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Dear Press Start Creator,

Sorry this took forever to write! I'm delighted you want to write, draw, and/or vid something for me! :3 I hope this'll be a great year for both of us. I apologize if my memories on some of my fandoms seem spotty. I've haven't played a few of those games in a long time. :o

I'm good with traditional and digital for art! No 3D/hyper-realistic models please. Don't worry about making a picture "shippy enough" if you're going that route--just seeing my requested pairings hanging out or standing together or general acts of friendship counts. ♥

Yes Plz aka Shut Up and Take My Money

- Fluff and angst in moderation
- Hurt/Comfort
- "What If..." AUs
- Earn Your Happy Ending trope (the more crapsack the world, the more satisfying!)
- Unusual/Unlikely friendships
- Guy/Girl friendships that stay platonic
- Found families
- Psychological horror
- World-building and character-driven pieces
- Emotions and wibbliness in smutfic
- Tasteful exploration of depression and PTSD, and the cast being supportive, patient and loving with the person going through those struggles.
- Stories where hope and kindness are valued as the ultimate strength that triumphs over cruelty and cynicism (ex. True Pacifist ending in Undertale, series ending to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mother 1+2)
- Happy/Bittersweet/Ambiguous/Twist/Hopeful endings
- De/Reconstruction of and bending of fairy-tale tropes
- Robots/Machines/Androids/Cyborgs
- Eldritch abominations
- Enemy Mine, aka enemies/rivals working together
- Villains with redemption arcs
- Dysfunctional people learning to fix their relationships into something healthy
- Stories that start out cute and fluffy but turn out to be scary and disturbing (ex. Eversion, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Dreaming Mary)
- On that note, scary cute things. :D

Nope.jpeg aka Angry Hedgehog Hisses

- Issuefic
- Toxic masculinity (unless deconstructed)
- Misogyny/slut-shaming/Madonna-Whore complex and Nice Guyism (unless deconstructed)
- Romantic and sexual love being bashed as "inferior" in gen and friendship fic, and vice-versa.
- Ace/Aro glorification or demonization. See above.
- Bi erasure/demonization and biphobic stereotypes
- Rape & sexual abuse
- Graphic depiction of drugs and alcohol
- Love triangles in all shapes, sizes, and polygons.
- Infidelity/Cuckolding
- Character & Ship bashing unless it's appropriate and IC in-universe (ex. Flowey canonically referring to Sans as "Smiley Trashbag")
- Third Act Misunderstanding and the Liar Revealed (in which the lying character is rejected/ostracized) tropes.
- Mpreg/Pregnancy/Miscarriage/Abortion*
- Excessive animal abuse and torture. While I'm more lenient with this for darker fandoms (sentient animals like the Judge in OFF getting beaten and bleeding is fine), I'm especially squeamish about animal cruelty at best and angry at worst (ex. Cannibal Holocaust, the "puppy scene" in Elfen Lied) so I'd rather you didn't include it.
- Incest**
- Pedophilia
- Zombies, vampires, and werewolves
- A/B/O AUs
- High school/College/Coffeeshop AUs
- All-hurt-and-no-comfort fic
- People with faith in humanity being treated as childish and stupid by the narrative.

*Background/canon-typical mentions of pregnancy in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is fine.
**Adopted step-siblings with no concrete evidence of a Westermark effect in their relationship doesn't count to me as incest. See: Undertale.


- Oral
- Anal
- Fingering
- Bondage & BDSM
- Kinbaku/Shibari
- Aftercare
- Descriptive kissing
- Biting/Nibbling
- Awkward first times
- Cuddling
- Dirty talk
- Bath/Showersex
- Size kink
- Toys & Pervertibles
- Rough sex
- Scars & tattoos
- Topping from the bottom/bottoming from the top
- Massages
- Frottage
- Pegging
- Xenophilia/Xenobiology


- Scat
- Watersports
- Vomit
- Ageplay
- Stuffing/Feederism/Forcefeeding
- Inflation
- Seme/Uke and gender role stereotypes
- Noncon/Dubcon for any of my requested ships

Important: No sex for Five Nights at Freddy's or OFF! If you're going to do smut with my ships involving kid characters (ex. Asriel, Lillie, etc.) please please please please please please please age them up to be eighteen or older! This especially applies to Papyrus x Asriel, due to the age gap!


