up whenever I came to feed him.

    Last Sunday, I was volunteering at the Cattery, and I was giving my brother a tour of the place and explaining what I do. Then I got to the teen room, and lo and behold. Inside one of the crates was the same big cat I knew from campus. Same markings, same size, same color eyes, even the same meow. He definitely recognized me too; he was meowing and begging me to come to him the moment he saw me. As soon as I finished my tour, I went back to see him. He's been dubbed by the staff as "Fluffy" like Hagrid's dog (I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to call him back on campus. Bowser? Barrett?) and he's a new arrival. He's currently in the crate due to him being scared after the move. :o The staff is trying to help calm him down by separating him from the other cats.

    I refilled his food and water, which he nommed like crazy. All I had to do was run my fingers through the bars of his cage to reach him and he purred. I opened the crate to be able to hold him better, which he really appreciated. He didn't even try to jump and escape; he just kept nuzzling his head against my chest and purring some more, giving my hand a couple playful nips now and then. I'm surprised he's here, which makes me wonder how the other cats are doing. But I know he definitely won't be attacked by raccoons now. I really hope he gets a good home. He deserves it. ;;

    I know for sure I'll be coming back next week. It's good to see a familiar face. :o
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    My youtube channel's been reccing me Pekingese videos lately. Not that I'm complaining. Way better than having PewDiePie shoved down my throat. :P

    Before I was born, my parents had a red Pekingese named Rocky, named after the "Rocky Raccoon" Beatles song. He was as sweet as Freddie, until the day my sister was born. He got so jealous he tried to bite her face. The doctor told them that Pekingeses hated kids. WHOOPS. So they gave him away to a childless couple. They absolutely loved Rocky and pampered him and brought him everywhere. But one day, the wife got tired and collapsed in bed. Rocky jumped right up and bit her face. She had to get stitches, and Rocky had to be put down. Today, my parents believe it likely he had a negative reaction to a vaccine, hence his complete 180 in personality. He went from being this sweet little dog to a jealous and spiteful monster. Thankfully, shortly after Rocky passed away, the woman finally got pregnant and got the kid she and her husband always wanted.

    I'm not planning on getting a Pekingese after Mom and Dad's tragic tale of Rocky. But I've always been curious about them and wanted to meet one in person. They look fucking ridiculous, like living feather dusters. Dad says he has pictures and videos of Rocky somewhere. I hope he finds them. I'm curious about that red fuzzball. I just hope I have a good experience and don't have one trying to bite my nose off. There's no worse betrayal than a dog biting you. :(

    I guess your experience with a breed can really color your perspective of them. For example, I think Huskies are absolutely gorgeous. But my friend Aspen hates their guts. He grew up with one that was half-wolf, and his owner (his stepdad) had given no obedience training whatsoever. The dog murdered the cat that was supposed to help Aspen cope with his parents' divorce. The dog got so rowdy and vicious and out of hand that he had to be put down.

    In contrast, I've had some nice encounters with Huskies. I've met some beautiful, friendly ones (like a silver husky named Luna) and a few heterochromic ones too. Huskies are too hyper and shed too much for me to own one (plus their natural instinct to go after prey animals, which is bad for Ryu) but I've always liked Huskies. They make me think of Balto and all those noble doggies who save sick children and find lost people in the snow.

    Naturally, I'm biased towards Bichon Frises 'cause I've lived with one since I was ten. :P But yes. I've been studying dog breeds very carefully, and I want to be sure to get one with no jealous streaks and who gets along with my other pets. Namely a cat, chinchilla, and hedgehog. :P I've been looking at a lot of hypoallergenic doggies, like the Bichon and Maltese. :3 I'm still on the fence regarding pugs, since I absolutely fell in love with Ellie back at the Therapy Dogs event, but I'm not sure if I can handle a pug for 13+ years. You can always feel free to recommend breeds for me! Jean recc'd a Pomeranian, heh.

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    Want Chrono Trigger Miis on your Tomodachi Life island? Now's your chance!

    Oh yeah, I've also got an Indie Horror Grab Bag! :D

    Gabriel's Inferno progress: After being blocked at the beginning, I've been getting into the hang of things again, so the sporking is going quite smoothly. :D Me and my MST gang are currently riffing the make-out scene in Gabriel's office, which thankfully we can skip large chunks of due to most of it being purple prose. I can't wait to finish this. ♥

    I'm at Wisconsin right now, hanging out with my uncle. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll stay healthy. I gave him my notebook with old stories about him in it (namely him being the butt of slapstick shenanigans, which he considers an honor), and I recorded his reaction with my 3DS. Mom gave him a huge chunk of The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes books too. I've also been petting my aunt's cat Striker, and she loves it when I rub her cheeks. :3
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    I wish I could have another pet, if only to fill the void Amanda left behind. But I can't, since the traveling will stress the pet out and I'll just make its life worse if I can't find a place where pets are accepted. Even after I move, Eric & Nicole and Jimmy's apartment will be crammed, and I still have to get a job first, and who knows how long that'll take me. Yeah, I've got Freddie and Ryu, but Freddie's staying with my parents, and I don't know how old Ryu is or how much time he has left. I'll be visiting my uncle on the 23rd, and it's likely he'll die too. Is it too much to ask to be allowed to start over and save a life through adoption? Am I even equipped to raise my new dog or cat or hedgehog when I do get one? Or am I just going to be a shitty parent who's Person #45364366 filling the shelters? It's hard to tell since I still live with my parents and sheltered and clueless as fuck without an accurate view of my own abilities. I've been studying different dog and cat breeds and how to raise hedgehogs every day, and I think it's getting to me...

    I've considered getting a companion for Ryu, but after reading that there's an enormous likelihood that the chinchillas won't get along and need separate cages, that option's thrown out the window. Hooray.

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    I wish I could have another pet, if only to fill the void Amanda left behind. But I can't, since the traveling will stress the pet out and I'll just make its life worse if I can't find a place where pets are accepted. Even after I move, Eric & Nicole and Jimmy's apartment will be crammed, and I still have to get a job first, and who knows how long that'll take me. Yeah, I've got Freddie and Ryu, but Freddie's staying with my parents, and I don't know how old Ryu is or how much time he has left. I'll be visiting my uncle on the 23rd, and it's likely he'll die too. Is it too much to ask to be allowed to start over and save a life through adoption? Am I even equipped to raise my new dog or cat or hedgehog when I do get one? Or am I just going to be a shitty parent who's Person #45364366 filling the shelters? It's hard to tell since I still live with my parents and sheltered and clueless as fuck without an accurate view of my own abilities. I've been studying different dog and cat breeds and how to raise hedgehogs every day, and I think it's getting to me...

    I've considered getting a companion for Ryu, but after reading that there's an enormous likelihood that the chinchillas won't get along and need separate cages, that option's thrown out the window. Hooray.


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