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Leave two ships in my replies and I'll choose which I ship more. :)
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Give me a fandom and I'll tell you...

- Lowkey OTP:

- Hightkey NOTP:

- (softly) don’t NOTP:

- Highkey OTP but I’m scared to say it cuz its not a very popular choice:

- Highkey OTP and everyone knows it:
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These aren't on my creative journals yet, but I'm too stressed to deal with posting and editing, so I'll just link to them on Ao3 for now.

Lucky Hearts (Mettaton/Papyrus, NC-17)

It's fluffy and silly Papyton porn! This gave me the chance to explore body headcanons, which is fun. Plus Mettaton based his ideas of human genitals off of Alphys' hentai collection, so there's that. You're welcome.

Golden as the Sun (Chara/Asriel, PG)

For those who don't care for smut, here's pre-tragedy Charasriel. Inspired by this cute .gif here. Chara has a bit of potty-mouth, but nothing too bad.
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Ten Favorite Characters of the Year: Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Mangle (Five Night's at Freddy's), Arthur (Rune Factory IV), Fear (Inside Out), Samekichi (Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea), Sans (Undertale), Papyrus (Undertale), Mettaton (Undertale), Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale), The Fallen Child/"Chara" (Undertale)

Five Favorite Pairings of The Year (canon or crack, romantic or not, doesn't matter): Frisk/Asriel (Undertale), Frisk/Asriel/Chara (Undertale), Papyrus/Mettaton (Undertale), Sans/Chara (Undertale), Samekichi/Wadanohara (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)

Three Favorite TV Shows of The Year: Steven Universe. I can't think of two more. :(

Your Favorite Book Read This Year: I don't think I finished anything new this year. *sob* I've been reading Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint and Michael Ende's Neverending Story though. I also reread Coraline and 101 Elephant Jokes. Plus there's this podcast about bad books I love listening to called I Don't Even Own a Television. :)

Your Favorite Movie Watched This Year: The Neverending Story, followed by Inside Out and Silence of the Lambs.

Your Favorite Album or Song To Listen To This Year: "Balloons" by MandoPony is an incredible fansong for FNAF, and I especially like PurpleRoselyn's version of it. ;; While I got no interest in the animanga it's written for, "Lilium" is gorgeous and I can't help listening to it a lot.

Your Favorite LJ/DW Community For The Year: Das Sporking. I'm still proud of myself for finishing dissecting Chapter 16 of Gabriel's Inferno. :D

First Fandom of the Year: Five Nights at Freddy's

Your Best New Fandom Discovery of the Year: UNDERTALE

Your Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year: Earthbound, due to tumblr jerks. But when it comes to truly reprehensible behavior, Steven Universe takes the garbage cake due to the Zamii incident.

Your Biggest Squee Moment of the Year: Earthbound Zero got released to Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings! The Lucario movie celebrating its 10th Anniversary! Toby Fox announcing he's going to make his next game!

Favorite Main Character of the Year: PROPS TO ATREYU, MAN. PROPS TO ATREYU. Frisk comes close though. <.<

Favorite Villian of the Year: Flowey

Favorite Het Couple of the Year: Samekichi/Wadanohara

Favorite Femslash Couple of the Year: Undyne/Alphys. Props to Juri/Shiori though for helping me through rough times by reminding me that it's okay to like fucked up shit.

Favorite Slash Couple of the Year: Mettaton/Papyrus

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: Steven Universe and Yandere Simulator

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Kirby

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Undertale

Last Fandom of The Year: Undertale

Overall Favorite Fandoms of the Year: Undertale

Main Fandom of the Year: Earthbound, Rune Factory IV, Revolutionary Girl Utena

The Most Missed of Your Old Fandoms: I wish I stopped feeling burnt out on Mario. :(

Predictions For Next Year: Year of the Monkey? MORE LIKE YEAR OF THE UNDERTALE AMIRITE

Before Undertale, this wasn't a big fandom year for me, since I was burnt out and depressed, so I spent most of my time reblogging cute animals. I hope 2016 is a better year. :(
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So, uh... here's a list of all my Undertale ships!

Shipping and friendships, nomnomnom. )
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Realmscon was amazing. Mwoiiiiiiiiing~! I'll upload pictures of cosplays I took later. For now, have a Halloween meme!

