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Puri stop trying to make Madoka AUs out of everything. Haven't you made everyone in Undertale suffer enough?

Me: My favorite character after beating Peace run was Undyne. But after genocide route and reading fandom posts? It's Sans now. ;;
Darkeiya Deylo: I find it so hard to pick a favorite, but I'd definitely say Sans is up there in the top two.
Me: The skelebros break my heart. ;;
Darkeiya Deylo: Ohhhh they do so. ;~;
Me: And in my tired addled state, it just occurred to me Homura and Sans have the same situation (stuck in a Groundhog Day loop which inevitably ends horribly every time), but have such opposite personalities.
Darkeiya Deylo: Homura's is self-inflicted, since she keeps turning the clock. Sans is just dragged along and feels like it's hopeless.
Me: Not to mention Homura's actually a lot more like Asriel. Her determination transformed her into her own version of Flowey in Rebellion. Like, if Flowey didn't care about anything, but loved one NPC so much that he kept trying in vain to save them.
Darkeiya Deylo: To the exclusion of all others. Indeed.
Me: Whereas while Sans got broken, he never stopped being a good person. ;; He didn't warp into his own Chara/Flowey.
Darkeiya Deylo: Yeah. God, it's amazing what pixels and lines can do to your heart. ;~;

Me: God, I even thought of a gut-wrenching AU where Papyrus became a magical girl. Like, he wears a red equivilent of Sayaka's battle outfit.
"I, the Great Papyrus, shall destroy all witches and save all monsters!"

Darkeiya Deylo: Oh noooooo I can see it.
Me: The fighting never wears him down, and he's hopelessly optimistic. Until... The horrible truth affects him, knowing the "witches" he's fighting were once warriors like him.

"Nnn... In that case, I, the Great Papyrus, shall find a way to seek a cure! I shall no longer fight witches! Knowing they were once strong and brave warriors like me, I'll save them all! I'll remind them that they're good and the friends they have waiting for them! For who wouldn't listen to the Great Papyrus, the world's best Magical Skeleton?"

However hard he tries to keep his spirits up, Papyrus is feeling his hope shatter. Finally... He COMPLETELY breaks and witches out when he realizes all his friends, including Sans, are dead. He absolutely failed to save everyone, and especially Sans, who he'd sworn he'd protect. ;;
Darkeiya Deylo: Oh noooooo. ;~~~; That's so heartbreaking WHY DO I WANT TO READ IT
Me: His witch form and barrier is actually really goofy. You get a bunch of familiars riding racecars while balancing plates of sphegetti like waiters. In the peace/neutral run, this "Spaghetti Witch" is a funny boss, almost feeling like a "joke" boss if his latter attacks weren't so rough. In the genocide route, not only is this the second hardest boss in the game (after Regular Non-Witch Sans himself of course), but now that you know the witch's origins, he's not funny anymore. :'-(
Darkeiya Deylo: Aw man. ;~;
Me: If Sans turned into a witch, he'd just be this... formless blob that does nothing but take up space. Never attacks, doesn't have anything too fancy, nothing. This is Sans if he stopped caring and gives up. He literally becomes nothing. A regular magical girl could just swat him and that'd be that. The weakest witch in existence.
Darkeiya Deylo: Saaaans. ;~;
Me: Asriel's witch form is... oh wait, that exists already. <.< Flowey is the "Bebe" form, and Omega Flowey is "Charlotte."
Darkeiya Deylo: Nice.
Me: Wow, I want to write the Papyrus fic now. And this is after I wrote Undyne/Alphys porn for a friend's birthday. "FUCK YEAH ROUGH PWP LESBIAN PORN *beat* Okay, time to write a heartwrenching Madoka AU about Papyrus."
Darkeiya Deylo: Nice. xD
Me: OH GOD PAPYRUS (wait that's not porn THAT'S SAD) "God I've been so stupid..." STOP REMINDING ME OF SAYAKA, PAPYRUS
Darkeiya Deylo: Oh maaaaan.

Me: Papyrus: Look Sans, look!
Sans: what is it papyrus?
Papyrus: I'm a magical skeleton, that's what!
Sans: ...a magical skeleton.
Papyrus: Feast your eye sockets on THIS! (dramatically reveals a blood-red jewel in his hand) I, the Great Papyrus, shall be joining you in the fight against witches and saving all monsters!
Sans: uh... that's great, bro.
Papyrus: Of course it's great!!! Aren't you happy for me!?
Sans: well uh, it's kinda... dangerous.
Papyrus: Look at all this magic I have in my wiggling phalanges! Look at the arcane essence that stirs inside this magical meatball! Now that I'm a magical skeleton, I, the Great Papyrus, am prepared more than ever for anything that stands in my way!!! You think I'm just going to leave you alone to fight witches by yourself!? I, the Great Papyrus, shall stay by your side, no matter what happens!
Sans: the life of a magical skeleton is hard and lonely...
Papyrus: Fine with me!!! I have no friends! As a magical skeleton, I won't need any! But you shall not fight alone! I, the Great Papyrus, the Strongest Magical Skeleton, will keep my brother company so he'll NEVER be alone! Ever!!!
Sans: ...(shivering a little, trying to hide how touched he is)
Papyrus: AND I can't very well leave you lazing around while witches wreak havoc! Let's get going!!! You can't just sit around or the familiars will grow! *runs off waving his sword in one hand, and eyeing his glowing soul gem in the other, eager to find his first labyrinth*
Sans: ok bro. comin' right after you.

Darkeiya Deylo: I'm diggin' it!
Me: Sans got a Mami moment right there. ;; He knows the horrible things that are going to happen if his brother ever realizes the truth, but he's so happy that he doesn't have to cut his brother out of his life. ;; Sans still never uses his magic for anything (except teleportation and *DUNDUNDUN* time travel and breaking the fourth wall)) but he does watch Papyrus fight witches and it makes him happy to see his brother with so much purpose and happiness. Then when the Awful Truth is known (no wonder Sans didn't want to fight witches!), Papyrus gives him a hug and vows to find a solution to save everyone. ;; It's only when Sans is gone that Papyrus breaks down...
Darkeiya Deylo: Aww man. :( BRO FEELINGS....

Me: Sans: dude, just take the grief seeds. you need 'em.
Papyrus: Is this really right? Is this what's expected of a magical skeleton?
Sans: take 'em. please.
Papyrus: Everybody's been counting on me to save everyone... but how am I supposed to save everyone if they won't even listen to me? I, the Great Papyrus... nothing is working, Sans! They refuse to remember their original selves, no matter how much I believe in them... I cannot defeat another opponent! Not like this... There'd... there'd be no one left to... to...
Sans: *touches his brother's murky soul gem with a grief seed* your meat ball's gettin' burnt, bro. no big deal, fixed it.
Papyrus: Sans...
Sans: take better care of your gem. or else... you're gonna get boned. *rimshot*
Papyrus: Aaaaugh! Sans!!!
Sans: *chuckles*

Darkeiya Deylo: xD! Nice, nice.

(Yes, I realize I forgot to bring up Monster Souls and how they affect soul gems. I'M WORKING ON THAT. Oh yeah, Kyubey's not in this universe. It's Chara who contracts the monsters, so it'll be easier to kill them. Rather than going with the Incubators' excuse of "combating entropy," Chara does it to mix things up a bit for a "challenge." Also for their own amusement, 'cause they got bored again at this point)

I love this game, it does things to me. *sob sob*


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