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If I haven't been responding much, that's because I've been playing Tomodachi Life like crazy. I'll share my adventures later, but right now, I want to share all these QR Codes that have been piling up in my SD card.

First, an outfit for Animal Crossing:

Spoilers for Madoka: Rebellion? Idk )

I'm on hiatus from the game for a while, since I burnt myself out. I still have a ton of horror town visits saved on my SD card though, which I'll load later. I stopped playing the day before the hibiscuses bloomed, so I think that's the day I TT back to so I don't lose any of my villagers? The only dreamie I need left is Snake, and it would absolutely suck if someone like Stitches or Ankha moved. Especially my darling Marshie. ;; (Speaking of Marshie, I've visited both the creepy Marshal towns! I'll be looking forward to talking about those. XD)

My Tomodachi Life apartment isn't full yet, but here's all the residents I currently have on Koholint Island, divided by fandom:

It's one big crossover madness! )

Finally, we get to our first set of Tomodachi Life QR Codes~

Today, we've got Mother 1, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Cinema Snob! )

Feel free to edit the characters as you please! Personalities, catchphrases, I don't care. Just have fun with them, and feel free to tell me if you're using them. :D

I hope I get armor for the FF characters soon. Characters like Golbez are kinda unrecognizable without it. :o
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I don't understand how so many men can share their bodies and be so intimate when they don't truly love the woman that they're with... how they could not want to be a part of their own child's life! That's one of the reasons I just couldn't bring myself to marry Jessiebelle (aside from the fact that she was a psychopathic bitch who kept me locked in a torture chamber). ~James in "Family Matters" by Cori Falls

Trying to recall the last time a guy ever described sex as "sharing their bodies" with someone... nope, I got nuthin'.

I made a wise decision to finish a scene in my novel before reading the latest 50 Shades chapter Gehayi and Ket were sporking, which cheered me up immensely. Even E.L. James can't piss me off for long when I've made progress on my own work. :3 I've been trudging through that scene for a while, but now it's finally finished. ♥

My goal is to finish the first chapter of my novel before the end of January. Which I'm looking forward to sharing with you guys. :3 From that point on though, you'll probably only get snippets here and there. I don't want to give too much away... I intend to publish this, after all. :o But I hope you'll like what I'm coming up with so far. I could use all the support I can get!

Speaking of sporking, I've been tallying counts for a Sonic badfic called "Manipulated Love." The MST won't be finished for a long time, but I think I can do a dissection of it first, [profile] ficbitches style. We'll see...

Also, I've been listening to the Frozen soundtrack a lot. Seriously, I think it's become one of my favorite Disney movies. ♥
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My dreams can be really cruel sometimes. I dreamed I was reading this awesome Sonic comic and I was excited about getting the next one. There was also an ad for a SatAM movie done by professional animators (who worked for Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, etc.) called "The End", which is basically supposed to be the conclusion of the entire series. Dear lord, if only that was real. ;;

Also, this AMV is amazing. I know jack about Eva, but the editing... wow. *-*

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Someone made a homage to BEN.wmv and the Mario 64 pasta. Not too bad. The Toads with BEN's face on them are certainly creepier than recent stuff I've seen. :P

Remember when I made fun of the Mario 64 creepypasta? This time, Sonic gets a turn! "Sonic.EXE" sure gets circulated a lot, despite well... being cliche as hell. Zalgo'd Sonic, oooooooh, scary!

The pasta's here and the gameplay's here. I also thought this guy's playthrough was rather amusing. Onto the riffing!


You know, there really ought to be creepypasta bingo cards, like with yaoi. I think I made a blackout with this pasta alone!

This post has been crossposted with Dreamwidth at Pick your poison. Mwoiiiiiiiing~!
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Someone made a homage to BEN.wmv and the Mario 64 pasta. Not too bad. The Toads with BEN's face on them are certainly creepier than recent stuff I've seen. :P

Remember when I made fun of the Mario 64 creepypasta? This time, Sonic gets a turn! "Sonic.EXE" sure gets circulated a lot, despite well... being cliche as hell. Zalgo'd Sonic, oooooooh, scary!

The pasta's here and the gameplay's here. I also thought this guy's playthrough was rather amusing. Onto the riffing!


