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Me: (fangirl sigh) I'm trying to imagine what a good voice actor for my novel characters are. Especially Marius~
Me: Seiyuu too, 'cause why not. <.<
Me: Raggedy Ann would be played by Maaya Sakamoto~ (Hitomi from Escaflowne, Aerith Gainsborough)
Jean: Awwwww
Me: Plus she's a wonderful singer, so if my novel became a musical, it'd be perfect~ <3
Jean: and awwww that sound
Jean: and i feel youuuu
Me: I'm stumped on English (I imagine her sounding like Didi Conn, who played her Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure), but I'm thinking Laura Bailey from what I remember of her playing Tohru in Fruits Basket.
Me: Someone who sounds sweet but not ridiculously high-pitched like Cliché Anime Chick TM.
Me: Bailey did a really good job of making Tohru sound like a nice girl without being cloying.
Me: (And Bailey's pretty versatile, since she plays Lust in FMA, haha. XD )
Me: (looking her up on imdb) Oooh, she plays Lucina in Smash Bros!
Me: Ohhh, and Dulce in Rune Factory 4, awww.
Jean: awhh
Jean: yeah her voicing is goood
Jean: I'm picky with dubs so D:
Me: Looks like she's the Sonic games' current Blaze, too. Looks like she plays a lot of Ice Queens. :o
Jean: awhhhhh
Me: Stumped on Andy's for both sides of the ocean. He needs a voice that makes people go "AWWWWW!"
Jean: :D
Jean: awhhhh~ fittinggg
Me: A voice that belongs to a determined protagonist, but also fully capable of being vulnerable. 'Cause he'll have a LOT of vulnerable moments.
Me: I joked to myself that he'd be played by Junichi Kanemaru and Marius by Kouji Yusa to be all "lol Sonadow became canon"
Me: (And Kanemaru and Sakamoto would be playing together again, BUT AS SIBLINGS)
Jean: Awww
Me: I haven't played Kingdom Hearts in a loooooooooooong time, but Hayley Joel Osment or Jesse McCartney could be Andy. <.<
Me: Andy himself could easily fit into a KH game. <.<
Jean: Awww that's a good choice
Jean: his voice is so innocent sounding ; o;
Me: Yes. ;;
Me: Marius' voice should make you melt~ <3
Me: Dangerous, idealistic, yet vulnerable... gotta cover a HUGE range of emotions.
Me: Maybe Hikaru Midorikawa.
Me: Maybe Megumi Ogata, if we're going to lean toward androgyny.
Me: (checking imdb) Oooh, and she plays Shinji! Perfect for breakdowns and snapping into villainy!
Me: As for dub...
Jean: good 8D
Me: Depp is so versatile! He plays a lot of quirky characters, from psychopathic murderers, innocent sweethearts, idealistic young men chasing their dreams, and even a tender-hearted romantic~ <3
Jean: Yess I agreee~
Me: Hell, he turned "Hello Little Girl", a creepy song chock full of pedophilia sung by a wolf about wanting to eat Little Red Riding Hood, into something sinfully sexy. (sobs forever)
Me: All while scaring the pants out of me. God Depp, your talent is endless.
Me: I'll forgive you about that Lone Ranger Movie That Won't Be Named 'cause it's quickly falling into obscurity, buwahahaha.
Jean: Oooohhh
Jean: i didn't know that haha
Jean: yeaaaaaaaaah
Jean: i don't know why he accepted that role, guhhh
Jean: i more blame the casters than him but
Me: I think 'cause he has a teeny tiny part of him that's Cherokee? I dunno. Still should've cast an actual Native American.
Me: But omg. Ed Wood is one of my favorite Depp roles.
Me: Wood's so adorably enthusiastic while making the worst movies in the world. ;;
Me: And he looks good in an angora sweater~
Me: I still gotta see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Me: The idea of Depp playing my devious puppet... oh boy oh boy oh boy~ (inlove)
Me: My #1 choice for Dr. Medlock is Anthony Stewart Head.
Me: I'm not experienced with Buffy, but I have seen him on Repo! The Genetic Opera, where he played a character that sums up everything I want for my main villain.
Me: Aka a grieving dad who's become an absolute psychopath.
Me: Someone you feel sorry for, but not let that gloss over the pain that he gives to others.
Me: Runner's Up is Christopher Lee. Rest in peace, Lee. ;;
Me: Speaking of dead actors, one of my characters is a gruff police teddy bear named Officer Casey who's inspired by Bob Hoskins. ;;
Me: Jelly Jane's still uncast, though I thought of either Sayaka or Kyouko's seiyuu.
Me: Luna's still uncast, though her seiyuu might be Mami's.
Me: Finally, there's my Day of the Dead skeleton character.
Me: I want someone Latino/Hispanic/Mexican to play him.
Me: Give me the equivalent of a Latino Danny Elfman, and that's what I want.
Me: Listen to any Oingo Boingo song. That's the essence of his character.
Jean: Ooohhhhh
Me: Then long after Oingo Boingo has disbanded, Danny Elfman shows up as an animated dancing skelly in Corpse Bride:

And then chat went dead, haha. XD Guuuuh, I really should be working on my novel again, but depression is a pain in the ass. :(


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