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Yuletide Recs are going to come late this year. I got so many fics to read and so much I want to write and auuuuuugh. But for now, here's the gifts I got, which is the biggest turnout I recieved from Yuletide thus far! :3

Puri loves each and every single one of you! ;; )

My fic will come later. I've got a Yuletide treat I want to finish for the New Year's Resolution collection. :)
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I don't know when I'm loading the Realmscon photos, since I don't have a cable for my phone yet. So instead, let's talk about Undertale.

I did both peace and genocide runs. I'm going to go indeph in spoilers into this, and Undertale is the kind of game you should NOT be spoiled for. So... play it first, okay? Then come back and hear me cry.

Inside the labyrinth walls, there lies a tiny child who sleeps alone )

And this child I will destroy if you try to set her free )

I recommend playing the peace run, then if you're wondering THAT much about the genocide route, you can play it up to a point... THEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP AND RESET BEFORE YOU FACE ASGORE. That way, you'll get all the extra dialogue about what you've done that round for the next playthrough, but still have a chance to redeem yourself. You can always watch the genocide ending on Youtube. Listen to people when they say personally beating the genocide run will ruin the best ending forever. Not just in a metaphorical/psychological sense. It literally WILL.
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One of my favorite things about good writing is that no matter how much you read, there's still an awesome twist out there that'll totally rock your world. I love being wrong in my predictions and being totally surprised. :D

Mermaid Swamp was like that. Goddamn. I won't look at "mermaids" the same way again. Fun Fact: I got the absolute worst endings first, and that was me playing normally. Whoops. But looking back, getting the bad endings first is how I recommend playing this game. It gives you much more food for thought by the time you get the True Ending. Quick spoiler for the 'Secrets' Ending )

I've forgotten how unnerved I get by bloated things floating in the water. Probably due to my family looking after sick goldfish in my childhood. The nasty gurgling sounds you hear when you enter Yuka's room... ugh.

I like that Rin is a loud-mouth, haha. XD I'm used to having a silent protagonist or someone like Yuka as the main character in RPG Horror games, so Rin's a nice change of pace. While I've seen shippy art of her and Seitaro together, I prefer them as Vitriolic Best Buds. Seems more fun that way.

I've been so pleased with Uri's games! I liked Paranoic, and I liked The Crooked Man even more. Dat storytelling, man. All I've got left to play is The Sandman, which I'll check out next time I'm disappointed with a game. :D
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One Night at Flumpty's

CoryxKenshin wasn't kidding when he said this was the best FNAF spinoff. This is a hundred times superior to Five Nights at Wario's as far as I'm concerned. Plus the animation is so clean and it reminds me of Adventure Time. :D
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I went to an animation Livestream yesterday, which showed a cute movie called "A Monster in Paris." There's two versions, the English dub and the original French, and we watched the latter with subtitles. It's got teeny bits and pieces of "Phantom of the Opera" and little homages to other films such as "La Belle et la Bête" and "King Kong" and a charming cast (for the most part. The chat booed whenever the annoying waiter showed up. XD), including the titular monster who is a giant flea and his only dialogue is in song during the film's musical numbers. He's so cute and timid and sweet! (And the chat squeed with me, of course) And his voice is gorgeous in French. Sean Lennon (John Lennon's son) plays him in the English version and he does fine from what I've heard of him, but I'm too spoiled by the original French actor, haha. XD

Here's the song he sings after we see his form for the first time.

Sorry for the Spanish subtitles, but this is the closest to high quality of the French version I can find. Anyway, the highlight of the movie is when Francoeur (aka the Adorable Flea Monster) and Lucille share a duet together:

La Seine (French version)

Watch it when you've got spare time, nomnomnom. I'm certainly glad I did. :D *adds Francoeur to the list of characters I've got to get icons of*

In Animal Crossing news, Cookie threw a party for Queen Mary today, and Marshal and Skye attended the party too. I love you, Cookie. ;; Never change. ♥

I finally finished my English paper! Now I can curl up and dread my lab exam tomorrow morning. :P
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Fandoms: Ib, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Literary Trysts It Gives Me Great Joy To Think About RPF, Maurice, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Toy Story, Twisted Princess, WALL-E, Windows 95 Tips.

