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I finally convinced Jimmy to play Undertale! These are his thoughts thus far:

It's like watching a caterpillar go through the various stages of its life until its inevitable metamorphosis. ;; )

Ohhhhhh man. Little does Jimmy know how much he resembles a certain character in the game...
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Puri tries to think of ideal voice actors and seiyuu for her novel characters with Jean )

And then chat went dead, haha. XD Guuuuh, I really should be working on my novel again, but depression is a pain in the ass. :(
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Jimmy is an asshole and thinks of the worst names for a pair of rats ever. >(

No surprise )
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Me: Headcanon: Ness, Paula, and Jeff look up to Poo for his maturity. Jeff feels most comfortable around Poo, and whenever he's feeling insecure, Poo reminds him of his worth. Poo is always truthful, so when he says he respects you (he says that at least once to all the Chosen 4), it means a lot. ;;

Ness and Jeff have a tendency to bicker a lot, because their backgrounds are so different and their personalities clash. After Paula is kidnapped at Fourside though, they learn to work together and see how valuable their differences are. After they save Paula, Ness teases Jeff a lot less, and Jeff is less critical of him. They're the "friends you don't expect to be friends" kind of pair.

Paula's view of the Chosen 4:

Ness: Sometimes she can be a little exasperated with him, but it never lasts long. She relaxes around him almost instantly, and considers him the best friend that she's always wanted. ;;

Jeff: She has a lot in common with him, and she's quite pleased about that. Sometimes Jeff confuses her ("SCIEEEEENCE!") and some of his behavior and technobabble is lost on her, but she doesn't mind.

Sarah: paula always seemed like the most accepting one

Me: Poo: She has a great deal of respect for him. She's never expected a prince to act and look like he does, and she's still blown away by his humility. He's the one she turns to for particularly deep/philosophical conversations.

Sarah: oh i like that idea

Me: All: Mother hen of the group. Paula wants you to take better care of yourself, and leave Jeff alone, Ness. >(

Sarah: that she and poo talk about philosophy
i bet she's really mature for her age :V

Me: She really is, especially because her psychic powers made her grow up too fast.

Sarah: since her parents own a preschool she probably is used to being a 'grownup' too

Me: Ness lets her be a kid again. ;;

Sarah: aww
they should do silly things together

Me: Ness & Paula are the adorable cute couple who just enjoys doing the little things together, like going out for pizza or watching a movie~
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Me: It just occurred to me. If it weren't for the pink, my skirt looks exactly like the one for Madoka's school uniform.
James: Oh Jesus.
James: Please tell me you're not gonna cosplay as Madoka.
Me: No, I look more like Homura.
James: Can we dress Zevran as Kyubey?
Me: No.
James: Aww.
James: Come on.
Me: I'd be the worst Madoka. I'd be a complete and total bitch.
James: You being a bitch?
James: Hah.
Me: Kyubey: Everybody has to play Super Smash Bros. Tournament style. No items, Final Destination-only.
Madoka: That's horrible! *cries*
Me as Madoka: Screw this. *goes to the menu and turns items on and selects New Pork City*

Magical girls play Smash Bros! Of course, spoilers are inevitable. )

