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Greetings to the new people I've friended from [community profile] problem_attic! I'm Puri, an enormous nerd, and I hope everyone has fun here. :) I've been bad about updating my journal, but maybe things will get a little more active and I can post fandom spam again. I'm sorry the first post you had to see was enraged shipping drama, so I want to make up for that. :o I'll likely also be sharing nice tumblr posts that don't make me hedgehog hiss, like this touching post about Sonic that pretty much nails why Sonic Adventure 2 is one of my all-time favorite games in the series with Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD. :3 Also, thanks to the news regarding Mario Odyssey, I think I'm starting to ship Pauline/Peach. I'm more than good with this. :o Also, I can't look at Mario the same way anymore. Goddammit.

For now, I leave you a photo of my chinchillas, Frisk & Chara, and doggie Riley. Revel in their cuteness~ ♥

Just two photos for now. )
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I finally convinced Jimmy to play Undertale! These are his thoughts thus far:

It's like watching a caterpillar go through the various stages of its life until its inevitable metamorphosis. ;; )

Ohhhhhh man. Little does Jimmy know how much he resembles a certain character in the game...
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Everyone's holiday cards are finished and currently being delivered~! ♥
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Buggerpantx ran outside on his mop and said everyone we need to talk.

"What do you know, Buggerpantx? You're just a little MTT employee!"

"I MAY BE A MTT EMPLOYEE...." Buggerpaintx paused angrily. "BUT I AM ALSO A SATANIST!"
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I'm giving away holiday cards this year! If you want one, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post! Everything will be screened/private. I'll be happy to send them all over the world. :D

Cards may or may not include stickers and doodles of your favorite characters/ships/animals.

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Puri tries to think of ideal voice actors and seiyuu for her novel characters with Jean )

And then chat went dead, haha. XD Guuuuh, I really should be working on my novel again, but depression is a pain in the ass. :(
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Jimmy is an asshole and thinks of the worst names for a pair of rats ever. >(

No surprise )
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Fandom Stuff to Do

- Finish MSTing Gabriel's Inferno and make revisions
- Write letter for Rare Pair Fest
- Brainstorm for Season of Kink (and remember to post your card since you've been keeping it for a while)
- Consider PMMM Non-Canon Ship Challenge as a way to improve art skills (and maybe a few ficlets too)

Gabriel's Inferno takes the highest priority atm. I'm almost done! :D

Zar started a screencap adventure of Mato's translation of Mother 1. I'm so happy! ;;
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Pimping my friend Sara's novella!

Want some slice-of-life mother/daughter relationships inspired by the likes of Beverly Cleary, Ann M. Martin and Cynthia Voigt? Then this might be for you~ ;D

I want to thank everybody for your kind words regarding Uncle Ricke, including those who responded to my comment on Das Sporking. Your support means a lot to me and my family, and now Ricke is in a better place. He'll always be loved and remembered! ♥♥♥

I've been taking Freddie outside a lot so he could play with this adorable little Shih-Tzu named Abby. She belongs to this cute little girl who lives in the same neighborhood as I do. :o A few days ago, a Maltese named Fifi ran away from home, and Dad and I worked a really long time to snip her mats out. She's so cute and she wouldn't stop kissing us! She's so well-behaved too, she never tried to squirm or run away while we groomed her. Her owner was really happy I took care of the mats for her, and hopes she and Fifi could see me again soon.

After years of boycotting, I finally succumbed and got a Facebook. Bleeeeeeeeeeegh. The good news is I got to reunite with one of my oldest friends, at least! I'm primarily using FB as a way to contact family and animal shelters and posting pictures of pets, so don't expect a whole lot of fandom stuff there, if at all. FB already hates me and has "temporarily blocked" me from liking books/movies/music/etc. Excuse me for being cultured, FB. :P

My sleep schedule's messed up again and I'm tired. Actually interacting with the neighbors makes me want to curl up and hide because I feel so socially awkward. Help. D:
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There's this big kitty that I used to see on campus, back when I still attended university.

I mean, he was HUGE. Probably the biggest cat on the entire campus. He didn't seem to get along with the other cats, considering how often he hissed at them to go away. But when it came to feeding time, he always seemed to like humans. Or liked me, anyway. He usually lets me pet him and purrs when I do. Usually he'd have a big scab on the back of his neck, either due to fighting with other cats or raccoons, likely the latter. But he was always this big tough "bully" cat who softened up whenever I came to feed him.

Last Sunday, I was volunteering at the Cattery, and I was giving my brother a tour of the place and explaining what I do. Then I got to the teen room, and lo and behold. Inside one of the crates was the same big cat I knew from campus. Same markings, same size, same color eyes, even the same meow. He definitely recognized me too; he was meowing and begging me to come to him the moment he saw me. As soon as I finished my tour, I went back to see him. He's been dubbed by the staff as "Fluffy" like Hagrid's dog (I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to call him back on campus. Bowser? Barrett?) and he's a new arrival. He's currently in the crate due to him being scared after the move. :o The staff is trying to help calm him down by separating him from the other cats.