You know, there really ought to be creepypasta bingo cards, like with yaoi. I think I made a blackout with this pasta alone!
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[community profile] fannish5: Five worst outfits you've ever seen on screen.

Hell, I'm just going with media in general. I don't consider myself a fashion expert, but boy, do some clothes rub me the wrong way...

1. Zero from the Shaymin/Giratina movie. There are a lot of ridiculous designs in Pokemon. Some of them you get used to. But I was never able to get over how hideous Zero's outfit is. Oops, I mean costume. But even if it was meant to be a costume, it fails at its purpose so fucking hard. This was supposed to look like Giratina? Except for the yellow spike thingees, it barely resembles Giratina at all! Yeah, last time I checked, Giratina was a gigantic puke-yellow worm with a couple black stripes on it. Seriously, if you want to cosplay Giratina, I've seen WAY better from gajinkas.

2. Tetsuo Nomura's designs can be summed up as this: BELTS AND ZIPPERS. BELTS AND ZIPPERS EVERYWHERE. And miniskirts and strips of cloth held together by MOAAAAAAAAAAAR BELTS!!11!1 They're ridiculous, but interesting in a train-wreck sort of way. It makes me glad I quit following the Final Fantasy series after X, though. :P I miss Yoshitaka Amano. :( Though if I had to pick one... this one has considerably less belts and zippers, but Rikku's X-2 outfit makes me feel uncomfortable.

3. The DC reboot of Starfire, Harley Quinn, and Amanda Waller. I know practically nothing of comics, but wow, this is degrading. This isn't just "DUR HUR HUR LET'S TURN THEM INTO SEX MACHINES", this is taking the characteristics of what made those three women so popular, then smashing them to smithereens and spitting on their graves. No wonder people are pissed off at DC. Okay, so my criticism of Waller comes from COMPLETE DESIGN UPHEAVAL rather than her clothes (though yeah, I just love how it's impossible for her to button up her shirt now), but my point on Harley and Starfire's "outfits" still stands.

4. I was never into Weiss Kreuz, so what little I know comes from mainly Jayden and my sister being a huge fan back in the day. Then I remembered Aya's sweater. Not only does it not look flattering on him, it's the color of burnt macaroni-and-cheese. I recognize this sweater, and not because it's attractive. Then... the Gluhen designs. Take the members of Weiss, for example. They went from looking like this to this. AAAAAAAAAAA MY EYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSS.

5. Thank god Ken Penders isn't in charge of the Archie Sonic comics anymore. 'Cause well... look at his rebooted designs for Lara-Su, Julie-Su, Lien-Da and Dimitri for his "Lara-Su Chronicles." DEAR GOD THE COLORS. WHY GOD WHY.
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Bitty!James Rolfe is so cute.

His Sonic memories one made me wibble at the end. Awwww. ;;
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Darnit, Karkat evolved into Neutral/Running. Ah well. I might as well make him a Sonic Chao. :3

Me: *buys a Shiny White egg with the intention of naming the newborn Rarity*
Shiny White Chao: *hatches with a crazy mad grin on its face*
Me: ... *names it Uboa instead*

Now the question remains... how shall I evolve this evil abomination?
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I beat Final Story on SA2B again. I kept needlessly getting killed at the final boss (fucking lasers), but I managed to stick around to hear Sonic and Shadow's lines to each other at the 4 minute mark with Final Hazard in the red.

More SA2B nostalgia beneath the cut. )

I hope my store has those new MLP: FiM Valentine cards. Mwoiiiiing~!
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"Ugh, what a day I had! I'm so mad at this idiot at work who--"
"You used the word 'mad', and that means crazy, so you're insulting the mentally ill. And you called a person an 'idiot', and that is a slur against the mentally disabled!"

Gods, the Internet is giving me such a headache. Apparently, it's a fad now to be offended by EVERYTHING. Someone says something you don't agree with? It "triggers" you. You're offended by what a person has said? Call them "ableist."

To the people who throw around "ableist", "trigger", and "oppressive" like free candy, remember what dear old Inigo Montoya once said: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

In a sort of related note, a small rant about homophobia. )

Meanwhile, I've been replaying SA2B and raising Chao.

