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I've been fangirling Teddy/Loid on Twitter~ Mwoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~! ♥ Here's a copypasta from my Twitter as I look up some dude's Let's Play of Tomato's translation of Mother 1 to collect quotes and compare with Earthbound Zero. :D

Puri babbles about glasses-wearing nerds and gangsters with Elvis hair and surprisingly non-shippy stuff too. SPOILERS AHOY )

That'll be enough for now. Whew, I'm tired.
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Hey guys, wanna smoke a joint with me? We'll go on a trip, in more ways than one.

 photo 2014-02-12030411_zps4d6f2b34.jpg

Now that I have your attention...

Lucy's in the sky, but unfortunately, there's no diamonds. )

With that, we've covered the top three visited horror towns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! *boogie dance!* The next several towns should be more obscure, then after that, we'll dive into entirely new territory! 'Cause there's a growing number of horror towns that deserve a good visit. :D

Next Episode: Aniville
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Our next episode takes us to the second most infamous horror town, Hitokui. My family and I went to see the Lego Movie, and we had after-movie dinner at Applebees. I had a vanilla milkshake topped with fluffy whipped cream, a platter of crispy chicken tenders, and a batch of golden french fries sprinkled with salt. Too bad I was too full for dessert. I would've preferred dessert at Chili's anyway. Here, I would've ordered my all-time favorite treat, Molten Chocolate Cake. Molten Chocolate Cake is like a fluffy volcano of sweetness topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which in turn is drizzled with magic shell. Inside the cake is molten chocolate "magma" and swirls around in your mouth like a delicious concoction. The chill of the ice cream with the heat of the cake and the cracked magic shell has me floating my way up to food heaven.

 photo 2014-02-06235750_zps7d02fb52.jpg

Hungry? Fear not. After this adventure, you'll never want to eat again.

I wonder who the real cannibals are. )

Next Episode: Shachipanda
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Welcome to Puri's Creepy Crossing. In each episode, I visit disturbing and/or strange towns via Dream Addresses shared in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf." Today, we'll start with the most infamous town of all... so infamous, that its creator was featured and interviewed in the Japanese equivalent of Nintendo Power. Attend the tale of Aika.

 photo 2014-02-04000813_zps943da851.jpg

Her skin was pale and her eyes were odd.

The story of a girl and her doll. )

Next Episode: Hitokui.
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I miss holding hedgies already. ;; There were two of them at the exotic petting place. One was energetic and the other kept curling up into a ball and hissing. I think the energetic one was feeling stressful after a few hours, so he was sensitive and hissed sometimes too. But I held him a lot, so I think he got used to me a bit. :3 He even pooed and completely missed me! XD

Alas, hedgehog kisses actually mean the hedgie is taste-testing your fingers, so I got chomped. But the bite mark looked like a smilie face! And it healed quickly. :3 Some people were afraid of holding the hedgies 'cause they didn't want to get stabbed. XD But I got to hold the energetic hedgie a lot and he even relaxed in my arms a few times. I managed to stroke his quills a bit when he was calm, and rubbed his belly a bit. Obviously I couldn't flip him over, but I got to feel his belly anyway. :3

I'm tired as hell and ten trillion things happened, including my friends getting two new ferrets: Cooper (after Sly Cooper) and Korra, respectively. I introduced Ryu to my friends and they absolutely love him. ;; I started a fic for Porn Battle, but I didn't save it so I ended up losing it. Fuck. Oh well, I only got as far as 108/9 words anyway.

 photo 2014-02-08190248_zps7cef3305.jpg

Have some AC screenshots and QR Codes:

Who are you, stranger with the red rose in your hand? )

Mary goes to town. )

 photo HNI_0055_zps8a0e6236.jpg


Hilariously, Sydney doesn't care.

Princess Anna of Arendelle visits Magicant, homoeroticism stirs between squirrels, and I earn Marshal and Static's photographs! :D )

Ready! TO DIE )

There's a reason I'm cosplaying Princess Nehema too. It has to do with a new Animal Crossing screencap series I'm starting...

Hint: It has to do with Dream Addresses.
Hint 2: It has less to do with Valentine's Day and more with Halloween.

Coming this February: Puri's Creepy Crossings
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It's been a pretty crappy birthday for Knuckles the Echidna, but in the land of Animal Crossing, life goes on. Here's some photos I've been taking of my recent adventures!

 photo HNI_0039_zpsf38eda51.jpg


First, let's break my heart and go to Tazmily. )

Puri cries herself awake to a concerned Luna. Next town!

And it's got the same name as her own! )

Photos from places I've forgotten... )

Back to the waking world! )

Now we're back home! )

Marius comes to Magicant! Plus QR Code. :3 )

Next time on Animal Crossing, I'll upload two new outfits... both which belong to characters from existing games! Who could they be? Hm...
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 photo HNI_0026_zps520e23a5.jpg

My cold is overstaying its welcome, but at least I get to play Animal Crossing.

