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So I wanted to finish my second playthrough of the Halloween Hack so I could write a big essay comparing its themes with Undertale's.

So how does it hold up? Spoilers: Halloween Hack, Undertale, and Madoka Rebellion. TW: Brief paragraph where I talk about a scene in HH that reminded me of sexual assault. )

Anyway, what I did with this guy was incredibly fanfictastic and I really really doubt that in reality (in Itoi's mind) that he is like this AT ALL. But he's just one of those characters that's boring and not explained at all, so I fleshed him out a whole lot and here we go he's cool now.

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Me: Headcanon: Ness, Paula, and Jeff look up to Poo for his maturity. Jeff feels most comfortable around Poo, and whenever he's feeling insecure, Poo reminds him of his worth. Poo is always truthful, so when he says he respects you (he says that at least once to all the Chosen 4), it means a lot. ;;

Ness and Jeff have a tendency to bicker a lot, because their backgrounds are so different and their personalities clash. After Paula is kidnapped at Fourside though, they learn to work together and see how valuable their differences are. After they save Paula, Ness teases Jeff a lot less, and Jeff is less critical of him. They're the "friends you don't expect to be friends" kind of pair.

Paula's view of the Chosen 4:

Ness: Sometimes she can be a little exasperated with him, but it never lasts long. She relaxes around him almost instantly, and considers him the best friend that she's always wanted. ;;

Jeff: She has a lot in common with him, and she's quite pleased about that. Sometimes Jeff confuses her ("SCIEEEEENCE!") and some of his behavior and technobabble is lost on her, but she doesn't mind.

Sarah: paula always seemed like the most accepting one

Me: Poo: She has a great deal of respect for him. She's never expected a prince to act and look like he does, and she's still blown away by his humility. He's the one she turns to for particularly deep/philosophical conversations.

Sarah: oh i like that idea

Me: All: Mother hen of the group. Paula wants you to take better care of yourself, and leave Jeff alone, Ness. >(

Sarah: that she and poo talk about philosophy
i bet she's really mature for her age :V

Me: She really is, especially because her psychic powers made her grow up too fast.

Sarah: since her parents own a preschool she probably is used to being a 'grownup' too

Me: Ness lets her be a kid again. ;;

Sarah: aww
they should do silly things together

Me: Ness & Paula are the adorable cute couple who just enjoys doing the little things together, like going out for pizza or watching a movie~
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Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions behind the cut first, then tag friends to do the same knock yourselves out.

Five of my OTPs
1) Juri Arisugawa/Shiori Takatsuki (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
2) Utena Tenjou/Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
3) Jeff Andonuts/Tony (Earthbound)
4) Madoka Kaname/Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
5) Lisia/May (Pokemon)

About three ships are evil and horrible and ~*~problematic~*~ according to a few people on tumblr )

I tag Sara Jaye and Lexi. Mwoiiiiiiing~!
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I'm getting ready to go on vacation in Wisconsin! I dropped Ryu off with Jimmy and we spent the night together, and I got to meet Eric & Nicole's adorable new kitten! I'm charging my lappie atm, and before I go, I want to share you photos I took of Jeff & Tony in Tomodachi Life. :3

Tony's a girl, so he can get married to Jeff~ )

Will post to tumblr later. See you in Wisconsin, everyone!
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Remember that one quote by J.K. Rowling? Let me tweak it a bit: "If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his NOTP and its shippers, not his OTP and their shippers.

You know what? I've been keeping this bottled for a while. I've spoken with close friends about it, and they made me feel better enormously, so I thought that was the end of that. But I might as well tell you what happened, DW and LJ.

So, there's these two artists who are twins in the Earthbound fandom who draw for an obscure pairing: Jeff/Poo. They've put a lot of thought into their headcanon (Jeff and Poo would eventually raise a couple Mr. Saturns), their art is cute, and their smut is tasteful. Unfortunately, there's a reason I don't follow them on tumblr and separate their art from them as people. And it looks like that reason won't be changing anytime soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen? This is how NOT to react to your NOTP. )

tl;dr: I'm a horrible, dirty Jeff/Tony shipper, and putting Tony in art (especially with Jeff) is offensive, because HE'S EVERYWHEEEEEERE OMG.

