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You know, I love everybody in Undertale. All except one. No, it's not Jerry.

Warning: this rant will be about abusive relationships and be angry and contain a lot of swearing. And spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers.

Spoilers for Undertale's True Ending and Genocide Route. )
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FNAF3 Spoilers! )

I'm pretty sure it's just me, but I noticed that in certain Pokemon movies (and even games, if you think about it) that when a dysfunctional and/or tragic yaoi couple is thrown in as a catalyst to the plot, the story gets a whole new layer, and sometimes even immensely improves. For example:

1. The Lucario movie is not only about healing old wounds and helping ghosts rest in peace, it's the tale of a star-crossed couple who are reunited after a centuries-long misunderstanding. What, you mean it isn't already?
2. The Shaymin movie is really about Mugen and Zero's relationship. Zero uses Giratina to cover his frustration of being rejected/"betrayed" by Mugen, the one person who made him feel like he belonged and had a place outside of the Reverse World. Mugen feels guilty and helps Ash and Co. to redeem himself for his mistakes. By the end of the film, Mugen and Zero forgive each other and finally consummate their relationship.
3. If I had been in charge of writing the Arceus movie, Damos would've betrayed Arceus on his own volition (rather than handwave it by having him brainwashed by Marcus), only to regret it and sink in sorrow... until Ash and Co. visit him in time to give him a wake-up call, which has him sacrifice himself for the God he truly loved. Alas, that's not what happens in the movie, with or without scandelous God-on-Human romance. Because the Pokemon Anime writers suck. Thank god I ragequit before the Genesect movie.
4. Pokemon X/Y would actually have a subplot of Professor Sycamore wrangling with a moral dilemma and switching between denial and horror when he realizes his boyfriend is a genocidal maniac.

The Jirachi movie is interesting in this regard, since not only is Diane/Butler a hetship, the dysfunctional and/or tragic romance is actually canon instead of speculation on my part.

Now we just need a dysfunctional and/or tragic yuri couple, and the circle is complete.

You know, it's telling that the healthiest relationship in the above examples is the knight and his clearly-a-Pokemon apprentice. Figures.
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Puri chats with Darke on her birthday! Naturally this led to Puri discussing Eusine and Morty being magical men. )

Mewtwo as a Magical Pokemon? OH MY. /George Takei )

Cresselia is a Puella Magi! And Darkrai's a... witch? )

Greenband Jiggly (1:06:48 AM): In that fangame/fanfic I was making, there's... a dark twist involving Darkrai's Disney Death at the end of the movie.
Greenband Jiggly (1:08:06 AM): Basically, Alice and gang learn that Darkrai was dead all along and that Spiritomb was channeling his body to bring Alamos Town into a permanent Dark Void where its 108 spirits could play forever.
darkeiyadeylo (1:11:03 AM): D:
Greenband Jiggly (1:13:33 AM): Too bad for the tenth Pokemon movie though. I'm busy writing about a ragdoll and a marionette falling in love~ <333

As soon as I typed the last two sentences, I realized that should've been my attitude on fandom from the beginning. SCREW YOU, DARKRAI MOVIE. TEAR MY HEART NO MORE. I'M OFF TO DO THINGS FOR CANONS AND STUFF I ACTUALLY ENJOY. Like writing gay toysex~ ♥
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So I jokingly think, "lol what if Kyubey from Madoka met Raggedy Ann? She'd just tell him she has everything she wants already." Not to mention in the books she's got a Wishing Pebble sewn in her body. Who needs a contract when you've got a Wishing Pebble? Then since Raggedy Ann doesn't have a Wishing Pebble in my novel, a dark thought occurred to me.

Madoka spoilers! )

Okay, that was stupid. I'll stop rambling now. :P All this time I could've spent writing my actual novel. Woes.
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So squeeze me, taste tease me, say I'm your own, but I'm no girl's toy...

Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Livestream: SUCCESS! :DDD I wanted to save the entire conversation we had during the stream, but my stupid computer only copy-pasted the last part. Nooooooooo! BIGGEST TRAGEDY EVER. I'll recount the best moments here:

Spoilers! Extreme perversity. Wished you were there to join us~ )

Everyone who watched Raggedy Ann & Andy with me, you've totally made the experience worth it. ;D Thank you so much! I'm glad you all liked it, for making me laugh and sharing your insight, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again in any future Livestreams~! ♥♥♥

...My god, did I just make this icon?
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A big, BIG thank you to Lark and Nam for replying to the previous post. ;; I'll give myself today and tomorrow to write various drafts for the prompt on my test~ ♥ That way, I'll be relaxed and having fun and won't be panicking by the time the end of the month draws near. XDD;;;

Dad might want to take me somewhere to make up for something scary/bad that's happened yesterday. I've also been bored out of my mind trying to hatch the perfect Larvesta. :/ Maybe I need to catch more Dittos at Giant Chasm? Like a Modest Ditto?

It's times like this I start wandering what Pokemon my novel characters would have. And what about Raggedy Ann & Andy? They say a Pokemon team can tell you a lot about your personality...