Whoo hoo! )
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"dys4ia is an autobiographical game about the period in my life when i started hormone replacement therapy. it's a story about me, and is certainly not meant to represent the experience of every trans person."

Simple and effective, and it'll take you at least three minutes to finish. This is a wonderful game. ;;
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I just finished reading and listening to a really awesome creepypasta based off the NES Godzilla. Sure, it's had its corny moments ("I KILLED SPOILER MUFASA") and cliches common in crappypastas ("ZOMG THE GAMEZ ALIVE AND TALKING TO ME!!!11!1"), but the spritework and the way the author sets up the atmosphere is so good, I can forgive them. I was invested in this from beginning to end, and though a lot of people would disagree with me, I thought the ending was satisfying and well-deserved. There's a lot of legitimately creepy parts in this, particularly the Entropy level. :o

The dramatic reading is great too, it plays music from the original game and such, and has a few bonus jumpscares. Plus the reader kinda sounds like James Rolfe at points. :o Someone recommended it over the original blog, but your call.

Retsupurae did a dramatic reading of a SMB3 crappypasta called BLOOD WHISTLE. I gotta give my hand in riffing that one when I get some spare time. XD
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I've been browsing through old entries at [ profile] id_smash_that, the Smash Bros. Kink Meme. So many memories! Ness/Lucas and Red/Lucas were very popular requests, which makes me a happy duck. Here's some old fills I've liked~ ♥

Red/Lucas: Squishy cute awkwardness with the size difference is welcomed. (Fanart) (G)
Ness/Lucas: Cavity-inducing fluff. (Fanart) (G)
Meta Knight/Kirby: Scars and bittersweet fluff. (G)
Marth + Meta Knight + Ike: Oath of Fire (G)
Jeff + Lucas: Jeff teaches Lucas the finer points of aiming a bottle rocket. (G)
Peach/Zelda: Peach making a 'cake' on Zelda's body for her enjoyment. (R)
Red/Lucas: Dick in a Box (PG-13)
Olimar + Pikmin: Excerpt from Captain Olimar's Journal (G)
Ness/Lucas: Coming of Age (NC-17)
Captain Falcon/Snake: After being rejected by Samus in rapid succession, the two raid the liquor cabinet to drown their sorrows in alcohol...and end up drowning them in each other instead. (R)
Snake/Samus + Pit: Pit is Trojan Maaaaaaaaaaaaan! (R) (Skip second part)
Red + Jigglypuff + Leaf: Red recognizes one of Jigglypuff's alternate outfits is that of the female trainer back home. (G)
Mewtwo/Lucario: Purpose (G)
Meta Knight/Jigglypuff: Fool (G)
Meta Knight + Marth + Ike: For Our Friend (G)
Ness/Lucas: Changing Colors (G)
Lucas/Smashville boy: Lucas finally finds someone to protect, instead of being the protected one. (G)
Lucas/Ness/Claus: Outnumbered (NC-17) (Includes twincest)
Flint discovers his sons on the Kink Meme: It Doesn't Run in the Family (NC-17) (A couple of my fills got featured in this! :D)
Dedede + Zelda: Behind the Mask (G) (Vague spoilers for "Revenge of the King" from "Kirby Super Star Ultra")

Man, I remember that no one in Smash Bros. fandom could write Pit as anything other than an angelic uke who had no idea what sex was. Boy I bet they were in for a surprise when "Kid Icarus: Uprising" came out!

Someone requested Ness/Ninten/Loid fluff. I would've been happy to fill that. ;; And hardcore Meta Knight yaoi, but you didn't hear that from me.

