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Freddie went to the groomer a couple days ago! He looks like a calander Bichon now, he's so precious! I took pictures with my new phone, so I'll upload them later when I learn how to transfer them to my computer. :P

I want new icons, specifically Kirby icons of pretty Japanese fanart, but nobody but a few friends makes icons anymore. *sob* I miss Photoshop and I have to get it back along with all my old brushes and textures from my old dead computer. Though maybe it'd be easier if I just started over from scratch. /first-world problems. I went browsing through my icon journal to look at my old icons. O THE OVERSATURATION. O THE OVERSHARPENING (AND LACK OF IT). O THE TEXTURE ABUSE. O THE OVERABUNDANCE OF BRUSHES. O THE AWKWARDLY PLACED (AND FONTED) TEXT. O THE SMUDGES I DIDN'T CLEAN. I like to think that I've gotten better now that I've seen my mistakes, at least. :P

I'm close to beating Rune Factory 4! I finished the third quest and now I'm tackling the Sharance Maze. I just want to marry Arthur and then my life will be complete. ;;
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First World Problems: I want more FNAF icons, specifically of Foxy, but DW isn't active enough. :( I managed to scrounge up some from tumblr, but it isn't much. Neither do I have Photoshop on my computer. Ah well, these'll have to do. Also, the Chica in my icon is one of the cutest version I've seen of her.
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It's Icon Day, and [personal profile] itsamellama is taking free requests until the end of July 7th! :D Ask her to draw anything you want; yourself, your friends, your favorite character, your OC, etc. and she'll draw custom icons for you! And if you tip, you get even more goodies! ♥

All About Icon Day 05. Get your icons today!
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[profile] pokechallenge
Rules / Challenge 068: Favorites / Suggestions

While we're on the subject of icons, let's have a poll.

Poll #14181 Puricons!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Which fandoms are you interested in seeing me make icons of?

View Answers

Shaymin, Togekiss, Mewtwopalooza! Bring all the shipping and Mystery Dungeon, and maybe some Pokemovies too.
5 (83.3%)

Madoka Magica! Lots of lesbians, some witches (mostly Charlotte), and humor icons to lighten the mood.
5 (83.3%)

Indie Horror Madness! Let's make magic with Ib, OFF, Eversion, and maybe more NES Godzilla Creepypasta and Lost Silver.
4 (66.7%)

Motherbound! Color some more doujinshi instead of just making bases this time.
0 (0.0%)

Ponies plz. Preferably with captions. More love for the two Gen1 TV Specials.
2 (33.3%)

Obscure animation! Unico, Ringing Bell, Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut, the animated segments of Pink Floyd's The Wall, and maybe Sea Prince & Fire Child if you can handle the tears.
1 (16.7%)

Super Mario RPG and the first two Paper Marios. Geno and Vivian all over the place!
3 (50.0%)

Yume Nikki, 2kki, and .flow. I want my share of gore and mindfuckery.
1 (16.7%)

Harvest Moon? Pretty please? You know you wanna icon the Wizard from Animal Parade!
1 (16.7%)

I don't care, I just want lots of cute animals. Like hedgehogs. And beluga whales.
2 (33.3%)

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I didn't know Hasbro released new Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls.

Dear god, they look so cute. ;;

To make this entry a little less empty...

Comment here and I'll make you an icon. Here's the catch: It's gonna be a surprise. :3
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You ever save a bunch of icons, then when you're ready to upload them, you realize you can't remember what user/comm created who?

You ever save icons you know you'll never use, but keep for the hell of it because it amuses you/makes you smile?

Then there are icons I upload that I use rarely, but I like looking at them when I'm writing something.

I miss making icons. But it's hard to feel inspired on a laptop with a touchpad and your electronic mouse won't respond to you anymore. Not to mention the lighting on a laptop keeps changing, so I can't tell if the colors on my icons are too muddy/bright or not. Augh.

Brain's a little fuzzled, sorry. I need a quick run outside.

On the plus side, I've spent my first DnD session with James and friends last night. Puri's learning! Nomnomnom. Lots of laffs were had. And I got to read more Allen Ginsberg ("Reality Sandwiches"). Life is good.

I still need to catch up on Homestuck and ten trillion things. Gonna watch a movie with Mom first. ("Tootsie") Hopefully it won't backfire on me like a couple of her past movies have.
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I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS ON N but apparently deleting my icons with him in it was a bad idea. I miss most of them now, like the N/Toukos. *sniffle* Brought most of 'em back, I'm too tired to look for the others. Goddammit, it's like as soon as my parents get home, I get 120x more stressed. Even after I've filled like eight pages of my notebook with writing today, that sort of thing is supposed to make me feel better. Stupid parents.