I refilled his food and water, which he nommed like crazy. All I had to do was run my fingers through the bars of his cage to reach him and he purred. I opened the crate to be able to hold him better, which he really appreciated. He didn't even try to jump and escape; he just kept nuzzling his head against my chest and purring some more, giving my hand a couple playful nips now and then. I'm surprised he's here, which makes me wonder how the other cats are doing. But I know he definitely won't be attacked by raccoons now. I really hope he gets a good home. He deserves it. ;;

I know for sure I'll be coming back next week. It's good to see a familiar face. :o
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My youtube channel's been reccing me Pekingese videos lately. Not that I'm complaining. Way better than having PewDiePie shoved down my throat. :P

Before I was born, my parents had a red Pekingese named Rocky, named after the "Rocky Raccoon" Beatles song. He was as sweet as Freddie, until the day my sister was born. He got so jealous he tried to bite her face. The doctor told them that Pekingeses hated kids. WHOOPS. So they gave him away to a childless couple. They absolutely loved Rocky and pampered him and brought him everywhere. But one day, the wife got tired and collapsed in bed. Rocky jumped right up and bit her face. She had to get stitches, and Rocky had to be put down. Today, my parents believe it likely he had a negative reaction to a vaccine, hence his complete 180 in personality. He went from being this sweet little dog to a jealous and spiteful monster. Thankfully, shortly after Rocky passed away, the woman finally got pregnant and got the kid she and her husband always wanted.

I'm not planning on getting a Pekingese after Mom and Dad's tragic tale of Rocky. But I've always been curious about them and wanted to meet one in person. They look fucking ridiculous, like living feather dusters. Dad says he has pictures and videos of Rocky somewhere. I hope he finds them. I'm curious about that red fuzzball. I just hope I have a good experience and don't have one trying to bite my nose off. There's no worse betrayal than a dog biting you. :(

I guess your experience with a breed can really color your perspective of them. For example, I think Huskies are absolutely gorgeous. But my friend Aspen hates their guts. He grew up with one that was half-wolf, and his owner (his stepdad) had given no obedience training whatsoever. The dog murdered the cat that was supposed to help Aspen cope with his parents' divorce. The dog got so rowdy and vicious and out of hand that he had to be put down.

In contrast, I've had some nice encounters with Huskies. I've met some beautiful, friendly ones (like a silver husky named Luna) and a few heterochromic ones too. Huskies are too hyper and shed too much for me to own one (plus their natural instinct to go after prey animals, which is bad for Ryu) but I've always liked Huskies. They make me think of Balto and all those noble doggies who save sick children and find lost people in the snow.

Naturally, I'm biased towards Bichon Frises 'cause I've lived with one since I was ten. :P But yes. I've been studying dog breeds very carefully, and I want to be sure to get one with no jealous streaks and who gets along with my other pets. Namely a cat, chinchilla, and hedgehog. :P I've been looking at a lot of hypoallergenic doggies, like the Bichon and Maltese. :3 I'm still on the fence regarding pugs, since I absolutely fell in love with Ellie back at the Therapy Dogs event, but I'm not sure if I can handle a pug for 13+ years. You can always feel free to recommend breeds for me! Jean recc'd a Pomeranian, heh.

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Me: Headcanon: Ness, Paula, and Jeff look up to Poo for his maturity. Jeff feels most comfortable around Poo, and whenever he's feeling insecure, Poo reminds him of his worth. Poo is always truthful, so when he says he respects you (he says that at least once to all the Chosen 4), it means a lot. ;;

Ness and Jeff have a tendency to bicker a lot, because their backgrounds are so different and their personalities clash. After Paula is kidnapped at Fourside though, they learn to work together and see how valuable their differences are. After they save Paula, Ness teases Jeff a lot less, and Jeff is less critical of him. They're the "friends you don't expect to be friends" kind of pair.

Paula's view of the Chosen 4:

Ness: Sometimes she can be a little exasperated with him, but it never lasts long. She relaxes around him almost instantly, and considers him the best friend that she's always wanted. ;;

Jeff: She has a lot in common with him, and she's quite pleased about that. Sometimes Jeff confuses her ("SCIEEEEENCE!") and some of his behavior and technobabble is lost on her, but she doesn't mind.

Sarah: paula always seemed like the most accepting one

Me: Poo: She has a great deal of respect for him. She's never expected a prince to act and look like he does, and she's still blown away by his humility. He's the one she turns to for particularly deep/philosophical conversations.

Sarah: oh i like that idea

Me: All: Mother hen of the group. Paula wants you to take better care of yourself, and leave Jeff alone, Ness. >(

Sarah: that she and poo talk about philosophy
i bet she's really mature for her age :V

Me: She really is, especially because her psychic powers made her grow up too fast.

