Oct. 20th, 2015

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Things I Love About Undertale #568: Male characters with obviously feminine traits/interests/personalities, and they're not ridiculed for them or treated as joke characters or "justified" that it's done for a ~*~manly reason~*~ (I'm looking at you Cori Falls, for your depiction of the Flaming Moltres as the "ultimate symbol of masculinty." *cough*)

Dammit, I should just download Photoshop again. I want to make Mettaton icons. And Papyton icons, 'cause they're my new OTP.
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A decent and honest review of Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea.

I want to print what this guy says about Mogeko's writing and characterization and paste it on my door. THANK GOD ME AND ZAR AREN'T THE ONLY ONES WHO FOUND IT MEDIOCRE. Every other review I read (aside from one bitchy one that screeches how everyone who plays the game are problematic monsters who should burn in hell) gushes over its OMG AMAZING STORY/CHARACTERS/ETC. and I'm sitting here thinking, "Uh... no?" Plus this guy brings up some good points that I hadn't mentioned in my own review, like Wadanohara's passiveness (and how it makes her boring as the main protagonist, despite her cute design) or how the main villain just didn't work for me as a villain.

Frankly, I’m also amazed at how many people either adore [Wadanohara] or want to bang her. Anyone who doesn’t find her lovable or at least cute is most definitely a villain, and I don’t think her familiars have any life goals outside of her at all. Is that what being a familiar is about? I mean, Chlomaki’s lobster familiar is more developed than them by virtue of wanting her father to be safe and having a life outside of her master. Considering they’re there for almost all of the story, that’s… kinda sad.

I knew there was a reason I liked Lobco and not just her design; she's got more personality than Wadda's three familiars combined. Three whole characters who are supposed to be important side characters.


Quick spoilers for the big twist! tw: rape & sexual assault )

It’s a cut above average RPG Maker games, but that’s not saying much. To me, it’s the equivalent of bad (as in mediocrely bad, not bad bad or hilariously bad) fanfiction in RPG Maker form. It’s junk food for people who like cute romances, cute characters, good graphics, & surprise creepiness. That’s not a bad thing to like though - sometimes, you just need something cute. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Which is the best way to describe the game, imo. WHY MUST THE ART BE SO GOOD *sob* Also, this guy recs Dreaming Mary in place of Wadda, just like I did! I wonder if we're secretly cousins.


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