Misadventures under the cut! Plus plenty of squirrels. )

Now Grizzly and Fang (any wolves in general really) and Kiki and Snake need to move to my town, and everything will be perfect.
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Nothing except a bunch of perverted Toads. )

Previous Editions
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Hey guys! Any of you remember that screencap adventure of Super Mario RPG I started almost a year back? Wait... two years back. Fuck.

I'm picking it up again! I even have the files where I left off! We'll bounce right back to the Mushroom Kingdom in no time! Best of all, we'll get our first Star Piece! X3 The caps are uploaded, it's just a matter of organizing and applying commentary. But since my poor audience has endured Production Hell for so long, you deserve a little something special. Let's start a file of SMRPG... in Japanese!


My my... the menu looks different...

Even the way Mario moves! )

More information about Japanese!SMRPG can be found here. Which saves me a lot of capping. XDD! There's a little more mentioned at SMRPG's page on TVTropes, but I'll bring them up as I cap along so nobody gets sucked into the abyss, aka TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. XD Next up... actual update! :D
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# Day 10 - Why aren’t these two married in real life?

Huh? Marriage sounds kinda "final" to me. I prefer it to fanart rather than canon myself, nom.

# Day 11 - What is your dream pairing?

Didn't I answer this? My favorite pairings are my dream pairings!

# Day 12 - Who had the best wedding?

The Stevens from [ profile] pokedressing? Usually the wedding scenes from my canons are too brief to be judged really. I'm too busy oohing and ahhing over the bridal gowns than the actual wedding anyway. ^^;;; Doesn't mean I don't have wedding pictures though! Nomnomnomnomnom~ ♥

I'm kinda braindead atm, so sorry, not much. :( )

The rest of the 30 Day Shipping Meme questions )
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I don't believe I ever posted the rest of my SSBB caps. Let's remedy that. Let's start off with a tradition Puri has: the 99-Minute Battle!

25cc and No Bodies Yet! )

Field Trip to the Mushroom Kingdom! )

And the Rest Nom )

I'll see what else I have stored later. :o

Here's Part 1 for now!
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Long time no see! Last time, I believe we're at... Bandit's Way? Oh yes!


Puri's Super Mario RPG Screencap Misadventure is back.

Smeeeeeeeeee! Smeeeeeeeeeeeee! )


Previous Editions
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It's only the New Year and I already found this awesome summary. So awesome that it deserves its own icon:

Rise Against Darkrai, Journey to Save Mew » by HarsuneTheAuthor
This fanfic is now closed due to lack of reveiws. I don't want to write a story nobody'll read! Feel free to read my other story that's in progress.


I'm tempted to make cheap MS Paint illustrations of this fic too. Alberto with a gun! OH BABY ♥

I went to Shampoodle to get my hair changed in Animal Crossing. Now my character looks like Sarah Palin. DDDDDDDDD:

I swear it was unintentional! Great. I'll keep making jokes until I can change my hair tomorrow.

"I can see Russia from my house!"

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So... let's look at a few snapshots I took from Yume Nikki featuring Madotsuki and Masada, aka Mr. Sentimental aka Sensei aka the guy I first referred to as the Phantom of the Opera. Now you too are free to observe his cross-eyed cuteness. ;D


Hey Masada. You look kinda cool.

Two More Pictures of a Man and His Piano~ )

Bedtime for Puri. Now.
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Before I had to depart my brother's Wii, I took pictures and saved them on my SD card. :o

Lo and behold, Puri's Smashcaps:

Which mostly features Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, Kirby, Ness, Lucas, various Pokemon and other goodies. )

And now, to part you all with my New Smash Bros. OTP something cute~ ♥


Next up: - Puri's 99-Minute Match in 25mm!
- Fighting underground in Old*sk00l Mario!
- Trophy shots!
- Assist Madness!
- Stamp Spam!
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"Hey, what's goin' on out there? A fight? A flaggin'?"
"A festival!"

Once a year, we throw a party here in town... introducing Mallow! )

Previous Editions

Next up, we chase Croco!
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Welcome to the Emerald City! Where's my rainbow horse carriage?

I deserve a little more respect than that. )

Previous Editions
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A heartbroken, a vengeful Toad runs out the door, realizing his date Peach already jumped into a threesome with Bowser and his own idol Mario. How can it get any worse than this?

Observe Mario's expression. Perfectly normal, right? But take a closer look at his eyes:


Hey Mario! You look kinda cool! :o

All this and more in Super Mario RPG: Opera of the Seven Stars!

Photoshop liked to make my life difficult, but nothing stops screencappery! )

Previous Editions


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