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you who:

- Choses the pumpkin:
- Carves the pumpkin:
- Gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house:
- Matching costume idea:
- Makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in:
- Steal’s the other’s candy:
- Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze:
- Tells spooky stories to scare the other:
- Collects cool-looking leaves:

Fandoms (crossovers welcome!): Super Mario, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario 1 + 2, Kirby, Pokemon (all gens), Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM, Yume Nikki, Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea (though Samekichi/Wadanohara is the only pairing I can answer), Super Smash Bros, Earthbound/Mother series (I'll do better with Mother 1+2, since I haven't beaten 3 yet), Revolutionary Girl Utena, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Chrono Trigger, Disney/Pixar, Animal Crossing, original stuff
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give me a pairing and I'll answer with who:

- falls asleep on the couch
- makes friends with the neighbors
- is the adventurous eater
- hogs the covers at night
- forgets to do the dishes
- tries to surprise their partner more often
- leaves dirty laundry on the floor
- stays up til 2 AM reading
- sings in the shower
- takes the selfies
- plans date night
- drinks all the coffee
- brings up adopting a pet
- always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping
- nicknames the other

Fandoms (crossovers welcome!): Super Mario, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario 1 + 2, Kirby, Pokemon (all gens), Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM, Yume Nikki, Five Nights at Freddy's, Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea, Super Smash Bros, Earthbound/Mother series (I'll do better with Mother 1+2, since I haven't beaten 3 yet), Revolutionary Girl Utena, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Chrono Trigger, Disney/Pixar, Don Bluth, Rise of the Guardians (vague memory of the movie, but I can try!), Animal Crossing, My Little Pony, original stuff
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You ever get that show/game/etc. you think you don't care about that much, but a certain character and/or ship latches onto you in spite of yourself?

It's happening with Samekichi and SameWada from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

P.S. Spooky's House of Jumpscares ftw.
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The Lucario movie is quietly celebrating its tenth anniversary.

My bad mood is dissipated.

Happy 10th, Sir Aaron & Lucario. Make this honeymoon especially special! ♥
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FNAF3 Spoilers! )

I'm pretty sure it's just me, but I noticed that in certain Pokemon movies (and even games, if you think about it) that when a dysfunctional and/or tragic yaoi couple is thrown in as a catalyst to the plot, the story gets a whole new layer, and sometimes even immensely improves. For example:

1. The Lucario movie is not only about healing old wounds and helping ghosts rest in peace, it's the tale of a star-crossed couple who are reunited after a centuries-long misunderstanding. What, you mean it isn't already?
2. The Shaymin movie is really about Mugen and Zero's relationship. Zero uses Giratina to cover his frustration of being rejected/"betrayed" by Mugen, the one person who made him feel like he belonged and had a place outside of the Reverse World. Mugen feels guilty and helps Ash and Co. to redeem himself for his mistakes. By the end of the film, Mugen and Zero forgive each other and finally consummate their relationship.
3. If I had been in charge of writing the Arceus movie, Damos would've betrayed Arceus on his own volition (rather than handwave it by having him brainwashed by Marcus), only to regret it and sink in sorrow... until Ash and Co. visit him in time to give him a wake-up call, which has him sacrifice himself for the God he truly loved. Alas, that's not what happens in the movie, with or without scandelous God-on-Human romance. Because the Pokemon Anime writers suck. Thank god I ragequit before the Genesect movie.
4. Pokemon X/Y would actually have a subplot of Professor Sycamore wrangling with a moral dilemma and switching between denial and horror when he realizes his boyfriend is a genocidal maniac.

The Jirachi movie is interesting in this regard, since not only is Diane/Butler a hetship, the dysfunctional and/or tragic romance is actually canon instead of speculation on my part.

Now we just need a dysfunctional and/or tragic yuri couple, and the circle is complete.

You know, it's telling that the healthiest relationship in the above examples is the knight and his clearly-a-Pokemon apprentice. Figures.
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Send me a character and I'll tell you:

My NOTP for them
My OTF (One True Friendship) for them
My OTP for them
My second choice pairing for them
My fluffy pairing for them
My angsty pairing for them
My favorite poly ship for them
My weirdest pairing for them

Fandoms: Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Madoka, Yume Nikki, Mother 1 + 2/Earthbound + 0, Utena, Sonic, Smash Bros, whatever fandom I've forgotten.
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Have a Valentine's Day picspam, a chocolate cornucopia filled with fanart and a few official pictures.

Storge )

Philia )

Eros )

Agape )

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I've been fangirling Teddy/Loid on Twitter~ Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~! ♥ Here's a copypasta from my Twitter as I look up some dude's Let's Play of Tomato's translation of Mother 1 to collect quotes and compare with Earthbound Zero. :D

Puri babbles about glasses-wearing nerds and gangsters with Elvis hair and surprisingly non-shippy stuff too. SPOILERS AHOY )

That'll be enough for now. Whew, I'm tired.
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Me: Headcanon: Ness, Paula, and Jeff look up to Poo for his maturity. Jeff feels most comfortable around Poo, and whenever he's feeling insecure, Poo reminds him of his worth. Poo is always truthful, so when he says he respects you (he says that at least once to all the Chosen 4), it means a lot. ;;

Ness and Jeff have a tendency to bicker a lot, because their backgrounds are so different and their personalities clash. After Paula is kidnapped at Fourside though, they learn to work together and see how valuable their differences are. After they save Paula, Ness teases Jeff a lot less, and Jeff is less critical of him. They're the "friends you don't expect to be friends" kind of pair.

