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I told myself I'd make a post for all my Underfell headcanons, and it's finally here! My version of Underfell actually isn't much different or darker than Undertale itself. :o

It'd be like if Undertale became a Survival Horror RPG; it's more like the Genocide and Neutral routes are the easiest to take while Pacifist is the Ultimate Hard Mode, but beating it is so heartwarming and feelsy that it's worth it. (It's also the True Route btw)

Underfell's story actually follows Undertale's up to a point. Chara is MUCH more vocal about their hatred of humanity and calling out their abuse to them on the surface. So when Chara and Asriel came back from their botched attempt at their plan and passed away, monsters took it for granted that humans were indeed evil. All except Toriel, who was forced to flee and hide in the Ruins.

When Asriel came back as Flowey, he was on board with it too. He couldn't wait to take the opportunity for revenge against his best friend's killers. But as time went on, Flowey got more and more uncomfortable with the plan. Monsters, including his dad, had become so obsessed with revenge on the humans that it consumed their entire lives. No matter what favors Flowey did for them, all they cared about was breaking the barrier and getting revenge. He can't even speak about Chara without getting backlash in return. As if saying, "Chara wasn't that bad" = "Humans aren't that bad" = "Humans are good and have done nothing wrong." Which they are quick to lecture to Flowey about the wrongs humankind has inflicted upon them. As Flowey toyed around with resets and saves, it got to the point that they started blaming Chara for Asriel's fate. When Flowey tells them to stop, they shut him out. They even physically lashed at him. So Flowey is under constant fear for his life.

Cue the day Frisk fell Underground. Flowey vows to protect them so they can get out of here. On top of that, the real possibility that he'll have his revenge against monsters for their "ingratitude" toward him and Chara.

Neutral Route: Survive. Kill some monsters, spare some others. It's survival horror / pixel horror RPG where you're a young child with a flower trying to go home fleeing a race that hates you for being human.

Genocide Route: Congratulations, you're saving humanity and the Underground from itself. The monsters have become what humans believed them to be, and they--including its judge Sans--realize it as they fade to dust. But it's okay Frisk, you're a hero now! By the way, Flowey, everyone means EVERYONE, so you have to die too, in just as horrible a betrayal death as you did at the end of Genocide in the original Undertale. In wiping out an entire race at the ripe age of 10-13, Frisk is forever traumatized and convinced there is nothing redeeming about humanity. You know, just like the conclusion Chara came to. Killing themself may or may not be optional, since they could be a wandering empty husk forever. Earn Your Bad End, yo.

Pacifist Route: Frisk realizes how scared and vulnerable monsters are beneath the surface. Like in Flowerfell, they abide by, "Be kind. It's the best one can strive for."

It's evident in Toriel, who doesn't even hate humans. Rather than wanting to harm Frisk, she's incredibly clingy and wants them to stay with her FOREVER. So her Underfell counterpart is much more My Beloved Smother than the original. It's justified why she's like this though... the other six humans left her and they ALL got brutally slaughtered by her ex while the rest of the Underground treats it like a triumph. It takes Frisk reassuring her that things are going to be different, and that they will NOT give up their soul. She realizes... if they could convince her to let them leave, perhaps there's still a chance for some monsters to realize humans aren't all evil. That Frisk would make it safe for her to leave the Ruins again.

UF!Sans is more or less inspired by Flowerfell's, including referring to Frisk with cynical pet names like "sweetheart." Much more sardonic and openly hostile, but still lazy. Has definitely fallen into the "just give up. i did." mindset. Still likes puns but also dabbles in black/gallows humor, which Papyrus despises (despite how hard he's trying to be edgy). He's also inspired by Jeff Bridges' portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in the Coen Bros. version of True Grit. Here's a couple examples of his lines from the movie:

Rooster Cogburn: (after Mattie wanted to bury the bodies) "The ground's too hard. If they wanted a decent funeral, they should have got themselves killed in summer. "

Mattie Ross: [cutting the rope on the tree] "Why did they hang him so high?"
Rooster Cogburn: "I do not know. Possibly in the belief it'd make him more dead. "

