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These responses have their good and bad points.

I agree that nobody should be forced to go to war, and that the prison system in America is flawed, racist, and fucked up (I don't know how it is in other countries. That's one of the many problems I have with Tumblr Social Justice; it's highly American-centric and turns a blind eye to the views of culture and politics as seen by other countries. Case in point: tumblrites jumping down an Irish white male character's throat while entirely ignorant to the fact that he grew up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland) But I fail to see how "women should be held equally accountable for their crimes instead of getting a lighter sentence or going scot-free simply because they're women" = "OMG ARREST MORE WOMEN let's take advantage of our misogyny and racism and go on a witchhunt, especially against WOC!" Also, I'm side-eying what I bolded:

As a feminist, I am willing and able to check my privilege and mindfully talk about rape culture, sexual assault, and abuse as a patriarchy/power/at times gendered phenomena without being gender essentialist, transphobic, or erasing victims of any gender. I understand that male rape victims being affected by rape culture is STILL a product of patriarchy.

'Cause that's what every male rape victim needs to hear, right? "Hey, sorry you were raped, but since rape culture is a product of the patriarchy and our scorn against male victims is rooted in misogyny, you kind of brought this onto yourself. Check your male privilege!" It reeks of victim-blaming and Oppression Olympics.

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YES! Tumblr Social Justice is one of the most self-centered xenophobic conventions ever and I hate how much support it gets. If you have a Y chromosome and even think to mention how your life isn't perfect you get dogpiled. Nice to know how men of color, gay men, Jewish men, poor men and male rape victims are so lucky...OH WAIT!

Date: 2015-05-18 05:59 am (UTC)
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I understand that male rape victims being affected by rape culture is STILL a product of patriarchy.

This sentence isn't as clear as it could be, but my interpretation of it is different from yours.

Do I think that male rape victims are affected by rape culture in that they're not taken seriously because of the patriarchal belief that men are stronger than women? Yes, I do.

Do I think that male rape victims are hesitant to come forward because they're afraid no one will believe them because patriarchy and rape culture says rape is a thing that happens only to women who "deserve" it? Yes, I do.

To me, the sentence is saying that male rape victims are as equally negatively affected by patriarchy as female rape victims. It's not saying that they deserved to be raped because they're men and men benefit from patriarchy.

EDIT: I looked at the original Tumblr post you linked and the context makes all the difference. WTF is up with that reply to, "As a feminist I think male rape victims are just as equal as female rape victims and deserve the same attention." I support both statements as standalone statements, but if the latter is supposed to be some sort of rebuttal to the former, I'm confused as heck.
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At first I was thinking that maybe it was an interpretation issue and then I saw the statement it was "correcting." Just. No.


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