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It all began when I got Fluttershy, my favorite pony of the Mane 6. Then I thought she'd be lonely and decided to get the rest of her friends. James happened to be given Cupcake for his birthday, so cue the endless stream of "Cupcakes" jokes. In the end, he decided to let me keep Cupcake and her raccoon friend because he felt like I wanted her more. I let Cupcake "join" the gang, and it grew from there...

So now, I like collecting G4 ponies. <.<;;; I've been meaning to make a list for a while, so I could show off the ones I owned and which I still wanted to get. I'm thinking of keeping an eye out for G1 and G3 ponies in yardsales and possibly get some from eBay (Namely the Mane 6 "prototypes" like Firefly, Surprise, Twilight, etc.), but for now, G4 is way easier and more affordable for me to collect. :P

Anyway, onto the list!

Puri's Equestria )

Will be updated as I collect more ponies and discover more releases. Mwoiiiiiiiing~! ♥
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Me: Caught up on Nostalgia Critic reviews.
Me: I'm interested in "Heavy Metal" now 'cause it looks Crazy Awesome.
Me: And the "Signs" review accurately shows everything that's wrong with Shyamalan.
James: Hah.
James: Misread that as Shaymin.
Me: Awwwwww!
Me: Shaymin is way cuter than pretentious directors~ <3333

Which makes me feel a little better after reading some horrific things in the con/weeaboo horror stories thread that he linked me. :(
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Black Swan was such a disturbing movie, aaaaa. Fingore's a squick of mine, and the face-stabbing scene ("I'm nothing! Nothing!") is made up entirely of Do Not Want. Still a good movie, though. The fact that what's going on is up to your interpretation makes it more compelling. :o People on the Internet are not kidding when they say it's Perfect Blue meets Princess Tutu.

Now for something light-hearted. Pinkie Pie, this is why I love you. ;;
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Comment to this post asking for a list, and I will give you five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

[ profile] ceasefire gave me: Pokemon, hedgehog hiss, Lucario, Nine Inch Nails, Morty/Eusine.

Plus a little bit of picspam~ Mwoiiiiing~ )

Modoka/Homura is totally becoming my OTP, guys. ;; /will upload more icons later
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Internet? What's internet? *clamps shell shut* I haven't been online lately due to lots of stress and Puri hitting BSOD. Whee! But lots of exciting things too. Like...

- Two of my friends, Nicole and Eric, who got married on the 20th! CAKE, CAKE EVERYWHERE. And we got to blow bubbles at the sendoff~ ♥

- I spent a lot of time at Dave's apartment where James and I watched South Park. Butters is my favorite~

- I turned 23 on the 22nd! I got stuff like books (namely, The Paper Dragon: A Raggedy Ann Adventure and Johnny Gruelle's biography) and ponies. Nicole and Eric gave me Applejack and Rarity early before leaving for their honeymoon. :3 Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie were also early gifts, so all I have left is Rainbow Dash, which I'll be using my birthday money to get~ ♥ And James got me Shadow Hearts series! I mentioned them briefly to him, so it was a lovely surprise! I squeed when I got them~ ♥

- I'm staying the night at Dave's apartment him and James now. ♥ Alicia baked a cake for me (meaning I get two cakes, including mine at home! :3) so nomnomnom. CAKE. MORE CAKE.

- Stuff to Brainwash James Into: Earthbound and Madoka. We moved my SNES to the apartment, so I can continue the process. Wish me luck as I hurry to Happy Happy Village!
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Last night, my new friends from IRL gave me early birthday gifts~ ♥♥♥ Namely the two ponies in my icon~ ♥

My Fluttershy pony won't be alone anymore~ ♥♥♥

Nicole, Eric, Dave and Andrew, thank you thank you thank you. And my lovely boyfriend James, of course~ ♥ You have no idea how much you made me squee~ ♥♥♥♥♥
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Autumn Leaves (Morty/Eusine, G)

G-rated fluff for everyone~ ♥♥♥ I think I outed myself on [ profile] pokanon with Tori Amos, anyway. XD

I've been thinking about it for a while, but I'm finally doing it. I'm organizing all of my fanfiction at [ profile] azure_sashes by tags. Better get back to work~
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So squeeze me, taste tease me, say I'm your own, but I'm no girl's toy...

Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Livestream: SUCCESS! :DDD I wanted to save the entire conversation we had during the stream, but my stupid computer only copy-pasted the last part. Nooooooooo! BIGGEST TRAGEDY EVER. I'll recount the best moments here:

Spoilers! Extreme perversity. Wished you were there to join us~ )

Everyone who watched Raggedy Ann & Andy with me, you've totally made the experience worth it. ;D Thank you so much! I'm glad you all liked it, for making me laugh and sharing your insight, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again in any future Livestreams~! ♥♥♥

...My god, did I just make this icon?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm streaming Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure at 7 PM CST!

~ Countdown ~

Link to the Livestream: READY! TO DIE
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I'm not at all caught up with PokeSpecial, but omg. omgomgomg.

Grimsley of Arabia aka PokeSpecial!Grimsley is flawless.

So tempted to make icons of him, omg. I'm suddenly very grateful I have a Drillbur in my current party~ ♥ And his Bisharp, eeeee.

HAVE MY VIRGINITY, GRIMSLEY. Though I don't think I'd be willing to give up my badges if I lose. That IS a gamble. XD

*falls back into an indecipherable squee*
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Hey guys! Any of you remember that screencap adventure of Super Mario RPG I started almost a year back? Wait... two years back. Fuck.

I'm picking it up again! I even have the files where I left off! We'll bounce right back to the Mushroom Kingdom in no time! Best of all, we'll get our first Star Piece! X3 The caps are uploaded, it's just a matter of organizing and applying commentary. But since my poor audience has endured Production Hell for so long, you deserve a little something special. Let's start a file of SMRPG... in Japanese!


My my... the menu looks different...

Even the way Mario moves! )

More information about Japanese!SMRPG can be found here. Which saves me a lot of capping. XDD! There's a little more mentioned at SMRPG's page on TVTropes, but I'll bring them up as I cap along so nobody gets sucked into the abyss, aka TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. XD Next up... actual update! :D
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Silly LJ. Of course I haven't forgotten you!

Day 8. A song/artist from your childhood

Queen and Talking Heads. ♥ One of my favorite movies growing up was Wayne's World, and the beginning where everyone rocked out to Bohemian Rhapsody would always be memorable to me. Mom played the whole thing to me on a record, saying Freddie Mercury recently died of AIDS, resulting in one of my earliest sadfaces regarding bands. D: I think a lot of you are familiar with Queen already, so lemme get into detail about Talking Heads. :) My family owned a movie directed by band's founder, David Byrne, called True Stories, which I'd pop in for the weird imagery and the catchy music. Mostly the latter. ;D

A lot of my favorite Talking Heads songs come from that movie. Including Wild Wild Life, Love For Sale, Puzzling Evidence, Dream Operator, City of Dreams, and this interesting cover Pops Staples sings called Papa Legba.

Stop Making Sense and Sand in the Vaseline played a lot at my house. It was good times with Psycho Killer, Burning Down the House, Once in a Lifetime, and Life During Wartime. 8)

30 Day Music Meme )
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I completely forgotten Luigi walked shirtless in the desert in the Mario movie. Holy crap, there's even close-ups! In broad daylight!

Day 7. A song/artist that invariably sparks your creativity

I have entire playlists for my novels, different characters, shippings, FSTs, horror, smut scenes... I've got a song for everything~ ♥ And there's things like Dream Theater - Pull Me Under whose full 8:22 minutes get me pumped and going. 8)

Frou Frou and Imogen Heap? Prominent. Her music is like my Reading Rainbow~

See this famous AMV? That's what inspiration looks like.

One of my all-time favorite songs is Come Here Boy. It's one of those magical songs I can imagine some mystical being coming to my window to serenade me with as he takes my hand and dances with me in the starry sky. ;; It touches the little girl in me that's dreamed of adventure and love and fascinating worlds beyond the imagination, and no matter where I go, I can get there with that sort of music. ;; (I'm no stranger in your dreams...) Let Go is another favorite of mine, for different reasons. Just something to me to wear my cool sunglasses to and be all "Deal with it." 8)

The Walk and Glittering Cloud (Plague of Locusts) remind me of Braid, one of the two main characters of my incomplete NaNoWriMo '09 novel, Martryoshka (inspired by Eversion, Lovecraft, and Poe). Braid is a bizarre scarecrow-like being who actually came to existence as a "glitch" that appeared in the space between dimensions. He can move between worlds without his body/soul altering, and his wandering kinda urm... messed things up for him and everyone else, since he technically shouldn't exist. It sucks being Braid.

