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I finally convinced Jimmy to play Undertale! These are his thoughts thus far:

*after Jimmy and I talk about American Psycho*

Me: Bear in mind that Papyrus is one of the sweetest and most innocent characters in the entire game.
Jimmy: So is talking them down always an option, or do I hit a point where the only way to end the fight is to spare them?
Jimmy: Cause I don't seem to get anything when I spare, but I get the feeling that might be the point.
Jimmy: I'm just trying to figure out if sparing is just fleeing by another name.
Me: You can only talk to monsters a certain amount of times before it quits doing anything.
Jimmy: So sometimes sparing is the only option?
Me: Yep.
Jimmy: At least assuming you want the TP route, natch.
Me: Sometimes you gotta Spare. Again and again and again.
Me: Indeed.
Jimmy: And is intimidating an option in this game? Some of the options seem to be leaning that way.
Me: Sparing is like saying, "No action."
Jimmy: Like, I'm getting the feeling intimidating them down without firing a single shot is an option, if not a possible ending.
Me: Intimidating some monsters is an option. Usually it just makes the fight more difficult though.
Me: There's one monster who specifically wants you to "pick on them" so I guess that's where intimidation works?
Jimmy: I see.
Jimmy: Cause I actually like the "Scare the shit out of them without actually hurting them option"
Me: Hahahaha.
Jimmy: If only because that's basically what I do for a living now.
Jimmy: I use the implicit threat of police action with no personal force to back it up to attempt to get people to capitulate to my requests, essentially.
Me: What's funny is you can be an absolute jerk, but as long as you don't kill anyone, you can still get the TP ending.
Me: I haven't tried it. I like being nice to the monsters. ._.;;;
Jimmy: It does seem rather silly.
Jimmy: If you're going to be a dick, go all in.
Jimmy: Hoo boy.
Jimmy: I am not going to enjoy the True Genocide route here.
Me: Hooooooooo boy. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
Me: Get ready to enter a false sense of security for Genocide.
Me: "You know, this isn't quite as bad as I expected it to be."
Me: And by the time you realize it, it's too late.
Jimmy: Uhhh.
Jimmy: Does devouring the vegetoids count as killing them?
Jimmy: Since they creepily seem to want it.
Me: Yes.
Jimmy: Oh thank God.
Jimmy: That's a bridge too far, even by my standards.
Me: Eat their veggies, not them.
Jimmy: *wipes sweat from brow*
Jimmy: Vore being one of my kinks, I actually don't much care seeing it leak into my media of choice.
Jimmy: I've been asked if I get off on Attack on Titan before.
Jimmy: I come back with "Do you jack it to health class skeletons?"
Jimmy: I mean, I like the show, but not for that reason.

*after talk about AoT, Stephen King, and I Am Legend*

Jimmy: Oh, thank God
Jimmy: A spider bake sale where the profits go to actual spiders.
Jimmy: I hate all those hipster bake sales by fake spiders.
Me: lol
Me: Yeah, those are REAL spiders we're talking about here.
Me: They dedicate themselves to the cause. Literally and figuratively.
Jimmy: That's enough for tonight.
Jimmy: It's been almost a full hour since I've shot or stabbed something.
Me: lol
Me: Undertale is such a grueling experience.
Me: Not having to kill anything because killing people has consequences. ;(
Jimmy: Honestly, it's too sweet for me thus far. Not saccarine. Sweet.
Jimmy: I get the feeling I'm going to have to take it in bite sized bits.
Jimmy: It's just too damn earnest so far.
Me: People say it gets better when you get to Sans and Papyrus.
Me: The Ruins is hardly representative of the entire game.
Jimmy: No, not even complaining about it.
Me: I know. Just saying. :)
Jimmy: Just think it's interesting I find it way easier to wrap my head around dark, violent settings.
Me: That said, I'm glad you like it so far! It opens a lot of conversation topics, and not just relating to the themes or in a pretentious art house way.
Me: People can talk meta on a single character for hours.
Jimmy: Yeah, it thus far seems like a game that actually has depth, not just fakes it.
Me: I trust Toby Fox. :3
Jimmy: Yeah.
Jimmy: I mean, he was the composer for Homosuck, but I'm not gonna hold that against him.
Me: I played his Halloween hack for Earthbound that he did as a teenager, and it's amazing how much he's grown as a storyteller.
Jimmy: All joking aside, pretty much all the work he did for Homestuck was solid gold.

Ohhhhhh man. Little does Jimmy know how much he resembles a certain character in the game...


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