I want fluffy fanart of Lucas and Madoka hugging. They'd be the best friends ever. ;;
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Here's my favorite fics from Yuletide this year! :3

Fandoms: 50 Shades of Grey, Candle Cove, Classics by a 6-Year-Old, Earthbound, Ib (Video Game), Into the Woods, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Matilda, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Rise of the Guardians, Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)

I hope you've had a happy Yuletide~! )
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The family's discovered unopened presents sent from seven years ago from the Dolans and my late Grandma Ag. :o Here's what I got:

- A hairbrush and a set of hair ties.
- A pink short-sleeved sweater-like shirt that fits me perfectly. :o
- Chicago: Original Broadway Cast (Holy shit, and I still haven't even seen the movie)
- A pretty lilac journal (96-lined pages)

I know my 16th birthday's long been over, but... thanks Grandma Ag. ;;

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Executive Meddling hadn't gotten in the way of making certain movies? Did you think how awesome it would've been to watch The Spirit as an animated movie directed by Brad Bird? If Thief and the Cobbler* had been finished on time and released uncut? If Ralph Bakshi had made that animated horror film he wanted instead of That-Godawful-Atrocity-That-I-Hate-That-Should-Burn-In-Fucking-Hell-It-Does-Not-Deserve-Breathing-Space-And-Makes-Me-Spit-Vile-When-I-Mention-Its-Name aka Cool World?

Or if you're just a film fan who likes to ponder the "What if"s. What if the roles of Carrie Fisher and Sissy Spacek were switched between Star Wars and Carrie, and Carrie Fisher played Carrie White?

That's just what Impossible Dreams by Tim Pratt is about. It's the most interesting short story I've read in a long time. :o You can also listen to the podcast/audiobook version here. Found it via one of comments on the 80's Dan Halloween III episode at Brad's site. :o

*I don't think it's a great movie, even with the Recobbled Cut, I'm just using it as an example.
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John/Karkat is so cute. ;; Adorkable derpfaces and perpetually-irritated grumpy-softie aliens ftw.

Jean shared adorable smutfic with me and I am so happy, hfdkjghkjdsgkhdsg

Alien tentaclecock and the sand and the seashells, both by [ profile] alanahikarichan. (Both NSFW. The former speaks for itself. ;D) The first is hot as hell, and the second is the cutest fucking thing I've ever read in I don't even know how long ghsjkghdskjghdkg. Both fics are adorable though. Oh my god, I'm so giddy.

Boy oh boy, I can't wait to troll my boyfriend James with how cute John/Karkat is. He's a lot like Karkat, complete with adorable sarcasm and begrudging softiness~ ♥

Note: Please don't spoil me past page 4900 on Homestuck. I'm reading with Jean and catching up slowly, so I've been doing good to keep myself in the dark regarding what happens next. :P
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I finished Mauriiiiiiiiiiiiiice! And I immediately jumped on the chance to watch the movie too. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR A REVIEW.

"Set in the elegant Edwardian world of Cambridge undergraduate life, this story by a master novelist introduces us to Maurice Hall when he is fourteen. We follow him through public school and to Cambridge, and on into his father's firm, Hill and Hall, Stock Brokers. In a highly structured society, Maurice is a conventional young man in almost every way, "stepping into the niche that England had prepared for him": except that he is homosexual.

Written during 1913 and 1914, immediately after
Howards End, and not published until 1971, Maurice was ahead of its time not only in its theme but in its affirmation that love between men can be happy."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh boy! Indepth rambling, complete with spoilers! )

What do you know? The entire movie is up on YouTube! It gets slow-paced at times, it being a period film and all, and a little long (2 hours and 20 min) but if you've got plenty of spare time, check it out. :o I do warn you though, while it's a relatively tasteful film (kisses and men sharing a bed, nothing too scary), there are a rare couple scenes where there's male frontal nudity, so... not entirely SFW. ("Ahhh, just getting comfy after 70 minutes in the Edwardian life of uppity British people... HOLY DANGLING PENIS BATMAN")

Here's Part 1. You can easily find the rest of the movie on the sidebar. :3
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It's interesting visiting other people's journals, really. I hopped on Zar's journal regarding an entry to a movie she shared that's become one of my favorites this year ("You Are Umasou") and clicked on one of her friends. Browsing through their tags, I discovered an entry where they talked about Unico. I thought, "Hey, I liked Unico!" and agreed with all the sentiments the poster shared regarding the two movies and the TV pilot. Then a different film was brought up in the comments: Ringing Bell. Curious, I searched for it on YouTube, since the original link was dead. Lo and behold, both the English dub and the Japanese version. :o Since the movie was short, I took the time to watch both, nom.

