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An Open Letter to the Female Hat-Wearing Poodle from Go Dog Go!

What an adorable letter! ;; Indeed, the hat-wearing poodle can wear whatever she pleases. ♥
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Sara sent me a large homemade Togekiss plushie, a hand-painted Mario mushroom container with chocolate kisses inside, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a cute card, and a picture of Madoka and Homura spending their first night at Freddy's.

Christmas = TOTALLY MADE. ♥♥♥

Thank you so much, Sara. ;;

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I got to spend three days with Jimmy for three days of fun~ ♥ We're unlocking the final boards in the original "Mario Party", (Rule: Skip/Deliberately lose games like "Paddle Battle" so you don't ruin controllers) and I played half of "Portal" and watched Jimmy beat the rest because I couldn't figure out the last puzzles for the life of me. We watched "Battle Royale" at Dave's apartment, which is probably one of my favorite movies now. <.< I gotta get my hands on the book and manga! We went to Lock-In, which is basically a place where you stay up all night to play pinball and arcade machines free of charge. (You still gotta pay to get in and for extra drinks and pizza, as well as signing up for tournaments, but still) I played and beaten "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace", but I only got beyond the first level in "Dragon's Lair II" before I ragequitted. Deranged Animation aside, that game is friggin' hard. :/ I got the top High Score in "Bubble Bobble II" though! Some dude praised me on my skills and said I should be in the Smash Bros. tournament. :o Apparently I was at it for so long that someone was waiting their turn. Whoops. I managed to beat the game in time though, even if I didn't get the true ending. (Fuck that, I'm raising a kingdom as a bubble-blowing dinosaur queen! Why would I want to be human again?)

I watched some guy play crappy SNES games on an emulator, which was fun. Once AVGN is done with his movie, he's got to review the "Flintstones" games. The SNES one based off the live-action film feels reminiscent of the "Wayne's World" game, and it's so deranged in its Uncanny Valley it isn't funny. Just... look at Fred's face and the "health emoticons." wtf.

I didn't go for the Smash Bros. tournament 'cause hey, it was No-Items-Final-Destination-Only crap anyway. :/ I would've signed for the Pokemon tournament in a heartbeat, but B/W wasn't allowed (not compatible with "Pokemon Battle Revolution") and I had already moved all my best Pokemon from Diamond/Platinum/HeartGold. Aaaaaaaaugh. DDD: Those bastards used Garchomp and Legendaries, I would've wiped the floor with them with Togekiss. >( (And if we're going the Legendaries route, Shaymin will be there for the whooping too) Thankfully, the trainer without Legendaries won, and his Breloom cleaned some guy's Mewtwo's clock~ ♥ Which goes to show how awesome Breloom is. Spore/Leech Seed/Substitute/Bullet Seed doubled with Poison Heal/Toxic Orb combo, baby. 8) He had a Swampert with Jimmy's name, awwww~ ♥ There was a hilarious match where someone challenged a trainer with a Magikarp called "YOURFUCKED" and it was getting beaten up by a Shuckle. Eventually, the guy only had Magikarp (poisoned and in the yellow) left, then he forfeited the match because "I didn't want to see my baby get hurt." Awww. Crowning Moment of Heartwarming there.

When we got back to Dave's (and crashed for a while, because Lock-In wiped us both, and we had no pillows. :( ), Jimmy introduced me to "Minecraft" and I'm kind of hooked now. <.<;;; I'll have to buy the game on PC, nomnomnom. We also went to Target because I wanted to see if "Pokemon Conquest" and any G4 pony I didn't own was there, but no luck. "Pokemon Conquest" was nowhere to be found, and except for expensive playsets and a Fluttershy or two, the "My Little Pony" section was wiped clean. :( I was hoping Honeybuzz or Plumsweet would be there, but alas.

Jimmy has also sent me a .pdf of the entire "50 Shades Of Twilight Boredom Romanticized Abuse Grey" trilogy, so I'll likely be snarking on that later. Buwahahahaha.
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The other day, I got a super sweet comment from someone on DA about my Mewtwo creepypasta:

Oh, wow, I'm so glad that I could find the author and the piece so I could favorite~ This is really amazing, Mewtwo's my favorite Pokemon--and it's not often that you find such a good tribute. ^^ And before I saw the comments where you confirmed that you wrote this, I was about to ask if you knew of the author or any fanart XD

I've just recently gotten into Pokemon, and even more recently into creepypasta, so this was an amazing find for me. In fact, it's very inspiring on top of it all~ You are an excellent author, my friend! :worship:

I had it in my inbox for a while, trying to think what to say, but I hadn't gotten around it yet due to family drama involving my mother. Imagine my surprise when the same fan commented again, but this time had written a companion piece inspired by my creepypasta.

And it's really good! It fits the atmosphere and tone of my pasta perfectly, and it pulled off a tricky feat... writing from Mewtwo's POV without being too emo or soft. And it was very well-done and I told the author so and expressed my gratitude. ;;

Long ago, another DA fan asked for a link to my fanfiction page, and I gave her my account and creative LJ. Today she just thanked me and said, "I just love your writing! :D" Little things like that give my heart grow tiny wings which flutter with joy. Lord knows I'm no BNF, but having fans like these who feel close-knit to my work is totally worth it. And I wouldn't trade them for all the heaps of hollow netspeak praise in the world. :)

It's good that there are people who are confident in my writing when I'm having so much stress over it and IRL. ;;
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The Wrestler and the Cornflake Girl

I was never a wrestling fan so I don't know who the heck Mick Foley is, but this entire article gives me the warm fuzzies. Basically, anyone who's ever had music have a positive impact on their lives (or say it's changed their life for the better) can relate with this, whether or not they're Tori Amos fans. The original journal post I found the article at even drew adorable fanart. Daaaaw.


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