That's more or less my UF!Sans. :P
My UF!Papyrus has more in common with the original Papyrus than he wants to admit. He wants to be a supervillain SO BAD except he utterly fails at it. If Regular!Pap is a cinnamon roll, UF!Pap is a burnt marshmallow: he's a grumpy softie in the end. This comic shows exactly how I see UF!Pap... except he'd be saying The Great and Terrible Papyrus. UF!Papyrus is just like the original wizard of Oz; just some regular man trying to sound scary behind a curtain. And he's still a sensitive woobie who cares too much about his reputation. There's... more of a rift between the skelebros in Underfell. This recording is more or less their relationship in a nutshell. No matter how he treats his brother in UF, Sans is still going to grieve for him and be pissed off if you kill him. He even blames himself for what happened because Pap was only trying to get stronger. :(

Not even UF!Pap can resist the cinnamon roll's charms! :D

Frisk when UF!Pap is spared: Hey, be nice to your brother! He may say bad things about you too, but he just wants to be able to take care of you and make you happy, since you seem sad and angry all the time.
UF!Sans: (slow sigh) I know kid. You think I didn't? ...We all are.

UF!Undyne's entire life is centered around human-hunting. It's gotten to the point that she can't imagine what she'd do without it. This is why killing her on Neutral is So Fucking Sad, because she wants so badly to not fail, but she melts anyway. The "Undyne" endings from the original Undertale are more brutal than ever. Because if you betray her after befriending her, she'll beat herself up even more because she turned her back on her beliefs, monsterkind, and ultimately herself.

The dinner date is more or less the same as in Undertale with minor differences. Papyrus calls her a coward for not befriending the human, and she later expresses concern that Papyrus wouldn't last long in the royal guard because "he's a wimp." Which is UF!Undyne talk for "I'm scared he'll get killed trying to prove himself to be tough." She'll fucking get her vengeance if you killed him on Neutral. But! If you spared them both, UF!Pap and UF!Undyne become Vitriolic Best Buddies, and their phone conversations are still hilarious.

Mad Dummy is exactly the same as the original. Napstablook, on the other hand, is passive-aggressive. He's much more hurt by Mettaton leaving him. :(

UF!Alphys is complicated and tragic. Human-made things such as Anime are a guilty pleasure for her, so she secretly worked behind Asgore's back to find a way to make a vessel getting past the barrier without killing humans. Which... resulted in the Amalgamates. YIPPEE SHE HAS MORE GUILT THAN EVER. She hates herself and thinks that liking what humans made has made her as bad as them. She can't dare tell Undyne she loves her, because Undyne will HATE her and possibly kill her if she knew her guilty pleasure. So... UF!Alphys decided to embrace her "badness." She accepted the role of the crazy mad scientist and is openly hostile to everyone in an attempt to push them away from getting to know the "real" her. When she suspected Mettaton of wanting to ditch her after his body was done, she deliberately sabotaged him and made him a four-eyed, four-armed abomination of a showbot:

"Just remember, Mettaton. I'm the one who got you to superstardom. I'm the one who made you your body to make that happen. And I can just as easily dismantle you and take it all away."
She told him to his face that she controls his life now. He can't leave her if he tried, because only she can repair him and recharge him, keeping him chained to her. The King MTT endings can't even feel like a triumph for MTT, because Alphys is cackling from the grave at his inevitable breaking down. This is what a yandere friendship looks like, guys.

UF!MTT wants revenge on UF!Alphys and goes on a massive power-trip in hopes of escaping the Underground and FORCE the humans to love him and watch his show. So he puts his acting skills to work and plays himself up as the pitiful victim of the Evil Dr. Alphys. DUNDUNDUN! It works (so he believes, Frisk could've been -_- the whole time) and now he gets to kill a human, boost his ratings, AND make a break for the surface when he's done. 3 birds with one stone!

In neutral where he's killed, UF!Blooky calls out UF!MTT on live television before he dies. Ouch. And UF!Alphys gets a What Have I Done moment, which finally motivates her to kill herself in the Neutral end. Spare MTT, and he realizes he hasn't been clean either. He and Alphys apologize to each other on live TV. On the Neutral MTT endings, it's one last stab in the back from one "friend" to the other. On Pacifist, it's genuine (which in turn helps Blooky to forgive MTT post-Pacifist).

