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You know, I love everybody in Undertale. All except one. No, it's not Jerry.

Warning: this rant will be about abusive relationships and be angry and contain a lot of swearing. And spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers.

Spoilers for Undertale's True Ending and Genocide Route. )
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It's Icon Day, and [personal profile] itsamellama is taking free requests until the end of July 7th! :D Ask her to draw anything you want; yourself, your friends, your favorite character, your OC, etc. and she'll draw custom icons for you! And if you tip, you get even more goodies! ♥

All About Icon Day 05. Get your icons today!
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Karkat meets Kain Highwind )

I like Kain, but seriously. Move on from Rosa already. :/
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I guess this is the part where I explain my absence, huh?

It's been a wreck where I am. Namely Mom is at the worst of her hypo-manic stage again (and anyone who knows me understands that I do not use that word lightly) and it's been draining the hell out of me and given me lots of unhinged stress. I may have to move into Dad's office for real this time, but as long as Mom leaves me alone and never talks to me, I can gain some peace of mind. There's also been confusion involving my birth control meds, but I saw my gynocologist for that, so no worries.

Good things that kept me sane included Jimmy's 22nd birthday back on May 17th! Dad even got him a small present~ (We got him several WW2 books, including a memoir of the last Valkyrie) Jimmy and his mom and I ate at a glorious Italian restaurant, and its cheese pizza is absolutely amazing. The food was rich so we got stuffed right away and had to ask for leftover boxes. Then Jimmy and I cuddled at his house and we played Mario Party 3 in his honor before I went home.

Another thing I got to look forward to was art commissions. If Mom gets to go on her giant online shopping sprees, why can't I get myself something nice for a change? Both of them involve characters from my novel... and dear lord, I miss my novel and I want to start working on it again.

[profile] jazaaboo is an animator who uses her skills for a charites such as the speedgamers. You know that Pokemon video that I showed you several entries back? Yep, she made that. Unfortunately, she recently had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery, and a single night's stay costs $7000. That's American Health Care for ya. :/

Forwarding and spreading the word is fine and all, but I dunno. I felt like I had to do something. And $15 for a single colored sketch is easy. So I asked her to draw one of my main supporting characters: "Jelly Jane."

Introducing Jelly Jane! )

And the drawing itself. :o )

You can commission Jaz here. Her kindness is as great as her art and she deserves all the donations she can get. ;; You can even request a custom animation cell! :o
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Johto Pokémon may not quite show up as much in our 100 Mon Countdown. Part of it has to do with a smaller selection compared to the other regions... less Pokémon, less favorites. :( There are a few that I like though, and today we'll be discussing one of them. Meet (Heart)/Gold and Crystal exclusive, Mantine. :)


Commensalism? In MY Pokeymanz? )
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Out of the 100 entries, we're likely to have a glut of Pokémon from Gen V/Unova, 'cause that has a bunch of my favorites as far as I'm concerned. The first Pokémon I'll introduce from that region will be none other than a certain Nazca birdie. :3


Welcome to the desert! Please be considerate and don't step on those lines in the sand. )
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We're two posts in, therefore two Pokémon will be sharing the spotlight today! Chilvary lives on... meet Gardevoir and Gallade!


First person to mention porn or A Pokémon Story gets shot with so many holes you'll turn into bloody swiss cheese. With that out of the way... )

But in this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
I will find my brothers, by the sword I swear!

I wonder who #3 will be! Hmm...
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Okay, I'm hopping on the bandwagon for this. I wanted to think of something good that I knew for sure wouldn't run out of... and my flist has come up with some fun stuff, like "100 Favorite Ships" or "100 Video Games." And by Jove, I finally got it. Welcome to Puri's...

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Another fun meme from [personal profile] ceasefire:

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them

And now, we take a journey beneath the cut. )

The latest MLP episode makes me thirsty. I'll have to make due with a cold glass of apple juice.
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Dad and I caught up a lot in Maurice, and next time we're starting Part 4~ You know that feeling you get while you read a chapter that's got you excited and you're thinking, "...Whoa. I liked you before, book, and now this is reeeeeeally getting good! :o" That kind of... profoundness. That's Chapter 37 for me. (Me: "Wow, Maurice should've taken hypnotism earlier! :o He's way less of a jerk than he was earlier!") Dad seems to feel the same as I do, and oh boy oh boy oh boy~ ♥

Sara Jaye and I watched most of the Jirachi movie despite technical issues. We'll finish next time~

Meanwhile... I think I found my new favorite tumblr. (Magicastuck: a Homestuck AU in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe)

I'm in love with Rose's design from the banner, gdjksghskjdg.