In other news, Jimmy is playing the SoulSilver that I gave him~ I can't wait to learn what team he's going to raise. :3
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Me: *after talking with Jimmy about how frustrating subtext is* Hell, I just want Madoka and Homura to be canon in the upcoming movies.
Me: I heard that Kyouko has a one-sided crush on Sayaka in the PSP game, but that's only halfway there.
James: Yeah.
James: There is one thing I can agree.
Me: That's why Andy & Marius are going to be canon~
James: That they do seem to pussyfoot around gay/lesbian characters in the form of subtext, but they never seem to take the plunge.
Me: Hell, Madoka and Homura's seiyuu discussed with Urobuchi, "Please make them canon! Pleeeeease?"
Me: So just make it happen. You're not fooling anyone by saying, "They're just friends."
Me: But yeah, I want to do something about that subtext business. It's irritating me too.
Me: Yami no Matsuei has all those cute guys and relationships, but no canon gay*. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
Me: Busting those bastards out of the closet.
Me: You know what REALLY annoys me, maybe more than pussyfooting with "subtext?"
Me: When they have a "canon" gay couple, but they get nowhere near the amount of screentime and affection that heterosexual couples do.
Me: Jimmy & Timmy and Jim & Tiffany come meet each other at the airport and they haven't seen each other in a month. Jim & Tiffany hug and kiss.
Me: Jimmy & Timmy? Shake hands and hug.
Me: Tom and Barry are in love. They love each other guys, they're always holding hands!
Me: Melissa and Rhonda are a couple, but we'll never see them having sex. If we do, it'll be a minute of them having censored cuddles before they're interrupted.
Me: But when Melissa cheats on Rhonda with a hot guy named Albert, ALL THE BLOWJOBS ALL THE FUCKING ALL THE BOOBS BABY. AND IT'LL LAST FOR TEN HOURS.
Me: Didn't Team America make fun of this? Like, never show a guy getting a blowjob from another guy (just the receiver's expression) but when the guy gets together with a girl, it's HOT SEXY PUPPET TIMEZ blown out of proportion?
James: Yep.

*There's a gay couple in a side story in the manga, but they're one-shot characters. And they both die. So it doesn't count.
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Me: Caught up on Nostalgia Critic reviews.
Me: I'm interested in "Heavy Metal" now 'cause it looks Crazy Awesome.
Me: And the "Signs" review accurately shows everything that's wrong with Shyamalan.
James: Hah.
James: Misread that as Shaymin.
Me: Awwwwww!
Me: Shaymin is way cuter than pretentious directors~ <3333

Which makes me feel a little better after reading some horrific things in the con/weeaboo horror stories thread that he linked me. :(
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Puri chats with Darke on her birthday! Naturally this led to Puri discussing Eusine and Morty being magical men. )

Mewtwo as a Magical Pokemon? OH MY. /George Takei )

Cresselia is a Puella Magi! And Darkrai's a... witch? )

Greenband Jiggly (1:06:48 AM): In that fangame/fanfic I was making, there's... a dark twist involving Darkrai's Disney Death at the end of the movie.
Greenband Jiggly (1:08:06 AM): Basically, Alice and gang learn that Darkrai was dead all along and that Spiritomb was channeling his body to bring Alamos Town into a permanent Dark Void where its 108 spirits could play forever.
darkeiyadeylo (1:11:03 AM): D:
Greenband Jiggly (1:13:33 AM): Too bad for the tenth Pokemon movie though. I'm busy writing about a ragdoll and a marionette falling in love~ <333

As soon as I typed the last two sentences, I realized that should've been my attitude on fandom from the beginning. SCREW YOU, DARKRAI MOVIE. TEAR MY HEART NO MORE. I'M OFF TO DO THINGS FOR CANONS AND STUFF I ACTUALLY ENJOY. Like writing gay toysex~ ♥
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Greenband Jiggly (10:16:51 PM): Is it sad I looked up the Pinkeye Halloween episode just so I can see Stan as Raggedy Andy?
Vorsatrix (10:17:31 PM): He is not Andy.
Greenband Jiggly (10:17:45 PM): I know. I still got a kick out of everyone mocking his costume.
Vorsatrix (10:18:24 PM): Nice.
Greenband Jiggly (10:18:39 PM): Shut up, Cartman. Stan is no girl's toy. /I am SO sorry
Vorsatrix (10:18:56 PM): That does it.
Vorsatrix (10:19:03 PM): I'm leaving to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins right now.
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God, I love Isshu's Pokemon. ;; A lot of them are such sweethearts. Look at their dex entries! Like Enbuoh, who "cares deeply for its comrades."

Dex Entries Galore! )

And here, we're spazzing about Zuruzukin )

Now I ship Zuruzukin/Kirikizan. Nomnomnomnomnom~ ♥
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Vorsatrix: Apparently the creator of IWBTG believes that it's something other than an impossibly difficult platformer.
Greenband Jiggly: Pffft.
Greenband Jiggly: Satire? :P
Vorsatrix: No, no.
Vorsatrix: I mean the creator of IWBTG takes his own game seriously.
Vorsatrix: And thinks it's possible to beat and we just suck if we can't.
Greenband Jiggly: Quick! Teach IWBTG as literature in schools!
Greenband Jiggly: Hell, I'd teach Earthbound 0, Earthbound AND Mother 3 as literature. I'm not kidding.
Greenband Jiggly: That's how hardcore the series is.
Vorsatrix: Jesus.
Vorsatrix: I really need to play this series, don't I?
Vorsatrix: Should I start with Earthbound 0?
Greenband Jiggly: I recommend Earthbound first. EB0 will be a lot more enjoyable, especially since it'll shed a different light on the game having played the SNES game first.
Greenband Jiggly: Earthbound is a lot more humorous and easier to play.
Vorsatrix: But wasn't EB0 released first?
Vorsatrix: Or was it a prequel?
Greenband Jiggly: EB0 is released first. I'm just giving a recommended order. :3
Greenband Jiggly: Mother 3 should be saved for last since it's the BAM! of the series.
Greenband Jiggly: And it's also the most dramatic.
Greenband Jiggly: Giygas should be a complete mystery to you until after you beat Earthbound. Then you play EB0 to learn about his backstory.
Vorsatrix: Gigyas?
Greenband Jiggly: The main antagonist of EB0 and EB.
Greenband Jiggly: There are two antagonists in EB: your past best friend/rival/enemy Pokey Minch (referred to as Porky in Japan) and Giygas.
Greenband Jiggly: With Mother 3 and Giygas's defeat, Pokey takes up the reins completely.
Vorsatrix: Oh lawdy.
Vorsatrix: So he's either a cartoon pig or a claymation horse.
Greenband Jiggly: That's right! XD
Greenband Jiggly: And either way, he's a fat bastard.
Vorsatrix: Awesome.
Greenband Jiggly: Basically he goes from being an annoying little kid to a mega cooperate to an evil dictator. No kidding.
Greenband Jiggly: Think Gary, but evil.
Vorsatrix: And fat, apparently.
Greenband Jiggly: AND a complete monster.
Vorsatrix: And a partridge in a pear tree.
Greenband Jiggly: Pfffft. XDDDD

I can't wait to show James the Mother series~ ♥
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Greenband Jiggly: Puri is a horrible, horrible person~
Spunky HePanda: What happened?
Greenband Jiggly: Puri's taking sprites and making pr0n0s out of them.
Spunky HePanda: Haha
Greenband Jiggly: I'm using Kooper and Parakarry. XD
Spunky HePanda: Just call it art
Greenband Jiggly: *giggle*
Spunky HePanda: What a combo


Paper Mario Sprite pr0n! NSFW )

Greenband Jiggly: HERE'S THE PORN
Direct IM session initiated. What is this?
Fireimps87: oh puri XDDD
Fireimps87: haha
Greenband Jiggly: Nobody bends down in Paper Mario. ;;
Fireimps87: yeah they just squat
Greenband Jiggly: And I was too lazy to get rid of their shells, so PRETEND THEY'RE DOING IT WITH THEIR SHELLS ON SOMEHOW
Greenband Jiggly: Otherwise they'd be shirtless.
Fireimps87: hahaa
Greenband Jiggly: Also don't ask why the fuck Parakarry is still wearing his mailbag during sex.
Fireimps87: XDDD
Greenband Jiggly: 'Cause again, it wouldn't be practical. : P


Fireimps87: ^^
Greenband Jiggly: That explains Superman 64.
Fireimps87: khlkhhkl
Greenband Jiggly: God loves Kooper/Parakarry~
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I cannot stop staring at this picture.