What kind of scene do I need to write? Fluffy? Maybe A New Kind of Love or Goodnight & Go. Depressing? The Dumbing Down of Love. Creepy? Psychobabble. Aha! fits in there somewhere.

30 Day Music Meme )
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Day 6. A song/artist you sing along to at the top of your lungs

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name
And do I dream again? For now I find...
The Phaaaaaaaaaantom of the Opera is theeeeeeeeeere!
Inside my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind~!

By which I mean the title song, but the rest of the musical can apply too~ ♥

30 Day Music Meme )

Two days until the Pokemon Dream World opens! ;;
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Puri feels tired. :( I got awful sleep last night simply because I was raging over a stupid paragraph of dialogue I was trying to write. I still couldn't get it right, and I was still cranky by the time I was too tired to keep at it anymore. Just... ghsjdkghkdsjg. It's dialogue. Why is it giving me so much trouble? I can't think, I have the dumb. Ugh.

The family and I watched The Full Monty though. It made me happy~ ♥ *singing* I believe in miracles~! Where're you from? You sexy thaaaaang~ Now Tom Jones is stuck in my head again, only this time he's singing, "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Oh baby. XD

Day 5. A song/artist you turn to when you're really angry

Nine Inch Nails and Tori Amos. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have made it through my high school years and probably even early college. There's a TON of artists I listen to when I'm angry (Jack Off Jill, Orgy, Stabbing Westward, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Emilie Autumn, etc.) and the list of songs would probably go on for a long time. XD I dunno. Equip me with The Downward Spiral and Little Earthquakes and you saved yourself a year or two of a teenage Puri strangling everything in sight.

Tori Amos - The Waitress. There's... a story behind that. I made "friends" with a couple BFFs who I admired and secretly resented at the same time, and like the lyrics suggested, I scared myself thinking how violent and hateful I was and felt guilty for having thoughts like that. (I want to kill this killing wish) One of the BFFs wasn't as monstrous as I thought she was, and my feelings killed what little acquaintance we had left, Othello-style, and the other... actually was quite verbally abusive. (Boys all think she's living kindness (Heh) // Ask a fellow waitress) Listening to this song is looking at the mirror and seeing my 15-17-year-old self again. It's strange. At least unlike my past LJ entries which would make me cringe to high-hell and back, I can hear this song and reflect without wanting to smash myself in the face.

For NIN, you gotta love Somewhat Damaged. Starts off calm and repressed, but gradually teeters over the edge... then RAAAAAAAAAAGE! I like music that I can tear things to shreds to~ ♥ As a teen, I related to I Do Not Want This so hard. Well, except wanting to "fuck everyone in the world." Definitely didn't want that. But you know what I mean. XD

You don't want to piss off Emilie Autumn. I can't think of a better and creepier punishment than in Gothic Lolita (If I am Lolita, than you are a criminal // And you should be killed by an army of little girls) and many songs like Opheliac, Misery Loves Company, Liar and Let The Record Show are built of pure unadulterated wrath. Which suits me perfectly. 8) Oh yeah, she knows where you sleep.

30 Day Music Meme )
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And electric flying squirrels. What is this tom-foolery I don't even. My god though, all those Emolga icons [ profile] youendme made are adorable.

My novel is finally getting a kick-start! At least in terms of plot. I'm not stuck in the same scene anymore! Raggedy Andy and his friends are heading out into the wide world of the museum and it makes me happy~ I'm amused by their reactions.

"Oh shit, we're leaving the nice big safe cheerful preschool room and we're going back to dusty gritty hell and worse. D:" "UM. SUDDENLY I FEEL DISCOURAGED. DD:" "*sigh* I expected this. Might as well face the music and get ready to die." "We can do this, everyone! I know we just met a few days ago, but we worked together and discovered we're stronger than we gave ourselves credit for. If we made it to start our journey, we'll make it against anything that stands in our way. *leads everyone by the hand* Now let's get out there and stop those chimeras! :D"

Guess which one's Andy. XD And now I've got Pollyanna (I Believe In You) stuck in my head. DAMN YOU FUCKING RAG DOLL.