Paula's view of the Chosen 4:

Ness: Sometimes she can be a little exasperated with him, but it never lasts long. She relaxes around him almost instantly, and considers him the best friend that she's always wanted. ;;

Jeff: She has a lot in common with him, and she's quite pleased about that. Sometimes Jeff confuses her ("SCIEEEEENCE!") and some of his behavior and technobabble is lost on her, but she doesn't mind.

Sarah: paula always seemed like the most accepting one

Me: Poo: She has a great deal of respect for him. She's never expected a prince to act and look like he does, and she's still blown away by his humility. He's the one she turns to for particularly deep/philosophical conversations.

Sarah: oh i like that idea

Me: All: Mother hen of the group. Paula wants you to take better care of yourself, and leave Jeff alone, Ness. >(

Sarah: that she and poo talk about philosophy
i bet she's really mature for her age :V

Me: She really is, especially because her psychic powers made her grow up too fast.

Sarah: since her parents own a preschool she probably is used to being a 'grownup' too

Me: Ness lets her be a kid again. ;;

Sarah: aww
they should do silly things together

Me: Ness & Paula are the adorable cute couple who just enjoys doing the little things together, like going out for pizza or watching a movie~
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Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions behind the cut first, then tag friends to do the same knock yourselves out.

Five of my OTPs
1) Juri Arisugawa/Shiori Takatsuki (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
2) Utena Tenjou/Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
3) Jeff Andonuts/Tony (Earthbound)
4) Madoka Kaname/Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
5) Lisia/May (Pokemon)

About three ships are evil and horrible and ~*~problematic~*~ according to a few people on tumblr )

I tag Sara Jaye and Lexi. Mwoiiiiiiing~!
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Guys. Guys guys guys, I've finished watching Utena, and the movie too. I MUST TALK WITH PEOPLE OMG

The Juri-centered episodes are my favorites. :D I feel so bad for Juri, but I don't find myself enormously hating Shiori either. That's the thing with this series; everybody is flawed in some shape or form, and some are even downright horrible people. But rather than pissing me off and wanting to ragequit the product for its cast being too unlikable (*coughWutheringHeightscough*), there's qualities about the characters that are fascinating, even endearing. Like Touga and Saionji are assholes, but they're such stupid kids that I wanted to see them be friends again. Any other series, I would've despised Nanami, but she's such a butt-monkey it's hard to get mad at her for long; hell, I felt downright sorry for her during her last arc in the series. D: I appreciated having the nicer characters to balance things out (Miki, Wakaba), and their fatal flaws didn't turn me off them at all... instead, they felt a lot more realistic. Like Miki's need for the "shining thing," I've seen a lot of people grasping for something like that. And Wakaba's need to be special and above "the other girls," I can relate to that. ;;

Spoilers for the whole series. TW: abuse and sexual assault )

I still can't believe this was made in 1997-1999. It feels like such a recent show. :o

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This year has been really shitty for me (irl and fandom-wise), but I still want to fill this out 'cause I love shipping memes. I haven't even finished watching Utena yet, and thinking about that series has been keeping me sane. ;;

Favorite main character of 2014: Utena Tenjou (Utena), Manolo Sanchez (Book of Life), Elsa (Frozen), Francœur (A Monster in Paris), Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Lewis (Mystery Skulls), Mari (Dreaming Mary), Rocket & Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy), Tack (Thief and the Cobbler)

Favorite villain of 2014: Homucifer (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Golden Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Team Aqua & Magma (Pokemon), Norman Bates (Psycho). I can't really call the rest of the animatronics "villains" after FNAF2. :o "SAVE THEM" indeed. Except BB, fuck him, haha. XD

Favorite M/F couples of 2014: Serena/Calem, Steven/May, May/Brendan (Pokemon), Grizzly/Skye, Ankha/Lucky, Snake/Mira (Animal Crossing), Juri/Miki (Utena), La Muerte/Xibalba, Maria/Manolo (Book of Life), Grimsley/Malva (Pokemon)

Favorite F/F couples of 2014: Utena/Anthy, Juri/Shiori (The ship that convinced me it was okay to like fucked up dysfunctional ships again :D), Utena/Wakaba (Utena), Cookie/Muffy (Animal Crossing), Serena/Shauna, Lisia/May, Shelly/May (Pokemon), Madoka/Homura, Kyouko/Mami, Sayaka/Kyouko, Mami/Nagisa, Post-Rebellion!Homura/Sayaka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Favorite M/M couples of 2014: Static/Marshal (Animal Crossing), Touga/Saionji (Utena), Lysandre/Sycamore, Maxie/Archie, Steven/Wallace, Brendan/Wally (Pokemon), Ness/Villager, Lucas/Villager, Lil' Mac/Luigi (Super Smash Bros)

