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I just found a video that has every episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show ever made. This has led me to do things one would only do if they had spare time... writing my own episode summaries. Some based off my fandoms.

Old fashioned cat-and-mouse gore. Some episodes are titled, others aren't. )

Feel free to makes your own "Itchy & Scratchy" episodes in the comments. :P
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My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2012

Man, there's no way I'd be able to go. :P Unlike Bronycon which centers primarily around G4 and FiM (mainly the latter), My Little Pony Fair is the place to go if you're a collector. Probably for the best since I'd be broke in a millisecond anyway. I'LL BE DROWNING IN PONIES AND IT STILL WON'T BE ENOUGH.

I've been thinking of styling the hair of my G4 ponies, since I found nifty tutorials on getting cartoon hair such as Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. I wanted to make my HasbrOCs pretty too, so they'd have personalities and headcanons outside being expies of the Mane 6. Only one problem though... I was never exactly a fashionista growing up. When I was little, I didn't care about doing crazy things to doll's hair, since I'd basically comb it a couple times then leave it wild. While I've had my hair braided sometimes and it was awesome (I love having braids. ;;), I don't know how to braid myself. So being a hairstylist for my own ponies? Awkwaaaaaard. Practice makes perfect and all, but I'm terrified about cutting hair. I don't want to accidentally mutilate my ponies. :( I'm also torn between letting Blossomforth keep her gorgeous locks or cut that beauty away just so she'd look more like Blossomforth in the show. Aaaaaaaaugh, decisions decisions. I love Blossomforth's long hair, I don't want to chop it off. I want her to be more like Shaymin. *sob*
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Jimmy and I were delayed by three days, since we couldn't see each other on the weekend or Monday, but when we met up yesterday, it was totally worth it. ♥ And what does he do after I read him Sonadow badfic? He looks for a .pdf of "50 Shades of Grey" to download, saying he'll read it to me once I get on Skype. Le sigh. He was surprised and disgusted that there were three books though. XD Poor Jimmy, you claim to be so logical and jaded, but you still have your naive moments.

Speaking of 50 Shades of Grey, here's a dramatic reading by Gilbert Gottfried. (NSFW, audio-wise)

I'd buy the audiobooks in a heartbeat if he ever did the entire series.

Edit: Check out the English beta names for the first 150 Pokemon!. Some of those names are... really bad. "Att"/"Lantis" for Kabuto/Kabutops? "Hocus"/"Pocus" for Abra/Kadabra? Really? "Foxfire" for Vulpix, wow so creative. :/ It's interesting how many of them retained their Japanese names though, like "Pudding"/Jigglypuff and "Lucky"/Chansey. Koffing and Weezing are referred to as "NY" and "LA"... New York and Los Angeles respectively. Dang, that's harsh. :o Meanwhile, Marowak is "Guardia", which immediately makes me want to make "Chrono Trigger" jokes.

I'll admit "Aria" is cute for Clefairy though. But then they got lazy and just added "la" at the end for Clefable's name, so I'm glad those names were ditched. :P
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One day, I discovered a whole bunch of old Raggedy Ann Dell comics from 1946. I didn't expect them to be any good, let alone ever be able to find scans of them, but I liked a lot of the covers and thought the drawing style of the dolls was different, but enjoyable. Nice and simple. Cue me googling about and that's when I discovered several of the RA&A comic strips... specifically the ones by a man named John Stanley.

Rather than taking the sugary, cheery and moralistic route commonly associated with the dolls, Stanley's stories were... dark. And damn, I can whole-heartedly say they're actually pretty good.

Stanley puts these mild-mannered dolls through hellish scenarios in these 1949 stories. One might assume he disliked doing this series, and took it out on the cuddly-wuddly characters. Whatever the case, Stanley's Raggedy stories are the creepiest, most compelling comic book versions of this ever-popular licensed property.

Issue #32, 1949 - Did you know that eldritch abominations existed in the RA&A universe long before the Greedy in the 1977 movie? Meet the One-eyed Wobblies! You know what's a stupid thing to do when you meet an eldritch abomination? Kick dirt at their eyes. Raggedy Andy, you are Darwin's Next Tentacle Rape victim.

Issue #34, 1949 - I play drinking games with Raggedy Ann books, which includes instructions such as "Take a sip if Raggedy Ann & Andy stop to eat sweets with friends and woodland creatures, especially a mix of soda water/cream puffs/lady fingers." This comic deconstructs this device with a steamroller. Raggedy Ann & Andy get sick of eating candy, and fast. Also, the panel with Andy carving a slice out of a talking marzipan pig is one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a while. D:

Issue #35, 1949 - OM NOM NOM RAGDOLLS ARE DELICIOUS. Good ol' traditional fairy-tale danger in this one! For once Andy's got brain cells and fights to save himself and Ann, so major kudos to that. INTELLIGENT!ANDY IS SOMETHING I'D LIKE TO SEE MORE OFTEN, PLZ.

