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Me: *crying forever about Undertale*
QueenOfJebri: why are these characters so perfect
Me: How far are you? Which endings did you get?
QueenOfJebri: i haven't been able to buy the game but i'm watching several people play it also it's been spoiled to me 5ever
...for, not to
good job, lex
also i'm never doing genocide run because no
Me: It's not too late to be surprised. ;; People are always discovering new things in Undertale.
QueenOfJebri: that's true
the way saving works leaves room for that
Me: And I don't blame you. I'm never completing Genocide run again. *hedgehog hiss forever*
QueenOfJebri: CRIES
also goat mom is my fave but undyne is just... amazing...
undyne makes me think of vriska from homestuck but like... not an asshole
Me: That's exactly how my friend described her. SHE'S VRISKA IF SHE WASN'T AN ABUSIVE ASSHOLE
QueenOfJebri: YES
she's what vriska could have been
Me: TV Tropes said she's also kinda like Meenah, which explains the spears and fishiness about her.
QueenOfJebri: this is true!
Me: Undyne was my fave after Peace run, but after Genocide run and reading an indeph analysis of him, SANS BREAKS MY HEART
I love everybody though.
Even fucking Flowey.
Wait, I don't love Chara. Fuck them.
QueenOfJebri: Chara scares me
MeChara is horrible. :'-( HE RUINS EVERYTHING
QueenOfJebri: Chara fascinates me because I love villains like him but
oh my god
also flowey makes me angry but sad
Me: And the worst part is you can't blame him 100% because it's still your fault he's even alive again in the first place.
QueenOfJebri: YUP
QueenOfJebri: i can blame him partially though because apparently he was a little sociopath while he was alive too
Me: The only thing he hasn't done is molest Asriel... O WAIT HE DID. Well, metaphorically, but...
QueenOfJebri: yeah D:
Me: Flowey is so fun to hate, yet at the same time, he's YOU. You don't want to admit it, but you relate to him.
QueenOfJebri: yup :c
Me:I also have a crush on Mettaton. I CAN'T HELP IT HE'S SEXY
Me: The way this guy voices him does NOT help.
QueenOfJebri: omg yes
Me: I headcanon him sounding just like Tim Curry.
Me: Funnily enough, that occured to me while I was scrolling through my dash. I reblogged a pic of Mettaton, and what followed immediately after that was a cast reunion of Rocky Horror, then a photo of Frank-N-Furter.
QueenOfJebri: XD

Me: After beating peace run, I shipped *Asriel x Frisk. But after thinking about genocide run, I ship them even more because THEY KNOW WHAT EACH OTHER IS GOING THROUGH.
QueenOfJebri: FEELS
Me: I think Frisk would be so scared of Chara taking over their personality again, and Asriel is the only one who's experienced that too.
QueenOfJebri: ;_;
Me: It's like... I dunno, Ken from Digimon? It's been years since I watched it, but I think he always worried about the Dark Seed blooming and him becoming the Digimon Kaiser again.
QueenOfJebri: he did iirc
Me: WITH POOR FRISK POST-GENOCIDE RUN, IT'S BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED. Being forced to kill their friends after having once given them their happy ending, and Chara passing on their memories of each murder run onto them.
QueenOfJebri: THE WORST
Me: When they get older, Frisk and Asriel should be allowed to have weepy comfort sex. Fucking right on top of the flowers. ON TOP OF CHARA'S GRAVE.

Flowey: Gross! I can't BELIEVE I have to sit through this!
Frisk: ...*flips the bird at them before continuing*
Asriel: Ahh...! <3

Me: Just like in one of the final scenes in Juno.
QueenOfJebri: /snicker

*(In chat, I actually typo'd "Asriel" as "Ariel" as in The Little Mermaid. Godfucking dammit)

QueenOfJebri: omg this au idea of yours
my soul
Me: Papyrus would actually be excited about having his soul confined to a gem. Nothing can kill him as long as his Soul Gem is untouched? AWESOME!!! "The Great Papyrus is invincible!!!" He wouldn't feel like a zombie at all. 'Cause well, he's a skeleton. <.<
QueenOfJebri: XD
Me: Once he learns who the witches actually are, he'd go out of his way to be as hospitable as possible, serving them spaghetti, talking about how awesome they are... And he keeps going and going until he's practically dying, so Sans has to step in and defeat the witch himself. ;;
QueenOfJebri: ;____;
Me: And there's a time Papyrus accidently beats a witch, so he clings to Sans and cries. ;;
QueenOfJebri: ;w;
Me: "I... I killed someone. This isn't supposed to happen! I, The Great Papyrus, would never lay a hand on an innocent! I... I... *sinks to his knees and sobs*
Sans: *walks over and embraces him* it ain't your fault, bro.
QueenOfJebri: T_T
Me: Sans knows Papyrus would never be malicious. ;; Unlike a certain someone ELSE he knows. *cue Sans giving the angry glowing eye to Chara*
QueenOfJebri: gdi chara

Finally, I got to explain Undertale porn (aka "Undertail") to Jimmy. His reaction? Priceless.

Jimmy: Back.
Shamanic Shaymin: Hey Jimmy! I've been looking at porn on tumblr.
Shamanic Shaymin: I had to add "magical glowing dicks" to the tags today.
Jimmy: Neat.
Jimmy: Wait, what?
Jimmy: Magical glowing dicks?
Shamanic Shaymin: Yep.
Jimmy: I'm going to hate myself for asking, but what are you talking about?
Shamanic Shaymin: Undertale fandom.
Shamanic Shaymin: All its porn gets its own tag under "undertail."
Shamanic Shaymin: Basically, the world is populated by monsters, whose bodies are mostly made up of magic.
Shamanic Shaymin: The two most popular characters in the fandom are skeletons.
Shamanic Shaymin: So in porn, the skeletons create a dick using magic. Hence "magical glowing dicks."
Jimmy: Ahhh.
Jimmy: Don't think I'm going to ask what they're sticking the dicks in.
Shamanic Shaymin: You can say that they got boners.
Shamanic Shaymin: (And yes, one of the skeletons is constantly making terrible puns, and this joke of mine is something he'd actually say)
Jimmy: vomitchan.jpg
Shamanic Shaymin: *listens to Jimmy cry* *evil cackle*
Jimmy is now Offline.

Remind me to get Photoshop back so I can spam my LJ/DW accounts with Undertale icons.


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