Anyway, off to feed the campus cats. They'll cheer me up.
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I've misread "Sycamore" as "Seymour," and now I have an image of Lysandre as a hairy man-eating plant, aka Audrey II. Whoops.

So life happened. But I don't want to talk about life. I want to talk about fandom.

An AC friend of mine, Alex, found a Mother 1/2/3 town through the Dream Suite where Wendell gave you Magicant tiles. Just what I've been looking for! It's insanely difficult to find Mother 1-based patterns, but now they're finally mine. *-* For those curious, the Dream Code is: 2200-0468-3784. Pretty pleasant place, and you can talk to Lucas, Claus and Kumatora too. :)

I've taken TONS of AC Photos (including shippy ones that I'll give its own post later), but I've still got to organize them and junk. The Shachipanda episode of Creepy Crossing is almost ready, I just gotta comment on the last few photos, type up my theories, and edit. God, that delay took me way longer than I had to. I've been putting off visiting more creepy towns because I've already got so much queued. ;; I'll have to put off showing a town called "Harudin" for a while, since it's based off North Korea and I'll have to do my research for that. tl;dr: I'VE TAKEN PHOTOS OF TONS OF HORROR TOWNS THAT STILL HAVE TO BE ORGANIZED.

I'm shocked that no one has made a Bubble Bobble-themed town yet. Absolutely shocked.

Fandom Fic Exchanges are happening this summer! Here's a couple that have caught my eye:

[community profile] mm_rares (Rare m/m ships)
[community profile] nightonficmountain (Rare/Small/Inactive fandoms)

I haven't decided the fandoms and pairings for the first one yet. Anyway, off to bed.
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It's been a pretty crappy birthday for Knuckles the Echidna, but in the land of Animal Crossing, life goes on. Here's some photos I've been taking of my recent adventures!

 photo HNI_0039_zpsf38eda51.jpg


First, let's break my heart and go to Tazmily. )

Puri cries herself awake to a concerned Luna. Next town!

And it's got the same name as her own! )

Photos from places I've forgotten... )

Back to the waking world! )

Now we're back home! )

Marius comes to Magicant! Plus QR Code. :3 )

Next time on Animal Crossing, I'll upload two new outfits... both which belong to characters from existing games! Who could they be? Hm...
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I hope everyone in America had a good Thanksgiving! :) Anyway, I'm gonna take a Pokemon related meme, inspired by [personal profile] guardians_song's post, nom.

Character Interests Generator
Random Outfit Creator
First Name Generator / Surname Generator
Teen Generator - Anime Edition
Town Generator

I've also used a few others like Name Smasher, Fuzzle-Wuzzle Names, Big Bad, Random Dragon Designer and Magical Pet Maker.

I'm actually quite fond of some of the names I've rolled. )

This big bad is a psychotic male alien. He plans to become immortal with dark magic. He commands a small team of elite underlings and can only be defeated through the determination of the human spirit.

Giegue/Giygas/Gyiyg, is that you?
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

In the words of Dug from Pixar's Up, "I have just met you and I love you!" Thank you so much for writing for me! ;; From vignettes to plotty epics, I'll love it no matter how long your fic is. May your Yuletide stocking be stuffed and your holiday cup full of cheer. :)

Likes and dislikes )

Violence/Sex/Ending policies )

Kinks and non-kinks )

Under each fandom, I'll list the canons I'm familiar with for it, my ships if I have any, and whether or not I allow smut. Ships can be considered as separate prompts, albeit a lot more open-ended. Now on with the show!

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica )

Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | EarthBound )

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison )

Ib - Video Game - Kaori )

Animal Forest | Animal Crossing )

Optional: AUs and Crossovers )

Once again, thank you so much, and I commend you for reading all my babble. I'll be glad to make edits to my letter if necessary. I wish us the very best luck on Yuletide!

