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Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

1. Undertale
2. Revolutionary Girl Utena
3. Five Nights at Freddy's

*the first character you loved:
1. I think it was Undyne, actually! She was advertised to me as "Vriska if she wasn't a selfish asshole" and that's accurate! XD Then I loved Mettaton, and remained that way for a while before I eventually settled on Asriel. XD
2. Utena herself? Not much changed from that, though I'm torn between her and Anthy as my fave.
3. Foxy, for sure.

*the character you never expected to love so much:
1. CHARA HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Went from "Okay, I know it's the Player's fault for Genocide run, but seriously, what a manipulative brat" to "MY PRECIOUS BBY I LOVE THIS FUCKING KID GIVE THEM JOY FOREVER AND EVER"
2. Nanami, dear lord. It's her final two episodes that did it. DDDD:
3. "Okay she looks creepy" to "omg you poor thing ;;" regarding Circus Baby.

*the character you relate to the most:
1. Alphys, hands down.
2. Shiori is me at my worst, painfully.
3. Mangle, I think? We've both been treated like a toy and punching bag for kids. :(

*the character you'd slap:
1. Flowey, but I think he'd laugh if I did. <.<
2. LOL. I'd say Ruka, but Juri already did that, haha. XD And Saionji's the resident butt monkey and so's Nanami, so they're punished plenty already. So that leaves... Akio. YOU BASTARD
3. Balloon Boy, but that's expected. XD

*3 favorite characters (in order of preference):
1. Asriel, Chara, Mettaton (Frisk?)
2. Either Utena or Anthy, Juri
3. Mangle, Circus Baby/Ennard, Ballora

*a character you liked at first but not anymore:
1. There's characters I've toned down on, but none I dislike really? I don't have anybody I don't like in Undertale, for example. XD
2. See above.
3. See above.

*a character you did not like at first but now do:
1. Flowey went from the villain I loved to hate to being the bastard side of a traumatized child who needs all the help and all the hugs. Rereading his lines after knowing his true identity is so heartbreaking. Poor kid has been through so much. ;;
2. Nanami again. XD I've softened toward Saionji a little more toward the end of the series, even if he IS still a dick. :P
3. Balloon Boy is funny in the Five Nights at Fuckboy's series, at least? XD But wow. Come FNAF2, I went from being terrified of Freddy and the gang to feeling sympathetic for them. ;;

*3 otps:
1. Friskriel, Charasriel, Charisk. Aka I'm the most predictable person in the world. XD
2. Utena/Anthy, Juri/Shiori, Utena/Wakaba
3. I don't ship anybody in FNAF, haha. XD Phone Guy/Mike Schmidt is probably the closest I've got, but it's more of a "maybe this could be interesting" thing. Wait a minute, two more: FNAF4 Kid/Happy Ending and Six Murdered Children/Happy Ending.

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(how do I request a go at this meme? do you give me the questions? do I get to pick the fandoms?)

I go by the interpretation of Chara that is more, he is an active force in the world specifically for lessening the damage done by malicious players. I interpret his hatred of humanity as his being an outcast for something not his fault, maybe he already had fourth wall awareness and people were scared of it.

I really can't forgive flowey no matter what his past. Background music not distorting, my game not crashing and especially the sanctity of a game over screen, bad shit not happening to my saves and me not getting trapped are very important to me. It actually caused me a lot of anxiety problems when I met Photoshop flowey. Learning he is Asriel... just makes him a prettier Photoshop flowey.
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Flowsriel sounds like a crack pairing I don't want to read. But would not be surprised by. I've read Claus/Masked Man. The person who wrote it clearly knew they were the same person.

Love your avatar, I think Blooky is probably my favourite in that I identify with them the most. (although I have a bit of a crush on Asgore <3)


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