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About three things I was absolutely positive:

First, Lysandre was the leader of Team Flare.

Second, there was a part of him - and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be - that thirsted for my blood.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Inspired by this post.
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mother become meguca

Don't listen to him.
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Part of me wonders if it's an in-joke based on what Morrie-chan said ages ago, or if I wanted to see if I can make a legit-looking screencap of Andy about to be mogu-mogu'd. ...And that still doesn't make sense. Or maybe I'm just a total asshole to Andy.
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I set up the My Little Pony Princess Wedding Castle! Now all my ponies have a place to live and I got something nice to look at it in my room~ ♥

I spent some time with Jimmy this weekend! I learned that Casual Gamer held Pokemon every Saturday, so we came over. I was one of only two girls at the place. :o Despite my White skills being a bit rusty and I hadn't found all my needed items yet, I managed to whoop ass 2 times out of 3. I felt awesome. 8)

I've been playing "Pokemon Conquest" non-stop, nomnomnom. I've beaten the main plotline so I'm clearing the side-stories now. :3

While we're on the subject of Pokemon, here's something I whipped up:

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So I found a bunch of Homestuck sheets, and decided to play around a bit. Useless Novel Spam time!


Novelstuck bios! Sadly, no pesterchum handles. )

Puri: Make redrom banners. )
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Puri decided to quit delaying the torture and get "Thumbelina" out of the way. While it's Idiot Plot Central, I surprisingly liked it better than "The Pebble and the Penguin." A certain song called "Let Me Be Your Wings" helps like... a whole friggin' lot. Especially since it's the best song (hell, thing) in the entire damn film. Even if it is a ripoff of "A Whole New World", it still gives me warm gooey fangirl feelings in all the right ways. So yeah, I genuinely love that song. ;; As for my thoughts on the infamous "Marry the Mole"... let's say that after I've been exposed to an atrocity like Hot Problems, I've been desensitized from the worst Barry Manilow had to throw at me from that film.

Now that I've gotten those two 90s Bluth films out of the way, that leaves me room to watch quality movies, particularly a certain obscure gem that's been recommended to me... "The Sea Prince and Fire Child"/"The Legend of Sirius" made by Sanrio, the same studio who brought you the Unico movies and "Ringing Bell."

"Sea Prince and Fire Child" is the English dub, while "Legend of Sirius" is the Japanese version. I've watched both of them similtaneously and it's interesting to compare them. Some lines/scenes I liked better in the dub than the sub and vice versa. The dub does have its fair share of Narm, though. :P Only the sub has an opening and ending theme, while the dub is just instrumental. :o Shouldn't really matter which version you watch though.

Sea Prince and Fire Child: Part 1
The Legend of Sirius: Part 1

What's it about? It's loosely based off of "Romeo & Juliet", starring an Underwater Peter Pan and a Fiery Feferi.

Non-Spoiler Verdict: Oh my god. ALL. MY. FUCKING. FEELS.

AND THE SPOILER VERDICT. I don't think it needs a warning, but there's non-sexual boobs under the cut, just to be on the safe side. )
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Another fun meme from [personal profile] ceasefire:

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them

And now, we take a journey beneath the cut. )

The latest MLP episode makes me thirsty. I'll have to make due with a cold glass of apple juice.
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I finished Mauriiiiiiiiiiiiiice! And I immediately jumped on the chance to watch the movie too. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR A REVIEW.

"Set in the elegant Edwardian world of Cambridge undergraduate life, this story by a master novelist introduces us to Maurice Hall when he is fourteen. We follow him through public school and to Cambridge, and on into his father's firm, Hill and Hall, Stock Brokers. In a highly structured society, Maurice is a conventional young man in almost every way, "stepping into the niche that England had prepared for him": except that he is homosexual.