Happy Holidays!
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Earthbound is available on the Wii U for $10!

For those who own a Wii U, now's your chance to play this awesome classic! Now is the time to show Nintendo how much this game is treasured in other countries too. ;; *weeps because she can't afford a Wii U*
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mother become meguca

Don't listen to him.
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Dear gods, this is so adorable. ;; Ninten, Loid and Ana's voices are perfect for them and so cute and ghdkjsghdkjsghdk

I have the urge to replay Radiation's Halloween hack of Earthbound. Think I ought to do a screencap adventure or attempt a video Let's Play? :o
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.....I can go on a 30 minute rant on why it's aged horribly.....fuck it I'm going to do it anyway. I'm sorry Zaria I think Mother 3 is a fantastic game but earthbound......the game looks awful by even the standards at the time cause Final Fantasy Vi and Chrono Trigger came out at the same time, sound quality is just terrible. The game pretty much sucks Ness' dick and he goes through no hardships, he gets it easy, he doesn't really suffer any hardships aside from being homesick, the story yes it's silly and it's not taking it's self seriously but at the same time it doesn't do a good job at all, and overall while it is important and does set an important part in history, the game overall hasn't aged well at all. Games like Final Fantasy Vi, Chrono Trigger, and hell Super Mario RPG have aged better. I think Mother 3 is a better game cause it's soundtrack is much better, the character sprites are better, and the combing system is a well done mechanic that makes the game a blast to play. Also think Lucas is a better character cause of all the hardships he goes through but he still carries on....Ness gets it so easy it just makes me wanna kill the brat....which is why that's how my video game review of Earthbound is going to end like that and the Mother 3 review is going to end with me hugging Lucas as he fades away. But year Earthbound......overrated as fuck

I like Zar's response to this: "Are you secretly Pokey Minch? Cause wow you've got a major hate-on for Ness going on here." XD

Now time for me to give my two cents. No hardships? Really? 'Cause being a regular kid who holds the weight of responsibility to save the world from an alien eldritch abomination (and to prevent a shitty dystopia that happens only ten years into the future) totally isn't taxing at all. Nuh uh. Neither is being impeded by a sociopathic next-door neighbor (who may or may not have once been your friend) who exists to make your life hell and endangering everyone and everything you've ever cared about just because he could. Did Magicant mean absolutely nothing to you? How about the fact that his soul got transferred into a robot so he could go back to the past to defeat an incomprehensible evil with no guarantee of ever coming back? Don't you think that maybe those things would stick with Ness for the rest of his life?

Just because Ness doesn't "suffer" as much as Lucas doesn't mean that he's never endured hardships or that he's any less of a hero. Hell, one of the things that made Earthbound (and Earthbound 0, for that matter) refreshing was because the main protagonist was a normal suburban boy with a regular childhood as opposed to the angsty knight with the tragic and/or complicated past that is so common in RPGs. Are you saying you'd think Ness would be a better character if his dog was torn apart by Starmen, his mother turned into a brainwashed robot for Giygas, and his sister has been sold to slavery? Should Ness wear his black Mr. Saturn t-shirt and climb up to Mt. Ordeals to contemplate his navel? Seriously, I'll take Ness over the latest cynical Gackt-expy anyday.

I wonder how much Ness & Lucas fanfiction pisses him off. 'Cause there's no way Lucas would be best friends with such a brat, right?
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Dad got free chicks from a friend yesterday. They're more like teenagers (pullets, they're called?) since their feathers have already grown in, but they're not able to make eggs yet and they make a lot of cute cheeps. They'll be allowed to roam the backyard when they get older. (Dad: "I just hope Freddie doesn't chase them.") I got to feed and give them water this morning. :D

They all got black feathers with brown specks on them. I won't be able to tell them apart, but I'm thinking of giving them names anyway. So far, I'm thinking of all the major female Mother series characters: Ana, Pippi, Maria, Paula, Tracey, Kumatora, and Hinawa.