Sarah: since her parents own a preschool she probably is used to being a 'grownup' too

Me: Ness lets her be a kid again. ;;

Sarah: aww
they should do silly things together

Me: Ness & Paula are the adorable cute couple who just enjoys doing the little things together, like going out for pizza or watching a movie~
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Sara sent me a large homemade Togekiss plushie, a hand-painted Mario mushroom container with chocolate kisses inside, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a cute card, and a picture of Madoka and Homura spending their first night at Freddy's.

Christmas = TOTALLY MADE. ♥♥♥

Thank you so much, Sara. ;;

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Greetings to all my new friends from the Multifandom Friending Meme! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Here's some random facts to help you get acquainted:

1. I'm an English major who's just starting the fall semester! After several years of trying and being pushed back by prerequisites, I'm finally in a Creative Writing class. Booyah!

2. I've inherited my sister's chinchilla, Ryuichi, after she went to SCAD to earn her master's degree. Since neither of us are into "Gravitation" anymore, I've taken to calling my little gray fuzzball "Ryu" for short, like the dude from "Street Fighter."

3. I was diagnosed with autism when I was around 12-15 months old (I can never remember) by my father, who's a clinical geneticist. I also deal with depression, which really fucking sucks to live with. Thus, I do not take ableism lightly, neither do I tolerate people who "self-diagnose" themselves through the Internet or toss around autism or mental illnesses like it's something trendy. I'm virulently against Autism Speaks and hedgehog hiss at the mention of it.

4. I may or may not be a gray asexual; sometimes I'm interested in sex and have a drive, but I'm not easily attracted to people unless I get to become close to them, and sex is not my #1 priority of things to do in a relationship. I'm still confused about my sexuality, hence I immerse myself heavily in the LGBTQA crowd and am a strong supporter of equal rights and representation in literature, movies, etc.

5. My dream is to finish and publish novels so that I would go down in history as a classic author (or at least gain a massive and lasting cult following). A book I'm procrastinating forever on writing is about ragdolls, plushies, and toys, and lots of scary and horrible things happen to them. By scary and horrible, I mean Nightmare Fuel Acid Trips like in RPG Maker horror games. I'm a bit of a Nightmare Fuel fetishist, in case you couldn't tell. <.<;;;

6. My favorite Pokemon are Togekiss and Shaymin, with Sylveon as my favorite Eeveelution, and Fairy as my favorite type. My Digimon Crest would be Love. If I were sorted at Hogwarts, I'd be Ravenclaw, followed by Hufflepuff. If I was a Final Fantasy class, I'd choose between Black Mage and Summoner. My mains in Smash Bros are Lucario, Jigglypuff, Ness, Lucas, and Ice Climbers. My favorite Disney princess is Belle. My favorite color is purple, especially dark purple and lavender. In Choir, I'm a Soprano I. My dream roles for musical theater are Christine Daae (Phantom of the Opera), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Johanna (Sweeney Todd). I'm an Earth Dragon, Leo, and my soul troll is Nepeta Leijon.

7. I love magical girls, so stuff like Sailor Moon brings me glee. I'm also fond of dark/psycological shoujo/magical girls, such as Utena, Princess Tutu, and Madoka. More action-oriented stuff like Escaflowne and Rayearth is good too. :D

8. I'm an enormous animation nerd who will fight the Animation Age Ghetto with the biggest boxing gloves imaginable. From the Disney animated canon to Don Bluth, to Pixar and Dreamworks to Studio Ghibli, to more obscure fare (ex. A Monster in Paris, The Secret of Kells) to movies practically nobody has heard of (ex. Ringing Bell, The Sea Prince and Fire Child), I'm there.

9. My favorite characters in no particular order are: Shadow the Hedgehog, Geno, Toadette, Vivian, Luigi, Yoshi, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, Lucario, Fluttershy, Loid, Jeff Andonuts, and um... many more.

10. My great-aunt, Flora Roberts, was Stephen Sondheim's agent. :D
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{ visit my post } { visit the thread }
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Jimmy's going to Portland, and unfortunately, there's not enough money to take me with him and Eric & Nicole. His last day in Corpus Christi will be the 15th, and I want to make it count. We may not be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but we're still really close (friends with benefits, at that), and he's the first true friend I've ever made IRL in the years I've lived here. Though we'll keep in touch via Skype, I hope I'll be able to see him again in person soon.

Urgh, so much sad news lately. I may need to stay off the computer for a little while. Watch more Utena. Play more of the lesbian hack of "Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town." Take deep breaths before my mood gets worse. Gah, depression sucks.
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Hey Lexi! I've discovered the anthem of the Tumblr!Utena Fandom refugees!

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It's Icon Day, and [personal profile] itsamellama is taking free requests until the end of July 7th! :D Ask her to draw anything you want; yourself, your friends, your favorite character, your OC, etc. and she'll draw custom icons for you! And if you tip, you get even more goodies! ♥

All About Icon Day 05. Get your icons today!


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