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(Disclaimer: I do NOT want to talk about whether or not Puella Magi Madoka Magica is problematic or not. I've been through this argument before, and I do NOT want to do it again. My rant focuses on the fandom, and I want it to stay that way, regardless of your feelings of the original show. Knowing I have to make a disclaimer about this is part of the beef I have with this fandom. Anyway, proceeding!)

Dear fucking god, if I want to keep my own sanity, remind myself this: do NOT look at deep analysis or wank or "debate" about Puella Magi Madoka Magica, tumblr or otherwise. (Mainly tumblr, but you know what I mean)

First is the Pro-Madoka vs. Anti-Madoka war. The Pro-Madoka side has its share of idiots, namely the Small-Limited Reference Pool stans who think Madoka is the most groundbreaking show in existence while shitting all over other magical girl shows, dismissing them as "girly" and "fluffy" despite certain shows being dark themselves and exploring various types of tropes before Madoka did (ex. Utena, Princess Tutu, Sailor Moon, etc). But there's the other side of the coin, the Anti-Madoka side. Liking Madoka means you're spitting in the face of the magical girl genre, since it was made by people with little to no knowledge of magical girls and inspired to make the series because of porn. (Which is blowing things the Magica Quartet said in interviews HUMOUNGOUSLY out of proportion. Skip ahead to aliceinpunderland's segment starting from "no no come back I need links to this for my sanity..." for the facts behind earlier allegations made in the post. I REPEAT: DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT THE INTENTIONS BEHIND THE SHOW OR ITS CREATORS. I'M JUST LINKING THIS POST FOR REFERENCE) Heaven forbid you like other magical girl shows along with Madoka, or point out other magical girl shows have problematic elements of their own. NOPE IT'S ALL BLACK AND WHITE. EITHER MADOKA RULES AND ALL OTHER MAGICAL GIRL SHOWS SUCK OR MAGICAL GIRLS ARE AWESOME BUT MADOKA AND "DARK" SHOWS LIKE IT CAN FUCK OFF.

I'm not touching the "Deconstruction or not?" or "Feminist vs. Misogynstic" thing with a pole the length of Mt. Everest. It's ugly and there's a reason TV Tropes lists them under "Internet Backdraft." *hedgehog hiss forever*

Doesn't get much better when it's just the fans. You like Madoka/Homura? That's great! Either people cheer and agree with you or tell you you're endorsing an abusive relationship and you should be ashamed of yourself. Either acknowledge only the fluffy parts of Madoka/Homura or dismiss it entirely as horrible. It's not like you can ship it while acknowledging the creepier aspects of the relationship or anything. Or believe there's still hope for a healing happy ending after Rebellion. Sorry, pick one or the other. Again, black and white. Gray is a dumb color.

"Oh that's just shipping," you say. "Let them have their stupid shipwars." You're forgetting about the Base-Breaker, Homura. Either she's an awesome superhero woobie who can do no wrong or she's an entitled abusive psychopath who deserves no forgiveness. Regarding Homucifer, she's right to do what she did or she's RUINED FOREVER. Liking Homucifer while not approving of her actions or leather-pantsing her is unheard of, man. It's not like she's a teenager (and teenagers never make stupid decisions!) influenced by a fucked up system and driven to be completely unstable than she would be in another universe. No, she's evil and I can't believe you still sympathize with her. Sympathy is the same thing as approving all the horrible things she did, don't you know?

Guhhh, just ranting about this fandom gives me a headache. Now my dinner's cold. :(

Date: 2015-05-23 01:40 pm (UTC)
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Shit like this is why I'm glad I stay away from the fandom other than writing fic. D:

Date: 2015-05-24 02:40 am (UTC)
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Yeah, that was horrible, but that was only the tip of the iceberg for THIS fandom. D: I hate seeing people complain about how much Madoka sucks for being 14 and human about the whole Magical Girl thing (which wasn't entirely her fault, Homura cockblocked her every time she was about to make the decision!) but I've been through that with Usagi, Aang, Miaka, Eliwood, Eirika...

Plain character bashing and shipping wars are annoying, but the SJW era created a whole new level of ways to fuck up a fandom.
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Date: 2015-05-24 02:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
Yeah, and I like to think some of them did after seeing episode 10. I saw it when Lexi and I marathoned the anime and I was like "wow, suddenly everything makes sense and if people still call her a weak crybaby after that..."

Guilt tripping is the worst. