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Puri tries to think of ideal voice actors and seiyuu for her novel characters with Jean )

And then chat went dead, haha. XD Guuuuh, I really should be working on my novel again, but depression is a pain in the ass. :(
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Remember that fake first chapter to my fake novel from last year's April Fools? Today, I'm bringing you the first chapter of the real novel I'm actually writing. :P

Bear in mind this is a first draft, so a lot of things will be changed in the final version. Like Hemingway said, first drafts are always shitty. That said, I'm open to critique, questions, suggestions and whatnot so I can improve the story before publication. :3 "The Great Phantasmo" is a place-holder name, so I may replace it with something better. But he's later revealed to be the same person as Marius, just hiding under another alias. :P The Robert Heinlein musical mentioned in this chapter is actually something my grandfather tried to start on Broadway, and it being rejected by Richard Rogers and why is a true story. Unlike in my novel however, the musical never got performed. :( The lyrics Ann sings are what my Dad remembers from one of the songs.

With those little notes out of the way, onto the fun!

This stops being a children's book as soon as attempted murder and toy violence is involved. Whoops. )

Next chapter, we see what happened to Raggedy Ann and are introduced to our main villain, Dr. Medlock. From now on, the chapters switch between Andy's journey to find her (and dealing with Medlock's assistant Phantasmo/Marius) and Ann surviving the lab. Don't worry, everything's still third-person. :)
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You ever have those songs that you've listened to for years, then when you go revisit them, you think, "O SNAP IT'S SO-AND-SO'S THEME SONG"? 'Cause I got that moment when I checked out Meryl Streep's take on "Stay With Me" from Into the Woods.

The main villain of the novel I'm working on is a nutcracker named Dr. Medlock. He's kidnapped one of the main characters, Raggedy Ann, and is holding her hostage while using her candy heart for an experiment he's working on. Said experiment is him trying to bring his lost daughter back to life; a ballerina doll named Clara that he took under his care until the day she disappeared in a fire reminiscent of the one from "The Steadfast Tin Soldier." Basically, he parallels Johnny Gruelle (creator of Raggedy Ann & Andy) and his grief over losing his daughter Marcella... except Dr. Medlock is a hell of a lot more psychotic and abusive. In spite of the verbal beatings, manipulation and punishment he administers, he develops a bizarre attachment to Ann as though she were Clara herself...

What did I clearly say?
Children must listen!

What were you not to do?
Children must see and learn...

Why could you not obey?
Children should listen!
What have I been to you?
What would you have me be?
Handsome like a Prince?

Ah, but I am old
I am ugly
I embarrass you!

You are ashamed of me
You are ashamed

You don't understand...

Don't you know what's out there in the world?
Someone has to shield you from the world
Stay with me

Princes wait there in the world, it's true
Princes, yes, but wolves and humans, too
Stay at home
I am home
Who out there could love you more than I?
What out there that I cannot supply?
Stay with me

Stay with me
The world is dark and wild
Stay a child while you can be a child
With me...

~Stay With Me~
~Into the Woods~
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Class doesn't start until 10 AM, but I can't sleep again anyway. So here's pictures I took of my homemade Raggedys. :D

Taken with my 2DS, hence the lower quality )

You can read the heartwarming story of how I got 'em here. :)
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Dear Night on Fic Mountain writer,

Thanks for being patient while I got my letter ready! And thanks especially for writing for me this NoFM. I'm really excited to see what you have to offer! :3 I understand that my fandoms are kinda on the obscure side even for a challenge like this, so I'll provide links to help you out. Without further ado, onto my requests!

Likes )

Dislikes )

Kinks )

Nonkinks )

Under each fandom, I'll list the canons I'm familiar with, my ships if I have any, and whether or not I allow smut. Ships can be considered as separate, open-ended prompts.

Animal Forest | Animal Crossing )

Mother | EarthBound Zero )

Raggedy Ann & Andy )

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars )

God bless you if you've managed to read all that and are still willing to put up with me. I can't wait to read your story! May all your NoFM years be absolutely awesome. :3

Your Recipient,
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I wish I had more Raggedy Ann stuff to look at on tumblr. :( Most of the things I find is Annabelle the Doll, creepy dolls, poor makeup and costumes, or ugly stuff. Pinterest seems to be where the Raggedy stuff is at, but it consumes my day like pixiv does. D:

Then again, I’ve associated Raggedy Ann & Andy with my novel for so long that my image of them is getting distorted. When you check your dashboard expecting a picture of Raggedy Andy sunk in despair in a chair aka Shinji from Evangelion, you have a problem.

Maybe it’s my brain telling me to finish the first chapter, dammit.

P.S. It's Raggedy Ann, not Anne. No "e."