Issue #36, 1949 - Raggedy Ann & Andy DIE and become ghosts. Nope, I'm not kidding about this. Raggedy Andy is a brainless moron again and he shares pink phallic poisonous mushrooms with his hungry sister. They try to fly their way up to Heaven, and it turns out Heaven has its fair share of assholes, namely two cherubs that pluck all the feathers off the dolls' wings just for shits and giggles.

Issue #38, 1949 - The two living dolls ramble into a quiet existential hell--a highly symbolic castle not easily exited. It's a scenario worthy of mini-comix legend Steve Willis. The loose, spontaneous and quite pleasing artwork strongly shows Stanley's hand--in the layouts, if not in the finishes. At least it wasn't this castle. I'm kind of amazed Raggedy Andy and the 100-year-old man didn't die of dehydration. Pfft at Andy being pissy about his hat getting smushed. :P

In short, creative stuff! Short and worth looking at if you've got a spare couple seconds.

OT: While I was googling for Raggedy Ann stuff, a picture of Kyubey showed up on Image Search. Turns out it was me posting a macro on a friending meme while casually mentioning I was writing a novel about Ann & Andy. I wonder if it's saying something about me.
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I've been staying at Mom & Dad's again due to A. Dave's uncle passed away and he wanted the apartment for himself for a few days. B. There's drama going on with Alicia, a troublesome roommate that's been getting under the skin of everybody involved, so it was best I was out of it. Aside from a blow-up Mom and I had (she thought I was coming home for good when it was actually supposed to be for the night, so that made her upset because she missed me. She apologized though! :o) it's better than it originally was at home, even though there's still some tangles. Mom and I even worked together on making a chicken dinner (and without fighting!)

My parents and I gathered together to watch Sweeney Todd in Concert (starring George Hearn and Patti LuPone, and Neil Patrick Harris as Tobias), and they loved it which makes me seriously happy. It's my favorite Sweeney cast thus far (I still have to hear the entirety of the 2005 Revival soundtrack, which LuPone is also in. :3) and eeeeee. Mom was even crying at the end because she was thinking about what a brilliant, talented genius Sondheim is. THEATER MEMORIES AHOY. I miss when my parents used to go to the theater all the time and take me with them. We've been kinda doing that (Dad got a couple small parts in The Full Monty musical, which is okay but not nearly as heartwarming as the original film), and I got to see a great performance of Rocky Horror with James last year, but going to Sweeney this year was such a total bomb I left at intermission. :( (Which was why I wanted to pop in Sweeney Todd in Concert in the first place~ ♥)

Speaking of theater, can anyone recommend me a decent live-stage performance (if it's recorded and I could rent it on DVD or watch it on YouTube, of course. I know how tricky this sort of thing can be with theater) of Oscar Wilde's plays, such as The Importance of Being Earnest? I know I can read them, but as I've learned with Shakespeare in high school and college, plays are meant to be seen, not read. :(

Dad found me several ancient copies of books while clearing out boxes from the garage today! :o

- The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. Which I've read long ago and remembered, of course~ ♥ It's good to see it again though. :o HELO THAR DAHL. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND AND MUSE AND INSPIRATION.
- The Portable Oscar Wilde. Just when I borrowed The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde from the library! :o It doesn't have everything, of course, but it turns out we had our own copy of Dorian Gray all along. Dang. It also has most of De Profundis, and this book is a fifth printing from 1955, so it wasn't allowed to publish the whole letter until 1960. :o I'm gonna read stuff from the Complete Collection that isn't in the Portable before I have to return it to the library, such as Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (recommended to me by Sarah~ ♥) and The Canterville Ghost, which is actually a LOT like Tim Burton's Beetlejuice at first. So I've heard. :o GEE I WONDER IF I'M ON AN OSCAR WILDE KICK.
- The Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. Which I've never heard of, but Dad says it's an incredible classic. I'll take his word for it, then!
- A book so faded I had to open it to see what it was. Turns out it's Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales! :o
- Fanny Hill aka John Cleland's Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. HOLY SNAP, FANNY HILL. WE HAVE AN UNCUT COPY OF FANNY HILL. I'm keeping this nice and safe on my bookshelf so I can read it after I've finished some of my other books, buwahahahaha. X3