NO SELF. As tempting as it is, you're not supposed to revise the beginning of your novel again. Just move the bloody fuck on and get to the delicious monsters. And equally delicious plot. Aren't you dying to introduce Marius anyway? ("LOOK ANDY, IT'S YOUR FUTURE BOYFRI--I MEAN, IT'S THAT CREEPY MYSTERIOUS GUY!") I am totally not setting up my main characters to be broken into itty bitty pieces later. Emotionally, at least, though they get their fair share of literal rips and tears. God I'm so horrible.

My iconspace needs electric spiders. It's got Audinos and Pantslizards, and I just added a few Lilligants and Sigilyphs, but there needs to be Joltiks everywhere. Me making a Grimsley/Marshal icon is a must. And I ought to convince myself that my flist won't find me disturbing and defriend me if I keep uploading Raggedy Ann & Andy icons (Creepy dolls? Nooooooes!) Even if a few DO come from A Musical Adventure, which admittedly has gorgeous animation and inspired me for my novel in the first place. Learned some nifty stuff about animation while I was at it, like who Art Babbitt and Tissa David are. It's a trainwreck and becoming a guilty pleasure at the same time. What's happening to me? *sob* Also Togekiss and Shaymins. I never get tired of those~ ♥

James and I finally got to see each other since Valentines' Day. ;; We watched a movie called Sunshine, which started off as your typical moral-dilemmas sci-fi, but then it turned into Ao Oni in Space, so all was good. 8) We were gonna watch Big Fish, but we got tired and decided to save it for Burton Batman Night. So instead we played Mario Party 6 where we got our asses whooped by unfair computers (and fucking luck, grr. Why do I keep ending up last? ;;) then we switched to Tales of Symphonia, which I never played. We had lots of fun poking fun of typical JRPGs ("It's all the fault of... THE DESIGNS. OH NOES.") but it's got a certain charm to it and I love having field conversations with the members of my party. I'm looking forward to the rest of the game. 8) I can't wait until we meet Zelos~ ♥ I also borrowed a book from James called The World's Most Evil People so that should be fun~ ♥♥♥

Dad's fanboying 'cause he finally got an orchid to bloom after his earlier attempts kept dying on him over and over. Awww.

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While GPX+ is being a dick, let's play a game! :3


Comment with < b > (without the spaces) and then I will respond to your icon with one of some relevance to yours. 100 x 100 pixels are comments worth a thousand words! Let's make some delicious threads!

Let the spamming begin!
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I'M SO HORRIBLE (but not as horrible as I could be). I was gonna do Lucario, but he got spared because I couldn't find enough expressions for him. :( Same with Poo, he's grouchy on all of them. >(

Shadow is the only one I could find icons for. )

It touches me so many Shadow RP journals still use my icons though. Aww.
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Allow me to advertise [ profile] bluwiikoon 's walking icons by introducing you to [ profile] bluicons !

Brought to you by my three favorite Pokemon in the world~ ♥

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36340 / 50000

Oh my GOD, I can't believe how close I am. Grinding Week maybe?

Hey Typhie! I found a present for Archie & Maxie~ Found it from here, where there is another icon of Archie and one flowery one of Maxie. Buwahaha.
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(1) Choose an episode of an anime or television series you have on your computer or YouTube (Since Puri almost never watches television anymore, let's pick a movie! :D) Make sure you're certain you want that one, you cannot change or mind once you finish this step. DO NOT TELL YOUR FLIST WHAT YOU CHOSE.
(2) Make note of how long the episode movie is here -> 1:36:17
(3) Ask your flist to choose a time between 00:00 and whatever the length of your episode is. Be specific, (ie: 19:11, 1:21:09, 02:42)
(4) Make them an icon using THAT FRAME ONLY no matter what it is. And remember, you can only use that ONE episode you chose previous, even if the person posting isn't familiar with it.

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[ profile] tmg_icons WINS for making PokeMovie 8 icons. That is all. I hope there's more in the future. I want a smiling Sir Aaron blinking at me! ;______;
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Sonic Pairing Sketch Meme

Comment to this entry with your Sonic OTP!
Any Sonic canon is welcome!

First ten people to reply will get a sketch!
(Maybe more if I'm feeling up to it..)