#raggedy ann and andy
#raggedy ann is not puella magi madoka magica
#neither is the movie a prototype for it
#i know you want to believe in the darkness of raggedy ann's world
#but you've got to separate it from your interpretation and johnny gruelle's
#Puri!Ann and Puri!Andy =/= Ann & Andy
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Raggedy Ann & Andy are tricky to make customizations of at things like doll-maker sites, mainly because they tend to wear bright old-fashioned clothing that nobody wears anymore (ex. Andy's goddamn pants). It's difficult to match their outfits with their hair, especially since I try to avoid giving them dreadlocks when I humanize them. The results I make are usually awkward and don't look that great. Thankfully, Ann & Andy seem to be built for the Animal Crossing world, 'cause they look absolutely adorable there. ;;

 photo HNI_0083_zpsa4b7d968.jpg  photo HNI_0080_zps809863e6.jpg

Allow me to demonstrate.

I'm not that far in the game yet and I've only just unlocked Kicks' shop, hence the lack of striped socks and Andy's less-than-accurate pants. You can't design pants in this game, so I still have to buy pants that match the color of Andy's overalls perfectly. I know he technically doesn't have straps, but what the hell, I can take artistic license. Same with Ann here; the stitched heart on her apron is something I added for my novel version of her. :3

Want to dress as America's Favorite Ragdolls? Here's the QR Codes! :D )

Those with tumblr can reblog my codes from here. :3
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Puri sings 'I Look (And What Do I See?)' from Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.

It was a pain in the ass to record and upload, but it was worth it in the end. Today was a good day. ♥

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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So far, I've listened to the demos of the Raggedy Ann musical, and save for several eye-rolling moments, it wasn't as traumatizing as I was expecting. Mainly because it was just the songs and didn't have as much dialogue from the show itself. But then we get to the Broadway soundtrack, which is basically a live recording of one of the five performances before the show was canned. Now the creepy is hitting you on the head like a sledgehammer. I had to stop for a break after three songs (not counting the Overture) to comprehend what I just heard.

Now, the Mp3s are of low quality, and either way, it's very hard for me to pick up lyrics. I need liner's notes, I need lyrics sites, 'cause no matter how great my hearing is, there's some singers that I can't understand no matter how hard I've tried. And this musical is such an obscure failure that Google brings me nothing. But here's what I've been able to make out so far:

Guess what Marcella, you're going to die! :DDD )

I close this rant with an excerpt from How Not to Write a Novel (The Golden Harmony dub of "The Brave Frog" needs to learn from this too):

Compassion Fatigue )

And I still have the rest of the musical to listen to. *weeps* Wish me luck, folks.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Black Swan and Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure have a demented baby together.

I've uploaded fanvids to YouTube before, but they all got deleted due to copyright complaints and I had to make a new account. Let's see if this one's any luckier.

Additional Notes, nomnomnom. )
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Remember when I said I was trying to look for the Broadway soundtrack of the flopped Raggedy Ann musical? I got some good (bad?) news! The guy who played some songs for me on Livestream uploaded them all for download!

The zip includes the demo and "official" versions. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet (I'll traumatize myself another day), but I jumped to "Rag Dolly" 'cause that was the one I was most curious about. The musical only shares two songs from the movie, "Blue" and "Rag Dolly." The latter has different lyrics, so you end up having three (four if you count the awful "Disco Dolly") versions of the same song.

"Rag Dolly" in the movie is cute, but it worked better as an instrumental. It doesn't tell us anything new about Raggedy Ann (whose character was already established through "I Look (And What Do I See?")) and it didn't do anything to advance the plot except for the Captain trying to fix his spyglass, and his sneeze fit interruptions were annoying. Broadway!"Rag Dolly" on the other hand? It's about a sad and lonely Raggedy Ann questioning her worth as a toy. No kidding.

The version I'm sharing the lyrics for is the demo, which had an intro that got snipped from the final version. I uploaded the song as a single Mp3 so you don't have to wait forever on the zip. Feel free to correct me on lyrics, nom. Behold! Raggedy Ann at her low point while stuck in Dr. Medlock's lab. :o

I'm just a ragdolly... )
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So, there's three Raggedy Ann musicals out there that I know of. One of them is the movie, which is fucked up as all hell, but I have a soft spot for it despite its flaws. Then there's the Broadway musical, which is frightening and disturbing and not in a good way. (Let's say it deserves its own post, mostly chocked full of horrified macros and .gifs. Seriously, its poster looks like a pulp cover.) It dropped after five showings and I still can't find the soundtrack anywhere. While scrounging the Internet for it for my own masochistic curiosity, I found another musical with Raggedy Ann & Andy that is virtually unknown. At least I have never heard anyone talk about it.