Raggedy Ann & Andy's rosters, followed by tl;dr regarding Puriverse and the original Johnny Gruelle tales )

I need more Raggedy Ann & Andy books. <.<;;;
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I had a mini-discussion with Zuki-chan about N not that long back. You know, regarding all those kink meme requests where he's a rapist or being raped and he's always a spineless loser who wouldn't recognize a penis if the guy with the Flash TM from Castelia City showed him. You know something? I'm probably overreacting. I've been working on my novel for so long I've kinda been out of tune with all matters Pokemon. At least fandom-wise. I mean, N is a creeper. It wouldn't surprise me if he's been raped alongside the kajillion problems he's already had with childhood. That's why his own theme is fucking creepy.

Endgame spoilers on B/W and why Ghetsis sucks even more than you realized. Contains rape theories. )
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DON'T MIND ME these are just thoughts swimming around my head. Might as well type it out.

My biggest problem with the movie was how friggin' useless Sheena was, especially when you had an interesting plot bit such as Damos & Arceus yet even that just wasn't well thought out. So how would I handle it if say, I had to write a manga adaptation of the Arceus movie, assuming I can draw and meet deadlines and all that jazz? :P Let's see...

In which Chibi Dialga, Palkia and Giratina bounce on Papa Arceus' back while he's trying to read. )

I think WAY too much about crappy Pokemon movies. It's fun though! XD Boy oh boy I can't wait to reinstall Photoshop so I can work on PokeNikki my creepy Rise of Darkrai fangame again. ♥
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Might as well, since I'm up and getting ready for NaNo Day 2.


As you can see, I've gone through this game three times to pick up any Easter Eggs I've missed, and I'm feeling too chicken to pick it up again. <.< It was raining and thundering while I was writing this, aaaaaaaugh. DD: I was scared there would be a power outtage and then I'd freak out.
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Goddammit, I like the Lavender Town theme. But when you've got the slower lower-pitched version from CreepyBlack as your earworm, it really makes it hard to sleep. I should've been asleep since 3, but I'm not. Now I'm afraid to shut off lights 'cause I'm worried Uboa will appear again, or in the dark, Scissorman will pop out from my bedsheets and come after me. Stupid, I know. Not so stupid when you're the one freaking out, though.

While CreepyBlack has been haunting me, I've been wondering about a few things.

- After you beat the Elite 4, what's the first thing you do? Go to the Unknown Dungeon (aka Cerulean Cave) and chuck that Master Ball at Mewtwo, of course. What role would Mewtwo play in CreepyBlack. I think it'd be a waste to leave him out entirely. Could you enter after you got all the badges as opposed to becoming Champion, so you could go inside to catch/Curse Mewtwo? Seeing a tombstone in the final level of the Unknown Dungeon would be chilling. Unless Mewtwo is replaced from the game entirely with a tombstone, so that'd be yikes. I'm guessing without HMs you can't reach Mewtwo as an Old Man, but what if you can? If you cursed Mewtwo, would he be the last Pokemon to show up in your murdered roster, similar to your Rival?

- At the end of CreepyBlack, you fight all the Pokemon and Trainers you've used Curse on before "battling" the ghost. But you can also beat the game without cursing anyone at all, and it'll take you straight to the ghost. Now this is what I'm wondering about. I imagined that the ones you cursed are coming after you when you're an Old Man, either because they're coming back for revenge or as an Old Man, you're so racked with guilt and/or fear that you imagine them coming back to make their dues. But if you never killed anyone, what do you have to feel guilty or afraid about? Why is the Ghost coming for you anyway? CreepyBlack is about death, right? Or our fear and/or denial of it. Could it also be about acceptance? What if, instead of having the option to Struggle, you choose to do nothing? What would the Ghost do? Will it only curse you if you struggle? I think this quote sums it up:

"The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life: your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away, but they're not punishing you, they're freeing your soul. If you're frightened of dying and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth." ~Meister Eckhart
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Butler = George
Diane = Maria

Butler = Scientist
George = Scientist

Queen Mary = Ethereal with blonde hair and carnival-like palace.
Diane = Beautiful with blonde hair and carnival big-top.

Magicant = Pillars
Faunz = Pillars

Guy who went psychotic and lost what he loved: Butler
Guy who went psychotic and lost what he loved: George

Just like a pup: Giegue
Just like a pup: Jirachi

Meteorite/Onyx Stone: Giegue/George's Melody aka Gravestone
Meteorite/Onyx Stone: Jirachi

Powered by Machine: Giegue
Powered by Machine: Jirachi (being part-Steel)

Electricity to Save the World: EVE
Electricity to Save the World: Reversing the weird machine thingee to suck back Demon*Groudon with Jirachi's help

INVINCIBLE JUGGERNAUT: Demon*Groudon, powered by an unwilling Jirachi

(Until PWN'D By Sacrifice): R7308XX
MACHINE OF DOOM (Until PWN'D By Sacrifice): Demon*Groudon

PWN'D by Melody: Giegue
PWN'D by Melody: Jirachi (in this case, Jirachi likes it and wanted to hear it before going back to sleep)