Written during 1913 and 1914, immediately after
Howards End, and not published until 1971, Maurice was ahead of its time not only in its theme but in its affirmation that love between men can be happy."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh boy! Indepth rambling, complete with spoilers! )

What do you know? The entire movie is up on YouTube! It gets slow-paced at times, it being a period film and all, and a little long (2 hours and 20 min) but if you've got plenty of spare time, check it out. :o I do warn you though, while it's a relatively tasteful film (kisses and men sharing a bed, nothing too scary), there are a rare couple scenes where there's male frontal nudity, so... not entirely SFW. ("Ahhh, just getting comfy after 70 minutes in the Edwardian life of uppity British people... HOLY DANGLING PENIS BATMAN")

Here's Part 1. You can easily find the rest of the movie on the sidebar. :3
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Save for filling out a little form as part of an assignment, Puri has spent the day making ponies of her own characters from her book-in-progress. :P Well, two actually. I left NaNo '09 on hold for a long time, and I felt compelled to make ponies of the two main protagonists. :o

You mean Puri had another novel? )

Then came along NaNo '10 and Puri got distracted by ragdolls. SORRY NANO '09. I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU LATER, I PROMISE. You'll probably be published first, anyway. XD

Ponies. In which Puri talks about her novel characters and never shuts up. )

Wow, I went on forever. :o I better get to bed. XD

...This is why I'm going to hell.
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I've been kindly linked to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic maker, so I've been busy making ponies~ ♥

Like this Missing No. Pony I spruced up~ )

It was too good an opportunity to pass up. Nomnomnom~ ♥
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[ profile] azure_sashes gets a new look (and a mascot)!

Now I remember why I never fiddle with my layout and journal settings much. What a hassle! D:
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Okay I'll stop posting now.
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Finished the Mewtwo Exploration on GPX+! I'm a happy panda. Now I gotta shower.
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For the first time since I lost the harddrive on my old computer that fateful day while I was still in college, I opened up Adobe Photoshop on my computer.

Current Song describes my feelings for this precious moment.

At last! My right arm (and mouse, when I find it) is complete again!
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He's met with a terrible fate, hasn't he N?
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Greenband Jiggly: Puri is a horrible, horrible person~
Spunky HePanda: What happened?
Greenband Jiggly: Puri's taking sprites and making pr0n0s out of them.
Spunky HePanda: Haha
Greenband Jiggly: I'm using Kooper and Parakarry. XD
Spunky HePanda: Just call it art
Greenband Jiggly: *giggle*
Spunky HePanda: What a combo


Paper Mario Sprite pr0n! NSFW )

Greenband Jiggly: HERE'S THE PORN
Direct IM session initiated. What is this?
Fireimps87: oh puri XDDD
Fireimps87: haha
Greenband Jiggly: Nobody bends down in Paper Mario. ;;
Fireimps87: yeah they just squat
Greenband Jiggly: And I was too lazy to get rid of their shells, so PRETEND THEY'RE DOING IT WITH THEIR SHELLS ON SOMEHOW
Greenband Jiggly: Otherwise they'd be shirtless.
Fireimps87: hahaa
Greenband Jiggly: Also don't ask why the fuck Parakarry is still wearing his mailbag during sex.
Fireimps87: XDDD
Greenband Jiggly: 'Cause again, it wouldn't be practical. : P


Fireimps87: ^^
Greenband Jiggly: That explains Superman 64.
Fireimps87: khlkhhkl
Greenband Jiggly: God loves Kooper/Parakarry~
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✖ Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your "Valentines Card". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special preferably to represent love, seeing as it is valentine's.

✖ Make a post with the subject "Love or Lust?". Put your "Card" somewhere in your post, and be sure to re-post these instructions.

✖ Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "Love" or "Lust". If you reply with "Love", you may just take their "Valentines Card". If you reply with Lust, they'll give you a dare and you must perform the task in order for the other person to give you their Valentines Card. (It's best if the dare surrounds a Valentines theme such as "Make a post telling someone how much you love blahblahblah.." or "draw me this pair" etcetc)

✖ List all your collected cards in your original "Love or Lust?" post to show off your lovely valentines. Don't hot link the images as some people may not like that.

My Card:


Sorry for the crummy card. But it's the most I can do with Paint. ;;

My Received Valentine Cards, Nomnomnom~ )
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Bwarg, Puri's too tired to put much more effort into something she's been busy with. She'll post it tomorrow. For now, have a PokeShop.

Heavily censored, but NSFW just to be on the safe side. )


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