- I've forgotten how tsundere half the cast is, especially Shadow. <.<;;;
- Security Hall still needs to die in a fire.
- Something funny happened while I was at Egg Quarters. You know how Omao-Chao makes these pained cries and lectures you when you beat him up? I think I pulled a glitch or something, because while I was trying to find a key, I kept hearing Omao-Chao screaming every few seconds. Now that is something that doesn't happen everyday. 8)
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Another fun meme from [personal profile] ceasefire:

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them

And now, we take a journey beneath the cut. )

The latest MLP episode makes me thirsty. I'll have to make due with a cold glass of apple juice.
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- Started playing Sonic Generations. I hadn't had so much fun with a Sonic game since forever, guys. ;; I'm playing the hell out of Classic!Sonic, mwoiiiing~ I forgot how much I suck at keeping rings though. Enemies are always bumping into me or I keep slipping into spikes even though I'm deliberately trying to avoid them. And I still hate Sky Sanctuary. Auuuuugh.

I managed to get an S rank fighting Metal Sonic though! No, I don't care if he was "easy." Gamers that whine about any game not a platformer hell like I Wanna Be the Guy and Super Kaizo Bros. as being "too easy" can bite me. Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess, for actually wanting to enjoy my games!

- Watched "Con Air." God I am a happy, happy soul. That movie was fun~ ♥ Next up? "Eraserhead." And I'll probably be seeing "Tintin" at the dollar theater with my brother if my stomach virus doesn't make it hurt too much to get out of the house. I deserve better than shitty mediocre Dreamworks movies, dammit.

- Three more chapters (along with brief terminal notes) and I'll be finished reading Maurice to Dad. ;; Then we are getting the movie on Netflix 'cause he's got to see it and hnnnnnngh. ;; God, we haven't finished reading a book to each other since my Dad read me The Little Prince in French. Next book will be To Kill a Mockingbird. Mwoiiiiing~!
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Hey guys! Wanna know how infamously glitchy Sonic 2006 is? Here ya go!

I've been watching the LP of Sonic 2006 to pass the time when Jean wasn't reading Homestuck with me, and lately, I've been getting a strange sense of nostalgia from my time in Sonic fandom. Hell, after I talked to Sipp on Plurk, I felt inspired to make an RP account for E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure 1, and did it. I'll refine it and make icons for him later after I replay the game. Just... wow. I used to love Gamma. :o And I totally shipped him with Amy. I still do.

Aside from Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog fandom had a lot of "firsts" for me. My first serious crush on a fictional character (Shadow the Hedgehog, which I felt a lot of guilt for, mostly because I was scared of being a "rabid fangirl" and that I was gonna be labeled as a "furry", though I eventually stopped caring about the latter. :P Former, on the other hand... hoo boy), the first time I started receiving attention for my work in fandom (not BNF-status, but I've had a couple strangers who went up to me and said, "Hey, aren't you the one who wrote that one fic/that Sonadow essay at [ profile] ship_manifesto?" and gave me warm, fuzzy feelings inside. Usually those fans and I became friends. ;;), and hell, even the first time I wrote smut... a looooooooong story which deserves its own entry. :P Gods, the first AMV I ever made was a Shadow the Hedgehog AMV using "Bliss" by Tori Amos. I think I lost it and never recovered it, which is kind of a shame, but then again, I made a couple other old Sonic AMVs too, haha. XD

It's kind of painful for me to look back on my years in Sonic fandom since I went from being a cheerful fangirl who did what she loved to being a paranoid worrywart who was concerned what people and older fans thought of her because she loved Shadow and Sonadow and felt "ostracized" because she enjoyed playing the newer (at the time) games as well as the classics. When I look back on them now, Sonic Heroes and the games after them are crappy. Yet even knowing games like Shadow the Hedgehog are horrendously and painfully cheesy and has all these flaws and tries way too hard to be hardcore ("Where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald!? DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN WATCH ME SAY DAMN."), I get a sense of guilty pleasure from them due to the time I spent with friends in fandom. Under normal circumstances, I would've found a character like Silver stupid and annoying, and today I really wish he didn't have to be another hedgehog, but... ngggh. Fucking Narm Charm. gjdskgjdksg

My heart will always belong to Sonic Adventure 2 and the earlier games like Sonic CD and S3&K though. Fuck yes.