Take a Melody, Simple As Can Be: 8 Melodies
Take a Melody, Simple As Can Be: Chiisaki Mono (Small One)/Make a Wish
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So Puri couldn't sleep and was innocently rereading the Annotated Lolita. Cue big giant footnote regarding the origin of John Ray Jr.'s name. So the original John Ray was known for his systems of natural classification. "His system of plant classification greatly influenced the development of systematic botany (Historia plantarium, 1686-1704). He was the first to attempt a definition of what constitutes a species." It's important to know that Vladimir Nabokov is a lepidopterist and has a giant passion for butterflies. Ray's system of insects, set up by Methodus insectorum (1705) and Historia insectorum (1713) is based on the concept of metamorphosis. So Ray Jr.'s name isn't a coincidence at all. You know who first pointed that out?

Diana Butler in "Lolita Lepidoptera," New World Writing 16 [1960], p.63.

Here's what's interesting. At the end of the 6th movie, Diane and Butler stay at Fauns to rebuild the damage caused by the demon Groudon and to research plant life. Diane may or may not have mentioned that plants were her dream. Butler was a scientist himself, was he? What brought Nabokov great joy was the awe of capturing a rare and beautiful butterfly. Genus Lycaeides Scudder: The Orange Margined Blues. The recent work of Nabokov has entirely rearranged the classification of this genus." To which the author of Lolita pointed to the description for a friend and said, "That's real fame. That means more than anything a literary critic could say."

Butler loved to make other people happy. But Team Magma jeered him away and his obsession for power and proving them wrong cost him dearly. Whenever he was a magician for Diane, whether she be his audience or assistant, are those excerpts from Nabokov's poem, "A Discovery", the type of joy he sought and thought he could find in capturing Jirachi?

I found it and I named it, being versed
in taxonomic Latin; thus became
godfather to an insect and its first
describer--and I want no other fame.

Wide open on its pin (though fast asleep),
and safe from creeping relatives and rust,
in the secluded stronghold where we keep
type specimens it will transcend its dust.

Dark pictures, thrones, the stones that pilgrims kiss,
poems that take a thousand years to die
but ape the immortality of this
red label on a little butterfly.

Why don't they have this stuff on Bulbapedia? Still, I feel super finding this out on my own. Gosh, I feel super excited in knowing one of my Pokemon OTPs is associated with one of my favorite authors! :o
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I finished watching I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream the other day, and I was disappointed I couldn't find the bad ending anywhere. Godammit, I wanna see the mouthless jellyfish blob! I need mooooooooooooore! *_________________*

I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanna make a fanfic inspired by this game/short story now. But how would I do it? What fandom would it be for? SatAM is likely, considering Griff, Sally and maybe Bunnie are prime candidates. Hell, maybe even Ant wouldn't be bad as long as I'm not forced to put the camera on him 24/7. What haunting mystery lies behind Rotor? Though you have to wonder why Griff is there with the main freedom fighters and not say, Sonic or Tails. (Tails is too young to be fucked up and traumatized! Sonic already experienced his episode in canon at Sonic's Nightmare. :P) I dunno how many people are gonna rat me on Ari or Lupe, but... but Griff! He's totally AM Torture Material! (Robotnik playing the role, of course)

As much as Tory from Pokemon Movie 7 was poorly executed and made me want to punch him in the face ("I'M AFRAID OF POKEYMANZ AND THAT INCLUDES EVERYDAY PIDGIES"), he could definitely work in a IHNMAIMS scenario. Who to pair him with though? Molly? Jirarudan? I'd say Tonio but Puri's mean enough to him in the Darkrai sequel already. Dr. Fuji and Nimdok have plenty of common, but well... who wants to write about and redeem Dr. Fuji? XDDDD;;;; Maybe that's the purpose of IHNMAIMS?

"Hey, you're my favorite, baby. I mean it. I really can't stand all the rest of these people. Every one of them has some fatal glitch in personality. Whiners, freaks, crips, cowards... every one of them. But not you, Ted. No, my man. Not you, Ted!"

Don't forget the bits in the short story where AM enters Ted's mind and "withdraws". Twice. COMPUTER HATESEX RAEP FTW ♥
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Hookay! I have drabbles for Scribbler and Liane tomorrow (they're written! Just not typed up. :o ) Again, under a TON of school stress right now. Do not want. *hedgehog hiss* Doesn't help I'm wearing a leg brace.

Make me better by commenting on LJ Headers. Nomnomnom~ ♥

Both Pokemon! They're sharable by the way, so use 'em if you like as long as you give credit~ ♥

Hero of the Wave: Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation... )

Rise of Darkrai: So have I found your secret weak spot, baby? )

Oh god. Ew. Now my brain is broken typing that last sentence. Thinking of pleasant Aaron/Lucario thoughts to make the nasties go away. @.@;;;
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The best things about The Rise of Darkrai are what they DON'T tell you. :o

In Which Puri Ruins Accordshipping (Aka Movie 10's OTP Alice/Tonio). XD )

Puri is mean mean mean~ ♥


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