Dec. 29th, 2014

shamanicshaymin: Quote from Napstablook from Undertale (Anthy :: Contemplative)
You ever have those songs that you've listened to for years, then when you go revisit them, you think, "O SNAP IT'S SO-AND-SO'S THEME SONG"? 'Cause I got that moment when I checked out Meryl Streep's take on "Stay With Me" from Into the Woods.

The main villain of the novel I'm working on is a nutcracker named Dr. Medlock. He's kidnapped one of the main characters, Raggedy Ann, and is holding her hostage while using her candy heart for an experiment he's working on. Said experiment is him trying to bring his lost daughter back to life; a ballerina doll named Clara that he took under his care until the day she disappeared in a fire reminiscent of the one from "The Steadfast Tin Soldier." Basically, he parallels Johnny Gruelle (creator of Raggedy Ann & Andy) and his grief over losing his daughter Marcella... except Dr. Medlock is a hell of a lot more psychotic and abusive. In spite of the verbal beatings, manipulation and punishment he administers, he develops a bizarre attachment to Ann as though she were Clara herself...

What did I clearly say?
Children must listen!

What were you not to do?
Children must see and learn...

Why could you not obey?
Children should listen!
What have I been to you?
What would you have me be?
Handsome like a Prince?

Ah, but I am old
I am ugly
I embarrass you!

You are ashamed of me
You are ashamed

You don't understand...

Don't you know what's out there in the world?
Someone has to shield you from the world
Stay with me

Princes wait there in the world, it's true
Princes, yes, but wolves and humans, too
Stay at home
I am home
Who out there could love you more than I?
What out there that I cannot supply?
Stay with me

Stay with me
The world is dark and wild
Stay a child while you can be a child
With me...

~Stay With Me~
~Into the Woods~


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