I don't get me started how much I whined about Sonic elitists. It's like I spent the last part of my active years of Sonic fandom feeling "persecuted" and miserable, and it shows in the last few Sonadow fics I written. To the point I think my friends were calling me out for it. When I think about it, the more I want to strangle my past self. I was so concerned with being a "good" Shadow and Sonadow fan, even in the eyes of people who didn't like them, and... gdhskjghdkjsgh. I even gotten into fights with a couple friends about this, and lost one of them because of it. I spent too much time worrying about what other people thought. You can see why this was painful for me to think about. I feel like Karkat from Homestuck with his self-loathing and how much he detests his past self for being so moronic, 'cause I'm feeling exactly the same way when I look at myself in my late years of Sonic fandom.

As my Sonic obsession waned into hiatus (a little before I got into Earthbound), I finally got around to watching SatAM despite feeling "poisoned" and what do you know, I loved it. I started to mellow down, thank god, and stuck around to spazz about the series for a while. Sonic/Sally became my favorite het pairing for Sonic, I shipped Bunnie/Rotor, and it was around the time the Sonic Kink Meme ([ profile] kinkyclosetzone, which I helped name) opened. It's pretty much dead now, I think. XD The other day, my friend and I were talking about robot sex ("How does it work? Transformers fandom is divided over this."), and though she wasn't much familiar with the fandom, I linked her to my favorite Shadow/Omega fic (NSFW, despite wires and robotics) for referential purposes. (Her response: "Hee hee. Code-fondling.")

So yesterday, I decided to browse the kink meme to read old fills. I came across an old request of mine, which wanted Sonic/Griff from the "Warp Sonic" SatAM episode. I went on, expecting nobody answered that one ever, except... bam. A fill. Written two months after I left it. And... it's fucking incredible. (NSFW) I don't know how I never saw that fic in my LJ message box, but it's been about three years before I finally read this fic. Even though the writer will probably never know my thanks, I left it anyway. God, I wonder if I should've de-anon'd myself. But just... I'M FEELING SO MUCH EMOTION. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU HAVE ALL MY LOVE IN THE WORLD. ;; I wonder if it's even someone I know, though I don't think I recognize the style. I can't help but feel guilty somehow. But still... anon, whoever you are. Thank you.

Reading that fic meant a lot to me, and I've been feeling sort of crummy lately. Namely about my creativity (or lack of it).

Sometimes, I wonder if ought to finish that humongous Sonadow fic I started that was going to be one of my fandom magnum opuses. Post-SA2, Shadow was caught in space and taken inside a hidden lab in the Mystic Ruins run entirely by a sentient supercomputer named P.A.N.D.O.R.A. PANDORA likes to build creepy advanced robots, including the Leviathan, and has experimented on an unconscious Shadow for three years. Shadow wakes up before he's "ready" and steals a Chaos Emerald one of the robots brought in and escaped. Sonic, having since moved on, is troubled why he still remembers a rival he barely knew. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman wants to seek out PANDORA and claim the lost lab and the creations inside for his own. Shit goes down in Mystic Ruins and Sonic chases Dr. Eggman. The Leviathan is trying to hunt Shadow, and the two hedgehogs meet again... Cue "WTF!?" In short, Sonic and friends must stop Eggman while figuring out what the hell is up with the PANDORA business and its connection to Shadow. Sonic & Shadow begrudgingly work together, and end up more tangled in each another than they'd like to admit, playing right into PANDORA's logic-minded hand...

If I stopped to work on it, would I feel closure? Sometimes I wonder if I should save it as maybe a future original work, but the story is clearly written to be for the Sonic universe. To take out all the Sonic essence would be robbing it of its soul. I will never be able to unsee it as something that used to be "about Sonic." I'm like this with my other incomplete big fanfic projects I started too. Augh.

tl;dr: Puri was a self-pitying paranoid moron for her latter years in Sonic fandom, and is now wibbling over old crap and a lovely fic featuring a super obscure pairing someone left her in a time capsule. She then goes on to fret about her own fanfiction again. WHOO SELF-DEPRECATION

Damn blue hedgehogs giving me feelings.
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From [ profile] sonicstuff:

"Its sonic 1 but with omochao as your stalker. if you do the following he will annoy the hell out of you:

  • Collecting Rings

  • Item Monitors (doubly bad, as each individual item inside will also bring up a message)