If you killed anyone on your way to Asgore, congrats, you're fucked. You cannot spare him because he won't spare you. On Pacifist however, UF!Asgore finally gets a wake-up call, because this is the eighth time in a row a human has fallen and never killed anyone. He realizes he has "fought monsters and has become one" himself. But before he can spare or sacrifice himself, Flowey kills him. Whether Neutral or Peace, Flowey reveals his full intentions to Frisk; they're not leaving Underground until the job is done.

"You think I'm any better than the others? This is why we should die! It's Kill or Be Killed."

So he seizes the Souls, telling Frisk to stand back and not DARE open the barrier and let his now-murderous people break free. Frisk defeats him, Flowey is horrified from what he's done (namely betraying Frisk after he's promised to save them), and sobs into Frisk's arms. He begs them to kill him.

Kill him or not, he apologizes. But assuming you don't fuck up by listening to him, Flowey suggests maybe helping out Alphys and see what's in the True Lab.

Alphys date! Frisk and Flowey are horrified by the amalgamates together, but pacify them because they're exactly the same as the amalgamates from Undertale. Frisk finds the tapes and they (and extension, Flowey) finally learn of Flowey's origins. Frisk puts two and two together, and LO AND BEHOLD FLOWEY IS THE LOST PRINCE. Flowey grumbles and admits that since he no longer has a soul, he's not who he used to be anymore, not much better than the other monsters. But considering how Frisk has managed to befriend an entire society hellbent on killing them? They merely hug Flowey and tell him that he's been their friend this entire time, even his betrayal did nothing to change that. They know he lashed back because he was hurt and scared, just like the rest of his people. Frisk promises Flowey that no matter what he is, he'll always be their best friend. They've gotten this far. Once the barrier is broken, they're going to the surface together. Flowey tears up and agrees, hugging back. All together now: Awwwwww!

They find and free the last Amalgamate. Alphys' life is saved and she tells them that the Core is powered by one human soul: Chara's. Taking out the soul means the entire collapse of Monster Society as they know it, which is why they've been trying to collect Frisk's soul for the 7th. There is absolutely no guarantee of any monster absorbing Chara's soul and making it back to the barrier alive to break it. THAT'S how powerful Chara's soul is. Remove from the core = insta-death.

But since Flowey had been created as a safe vessel for carrying human and monster souls? Since Frisk is a human and can support Flowey carrying Chara's soul? Since Frisk is a human the entire Underground has learned to trust? It's worth taking the risk.

So Frisk and Flowey, gathered around by all their friends and the six Souls, extract Chara's soul from the Core. WHOOPS. LIKE HELL IT'S GOING TO GO SMOOTHLY. 'CAUSE NOW CHARA IS BACK AND THEY'RE READY FOR SWEET SWEET REVENGE.

The battle against Chara and their Final Boss form is inspired by Draikinator's. They hated being human so much that they gave themself horns like their adoptive family, along with some powerful magic. Like Asriel, they absorb every single soul Underground except Blooky's to become their most powerful form.

You can't fight Chara. It's damn impossible and they'll dodge all your attacks. But! You can mash the SAVE command over and over. Frisk reaches out for the "Lost Souls" monsters they've befriended.Flowey reaches out to Chara with their memories of playing together from when they were kids. Before this madness started. Frisk and Flowey tell Chara that they are worthy of being loved, regardless of being human or monster or demon.

This causes Chara to break down and become a little kid like Frisk again. They return the Souls and in turn, end up breaking the barrier and freeing all monsters... just like they always meant to do. As an apology for how they've treated Flowey, they give up their dormant soul to allow him to live the life he should have. Flowey turns to Asriel on the spot. Lots of weeping is involved. Frisk, Asriel, and Chara take turns hugging until they finally have one big group hug.

Chara: Now I can finally rest in peace. Frisk... Asriel... be careful out there, okay? Not every human is as nice as your friend, Asriel. But together, the two of you are capable of making it on the surface. Don't kill and don't be killed. It's the best one can strive for.

So now all monsters and Asriel and Frisk get to go on the surface and live happily ever after. ;; And Frisk and Asriel may end up holding hands and sharing a kiss under the sunset when everyone leaves but that's totally optional. As a post-credits bonus, you see Chara hanging out in the afterlife playing fetch with the Annoying Dog.



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