In return for his generosity, I'm letting my Dad borrow Maurice. I'll have to keep an eye on him though, 'cause A. I want to be sure he actually reads the thing. B. I don't want him to lose it. Just now, I found he placed Maurice in a random place, and I had to take it back to my room for safekeeping until he's back from work. Dad has a habit of leaving his books strewn around, so they either go missing, get damaged or both. Dad needs to take good care of Maurice or else he owes me a new copy. >(

I could try reading it to him, though. We used to read to each other, like when Dad read The Little Prince in French and "translated" the sentences to English. Except whenever I try to read Dad a book I've read he's not familiar with, it doesn't tend to go very well. The time I tried to read him Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman? Completely backfired. He didn't even laugh at the jokes I thought he might find funny. :( Either he's tired or distracted or busy, and then when I ask him what he thought, he'd give a generic response, and by the next day he's forgotten everything I've read him. :( It's like the only books I can read him are the ones he's already read and liked.

Maybe that's why we fell out of reading together. :(

It's always been so difficult for me to try to recommend books and poetry, since I try to read them out loud to people (and it's not like I read with a friggin' wooden monotone at a snail's pace like my old classmates at English do), and they'd be distracted or uninterested, and I'd be worried to heck that I'm boring them to death and putting them off the very thing I thought they'd enjoy. It's mainly the distraction that bugs me, and it makes me feel that I'm unimportant and so is what I'm trying to share. Like, my parents get excited when I tell them that Maurice is probably my favorite book that I've read this year. So I read the synopsis on the back of my copy to tell them what it's about and what made this book so amazing and ahead of its time. What do they concentrate on? Not that it was written in the early 1910s and couldn't be published until 1971 due to its subject matter and giving its homosexual characters a happy ending. Not that it was just as challenged as Lady Chatterley's Lover or Fanny Hill. All they talk about is "Oh, Howard's End!" "Howard's End!" "I remember that now! That was kind of dull." And they would not stop rambling about Howard's End. I haven't read E.M. Forster's other books, but I'm not interested in them. I don't care about Howard's End, or your opinions about Howard's End, I want to talk about Maurice. And I wonder why I'm discouraged about sharing things I like sometimes. :/

Good thing I decided I'd hate being a teacher. I'd be the type of obnoxious English teacher who would make kids read a bunch of banned books and classics like Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm and they'd hate me for being forced to analyze them and be put off those books forever. The ol' "If they hadn't made me read it in school, I probably would've liked it better" scenario. :P

This post is turning bitter, so I'll end it here. I gotta take a shower. :o
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It's interesting visiting other people's journals, really. I hopped on Zar's journal regarding an entry to a movie she shared that's become one of my favorites this year ("You Are Umasou") and clicked on one of her friends. Browsing through their tags, I discovered an entry where they talked about Unico. I thought, "Hey, I liked Unico!" and agreed with all the sentiments the poster shared regarding the two movies and the TV pilot. Then a different film was brought up in the comments: Ringing Bell. Curious, I searched for it on YouTube, since the original link was dead. Lo and behold, both the English dub and the Japanese version. :o Since the movie was short, I took the time to watch both, nom.

Ringing Bell(known as CHIRIN NO SUZU in Japan) is a Legendary Shock Movie which was controversially marketed towards very young children in the USA. It is most notable for being a G-rated Children movie which halfway through makes a sharp and sudden turn into a violent, morbidly-depressing dark story.

Because this cartoon was marketed towards very young children, the "Shock Effect" that this movie presented created controversy when it was first brought to America. Many parents were outraged at the G-rating of this film and complained to Sanrio that the film had caused their children emotional trauma and nightmares. The English Version of this film(which is featured on this channel)was modified to be more age appropriate for young children. The dialogue was changed, and many "childish" noises and sound effects were added. Yet, the scenarios and the outcome of this film was still seen as age-inappropriate and Ringing Bell was pulled off of shelves in the mid 1980s and never again released in America.

In Japan this film is remembered as being a cautionary tale which symbolized the post WW2 society. It deals with issues such as non-conformity, self hate, depression, revenge, discrimination, and coping with death, loss, and disappointment. It is still distributed in Japan, yet impossible to find in the USA.

It reminded me something of when Zar mentioned Chimecho back when Gen III was still new. Spoiler alert ) Hence why the ringing Pokemon Chimecho was such a rare Pokemon on top of Mt. Pyre...

For the longest time, I thought it was a Japanese folk tale (and I completely forgotten that it was a Revenge is Bad story; the lamb went to the mountains so he could kill the wolf who murdered his mother), but I couldn't remember the name of it (or the sheep, for that matter). I even checked Chimecho's Bulbapedia entry and there was no mention of the "legend." So I brace myself as I start to watch Ringing Bell, and I'm thinking, "Something about this seems familiar." Sure enough, it was the same story. The pieces came together and I realized what was going to happen, which didn't make it any less powerful or horrifying to watch.