Characters: Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, Frisk
Friendships: Papyrus + Asriel, Chara + Frisk + Asriel, Alphys + Mettaton
Shipping: Papyrus x Asriel, Chara x Frisk x Asriel

This game came out in late 2015 and I'm still obsessed with it. Figures. And now that it's coming out on PS4 and Vita, I'm jumping right down to play it through them because I'm weak. It's just that powerful, poignant, funny, dark, heartbreaking, and empowering of a game. And since one of its biggest influences was the Mother series, it's catering to my tastes right there. :P

Important: Please use they/them pronouns for Frisk, Chara, Monster Kid, and Napstablook! I'd also humongously appreciate it if you don't refer to Frisk, Asriel, and Chara as siblings in or out of the narrative, especially Chara & Asriel. Thanks!

- Asriel is my favorite character in the entire game, and after my second playthrough where I paid more attention to Flowey's dialogue with knowledge of his true identity, I loved him even more. I'm firm in my belief hope has been opened for Flowey/Asriel, and I like to believe that some time after True Pacifist's events, Frisk came back for him and was able to give him a second chance at life without needing to sacrifice themself or anyone else. But with all the trauma he's been through, I'm invested in Asriel's struggles and recovery after he gets his soul and body back and the ability to feel love and compassion again. Does he come off as uncanny valley to anyone with his knowledge of everyone from the pre-surface Flowey days? Does he slip up and accidentally trigger memories only the other person should've known, leading to a panic attack at worse? I imagine Asriel would feel upset and guilty for not living up to everyone's ideals of who he "should" be. Seeing people care for him as Flowey and still caring about him as Asriel (not giving him preferential treatment of either form) even when he's no longer Innocent Goat Child would warm my heart. I'm particularly interested in his relationship with Frisk, Chara, and Papyrus (hence the nominations. :D) which I'll expand on below:

- I can go on and on how much the Frisk + Chara + Asriel dynamics mean to me, whether it be friendship or an OT3. Whether it's Frisk & Chara's partnership and trust in each other, Chara & Asriel's friendship-turned-codependency & obsession-turned-friendship again, or Frisk & Asriel seeing each other in themselves (especially if Frisk had done less-than-savory neutral routes beforehand), the three of them complement each other in so many ways, and I love drawing comparisons and contrasts between everyone in the striped trio. All three of them are messed up in some way which actually draws them closer together (Asriel with everything involving Chara's death and Flowey, Chara despising humanity from a young age, Frisk falling down Mt. Ebott for an unknown reason that's often implied to be suicide), and watching them heal and grow and learn to communicate and share their feelings and take care of each other in a post-True Pacifist scenario is my kryptonite. ;;

I'm okay with the self-harm headcanon for Chara. However, if you go that route, I must ask that you A. Write Chara as having quit or learning to quit. B. Not romanticize self-harm in any shape or form. C. DO NOT depict the actual act of self-harm (ex. a graphic scene of Chara cutting or burning themself)

- Flowey and Papyrus's friendship is fascinating to me. Not only does Papyrus create a fanclub to him (in which he's the only member), Flowey admits Papyrus took him the longest to get bored of. But I rarely see fics where Papyrus and Asriel interact post-True Pacifist, which is a shame because those two are a goldmine of potential due to their "friendship" while Asriel was still Flowey. I always thought it would be sweet if Asriel admitted the truth about himself (including the fact he manipulated him) and Papyrus forgave him, or if Papyrus was one of the biggest driving factors to Flowey having a soul again. I also wondered if Asriel might have a sort of innocent crush on Papyrus he doesn't understand. That said, Papyrus/Older!Asriel is my guilty pleasure, so if you're up for shippy fic/art/vid, I'd love to see that side of their relationship explored. ;; All I ask is A. Only pair them up when Asriel is older (or have Young!Asriel have a crush, but Papyrus not reciprocate until he's grown up) B. I don't want anything too "dark" in their relationship. Acknowledgment of Flowey's deeds is fine as long as it's not too severe (see dislikes), but please don't have post-True Pacifist!Asriel be cruel or abusive to Papyrus. (And I mean Evil Sadistic Asshole levels, not "I'm a person and I can be mean and fuck up sometimes" levels) I want to see him heal and grow as a person, not be a reenactment of Flowey at his worst. Besides, I can't stand Papyrus being tortured. D:

- I squeed when I saw Mettaton & Alphys listed in the tags. :D I love their friendship and all its messiness, and I'd love to see it explored more in fandom. I like to think they made up and apologized to each other in True Pacifist, but I want to see the conversation where that happens. Surely Mettaton would learn the truth of the Amalgamates after Shyren joins him as part of his band? Does the guilt of her disappearance (possible suicide?) eat away at King Mettaton in his endings? How often does Queen Alphys think back on her fallen friend in her ending? What do they talk about while Alphys works on his Neo form in the Genocide routes?