Watch Dave's transformation sequence. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. (Like/Reblog the original post here)

brb going to library
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If I wasn't concerned about copyright issues* and writing my novel for publication instead of uploading it on FictionPress or something, I would totally put My Little Ponies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Raggedy Ann & Andy to play/be family/be chums/grow up with in Mary's room. It's the 90s and it should be in all its colorful glory. BRING ON THE LISA FRANK MERCHANDISE. Maybe I can sneak a few Ponies in. To the My Little Pony Name Generator!

...God, I miss Lisa Frank. I love her rainbows and kittens/jaguars/seals/dolphins/polar bears/puffins/etc. so much. I used to have a Lisa Frank lunchbox with a yellow tiger-striped kitten with a big pink bow. ;;

...Oh god, someone Lisa Frank'd Edward Cullen. I don't know whether to cry or think it's brilliant.

So here's a Lisa Frank Xenomorph alien. This I'd totally bring to the cafeteria with me. I'll settle it being taped to my laptop cover (and become my current desktop~) instead. ...Oh hey, Galena Larkin drew that! I know her. :o Small world when you recognize the artist who drew something you like, nomnomnom~

*Raggedy Ann & Andy are public domain, unless Wikipedia lied. Any book and film made after 1950 is copyrighted.
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Admittedly, I'm not as big on those two as I used to be, but I could not resist this joke.

...o hai flist.

Edit: Puri draws Raggedy Andy & Marius because she is a loser.
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Puri has a tumblr!

My computer's weeping from all the disorganized clutter I save on its hard drive, and now that I've joined tumblr, it's probably lost all faith in humanity. XDDD;;; Feel free to watch! Just be warned some NSFW fanart might pop up now and then.
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Respond with a character, I'll show you my favorite fanart for that character.
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1- Pick as many ships as you like and post pictures for all of them (ships are not necessarily in any order).
2- Members of your flist reply and ask you questions about said ships, for certain bits of headcanon, etc. Basically anything.
3- Or, they can also just squee.

Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~! )
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I finished watching Mangamix's Let's Play of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so now I consider it okay for me to upload all the icons I've saved from this post. (NSFW warning, due to blood and nudity and well... being Amnesia)

Also, lolercopters. This is flawless.

Now if only I had the courage to read Marble Hornets/Dionaea House/Ted the Caver. They've been sitting in my bookmarks forever and waiting. I'm still too chicken. *sob* I'll probably start Dionaea House. rofl I'm a masochist.

Oh well, I've been playing Kirby's Epic Yarn to keep my mind off the gloom~ ♥ What a cute way to pass the time before B/W's release~ ♥♥♥
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My sleep is fucked again. I decided to take a short nap around 1 or 2 PM and I ended up being dead. oO;;; On the plus side, watching men's reactions to playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent is hysterical. Such as this comic. Americans are totally like that! XD Plus I learned something new about Sweden today. :o

Jeno's Gaming Nutshells are also so damn quotable. XD "You know, I can't believe this. If I pick up a little key everybody's like 'oh no my key senses are tingling! I must go kill that guy who picked up the key!' 'Kay here we go. ...OHHH SHIT!" "CHRISTIAN BAAAAALE!"
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This has been sitting on my Semagic for a while, so allow me to share a picspam I made at [ profile] ontdpokemon some time ago, nomnomnom:

Puri loves Mewtwo, nomnomnom~ )
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Everything with Dad's cleared up, just as I thought it would be by morning. Hence comments being disabled. Now I can get on with the entry I was writing last night~ ♥

Oh my gosh. I want my wedding to be like this! *-* So pretty! It looks like a lot of fun too~ ♥

Favorite Pokemon Type Meme! B/W Pokemon Inside )
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What's the name of the Ace Trainer that you go out with as Touko on the ferris wheel? Natsuki? I always feel bad after I battle him and think, "Goddammit, it's not N. <.<" while Natsuki is probably all nervous and saying a bunch of flustered sweet guy things while you're riding with him on the ferris wheel. For all I know, he really does care about Touko and I'm torn between this guy and... someone a little more unstable. :P

This is the part where fandom disowns me. :P )

Okay, the controversial shipping politics part is over. :P Let's do something more fun, like finish the Fic Meme!

Fanfiction Writing Meme Questions 26-30. THE END! NaNo Talk galore! )

30 Day Fanfiction Writing Meme. No More Strike-Outs! )

Shit this song. *-* GOD I LOVE THIS SONG. /Slowpoke


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