Ringing Bell(known as CHIRIN NO SUZU in Japan) is a Legendary Shock Movie which was controversially marketed towards very young children in the USA. It is most notable for being a G-rated Children movie which halfway through makes a sharp and sudden turn into a violent, morbidly-depressing dark story.

Because this cartoon was marketed towards very young children, the "Shock Effect" that this movie presented created controversy when it was first brought to America. Many parents were outraged at the G-rating of this film and complained to Sanrio that the film had caused their children emotional trauma and nightmares. The English Version of this film(which is featured on this channel)was modified to be more age appropriate for young children. The dialogue was changed, and many "childish" noises and sound effects were added. Yet, the scenarios and the outcome of this film was still seen as age-inappropriate and Ringing Bell was pulled off of shelves in the mid 1980s and never again released in America.

In Japan this film is remembered as being a cautionary tale which symbolized the post WW2 society. It deals with issues such as non-conformity, self hate, depression, revenge, discrimination, and coping with death, loss, and disappointment. It is still distributed in Japan, yet impossible to find in the USA.

It reminded me something of when Zar mentioned Chimecho back when Gen III was still new. Spoiler alert ) Hence why the ringing Pokemon Chimecho was such a rare Pokemon on top of Mt. Pyre...

For the longest time, I thought it was a Japanese folk tale (and I completely forgotten that it was a Revenge is Bad story; the lamb went to the mountains so he could kill the wolf who murdered his mother), but I couldn't remember the name of it (or the sheep, for that matter). I even checked Chimecho's Bulbapedia entry and there was no mention of the "legend." So I brace myself as I start to watch Ringing Bell, and I'm thinking, "Something about this seems familiar." Sure enough, it was the same story. The pieces came together and I realized what was going to happen, which didn't make it any less powerful or horrifying to watch.

I appreciate the silences in the Japanese version more, but it was spooky in the dub that Chirin had the same voice as Unico's. Compare Unico, this pure and innocent being no matter how tragic his fate, to Chirin, a lamb consumed with hate and rage until it's the only life he knows. Talk about discordant.

Usually I don't like depressing films, but I think Ringing Bell is a very important film to see. You'd be hard-pressed as hell to find anything like this being made today, especially marketed as a kid's film. Not in a "DUR HUR HUR LAMBS AND BUTTERFLIES KIDS WILL LOVE THIS" way, but as an intentionally frightening fable about revenge, nonconformity, and even the horrors of war. I remember watching one of my Beatrix Potter tapes and refusing to watch the Aunt Jemima one again because there was a scene where her eggs got smashed and it left her in sobbing hysterics. How would I have reacted to the egg-smashing scene in Ringing Bell as a kid? Hoo boy.

I know it's Banned Book Week, but considering this movie's been yanked off shelves into obscurity in the US, it feels oddly appropriate to have watched this. :o
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Usually I don't read fic twice. Even rarer, 3-5 times. But my gosh, I turn into fangirl goo everytime I read this ficlet from [ profile] pokanon (Giima/Renbu, NSFW) My god, two lines in particular. I won't spoil. X33

Giima/Renbu aka Grimsley/Marshal. I totally ship it. X333

Dream World? Work soon plz. I need my EV-reducing berries. D:

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EC Comics - Weird Fantasy #18 - Judgement Day!

Holy crap. No comic's made me think like that in a long time.
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Fanfiction Writing Meme Questions 16-20 )

Remember kids, Eusine doesn't care if you catch Suicune. He's happy for you! But I hope you didn't release Suicune just to make him happy again... that'd be a bad idea. Just warning you. <.<;;;

30 Day Fanfiction Writing Meme )

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Day 3: A game that makes you really happy


Smiles & Tears )

In short: EVERYBODY PLAY THESE GAMES. YOU WILL BE GRATEFUL AND LOVE ME FOREVER. You can't go wrong with a series of games inspired by the Beatles.

What about Mother 3? That's reserved for tomorrow...

30 Day Video Game Meme )
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Writing Meme from galuxkitty, nom )

The last fics I read were Zar's Dahlia finds tru love! and this interesting original screenplay that's an adaptation of Evangelion's plot. Hm. :o


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