Characters: Pablo/The Judge
Friendships: Pablo + Zacharie, Pablo + Valerie + Zacharie
Shipping: None

OFF is a quirky and tragic game with a unique style, and it defines why I love RPG Maker/pixel horror games. The bizarre melancholy of the atmosphere and the world-building is something that's still stuck with me after finishing the game several years ago--hell, I was shocked it came out in 2008, it felt like it was much newer. :o

- Perhaps it's my cat bias, but it was love at first sight regarding the Judge (pointy sharp Cheshire Cat grin and everything!), and he remained my favorite character all the way to the end. I found him fun, from his seeming omniscience to even his way of speaking (which felt feline-esque in a more subtle way?) But then I defeated Japhet, and hoo boy. Seeing his demeanor break down at his brother's death was something I hadn't expected, and later finding him at the top of the roof grieving and endlessly meowing for him was... poignant. :( By the time you learn the truth about the Batter and you have to choose who to side with, I picked the Judge, hands down. In a way, seeing him walk all alone in the empty zones during the credits felt sadder to me than the other ending?

So... give me Judge feels. Pre-game, watching the Batter, post-Judge ending... I want to know about the time he and Valerie were kittens. I want to know how they became friends with Zacharie. Hell, I want to know if Zacharie is still around in the Judge ending of the game, and if he could provide some bittersweet comfort as two survivors in an empty world together. Hell, do they ever deal with the weird aliens from the secret ending?

- Optional headcanon: I like imagining the Judge as a Sphynx cat, hairless and wrinkly with dark markings along his spine that make him look skeletal and creepy. :D Because Sphynx cats don't have fur, it's required to bathe them once or twice a week to wash the oils off their skin. Maybe Zacharie gives him (and Valerie) plastic baths? I think that'd be pretty cute. :D Does the Judge and his brother ever have to suffer ugly sweaters to protect them from cold or sunburn?

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Characters: Wizard/Gale, Witch/Vivi
Friendships: None
Shipping: Gale x Molly, Vivi x Molly, Candace x Molly

This game is so adorable. ;; I've spent hours and hours playing it. Aside from the various animals along with the goodies Harvest Moon is best known for, I'm stoked you can raise silkworms of all things. And they're adorable too! :o

- My favorite Bachelor & Bachelorette are the Wizard & Witch, aka Gale & Vivi. I'd love to see more worldbuilding about what it means to be a wizard/witch, and I love how fascinated by the festivals and human culture they seem to be. To start with, Gale lives in isolation and despite telling your fortune regarding potential Bachelor/ettes, he claims he's "no good in that area" and doesn't understand love himself. So it's touching when you start dating that he opens up to you--including trusting you enough to tell you his name after you're married. He's awkward and adorkable as he becomes enchanted by you, and when you raise his hearts high enough, he admits he gets lonely at the thought of losing you. ;; ("I'm a wizard, so... I might live longer than you...When I thought about that for the first time... I felt lonely..." "Before, I stargazed and read books by myself... I thought that's all I would ever want... But now... I feel lonely without you next to me.") I'd love to see his growing wonder explored in depth if you're going the fanfic route. ;;

- Then there's Vivi. She's a tsundere at first glance, but as you build up hearts with her, you realize she has quite a mysterious backstory. She's clearly lived through a lot of experiences and may even had been hurt in the past. Because her wish at the church shrine was this: "Oh, I know! I want a potion that makes people tell the truth! Then no one would ever be able to lie to me." Ouch. She harbors dislike for the Harvest King, who may or may not be related to this. On top of that, she's terrified of you leaving or abandoning her in your marriage ("If you were to be gone from this world… I wouldn't know what to do. It's frightening. So please don't leave my side.") Had she been betrayed? Is she concerned about the Mayfly-December aspect of her relationship with you? Both?

Speaking of Mayfly-December, I'm interested in seeing that brought up with both Gale/Molly and Vivi/Molly. It doesn't need to be tragic--just reassurance that while a human may not have as much longevity as a witch or wizard, they can still live life to the fullest and both of them be fully enriched for it. :)

- Candace is so sweet! It's because of characters like her that makes me really wish there was a Bi Option in Harvest Moon like you do in Stardew Valley. ;; Maybe Molly could share the same love of clothes as she does? Does she take breaks from farming/mining/etc. to visit her and watch her sew? Harvest Moon being Harvest Moon, there's no doubt she'd be friends with Shelly and Luna and get to know them as much as they get to know Candace. How would Candace react to Molly being able befriend giant scary creatures like bears? Could she help her overcome her fear?