Edit: I missed two of them! They're dubbed Minnie and Mimmie.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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I've been browsing through old entries at [ profile] id_smash_that, the Smash Bros. Kink Meme. So many memories! Ness/Lucas and Red/Lucas were very popular requests, which makes me a happy duck. Here's some old fills I've liked~ ♥

Red/Lucas: Squishy cute awkwardness with the size difference is welcomed. (Fanart) (G)
Ness/Lucas: Cavity-inducing fluff. (Fanart) (G)
Meta Knight/Kirby: Scars and bittersweet fluff. (G)
Marth + Meta Knight + Ike: Oath of Fire (G)
Jeff + Lucas: Jeff teaches Lucas the finer points of aiming a bottle rocket. (G)
Peach/Zelda: Peach making a 'cake' on Zelda's body for her enjoyment. (R)
Red/Lucas: Dick in a Box (PG-13)
Olimar + Pikmin: Excerpt from Captain Olimar's Journal (G)
Ness/Lucas: Coming of Age (NC-17)
Captain Falcon/Snake: After being rejected by Samus in rapid succession, the two raid the liquor cabinet to drown their sorrows in alcohol...and end up drowning them in each other instead. (R)
Snake/Samus + Pit: Pit is Trojan Maaaaaaaaaaaaan! (R) (Skip second part)
Red + Jigglypuff + Leaf: Red recognizes one of Jigglypuff's alternate outfits is that of the female trainer back home. (G)
Mewtwo/Lucario: Purpose (G)
Meta Knight/Jigglypuff: Fool (G)
Meta Knight + Marth + Ike: For Our Friend (G)
Ness/Lucas: Changing Colors (G)
Lucas/Smashville boy: Lucas finally finds someone to protect, instead of being the protected one. (G)
Lucas/Ness/Claus: Outnumbered (NC-17) (Includes twincest)
Flint discovers his sons on the Kink Meme: It Doesn't Run in the Family (NC-17) (A couple of my fills got featured in this! :D)
Dedede + Zelda: Behind the Mask (G) (Vague spoilers for "Revenge of the King" from "Kirby Super Star Ultra")

Man, I remember that no one in Smash Bros. fandom could write Pit as anything other than an angelic uke who had no idea what sex was. Boy I bet they were in for a surprise when "Kid Icarus: Uprising" came out!

Someone requested Ness/Ninten/Loid fluff. I would've been happy to fill that. ;; And hardcore Meta Knight yaoi, but you didn't hear that from me.

I want fluffy fanart of Lucas and Madoka hugging. They'd be the best friends ever. ;;
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After having a few uncomfortable dreams lately, I finally got an awesome one. It involves magical girls (and boys) with individual superpowers, gangsters, shootings and explosions at a football field, monster trucks, zombie generators at a beach, teachers slaughtering students for a production of the Scottish Play, a cursed NES cartridge, a boy in a wheelchair named Arnold Flush, a Dr. Andonuts-esque old man acting as a guide to the magical girls, and the final showdown against Dr. Wily in a supermarket. There were also hedgehogs setting a bear cub on fire and teachers breeding cats for slaughter, but that's more disturbing than awesome.

And I had dreams where I was writing Poo/Paula pr0n. Oh bby.
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Here's my favorite fics from Yuletide this year! :3

Fandoms: 50 Shades of Grey, Candle Cove, Classics by a 6-Year-Old, Earthbound, Ib (Video Game), Into the Woods, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Matilda, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Rise of the Guardians, Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)

I hope you've had a happy Yuletide~! )
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I just found a video that has every episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show ever made. This has led me to do things one would only do if they had spare time... writing my own episode summaries. Some based off my fandoms.

Old fashioned cat-and-mouse gore. Some episodes are titled, others aren't. )

Feel free to makes your own "Itchy & Scratchy" episodes in the comments. :P


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