  • Invincibility Running Out

  • Power Sneakers Running Out

  • Extra Lives

  • Destroying Badniks

  • Bouncing on Springs

  • Stepping on or Pushing Objects on Buttons

  • Getting Hit

  • Getting Killed

  • Drowning

  • Getting Game Over (will also eject you from the level and reset your saved Emerald Count)

  • Getting Time Over (will also eject you from the level)

  • Touching Lamp Posts

  • Getting the Giant Ring (without a protection shield)

  • Finishing the Act (without a protection shield)

  • Finishing the Zone (without a protection shield)

  • Hitting the Boss (without a protection shield)

  • Defeating the Boss (without a protection shield)

  • Getting in that Last Hit (without a protection shield)

  • Collecting a Chaos Emerald

  • Touching a GOAL Sign

Now heres where it gets worse. Each time you do any of the following above, the jingle (which is the 1-up theme) gets longer and longer until you can't take it anymore. The goal of this game is simple: Beat Sonic 1 without making the little bastard talk at all!

Already people are posting their perfect runs which i haven't been able to do yet.

If you are interested, hit up the Hack's wiki page and download it:"
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I know the Five Acts Meme won't be active again until October, but I wanted to fill this out anyway. Something to do in advance while I wait, and I can always come and edit this later. Oh boy oh boy oh boy~

- Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Read other people's lists.
- Post comment-fic based off of other people's lists.

List of Kinks! )

List of Fandoms and Pairings~ )
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1. Go to dA's search box.
2. Type in your first name. Followed by "The Hedgehog"
3. Initiate Search.
4. Either profit from awesomeness, shock, or lulz, or cry an endless river of tears.

Eye-bleeding results inside! XD )

Looking up "Puri the Hedgehog" just turned up my own horrible old DA submissions. XDDD!

Three different species! Not bad, if I say so myself. :o
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I feel like anyone who's ever been in fandom has their own personal "worst badfic." [ profile] ficbitches brings up Chocobo Nights a lot, for example. Without a doubt in my mind, I know lots of badfic classics and talk of them like we talk of bad movies (some with humorous affection aka My Immortal, others with disgust and utmost horror, like "the one where Tifa gives birth to a Chocobo."), but the one that leaves tar-coated thorns oozing over the cockles of my little black heart is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic called "Manipulated Love."

Apparently, Manipulated Love has been deleted from The fic whose badness inspired me to write my first lemon as an antidote / "brain bleach" to the UTTER HORROR AND RAPE IN MULTIPLE LEVELS OF THIS GODAWFUL SGHDKJGHDKJGHKJD disappeared. My first reaction? "Nooooooooooooooooo!"

Then I realized it still existed on Cue simultaneous response of "Whew!" and "Oh god no!" My god, the memories. Yeah, a fic this bad to influence an ashamed 16-year-old girl wrangling with her sexuality to write loving graphic smut of two hedgehogs is uh... "special."

I'm going to play more Epic Yarn.
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1. Before I went to sleep, I was watching Madameluna, DeceasedCrab, and enigmaopoeia's LP of Clock Tower. Then I watched the first three parts of DeceasedCrab forcing Madameluna to play Shadowgate. I went ahead and watched all the deaths in Shadowgate/Uninvited/Deja Vu 'cause hey, curiosity. So unforgiving!

2. I dreamed I was playing Clock Tower, only it was vastly different. Jennifer kept discovering multiple paths and different demons/monsters that completely deviated from Scissorman and the mansion, and usually resulted in all sorts of new endings and deaths. She's attacked by a possessed boy in one (supposedly her friend who isn't Lotte/Laura/Ann) and discovers a Houdini death mechanism in one room, etc. Oh, and there's an ending where you control a ninja to beat an alligator or a zombie, and another where you're a chicken and you set yourself on fire to beat the boss. Then later one of your chicks grows up and does the same. Kamikaze is inherited!

3. The last part of the dream involved Clock Tower being back to normal, but instead of Jennifer, you're controlling Team Chaotix. Cue Vector holding Charmy and trying to keep him from whimpering/freaking out, which is a cute and suspensful image knowing what danger they're in. Vector is trying to warn Espio that Scissorman can see through his camoflauge technique, and that's when I woke up.


Why can't I get dreams like that after watching something scary like Clock Tower? Clearly Shadowgate had something to do with it.


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