Post this in your own journal offering art/drabble/whatever and spread the pairing love!

I'm juggling an awful lot at the moment, but I can do stuff from either SatAM or SEGASonic during my five seconds of freetime. My art sucks, but I'm feeling artsy and I could attempt a sketch along with the usual drabbles and icons nomnomnom~ ♥ (Dammit, I still owe Scribbler two Knuckles/Bunnie fics! I feel so horrible! T______T) You'll likely get icons though, since I've been downloading a lot of brushes and I want to experiment. :o

So... I'm a college student. Bear with me. XDDDD;;;

And dear god, this song is wrenching. ;_____________;
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[ profile] klobber wanted:

1. I think I saved that from Zar's Earthbound Screencap Adventure. I squee'd when I saw that, so I had to make an icon. X3 Dungeon Man is made of cute. Cutecutecute~ ♥
2. Shadow Todd! No rly. Best crossover ever. Shadow makes the perfect Sweeney! :o At the end of "My Friends", Sweeney points his razor in the air, announcing, "At last! My arm is complete again!" before a full-blown chorus booms in. Shadow almost does the same thing, only with a Chaos Emerald instead. XD

[ profile] cammiluna:

1. Bowser crying = instant comedy. You feel so bad for him in Super Mario RPG! XD Cheer up, Emo King!
2. Ever wondered why Jenny and Joy were so close? Now you know. OTP BAYBEH I couldn't believe someone made an icon of this! *______________*

Both of 'em were curious about:

Though by now, people probably DO want Teddy icons! Or at least this one. XDD Giant ex-gang leader from Mother 1/Earthbound 0, and I'm totally not implying any ships with that last line, oh no sir I'm not. *cough*

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Icon post. Finally.

Consider it my Christmas gift to you folks. :(
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Comment here and I'll pick five or so icons of yours and demand an explanation on why you have them. Then you post it in your journal.

Puri Answers All! )

Talking with Dad and begging him yet again for a pet hedgehog occurred to me I want to be Paula for Halloween--so I started begging Dad for THAT but no luck because he was oblivious and Mom was glaring over his shoulder and making sure I got to bed. Rats.

BUT CONSIDERING I HAVE TO GO TO THE CLOTHING STORE ANYWAY (and my shoes are starting to fall apart. XD), I might as well make a list as I look for shopping places tomorrow:

- Officer jacket/vest/badge for theater class Tuesday. (I actually have a jean vest in my drawers, but it's too ripped and more like what the escaped convict would wear. Fuck)
- Khakis for theater class (And I need more non-jean pants anyway)
- Pink dress (I've got one just the right length, but completely the wrong color. Dark purple is never gonna pass off as Paula. D: )
- Red bowtie/ribbon for hair
- White sash for dress.
- Red shoes with white laces
- Blonde dye-spray (Temporary of course. Dad mentioned he had a wig at home, so there's that to look into. My hair's the perfect length though! :o It's just the wrong color. XDDDD! It sucks being brunette sometimes)
- Candy like Skittles or something
- Candy holder! :D So I can be like the other girls in my dorm and let everyone take a piece of candy from the candy cup I leave outside my door~ <333
- FRYING PAN (optional) (I might just carry my purple purse around. XDD!)

Will I actually be able to dress up this holiday? Or will it be yet another unclimatic disappointment like past years? WE'LL FIND OUT THIS WEEK. I may be a college student, but dude! This is Paula. Nothing too complicated, right?

Dammit. I'm starting to wish somebody would come and be my Ness. Jeff and Poo work too though. Hell, fetch me all three if I'm super lucky!

I need to schedule my 2nd Monthly HPV shot this week. Bolded because it's important. The dread of the needle is always the worst...
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Blue and I can't be the only ones who make them. DDDD: DON'T MAKE ME WHIP OUT THE PR0N. ...Wait. You DO want me to, don't you? <.<;;;

Just... spam me please. D: I don't care if it's poorly made, I don't care if it's something I'll never use, I don't care if it's crossovers, pairing crack or Giygas in a bikini, I just want Earthbound icons. *sob* Amuse me? Please?

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Anyway, got an amusing email. XD

With something called 'SONADOW WRITERS: NOTICE' from an email address with 'extreme_shadow', how can it be anything but? )

Well, while we're on the topic of Sonadow...

Let's Read Bad Hedgehog Pr0n! )

Everytime I think my smutskills are crap, it's stuff like this that reminds me I do WAAAAAAAAAAY better than this tripe.


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