Speaking of lovely music, I'm gonna jump on a bandwagon and take the music meme Carrie, Indie, and Tifa have been circulating. :3 I thought of starting it but stress and family matters got in the way, but I'm definitely free now! Oh boy oh boy oh boy~ ♥

Day 1. A song/artist you're currently hooked on

Alongside Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers and a few scattered songs from that movie, Kate Bush is my primary musical influence for my book. :3

She couldn't have made a worse move~ )

30 Day Music Meme~ )


Apr. 3rd, 2011 12:24 pm
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Psst. Flist. Hey Flist! Want an Eeveelution to befriend you in the Dream World?*

All you gotta do is play this game after signing up~

Basically, you're playing Break-Out, Pokemon-style. You see those colored balls that fall sometimes? If you collect a bunch of the same type, that's the Eevee you'll get when you beat all the levels~ ♥ For example, get a bunch of orange balls and you'll get Flareon. You can only get one Eeveelution. You can reset until you get the one you want, but once you make a decision, it's final!

I recommend Vaporeon and Espeon~ ♥ Simply because their DW abilities are amazing:

- Vaporeon is officially a tank thanks to Hydration.
- Espeon gets Magic Bounce, which means it reflects the effect of stat-changing moves. Leech Seed? Too bad! Thanks for letting Espeon suck up your HP!

I got the purple darling myself~ I've been wondering about raising an Espeon, and it looks like B/W is a good time for it. :333

*When the Dream World is open. The release date's been delayed due to the tsunami. :(
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I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS ON N but apparently deleting my icons with him in it was a bad idea. I miss most of them now, like the N/Toukos. *sniffle* Brought most of 'em back, I'm too tired to look for the others. Goddammit, it's like as soon as my parents get home, I get 120x more stressed. Even after I've filled like eight pages of my notebook with writing today, that sort of thing is supposed to make me feel better. Stupid parents.

NO SELF. As tempting as it is, you're not supposed to revise the beginning of your novel again. Just move the bloody fuck on and get to the delicious monsters. And equally delicious plot. Aren't you dying to introduce Marius anyway? ("LOOK ANDY, IT'S YOUR FUTURE BOYFRI--I MEAN, IT'S THAT CREEPY MYSTERIOUS GUY!") I am totally not setting up my main characters to be broken into itty bitty pieces later. Emotionally, at least, though they get their fair share of literal rips and tears. God I'm so horrible.

My iconspace needs electric spiders. It's got Audinos and Pantslizards, and I just added a few Lilligants and Sigilyphs, but there needs to be Joltiks everywhere. Me making a Grimsley/Marshal icon is a must. And I ought to convince myself that my flist won't find me disturbing and defriend me if I keep uploading Raggedy Ann & Andy icons (Creepy dolls? Nooooooes!) Even if a few DO come from A Musical Adventure, which admittedly has gorgeous animation and inspired me for my novel in the first place. Learned some nifty stuff about animation while I was at it, like who Art Babbitt and Tissa David are. It's a trainwreck and becoming a guilty pleasure at the same time. What's happening to me? *sob* Also Togekiss and Shaymins. I never get tired of those~ ♥

James and I finally got to see each other since Valentines' Day. ;; We watched a movie called Sunshine, which started off as your typical moral-dilemmas sci-fi, but then it turned into Ao Oni in Space, so all was good. 8) We were gonna watch Big Fish, but we got tired and decided to save it for Burton Batman Night. So instead we played Mario Party 6 where we got our asses whooped by unfair computers (and fucking luck, grr. Why do I keep ending up last? ;;) then we switched to Tales of Symphonia, which I never played. We had lots of fun poking fun of typical JRPGs ("It's all the fault of... THE DESIGNS. OH NOES.") but it's got a certain charm to it and I love having field conversations with the members of my party. I'm looking forward to the rest of the game. 8) I can't wait until we meet Zelos~ ♥ I also borrowed a book from James called The World's Most Evil People so that should be fun~ ♥♥♥

Dad's fanboying 'cause he finally got an orchid to bloom after his earlier attempts kept dying on him over and over. Awww.

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I watched several episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic today. I feel like a seven-year-old girl again~ ♥

Ask me fandom-related questions in the comments. They can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/icons etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

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