Five Nights at Freddy's

Characters: Circus Baby, Ennard, Mangle
Friendships: Michael Afton & Ennard
Shipping: None

I never guessed I'd weep over and feel sympathetic toward Chuck E. Cheese-esque animatronics instead of being outright terrified of them forever, but there you go. Not to mention it gets surprisingly poignant, especially regarding the backstories of the murdered kids. ;; I love that as frightening and murderous as they are, the animatronics aren't the real villains--they're just scared and child-like and they ended up going after the wrong enemy. :( Sister Location is hands down my favorite game in the series. The scares, the story progression, the nostalgia, and hell yes, the humor. And then we got...

- Circus Baby. Ohhhhhhhh, Circus Baby. I just felt so bad for her. :( She had been built to murder, but has no motivation or drive to do so, and she ended up taking the life of a small girl and having no idea what she did or why. And if Ennard is supposed to be the scooped remains and consciousnesss of all the Sister Location animatronics... what IS the deal with Ennard anyway? What happened to it since it hidden in the sewers? Has it tried to seek any new hosts after leaving Michael Afton's body? Are they forever scared and lost in the sewers? Does it ever find any sort of peace?

- The Good Ending isn't canon at all, but after seeing some short comics, I love the idea of an AU where Michael Afton feels sympathy for the animatronics/Ennard and adopts it into his home to protect it. How do they spend their days? Watching more soap operas? Do they go around protecting and saving kids from people like William Afton? Do they decide to work together to stop him once and for all?

- Mangle is my favorite animatronic, and I'd love to see a special spotlight on her. It's clear she was an abused punching bag for kids during the daytime hours, yet she's still a playable character for one of the mini-games in FNAF3 where you search for the lost crying children to get the good ending. Does she have mixed feelings toward children? Is she disgusted by the ones who tore her apart, but she'd defend the ones who had been like her--trashed and discarded and forced to suffer? Is she any different as "Mangle" in personality than she would be as "Funtime Foxy?"


Characters: Mimikyu in the Thrifty Megamart, Phantump
Friendships: Old Chateau Ghosts Butler & Little Girl
Shipping: Lillie/Moon, Gladion/Hau, Hau/Sun

Yep, one of my oldest fandoms, still going strong after twenty years! Pokemon Sun & Moon is so bright and hopeful, like the rays of sunshine over the Alola region. :) While most of my requests are Gen 7-based, I have one from 4 & 6 as well.

- Lillie is amazing, aaaaaaa. ;; I loved her character growth, and go figure, I ship her and the Female Protagonist (aka Moon) like crazy. I'd love to know what Lillie has been up to in the Kanto region? And since Moon lived in Kanto before moving to Alola? I imagine their emails and texts would be an interesting exchange, since Moon could give advice regarding landmarks she had been before (like Mt. Moon, because I can't resist a terrible pun) and be awed as Lillie explores more of the region than she did while she still lived there, especially if Lillie goes to the Sevii Islands! What would she think of those compared to the Alola region islands? I love the idea of Lillie stopping by to visit Moon and show her her Kanto team, complete with a battle! Plus she'd be able to introduce her Pokemon to the grown-up Nebby, and that would be adorable. :D

- One boy is a cold loner on the run. The other is a future kahuna Shounen Spirit. TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME. In all seriousness, I really love how well Gladion and Hau's personalities complement each other. Hau helps Gladion loosen up and have fun, Gladion urges Hau to take himself more seriously and work hard. They're yin-and-yang in all the right ways, and nourish each other's strengths. :) I also find the thought of Hau and the Male Protagonist (Sun) adorable, so fluff regarding that would be great. For either pair? Malasada sharing. Oh yes.

- For those up for something creepier, what's the story of the Mimikyu left behind in the Thrifty Megamart? Why did all the Mimikyu decide to set up this place as their home? Were all the posters and magazines of Pikachu laying around the shop how they heard about and desired to be Pikachu in the first place?

- Phantump is an interesting Pokemon. According to the Pokedex entries, Phantumps are the spirits of children who died lost in the woods who possessed a rotting tree stump. Scary right? Yet the Moon Pokedex offers another story: "According to legend, medicine to cure any illness can be made by plucking the green leaves on its head, brewing them, and boiling down the liquid." Is there a ritual in Alola where they pay respect to the spirits inside Phantump and thank them for their life-saving herbs?

- Finally, the Old Chateau from Sinnoh. What happened in there? You see the floating ghost of a butler and a little girl in different rooms. What is their relationship to each other? Judging from the antidote found in one of the garbage cans, had they been poisoned? What's the deal with the portrait with red eyes following you in that one room? Is it a coincidence that the room you see the little girl float in is the only place you can catch wild Gengar?

Once again, thanks for everything!

Your Recipient,
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