hsumi1: It kind of strikes me as they were in an argument, and just finally realized they were attracted to each other.
hsumi1: In the middle of it.
Greenband Jiggly : Yes. ;;
Greenband Jiggly: And they're so confused. ;; Especially Eusine.
hsumi1: XD
hsumi1: slap, slap, kiss?
Greenband Jiggly: Hee hee. X3
Greenband Jiggly: You could say that.
Greenband Jiggly: I think Eusine's attraction for Morty was something that was there all along, something that slowly developed, but he never noticed because he was looking for Suicune. He had his mind on other matters.
Greenband Jiggly: Then when he's with Morty and tension is getting high... bam.
hsumi1: lol
Greenband Jiggly: And Eusine is left thinking, "What happened? What have I done?"
hsumi1: aww
Greenband Jiggly: He can't explain it. So he kisses Morty again.
hsumi1: X3
Greenband Jiggly: Just knows he wants to be there. With him.
Greenband Jiggly: Damn straight Eusine gets what he wants.
hsumi1: Except Suicune.
Greenband Jiggly: But he's got a delicious best friend he subconsciously has the hots for. :3
hsumi1: XD
Greenband Jiggly: I guess that's what I like about Sacredshipping. Eusine is not overtly "I love you" and obvious. They act on a more subtle, carnal level.
Greenband Jiggly: Togekiss: When Love is Felt, Not Spoken~
Greenband Jiggly: It's... so... beautiful! ;;
Greenband Jiggly: How sweet it is! How refreshing it is! How beautiful it is!
Greenband Jiggly: ;;
hsumi1: lol
Greenband Jiggly: Of course, it's still frustrating when Eusine ignores Morty, but hey. XD Cockblocking is part of the appeal!
hsumi1: lol
hsumi1: I still want someone to play a prissy narcissistic male Suicune gijinka to troll Eusine.

God Eusine, you're such a derp. But that's what makes your relationship with Morty so beautiful. ;;

Edit: Greenband Jiggly: Aren't they beautiful together? ;;
Greenband Jiggly: I think they are. *wipes tear*
Fireimps87: For a minute i thought it was some guy and Snake
Greenband Jiggly: Hee hee. Morty just got himself another nickname. XD
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Fireimps87 8:39 pm
(8:39:38 PM): Shadow is a sad boy
Greenband Jiggly 8:58 pm
(8:58:19 PM): Shadow?
(8:58:33 PM): He still rides his motorcycle, right? XD
Fireimps87 8:58 pm
(8:58:39 PM): yup yup
Greenband Jiggly 8:58 pm
(8:58:48 PM): Silly Shadow~ <3
Fireimps87 9:00 pm
(9:00:48 PM): haha in his profile
(9:00:50 PM): under LIKES
(9:00:54 PM): it lists NOTHING
Greenband Jiggly 9:00 pm
(9:00:58 PM): ddjkflgyfdkljhdklfjhdfkljht
(9:01:00 PM): LIAR
(9:01:01 PM): LIAR
(9:01:03 PM): PANTS ON FIRE
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
(9:01:10 PM): haha
(9:01:12 PM): I dont use shadow
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:18 PM): He likes Maria! >(
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
(9:01:22 PM): %D yeah he does
(9:01:31 PM): My favorite character to use is Billy
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:37 PM): Silly Shadow! That's not liking nothing!
(9:01:39 PM): Ooh.
Fireimps87 9:01 pm
Greenband Jiggly 9:01 pm
(9:01:58 PM): Yep!
Fireimps87 9:02 pm
(9:02:13 PM): SHADOW"s special is chaos spear
Greenband Jiggly 9:02 pm
(9:02:24 PM): Sounds like him all right~ <3
(9:02:39 PM): Shadow: I like NOTHING. >( Not even beating up Sonic!
Fireimps87 9:02 pm
(9:02:43 PM): haha
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14068 / 50000

Didn't hit 1667 today, but I did hit 14k, so that's good enough for me. ♥

Hoo boy, this week is gonna be tough. @.@;;;

Stupid Kirby Chat Fun Between Philleh and I. Introducing the New Kirby Dub, KUSA! )
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Greenband Jiggly: I read a synopsis of the Arceus movie.
GosaiSon: ya?
GosaiSon: go crazy time travelling!
Greenband Jiggly: It's going to SUCK! DDDD: *hedgehog hiss*

Gaggity Gag Gag. A Movie About GOD Shouldn't Suck! )

/still wishes Sheena was the main villain. It would've been *GASP* badass!

