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Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Utena, Madoka, etc: *writes and draws smut featuring aged-up versions of characters who are canonically kids or teenagers in the show/games/etc.*
Fandom Police: ...
Undertale: *does the same thing*

Seriously. Grow the fuck up.
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I have no sympathy for Cosby apologists, especially when they insist on his innocence (even after he directly admitted he drugged and raped women) because "WEEEEEEEH HE WAS PART OF MY CHILDHOOOOOD!!11!1" Gee, your poor precious childhood is ruined. What about the women who suffered for years because of this dickbag? For all I know, a few of them may have been literally raped by their childhood.

Quick story time: When Jimmy and I were watching LPs of Ao Oni, I commented that the monster himself looked like Bill Cosby. So we called him "Blu(e) Cosby."

Talk about Harsher in Hindsight, huh?
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Why the #AskELJames Tag Matters

I think when people comment on what happened yesterday, they see her as an author who is being savaged. Again, if people stick to critiquing the problematic themes and ideas of the book and its terrible writing “style,” then that’s truly fair game. However, I think some of her defenders, like with Vanity Fair, are unaware that E.L. James isn’t being bullied. Instead, she has seemed to behave like a bully for years. She’s been nasty to the Twilight fandom who made her famous. A May 2012 article from Crushable by Natalie Zutter, in its texts and comments, documented the history of Ms. James and her fans during her tenure in Twilight fandom. During that time, she encouraged her “Bunker Babes” or fan army to overrun Goodreads and Amazon forums (against the spirit of the terms of service) to promote her book and shout down detractors. Additionally, she would send nasty emails and publicly mock readers on Twitter who even pointed out typos or expressed genuine confusion by the text. Most appalling of all was her alleged apparent tendency to use her Twitter to post the personal addresses and information of her critics (something the Stop the Goodreads Bullies site has faced massive criticism for in the past). She even allowed her fans to harass a teenage girl in Russia who made the mistake of translating Fifty Shades of Grey, then Master of the Universe, into Russian without James’s express permission.

I’m not saying previous troll-like behavior justifies personal attacks on the #askeljames tag. It does not. Again, the minority of the comments were attacks on her and her fans personally and those weren’t okay. However, those nastier ones don’t negate the real valid comments about abuse and stalking, the retweets of quotes from the actual books that match red flag checklists, or the legitimate questions and expressed hurt of offended survivors.


That’s what the bulk of the hashtag was about, and that’s why it matters. In an age when celebrities can throw enough money at problems to make them go away, the Twitter tag is a small relief, a way to get thoughts out there even if they will largely stay ignored. Besides, can anyone really be so ignorant after Bill Cosby’s tar-and-feathering with the #CosbyMeme or Robin Thicke being taken to task for his creepy behavior toward his ex-wife and his terrible views on consent in “Blurred Lines” with his #AskThicke tag, that they truly believe asking Twitter for an honest conversation with a controversial celebrity is going to work well? Again, on Tuesday, Republican hopeful Bobby Jindal’s #AskBobby tag was equally as large a disaster. Oddly, you don’t see nearly as many articles in the mainstream media about it period, and so far I’ve seen none that have called what happened to him “bullying.” James is about as public a figure as Jindal now. Again, you can’t be Publishers Weekly’s “Publishing Person of the Year” in 2012 and not also live under public scrutiny. It’s a trade-off.
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Puri rants about Madoka fandom and why it is suffering. Spoilers for Rebellion of course. )

Guhhh, just ranting about this fandom gives me a headache. Now my dinner's cold. :(
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Saw a picture of a guy with smallpox. Boy, I sure wanted to get those memories back. *hedgehog hiss forever*

Nobody should have to tell anyone to vaccinate their kids. It's like a no-brainer parenting rule.