I appreciate the silences in the Japanese version more, but it was spooky in the dub that Chirin had the same voice as Unico's. Compare Unico, this pure and innocent being no matter how tragic his fate, to Chirin, a lamb consumed with hate and rage until it's the only life he knows. Talk about discordant.

Usually I don't like depressing films, but I think Ringing Bell is a very important film to see. You'd be hard-pressed as hell to find anything like this being made today, especially marketed as a kid's film. Not in a "DUR HUR HUR LAMBS AND BUTTERFLIES KIDS WILL LOVE THIS" way, but as an intentionally frightening fable about revenge, nonconformity, and even the horrors of war. I remember watching one of my Beatrix Potter tapes and refusing to watch the Aunt Jemima one again because there was a scene where her eggs got smashed and it left her in sobbing hysterics. How would I have reacted to the egg-smashing scene in Ringing Bell as a kid? Hoo boy.

I know it's Banned Book Week, but considering this movie's been yanked off shelves into obscurity in the US, it feels oddly appropriate to have watched this. :o
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It's one thing to be unable to listen to Huey Lewis & the News the same way again after watching American Psycho. But this?


Oh. My. God. /DED of laughter
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Title: I Can Tell Time By the Moon
Fandom: Raggedy Ann & Andy (except Andy's nowhere here. :P)
Prompt: Death
Medium: VID
Music: Michael Crawford - Please Wake Up
Length: 2:40
Format: .avi
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: A fanvid set to two Raggedy Ann cartoons, based on the real-life tragedy of Johnny Gruelle and his daughter Marcella.

Lengthy explaination here. )

The video itself! )
Download link )
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Since a large portion of my House on the Rock report got chopped off (goddammit LJ/Semagic/computer), here's the rest of my photos.

The Organ Room and the Carousel and more. Especially the Motherfucking Carousel of Epic Win. )

I hope you all enjoyed my pictures~ I know you'll love being at House on the Rock even more~ ♥♥♥
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So um... stuff. My cousin's wedding was a success! It was fun and light-hearted, and not your traditional wedding either, according to my Mom and relatives. There was boogie-ing down the aisle and later everyone had a nice party and dinner at the recession. When it was time for the bouquet toss, Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" was playing as the signal. :o

House on the Rock was so worth it! Mom and my brother and I had to hurry so we could have the full tour before it closed, but what I got to see was wow. I'd totally go again to catch what I've missed! Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. :o There was a room where newspaper articles of major disasters like the Hindenburg Disaster and the sinking of the Titanic were hung on their own frames. It was kind of spooky, especially when you were surrounded by happy, lighthearted aircraft memorabilia. :o

Tour of House on the Rock beneath the cut! Photos inside! :D )

Edit: And after spending an hour organizing my pictures, nearly my entire post got cut off. D: dhgkjsghkjdsghkjdgh I have more House on the Rock stuff though, nom. Apparently I'm lacking sleep because I don't know how the hell I suddenly lost half of everything. D:
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So squeeze me, taste tease me, say I'm your own, but I'm no girl's toy...

Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Livestream: SUCCESS! :DDD I wanted to save the entire conversation we had during the stream, but my stupid computer only copy-pasted the last part. Nooooooooo! BIGGEST TRAGEDY EVER. I'll recount the best moments here:

Spoilers! Extreme perversity. Wished you were there to join us~ )

Everyone who watched Raggedy Ann & Andy with me, you've totally made the experience worth it. ;D Thank you so much! I'm glad you all liked it, for making me laugh and sharing your insight, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again in any future Livestreams~! ♥♥♥

...My god, did I just make this icon?
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Geez, I forgot how much this game defines Nintendo Hard. I'm at the Indiana Jones dungeon, and just... I have to take a break. It's horrible. *sob*

Remind self to look for Let's Plays later so I can confirm whether or not I'm a sucker player.

I'm not a drinker, but this game makes me want a hard one. D: COCONUT MILK PLZ.
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Nothing except a bunch of perverted Toads. )

Previous Editions
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A big, BIG thank you to Lark and Nam for replying to the previous post. ;; I'll give myself today and tomorrow to write various drafts for the prompt on my test~ ♥ That way, I'll be relaxed and having fun and won't be panicking by the time the end of the month draws near. XDD;;;

Dad might want to take me somewhere to make up for something scary/bad that's happened yesterday. I've also been bored out of my mind trying to hatch the perfect Larvesta. :/ Maybe I need to catch more Dittos at Giant Chasm? Like a Modest Ditto?