Favorite Crossover couples of 2014: Ninten/Krile (Mother/Final Fantasy V), Erik/Tack (Phantom of the Opera/Thief and the Cobbler), Kirby/Yum-Yum (Kirby/Thief and the Cobbler), Faris/Peach (Final Fantasy V/Super Mario), Cecil/Lisa Garland (Final Fantasy IV/Silent Hill), Lisa/Mari (Lisa the First/Dreaming Mary). THANKS TOMODACHI LIFE.

Favorite Polyships of 2014: Maria/Manolo/Joaquin (Book of Life), Touga/Saionji/Nanami, Utena/Anthy/Wakaba (Utena), Mami/Kyouko/Sayaka, Madoka/Homura/Mami/Sayaka/Kyouko (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Favorite Crossover Polyships of 2014: Ness/Lucas/Red(/Villager)

NOTPs of 2014: Ruka/Juri, Touga/Utena (Utena), Jeff/Poo (Earthbound). I'm actually neutral toward the latter, but I can't help feeling upset whenever they show up, mainly because the ship is related to the worst experience I've ever had in Earthbound fandom. I'm still reeling from it, ugh. It's pathetic. :( Nice to know that shipping Jeff/Tony means I think Tony is "entitled" to Jeff and that it's sooooooo problematic and horrible AND IT'S THE MOST POPULAR SHIP IN THE FANDOM AND IT'S EVERYWHERE WEH WEH WEEEEEEEEEH oh yeah Poo/Paula makes me uncomfortable and it's icky and problematic too because of a fic YOU WROTE for its creepy pedophilia even though the fic doesn't have any because it clearly states they're both adults OMG YOU WROTE A PROBLEMATIC JEFF/TONY FIC USING A TITLE FROM MY FAVORITE SARAH MCLACHLAN SONG HOW DARE YOU TAINT HER I'm sorry, it still fucking stings.

Fandom that you never expected to get into: Five Nights at Freddy's

Fandom that made an unexpected comeback: Good ol' Sailor Moon~ ♥

Last fandom of 2014: Five Nights at Freddy's. Tomodachi Life if it counts, since it's basically one big crossover party. :P
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Dad and I took Freddie to the vet, and it turns out he had a pancreatic inflammation that makes him too nauseated to eat or drink. He was so dehydrated and miserable that they had to put him on IVs. During check-up, we put Mom on the phone and Freddie wagged his tail a little bit at hearing her voice. Dad was really scared he was going to die. But I wanted to believe Freddie would be okay... and he made it! The whole family came to visit him on Thanksgiving, and we took turns holding him in our laps. He's home now, and he's eating and drinking again! He's his old self too, smiling and wagging his tail and following us around. He enjoys the little things like watching me clean Ryu's cage. Amanda got a great deal more energetic when he came back too, and even lay beside him. I can't stop giving Freddie cuddles and kisses. ;; He jumped on the bed and napped with me too. As long as we keep giving him his medicine, he's going to be okay. ;;

Meanwhile, Cecil Harvey and Lisa Garland are dating in Dysfunction Koholint Island. Let's see how long this'll last.
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Ships as your social circle! Give me a fandom and I'll tell you:

* My BFF 4 lyfe
* My oldest and dearest regardless of how much we see each other
* I lost touch with them but now they're back in my life and I can't believe I ever let them go
* They're terrible for me but I keep going back for some reason
* They burned me so badly I never want to think about them again
* We had a bad experience and I still love them but it's not the same as it used to be
* The fuckbuddy I have no emotional attachment to and just find hot as hell
* We hang out sometimes, but we're not all that close
* I love them to pieces, but I can't stand being around their crowd
* We met once, I didn't think I'd like them but then we met again and it was like wow you're pretty cool
* I didn't think we meshed, but they won me over with gentle persistence
* I wanted to like them but they wouldn't stop badgering me and now I can't stand them
* They're toxic as hell and I wish more people would realize it instead of thinking they're so perfect
* The whirlwind romance you thought was the real thing but there were no sparks
* I met them through a mutual friend and they were every bit as wonderful as that friend said
* I want to like them, but the rest of their crowd intimidates me so I hide
* I'm ashamed of the way I used to act with them, now that we have a second chance I want to make ammends
* We used to be so close, but something about them changed for the worse
* I was always fascinated with them from afar, and I like them even more up close
* I admired them from afar until I got to know them
* I love them BECAUSE they're so horribly fucked up even if I'd never trust them with my life or secrets
* I want to get to know them more


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