And what's this? It wasn't a disastrous flop at its release? And it was popular?

Stepping Stones, a 1923 musical comedy. )

Jerome Kern did a ton of well-received musicals and musical movies for four decades back in the day, but today we know him through some of his songs ("Ol' Man River", "A Fine Romance", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "The Way You Look Tonight") and "Show Boat."

But wait! There's more!

Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann, was a fan of Fred Stone and L. Frank Baum. Gruelle wrote a scenario for a stage show, which was never produced, in which the Scarecrow of Oz, played by Fred Stone, met Raggedy Ann. In 1923, Fred Stone and his daughter, Dorothy Stone, starred as Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, respectively, in a musical extravaganza titled Stepping Stones with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Anne Caldwell.

I can't find anything else about "Stepping Stone," but I managed to find music files of the "Raggedy Ann" song.

Dear lord, all this research is making me feel old. Whether it's the 20s or 70s, what humongously different time periods Raggedy Ann came from compared to the 90s-2000s!
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Part of me wonders if it's an in-joke based on what Morrie-chan said ages ago, or if I wanted to see if I can make a legit-looking screencap of Andy about to be mogu-mogu'd. ...And that still doesn't make sense. Or maybe I'm just a total asshole to Andy.
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Tissa David, who died on Aug. 21 at age 91 in New York, was one of the world's great animators and a woman whose artistry is peerless in the traditionally male-dominated animated-cartoon field.

Fuck. She died the day before my birthday, too. I may not be overly familiar with Tissa's work, but I adored her animation in "Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure" and from what I read in John Canemaker's book, she was absolutely hardcore. She survived bombings, starvation, crossing the Hungarian border, language barriers, and she challenged the animation industry by proving that a woman can be a great animator. ("In America, animation was a jealously guarded men's field," she said. "So girls should be assistants, inkers, painters—not animators.") Kudos to you, Tissa. Hope you're having fun in the afterlife.

Edit: There's plans for a new Raggedy Ann & Andy movie.

I only have this to say: Please please please please please please PLEASE don't be like the live-action/CGI "The Smurfs." Though I won't complain about Neil Patrick Harris having a good role. ;D Maybe as Andy... Fuck, now I can't unsee it.

Okay, one more thing. Live-action doesn't sound like it'll bode well, but I hope they can make the puppetry/CGI work without suffering from Uncanny Valley Syndrome. There... are some things that just work better as 2D animation. :/
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I've been following Gehayi and Ket's review of 50 Shades of Grey over at [ profile] das_sporking and they got to Chapter 12, which was the part where the book officially disturbed me. (Not that it wasn't before, but this? Yeeeeeeeah) So I got around and wrote spitefic! While it doesn't feature Ana or Christian being maimed to death, it does have plenty of h/c.

In short, my novel characters read the book, become horrified, then cheer each other up.

So if you wanted to know who Raggedy Andy, Marius, Jelly Jane and the gang are like (*crickets chirp*), here's your chance! This takes place post-novel, but there's no spoilers to worry about. (No, Ann's death is not a spoiler. It's complicated) Bonejangles is a placeholder name for a Day of the Dead skeleton I haven't fully developed yet.

TW: Discussion of rape and past abuse. The excerpts from 50 Shades are all real. :( There's also mentions of toysex, though no sexytimes happen except in the stuff Jelly Jane reads. :P

Now that we're done with warnings, onto the story! )
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1977. That was before children became jaded, and actually had a childhood. Most of those kids were boys and looked to be between 7 and 10. Can you imagine a Raggedy Ann & Andy film ever being marketed to boys between 6 and 10 today? It would be reserved for toddlers and preschoolers. And Ann would have to have anime eyes with hooker make up and bare abs with a belly ring. They’d probably drop andy all together if they hadn’t turned him into an effeminate sexually confused confidant to Ann.

From this.

Maybe I'm thinking about it a bit too much, but does that last sentence come across as homophobic to you? I mean, I'd be annoyed too if Andy was reduced to a Sassy Gay Friend stereotype (c'mon, it's OOC for him), but you say "effeminate" and "sexually confused" like it's a bad thing.

Four chapters left until I'm done with 50 Shades of Grey. Thank god.
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So I found a bunch of Homestuck sheets, and decided to play around a bit. Useless Novel Spam time!


Novelstuck bios! Sadly, no pesterchum handles. )

Puri: Make redrom banners. )
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One day, I discovered a whole bunch of old Raggedy Ann Dell comics from 1946. I didn't expect them to be any good, let alone ever be able to find scans of them, but I liked a lot of the covers and thought the drawing style of the dolls was different, but enjoyable. Nice and simple. Cue me googling about and that's when I discovered several of the RA&A comic strips... specifically the ones by a man named John Stanley.