If the apocalypse happens, it's because anti-vaxxers unleashed a new strain of smallpox too powerful for our regular vaccines that wiped out the entire population. THANKS GUYS. YOU ARE IDIOTIC MURDERERS AND I HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

Believe your children are too "special" and "pure" to be vaccinated? I hope you go to a special Hell where you'll be writhing from smallpox. Enjoy having what looks like little red bugs infesting your skin. This is what science has worked so hard for centuries to save the world from. And you're undoing their precious work. This is treason.

I hate you more than I hate parents who bring screaming children to R-rated movies. At least they merely annoy people, instead of killing them.

Not only is it proven again and again and AGAIN that the "vaccinations cause autism" thing is deliberate fraud, you're ableist as fuck. You'd rather your kid be dead than be autistic.

I might argue that you're even worse than serial rapists and rapist apologists, and they're already high on my hate-list.

If you're an anti-vaxxer, get the fuck out of my sight. THINK for once in your life and put your children and humankind before your pride. May the powers that be strike you down before you have the chance to rip your children and the world into a million festering pieces.

If the world is infected by diseases that used to be preventable that have now mutated to the point where no cure is possible, it will be all your fucking fault.

Forget meteors and ice age and global warming. THIS is what the end of the world will look like.
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I may have to stay off tumblr for a while. Believe it or not, it's not because of sjws. It's just that everything happening in Ferguson right now and the utter failure of America to protect black people while celebrating their white murderers is nauseating.

This is the last straw.

America, please please please please please please PLEASE arrest this bastard.
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Usually I hate ~*~white people suck~*~ posts, but this is important to read.

In a nutshell: Among voters, 94 percent of Black women, 90 percent of Black men, 61 percent of Latinas, and 49 percent of Latinos in Texas voted for Wendy Davis.

Meanwhile, just 32 percent of white Texas women who voted did so for Wendy Davis.

You’ll hear that Greg Abbott “carried” women voters in Texas. Anyone who says that is also saying this: that Black women and Latinas are not “women,” and that carrying white women is enough to make the blanket statement that Abbott carried all women. That women generally failed to vote for Wendy Davis. As if women of color are some separate entity, some mysterious other, some bizarre demographic of not-women.

wtf. I voted for Wendy Davis; why couldn't more than 32% of my own race do the same?

What's the point of having a democracy if the majority of the people are too stupid to think about the well-being of their own country? That is, when they're not sticking their heads in the sand and thinking only about themselves?
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Jesus tumblr, calm the fuck down regarding Book of Life.

I understand you want animated movies starring POCs to do well at the box office. Hell, I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time, and social justice reasons is the least among them. But for gods sakes, Book of Life is not in danger of being the box office flop you're making it out to be.

1. You're aware that the US is still in a recession, right? If it's not Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy or a related superhero movie, people will be more concerned about saving their money for their next meal or rent. They may see the movie, but they'll probably wait until it goes to the Dollar Theater first. Being poor does not mean we're actively conspiring to keep movies about POCs from being successful.

2. Movies make most of their money back globally; it takes time, even months or early next year, before they're released to other countries. According to one comment, Book of Life is actually doing pretty good now, currently at $47.5 million when I'm writing this. The film got #3 at the box office on its opening weekend, so this is nowhere as bad as say... Delgo.

3. Speaking of which, didn't the ads say the movie will come out on Halloween? Yes, it was released earlier, but ads are weird like that and lie. A lot of people may not even be aware it's out yet.

4. Frozen has nothing to do with Book of Life or its performance at the box office except that they're both animated. You're just making an excuse to be whiny and butthurt about Frozen's popularity again. ("DreamWorks isn't making enough money and Laika's probably shutting down, BUT YOU'LL GET A MILLION FROZEN SEQUEL SPINOFFS WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH")

"Is this gonna be the new Frozen? Let me know now so i can get a head start on filtering it." <---- Best Frozen-related comment on the thread. XD

5. Guilt-tripping/shaming people into watching a film is NOT cool and can actually turn off potential viewers, especially when you trash things they already like.
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Prejudice at Pride

WHAT PART OF LGBT DO THESE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND!? For events that are supposed to be about "pride" and "acceptance," they're sure a bunch of hypocrites with their biphobia and racism.