But yeah. If anyone finds a raw of the credits on YouTube, let me know. ;; I need my Antipodeanshipping and the Alamos Trio! Well, mostly the former and not ZOMG-Accordshipping-IS-SO-PERFECT!!11!1-gagginess-while-Alberto-looks-like-an-idiot stupidity, but still.
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So I took a deep breath and forced myself to watch Manaphy and the Prince of the Sea. It was better than the manga adaptation. Marginally. The beginning was the only good thing about it because Jackie is awesome. How it tricks you into believing you're getting into something good! I even prepared myself for watching the damn movie:

I still think skeleton pirates like Cortez or Barbossa should've been in this film. )

Yet even with the breathing mask and bird-watching for Jackie could prepare me for just how AWFUL this movie is. It sucked!

Manaphy movie: The Little Mermaid meets a watered-down (haha) version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. With Donkey Kong in a pirate suit as the bad guy. Seriously! He lifts a boulder twice his size and it's the closest to a barrel he ever gets to throw at Jackie. Or anyone else. In his own movie, Jackie isn't allowed to do anything exciting after the beginning. If a movie is capable of killing my fun and enthusiasm, it's this one. Subtext? Smashed. (Don't worry, Jackie/Ash! I still believe!) The cutest scene where little Jackie is snuggling with the Swablu, Altaria and Furrets? Ruined by a ridiculous do-do-wop a capella (reggae?) (Guys, you're killing the mood!) Everytime something implies action or something cool and exciting or even touching, it veers away and takes the easy route out. God I was squirming in my seat already! Though it's my head that hurts. It's... ow. I SAW IT FOR JACKIE. Did I get enough of him? NO. FUCK NO. Even being prepared to be disappointed, I KNEW my spirits would get crushed. Hell, for watching this movie, I demand a fucking reward. Namely Jackie pr0n. WHY JACKIE. WHY WERE YOU WASTED AS A CHARACTER IN A HORRIBLE FILM!? YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL. WHY? WHY!?

This and Movie 7 need to die in a pit and go to fucking hell. God I hope Movie 6 and Movie 4 don't make me throw as many objects at the screen as I do now. (Barrels, in this case. With fire and knives inside) Interesting that one of my favorite PokeMovies, Movie 8, had to be wedged between those piles of sewage.

P.S. The Sea Temple Akusha = In reality, the Sleeping Beauty castle of the Walt Disney logo.
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Greenband Jiggly (1:40:17 PM): *sigh* But gosh, I could use me some Poo pr0n. Or Poo writing.
Greenband Jiggly (1:40:23 PM): He's such a serious darling. ;;
ticktocklass (1:40:36 PM): hee
ticktocklass (1:40:46 PM): yeah, there's not much fic about him. Jeff seems to be more popular
Greenband Jiggly (1:40:53 PM): When he's receiving love from Paula, that's the best~
Greenband Jiggly (1:41:30 PM): Jeff shown up more. And I guess fanfic writers are phobic against mostly-bald martial artists with questionable names.
Greenband Jiggly (1:42:09 PM): Look the bright side!
Greenband Jiggly (1:42:58 PM): Poo spelt backwards is Oop(s)! Which leads to Spoo. Add one more consonant, and Poo's true name is... *dundundundun* Spoon!
Greenband Jiggly (1:43:28 PM): Now you can quote FF4, The Tick, and the Matrix at once!
ticktocklass (1:43:38 PM): hahahah
Greenband Jiggly (1:43:44 PM): Poo: Spoons are serious business! >(
ticktocklass (1:43:47 PM): :D
ticktocklass (1:43:52 PM): they probably use chopsticks
Greenband Jiggly (1:43:59 PM): Or sporks!
Greenband Jiggly (1:46:13 PM): Question: does Poo like spooning in sex? I bet he does.
ticktocklass (1:46:32 PM): aww
ticktocklass (1:46:35 PM): he won't admit it
Greenband Jiggly (1:46:36 PM): Poo: There IS no Spoon in my name. >(

Silly old bear Pooh. ♥


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