It's times like this I start wandering what Pokemon my novel characters would have. And what about Raggedy Ann & Andy? They say a Pokemon team can tell you a lot about your personality...

Raggedy Ann & Andy's rosters, followed by tl;dr regarding Puriverse and the original Johnny Gruelle tales )

I need more Raggedy Ann & Andy books. <.<;;;
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Day 9: A game with the best or most original soundtrack

Earthbound & Earthbound 0! Wait, I mentioned them in an earlier entry haven't I? In that case...

If you're strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side of the rainbow... )

30 Day Video Game Meme )
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Day 8: A game you’ve played countless times

A colorful, bubbly classic with the best theme in the world~ )

30 Day Video Game Meme )

Oh yeah, I have a paid account. And Jean is shipping me something cute~ ♥ Ihihihihihihi~! ♥♥♥

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Day 6: Favorite puzzle game

Waluigi's woods by ~doctorWalui on deviantART

Waiiiiiit a minute. Something's not right about this picture. :3 )

Runner's Up: Tetris Attack!, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (same as Tetris Attack, but with Johto~), Dr. Mario, Bejeweled, Chuzzle and Tetris.

30 Day Video Game Meme )

I can't believe it took me this long to play Robot Unicorn Attack. I never realized unicorns could be so cool.
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So Mom and I had a fight. I apologized, Mom lifted the ban, now I want to put the situation behind me and not talk about it anymore. I'm already filled with enough stress.

things puri would never say


Puri went looking for 9 icons, nom. Not the greatest but it's the best I could find, considering the movie just came out and all. :o Puri tried making one of her own, but GIMP kept crashing and it made me frustrated. I miss Photoshop so much. ;; While we're at it, let me make a recommendation~ ♥

Whether or not you've seen 9 yet, you'll find the animated short it originated from quite interesting. :o At the end, a lot of audiences asked why the world ended the way it did, hence the movie went under production. :o Dear god, Shane Acker needs to make more animated movies. All the years of hard work that was put into 9 is just incredible. *________*

Click Me!

Yes, I found 9 Squibies. I'm so sad. XD

The Rest of the Set is Under the Stitch~ ♥ )

It takes 99 to reach the first stage and 499 for final. Dear god, this'll take forever. T____T I'll have Hydra to help out, but still. Click for Puri? It'll make her happy~ *cliiiiing*

Why Look! It's an Earthbound/Mother Meme I Ganked From DA! )


Aug. 5th, 2009 11:15 pm
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Puri loves Eversion and recommends everyone to play it~! Whatever you do, don't look up ANYTHING about it. It ruins the surprise. Gosh, it's the cutest game ever~! ♥♥♥

Don't pay attention to the label at the title screen, it's just the game designer warning people of the epic adorable that lies ahead~ ♥ If you can't handle all the bright colors and squishy creatures, that's too bad for all you anti-cute people out there~

*sigh* If only I had icons! But I want my darling flist to play it first. I don't want to spoil anyone!

You can download Eversion here.

Have fun~!

P.S. The Nostalgia Critic is totally awesome because he ripped Captain N: The Gay Game Master to shreds today~ ♥ Somewhere out there, Link/Kevin slash must exist. :o

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Butler = George
Diane = Maria

Butler = Scientist
George = Scientist

Queen Mary = Ethereal with blonde hair and carnival-like palace.
Diane = Beautiful with blonde hair and carnival big-top.

Magicant = Pillars
Faunz = Pillars

Guy who went psychotic and lost what he loved: Butler
Guy who went psychotic and lost what he loved: George

Just like a pup: Giegue
Just like a pup: Jirachi

Meteorite/Onyx Stone: Giegue/George's Melody aka Gravestone
Meteorite/Onyx Stone: Jirachi

Powered by Machine: Giegue
Powered by Machine: Jirachi (being part-Steel)

Electricity to Save the World: EVE
Electricity to Save the World: Reversing the weird machine thingee to suck back Demon*Groudon with Jirachi's help

INVINCIBLE JUGGERNAUT: Demon*Groudon, powered by an unwilling Jirachi

(Until PWN'D By Sacrifice): R7308XX
MACHINE OF DOOM (Until PWN'D By Sacrifice): Demon*Groudon

PWN'D by Melody: Giegue
PWN'D by Melody: Jirachi (in this case, Jirachi likes it and wanted to hear it before going back to sleep)

Take a Melody, Simple As Can Be: 8 Melodies
Take a Melody, Simple As Can Be: Chiisaki Mono (Small One)/Make a Wish


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