As someone who's likely a gray ace (and someone who may be panromantic to boot), this hurts me on a personal level. Hell, even more so knowing that some of my closest friends in the world are bi, including my ex-boyfriend. It took so long for Jimmy to admit he was bi; I was so proud of him when he finally came out. This sort of bullshit is probably the million reasons why he's kept his mouth shut about it for so long. He'd be embarrassed and people would laugh at him and call him names. When homophobes aren't mocking him for being "unmanly" and cracking his self-esteem like an egg, biphobes will tell him to fuck off because he's "fake" or he "betrayed" them.

I'm literally crying.

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There's really no difference between how America treated minorities in the 60s and today, except now we have the gall to say that "racism is over" while black people are still murdered for fabricated crimes.

I wonder why I like horror stories so much. Cthulu and Uboa are horrifying abominations, but at least they're not racist. I fucking hate Freddy Fazbear and the rest of his hideous crew, but I can take comfort in knowing they're not real. Even if they are (and god I hope not), they don't care if you're black or white or rich or poor. You can brag to the guy in the wheelchair or the girl with anxiety attacks that the monster will spare you while it "picks off the weaklings" or other "survival of the fittest" bullshit; the monster does not care. Your privilege won't save you, and neither will your religion (or lack of one); you're going to die anyway.

In that respect, those horror villains are better "people" than our own IRL police force. Think long and hard about that.
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Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

This isn't your standard useless petition; this is going straight to the Obama Administration. We can do this, folks. We must end racism and police brutality in America.
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Remember that one quote by J.K. Rowling? Let me tweak it a bit: "If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his NOTP and its shippers, not his OTP and their shippers.

You know what? I've been keeping this bottled for a while. I've spoken with close friends about it, and they made me feel better enormously, so I thought that was the end of that. But I might as well tell you what happened, DW and LJ.

So, there's these two artists who are twins in the Earthbound fandom who draw for an obscure pairing: Jeff/Poo. They've put a lot of thought into their headcanon (Jeff and Poo would eventually raise a couple Mr. Saturns), their art is cute, and their smut is tasteful. Unfortunately, there's a reason I don't follow them on tumblr and separate their art from them as people. And it looks like that reason won't be changing anytime soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen? This is how NOT to react to your NOTP. )

tl;dr: I'm a horrible, dirty Jeff/Tony shipper, and putting Tony in art (especially with Jeff) is offensive, because HE'S EVERYWHEEEEEERE OMG.

Anyway, off to feed the campus cats. They'll cheer me up.
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Gory dreams are the worst, because it feels like all those gruesome murders and explosions of blood and guts are happening in front of you like they would IRL as opposed to watching a movie. Then when you're the one being inflicted, you feel ALL of the pain. You feel yourself getting murdered and it's agonizing.

Couple this with reading about the yukkuri and fluffy pony sub-fandoms (Warning: it reads like you're reading a psychological profile of a misogynistic serial killer and rape apologist rather than a set of fandom rules) and Ket & Gehayi's latest 50 Shades post and I feel kind of dizzy.

In lighter news, "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" is a song I just realized totally fits Homura, especially after Rebellion.
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...It finally happened. Mom and Dad may get a divorce.

Basically, my Dad became friends with a patient of his named Jenny. Somewhere along the way, they fell in love, but they agreed not to have a sexual relationship. Annnnnnnnnnnd Mom just found out about it.

To be honest, I saw the divorce coming. I've wanted to get away from Mom for a long time, and I'd take Dad with me because she's been doing a number on his mental health. I just don't know what the hell is going to happen. Dad and I know that Mom won't be able to take care of herself. My brother is likely to stay with her and he has a job now, but he won't make enough to be able to support her. And there's no way my relatives will put up with her. Mom's been constantly berating and verbally abusing us for years (my brother and maybe my sister is the only one she still has a good relationship with), but she can't support herself.

