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Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

1. Undertale
2. Revolutionary Girl Utena
3. Five Nights at Freddy's

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Assuming the Five Nights at Freddy's movie is ever made, my ultimate dream actor for the Purple Guy would be Jack Nicholson.
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FNAF3 Spoilers! )

I'm pretty sure it's just me, but I noticed that in certain Pokemon movies (and even games, if you think about it) that when a dysfunctional and/or tragic yaoi couple is thrown in as a catalyst to the plot, the story gets a whole new layer, and sometimes even immensely improves. For example:

1. The Lucario movie is not only about healing old wounds and helping ghosts rest in peace, it's the tale of a star-crossed couple who are reunited after a centuries-long misunderstanding. What, you mean it isn't already?
2. The Shaymin movie is really about Mugen and Zero's relationship. Zero uses Giratina to cover his frustration of being rejected/"betrayed" by Mugen, the one person who made him feel like he belonged and had a place outside of the Reverse World. Mugen feels guilty and helps Ash and Co. to redeem himself for his mistakes. By the end of the film, Mugen and Zero forgive each other and finally consummate their relationship.
3. If I had been in charge of writing the Arceus movie, Damos would've betrayed Arceus on his own volition (rather than handwave it by having him brainwashed by Marcus), only to regret it and sink in sorrow... until Ash and Co. visit him in time to give him a wake-up call, which has him sacrifice himself for the God he truly loved. Alas, that's not what happens in the movie, with or without scandelous God-on-Human romance. Because the Pokemon Anime writers suck. Thank god I ragequit before the Genesect movie.
4. Pokemon X/Y would actually have a subplot of Professor Sycamore wrangling with a moral dilemma and switching between denial and horror when he realizes his boyfriend is a genocidal maniac.

The Jirachi movie is interesting in this regard, since not only is Diane/Butler a hetship, the dysfunctional and/or tragic romance is actually canon instead of speculation on my part.

Now we just need a dysfunctional and/or tragic yuri couple, and the circle is complete.

You know, it's telling that the healthiest relationship in the above examples is the knight and his clearly-a-Pokemon apprentice. Figures.
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One Night at Flumpty's

CoryxKenshin wasn't kidding when he said this was the best FNAF spinoff. This is a hundred times superior to Five Nights at Wario's as far as I'm concerned. Plus the animation is so clean and it reminds me of Adventure Time. :D
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Mike = Utena
Phone Guy = Anthy
Freddy = Touga
Toy Freddy = Ruka
Bonnie = Miki
Toy Bonnie = Kozue
Chica = Juri
Toy Chica = Wakaba
Mangle = Shiori
Foxy = Saionji
Balloon Boy = Nanami
Jeremy = Mikage
Fritz = Mamiya
Golden Freddy/Purple Guy/Puppet = Akio/Dios

I tried. D:
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First World Problems: I want more FNAF icons, specifically of Foxy, but DW isn't active enough. :( I managed to scrounge up some from tumblr, but it isn't much. Neither do I have Photoshop on my computer. Ah well, these'll have to do. Also, the Chica in my icon is one of the cutest version I've seen of her.
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So here's a scenario I've thought up for a human AU, mainly involving Mangle:

All her life, Mangle had been bullied. She was never exactly pretty, and a lot of the teasing came from all the acne she had, leading to kids calling her "Pizza Face." Then one day, to put the final nail in the coffin, she barely survived a freak car accident.

With all her limbs broken, she would be wheel-chair-bound for the rest of her life. Teasing was rarer (Good News: No one called her Pizza Face anymore. Bad News: Now they called her Mangle), but now everyone would avoid her or shake their heads with pity. Her only consolation was her makeup kit, where she would sit in front of the bathroom for hours "drawing" and "painting" her face. It didn't make her less ugly (in fact, most people found her even more terrifying with makeup), but it was something she liked to do and it calmed her.

One day, after she was transferred to a "disabled" class, she met a boy with a hook for a hand playing with blocks. He was known as "Foxy," a messy redhead who caused all sorts of trouble and gave the teachers a lot of grief, such as sneaking behind other kids and scaring them or running down the halls. Mangle looks at the blocks longingly, when Foxy sees her. He's intimidated by her at first, but he shakes it off and invites her to play pirates with him and join "his crew." Mangle crawls out of her wheel-chair and they play together for hours. They become close friends, and Mangle chases Foxy by wheeling after him in the hall, much to the distress of the adults.

Eventually, Foxy introduces Mangle to his other friends: Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. While resembling little angels who always received good grades, they're just as much mischief makers as Foxy is. The five of them have a lot of fun causing mayhem at school; while Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica were subtle, Foxy and Mangle were wilder and often sent to detention. This meant that Foxy and Mangle didn't get to see the other three as often, and sometimes, they felt a little left out. Eventually, even Foxy started to avoid Mangle, hoarding things she couldn't see and making excuses that he was busy. She wonders if maybe he wasn't her friend after all…

One day, Mangle wheels her way home after an average, boring day. She opens the door:

"Happy Birthday!" Foxy popped up from the side and winked.

While she had been away, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy had set up a surprise party for their new friend. All this time, Foxy had been squirreling away gifts for her, and wanted to keep them a secret. They spend the rest of the day laughing, eating cake and pizza and ice cream, and playing games.

And that was how Mangle met her new best friends.


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