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You know, I love everybody in Undertale. All except one. No, it's not Jerry.

Warning: this rant will be about abusive relationships and be angry and contain a lot of swearing. And spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers.

I don't think there's ever been a video game character that's pissed me off more than the Duck Hunt Dog and Ellen from The Witch's House.

I'm talking about the Fallen Child from Undertale. Or "Chara" or whatever the fuck you're supposed to name them. For the purposes of this essay, we'll stick with Chara. You know everything bad that happens in this game? The agony and misery the characters are forced to endure until Frisk saves the day? It's all Chara's fault.

Chara is a bad apple from the start. Their hatred for humanity is not normal for a child, which is basically every cliche Creepy Kid from a horror film ever. When they heard that Asgore got sick by buttercups left in the pie they made with Asriel, they laughed their fucking ass off. Worse, the buttercups probably weren't an accident, meaning they wanted to poison their adoptive dad on purpose. Simply because they thought it would be funny. They fooled the entire Underground into thinking they were their savior and got a power kick out of it, winning the sympathies of their new monster family so they could "die" and destroy all humans. If Chara hated themself so much they'd kill themselves for the "greater good," why does Asgore say they have "hope in their eyes"? If they were so noble they were willing to matyr themself to free everyone from the Underground, why were they obsessed with killing humanity and willing to start another war between humans and monsters? "BUT WEEEEEEH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH they've been so abused on the surface!!!11!1" A shitty past is no excuse for Chara's current actions. Look, a real abuse victim wouldn't harbor such a grudge no matter how much they've suffered. You're either strong enough to remain kind and compassionate after the abuse you've endured or you're Satan incarnate who uses their Twagical Past as a Get-Out-of-Jail card to commit atrocities. There's no in-between; this is reality.

Now that I think of it, Chara has a lot in common with Christian Grey, especially with they way they treat people they supposedly "love." Asriel Dreemurr is undeniable proof of this. Chara's so-called "friendship" with Asriel is abusive and disgusting, and it breaks my heart that Asriel suffered so much because of such a toxic friend. Chara manipulated Asriel and used him for their own gain, turning his kindness and naivety against him and breaking him down to the point he transformed into a Woobie Destroyer of Worlds. They'd been nothing but cruel toward Asriel, calling him names and using scare tactics to bully him to do whatever they desire. Asriel walks on eggshells around Chara, afraid to say anything that could make them upset. But thanks to Stockholm Syndrome and Chara's manipulation, he thinks they're his best friend and he doesn't want to let go. If Chara hadn't pressured him to give them buttercups and demand him to kill all the humans in their village, Asriel would probably be still alive and not ever have to lose his soul in the first place. Chara and Asriel's relationship reminds me so much of Vash and Knives from "Trigun": like Vash, Asriel is a kind and innocent boy whose life got utterly screwed over because of his "step-sibling." It's not until the end of True Pacifist that Asriel finally realizes what a cruel person Chara was, and that Frisk is the first "true" friend he has ever made. Unless one's been bullied or dealt with a toxic friendship before in their lives, the thought of anyone shipping Asriel with Chara after all he's gone through makes me ill. I just... can't comprehend it. Oh yeah, after all the shit Asriel's dealt with, let's throw away all character development for him and have him skip merrily back to his abuser! All for the sake of KAWAI YAOWIEEEZ!!!1!11 Fuck this fandom.

Not to mention Chara is such an entitled little brat that if you give up your soul at the end of Genocide run, they will permanently ruin the happiest ending forever. That's right. They threw such a tantrum that you wanted to bring everyone back to life that they decided no one will be happy ever again. They've come back to life in the murder run and killed everyone, and threw a fit when you wanted to save everyone and start over. So if they can't have their way, no one will! FUCK YOU, CHARA. FUCK. YOU.

Going back to why Charasriel sucks, anyone who ships Chara with anyone ever like Frisk or Sans is condoning abuse. Even the people who ship them who have just come out of a toxic relationship are only hurting themselves or perpetuating their own abuse, encouraging others that what they've experienced is good and not psychologically damaging. Frisk is merely a puppet for Chara to play with, and a way for them to continue the cycle of abuse that they finished with Asriel. Charasans have no regard to Sans' feelings; fangirls just want to force him into hatesex with Chara because they think it will be "hot." Do shippers completely ignore the fact that Chara killed his brother? Or do they conviniently forget it ever happened? Papyrus exists folks, and he's not there to be killed so he can stay out of the way of hawt skeleton buttseckz!!11!1 I've talked about this pairing at length here.

Asriel is an innocent child who did nothing wrong, and to pin responsibility on his actions as Flowey (who, by the way, is a completely different entity who is nothing like Asriel himself.) is sheer victim-blaming. Frisk may be partially responsible for the events in the neutral and murder routes by passively allowing Chara to do as they please and not fighting back hard enough, but the massacre of all monsters Underground, the grim fate of humanity, and the tainted ending as the result of Soulless-Pacifist is all on Chara. Seriously. Fuck you, Chara. FUCK YOU.





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