I told Dad that Jimmy and I have an open relationship. And now Mom knows too. Initially, I wasn't going to tell her because then she'd go "So THAT'S why he hasn't been seeing you! He's been with another girl!" and use it against me next time we fight by railing on that he doesn't really care for me (1. Jimmy's been getting ready for a con in Dallas. 2. He's probably afraid to visit me because he doesn't want to get involved with Mom's drama or her fights with Dad) With those reasons, I understand why Dad didn't tell Mom about Jenny. (That, and he didn't want Mom to threaten her) Dad obviously still loves Mom. He's very concerned about her health and doesn't want to leave her by herself, even after all their fights and her constantly belittling and triggering his PTSD. That's why he's stayed with her, because they've been together for years and years before her mental illness took over her personality. He has never, ever, cheated on her in their whole marriage. And there's a HUGE difference between cheating and loving more than one person.

Anyway, I was trying to defend Dad by bringing up my open relationship, and she's convinced Jimmy isn't sincere though I tell her he's been nothing but. She says that what goes on between me and Jimmy is none of her business, but that from now on, he should wear a condom for my own safety (Yeah, as if he totally isn't an intelligent and responsible guy who doesn't know what he's doing) Jimmy's been honest with me since Day 1. If he had feelings for another person, he tells me. And Jimmy and I talked to each other in great length about it. I know he loves my best friend Aspen as much as he loves me, and there's a girl he likes too. Jimmy, Aspen and I are like a trio. An OT3 where Aspen is my moirail and Jimmy is my matesprit. When I told Dad that, he said, "And now, I think I finally understand that."

I want to stay with Dad and Jimmy, but we don't know what's going to happen to Mom. Or me and Dad, for that matter. It seems the longer I stay with my family, the worse things get. I don't know when I'll be able to move in with Aspen in Portland, though. If it doesn't seem likely anytime soon, Dad's thinking of getting an apartment for me. Though if you're a close friend and you want to offer me a temporary place to stay, I'd humongously appreciate it. *hug*

Nice to know that my life keeps getting kicked in the balls.
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Anyone who refers to Sylvia Plath's poetry as "emo" will be strangled until their entire head turns blue.

tw: rant about depression, suicide, and ableism )
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I like how the Cinema Snob does episodes of movies involving cannibalism, necrophilia, talking vaginas, coprophagia, pedophilia, bestiality, Nazisploitation, and E.T. porn without anyone batting an eye, but the second he does m/m gay porn like "Gayracula" or "Drive," the commentors immediately start questioning his sexuality. Lesbians are okay, and aliens are fine (as long as they're female), but gay men? "You can be a cannibalistic serial killer who fucks dogs and children, but if you're gay, god that makes me so uncomfortable!" It'd be just like the Snob to post another gay porn episode just to spite them. :D

Speaking of which, I got to thinking after watching his review of "Mommie Dearest." You ever been recommended a movie or book for its camp value and over-the-top hilarity, only to see it for yourself and be genuinely terrified and uncomfortable? I felt the same thing about V.C. Andrews' "Flowers in the Attic" and "My Sweet Audrina" that Brad did for "Mommie Dearest"; I expected something corny, trashy, and silly, but I ended up being creeped out and not finding any laughs at all. Albeit, FitA and MSA aren't great to begin with, but still. I had to stop reading both books because they were disturbing in ways I didn't like at all.

I guess I had a similar reaction to "Twilight" and "50 Shades" too. To this day, I never got past the first chapter of "Twilight" because I'd immediately get bored and pissed off at Bella whining that she got a fucking car from her dad. Though with "Twilight," I did manage to get a little bit of hilarity from the movie; I just needed a better audience (and Rifftrax) to watch it with. (I saw "Twilight" with my Mom and I wasn't allowed to make snarky commentary, which led to a dull, dull watch. I still laughed out loud at the SKIN OF A KILLER!!!1!1 scene though) But "50 Shades"... when it wasn't boring me to death, it frightened me and made me angrier than a bull at a firetruck. The only other book I can think of that incites this much rage from me is "Wuthering Heights." Just... ugh.