Rather than taking the sugary, cheery and moralistic route commonly associated with the dolls, Stanley's stories were... dark. And damn, I can whole-heartedly say they're actually pretty good.

Stanley puts these mild-mannered dolls through hellish scenarios in these 1949 stories. One might assume he disliked doing this series, and took it out on the cuddly-wuddly characters. Whatever the case, Stanley's Raggedy stories are the creepiest, most compelling comic book versions of this ever-popular licensed property.

Issue #32, 1949 - Did you know that eldritch abominations existed in the RA&A universe long before the Greedy in the 1977 movie? Meet the One-eyed Wobblies! You know what's a stupid thing to do when you meet an eldritch abomination? Kick dirt at their eyes. Raggedy Andy, you are Darwin's Next Tentacle Rape victim.

Issue #34, 1949 - I play drinking games with Raggedy Ann books, which includes instructions such as "Take a sip if Raggedy Ann & Andy stop to eat sweets with friends and woodland creatures, especially a mix of soda water/cream puffs/lady fingers." This comic deconstructs this device with a steamroller. Raggedy Ann & Andy get sick of eating candy, and fast. Also, the panel with Andy carving a slice out of a talking marzipan pig is one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a while. D:

Issue #35, 1949 - OM NOM NOM RAGDOLLS ARE DELICIOUS. Good ol' traditional fairy-tale danger in this one! For once Andy's got brain cells and fights to save himself and Ann, so major kudos to that. INTELLIGENT!ANDY IS SOMETHING I'D LIKE TO SEE MORE OFTEN, PLZ.

Issue #36, 1949 - Raggedy Ann & Andy DIE and become ghosts. Nope, I'm not kidding about this. Raggedy Andy is a brainless moron again and he shares pink phallic poisonous mushrooms with his hungry sister. They try to fly their way up to Heaven, and it turns out Heaven has its fair share of assholes, namely two cherubs that pluck all the feathers off the dolls' wings just for shits and giggles.

Issue #38, 1949 - The two living dolls ramble into a quiet existential hell--a highly symbolic castle not easily exited. It's a scenario worthy of mini-comix legend Steve Willis. The loose, spontaneous and quite pleasing artwork strongly shows Stanley's hand--in the layouts, if not in the finishes. At least it wasn't this castle. I'm kind of amazed Raggedy Andy and the 100-year-old man didn't die of dehydration. Pfft at Andy being pissy about his hat getting smushed. :P

In short, creative stuff! Short and worth looking at if you've got a spare couple seconds.

OT: While I was googling for Raggedy Ann stuff, a picture of Kyubey showed up on Image Search. Turns out it was me posting a macro on a friending meme while casually mentioning I was writing a novel about Ann & Andy. I wonder if it's saying something about me.
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I got a book at Half-Price Books today called Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame by Scott G. Eberle and the Strong National Museum of Play. Basically it dedicates a chapter of classic toys such as Barbie, Raggedy Ann, the Atari 2600, teddy bears and Crayola crayons into their histories and how they were created, what inspired their invention, and the significance they had for the time periods in which they were played with up into today. Which is exactly the sort of research I'm looking for regarding my novel. :o It's published in 2009 though, so the book is missing its most recent inductees like playing cards, the Game Boy, and the NES. Darnit, I wanted to read about those! ;;

It's still fascinating though. Did you know Candy Land was invented during the polio epidemic of the 1920s-1930s? Eleanor Abbott was a schoolteacher who was an adult victim of the disease, and during her recuperation, she made up Candy Land and other games to brighten up the spirits of polio-stricken kids at the hospital. :o

Teen Talk Barbie, 1991, altered by the Barbie Liberation Organization. In 1993 the BLO swapped the voice boxes in three hundred Teen Talk Barbies for the boxes in Hasbro, Inc.'s G.I. Joe. Unsuspecting customers found Barbies that barked "Dead men tell no lies," and "Eat lead, Cobra." p. 19.

I'm no fan of Barbie at all, but that is incredibly awesome. Most badass Barbie ever. ♥

Predictably, Puri dives into the Raggedy Ann & Andy chapters. )

Not from the book, but I find these stickers adorable. Stupid fucking ragdolls. It's not like I like you or anything. /tsun-tsun. The "Good job!" one looks like Andy is about to confess to a crush.

Jayden's been reviewing Weiss Kreuz episodes and Jax has been doing the dub Sailor Moon series. So I'm feeling tempted to review/screencap the three Raggedy Ann cartoons made by Fleischer/Famous Studios. :o Anyone interested?


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