What do you think, guys? Have you ever been recommended something that's supposed to be trashy and So-Bad-It's-Funny, only to make you legitimately uncomfortable?
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The internet, especially tumblr, needs to learn the difference between a trigger and a berserk button.

This is what triggers do.

War veterans have triggers. Domestic abuse survivors have triggers. People recovering from eating disorders have triggers.

A pairing that you don't like is NOT a trigger.

Unless a pairing specifically gives you panic attacks, remind you of a specific phobia, or any of the symptoms described in the article above, a NOTP is not a trigger. It's a berserk button.

Berserk buttons are things that piss you off or make you uncomfortable. Like triggers, they can be blocked via Tumblr Savior. But that's where the similarities end.

I'll give you examples of berserk buttons by telling you mine. 50 Shades of Grey is a berserk button, and I bring up the trilogy as little as possible to avoid rampaging across town. Certain Pokemon movies are also berserk buttons, because I'm sick and tired of ranting about everything that bothers me in those movies over and over again, and it reminds me of past shameful fandom experiences I've participated in. "White tears" and "cisgendered problems" and similar tags are blacklisted on my tumblr. My boyfriend avoids anything to do with "Repo! The Genetic Opera" because it reminds him of an abusive ex who adored it.

I respect the right to not discuss ships you don't like. That's easy. There's a billion other things in the world we could talk about. But if you fly off the handle at someone because you can't stand Sonic/Amy, Kyousuke/Sayaka or Kain/Rosa (three of my personal NOTPs, so don't think I don't know what it's like to not stand a ship) and consider it a trigger rather than a berserk button, then you have a problem with overreacting, anger issues, and/or basic human decency, and you need to grow up.
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I haven't had Grizzly in my town since the GC era, and now he's finally moving back in my NL town tomorrow! ;;

And Paula, one of my boring and ugly villagers, is moving. Buwahahahaha. Now if only I can get Stitches to come back to camp (or I get extremely lucky on trading posts), life will be golden.

Boy, I've sure been using tumblr more often lately. Maybe I can finally integrate myself within the communi--*sees an artist getting bitched at and harassed for not using diverse body types for Disney croquis* Nevermind, I take that back. NOPE.JPEG. NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE. Nice to know that actually having a body type similar to a Disney princess means that I either don't exist or I'm clearly anorexic. Fuck you, tumblr.

The Shachipanda episode for Creepy Crossing will come in a bit. I've just been juggling with college lately, that's all. Also, my new laptop is finally working! I just gotta import stuff from my old computer to it. :D
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Racist crowd whines about Annie being black in the remake of a famous musical.

As someone who thought the original Annie was gag-inducing, this new version actually looks pretty cute. This comment gives me a little more hope for humanity (bolding mine):

This is really sad. And it's so sad that its even pretty pathetic from a purely literary perspective. In the original story the whole point of Annie being a red head was to show that she was less desirable than the pretty blonds and the smart brunettes. She’s a disadvantaged outsider who uses charm innocence and grace to win the cold hearts of the echelon elites. Only once the wealthy have recognized her value does she have any and a scandal ensues. That the producers of this latest production have used a precious little black girl in place of a red head to retell this charming fairy tale, shows they understand the concept perfectly. The story was always about the children we throw away. A black child has every right to stand there and play that role. It's a role about those confined to poverty and about how kindness conquers all. And what’s sad is that all those people crying about “white Annie” obviously missed the entire point of the story in the first place. And seriously guys, you can’t remake Roots with white people because that didn’t happen to white people and a fictional fairy tale is no where near on the level of a true political hero and any such comparison is born of silly knee jerk pride and reactionary ignorance. This movie is about little orphaned girls and orphans come from all of us.

*applauds* Well said. I'll be looking forward to seeing Quvenzhané Wallis this Christmas. :D


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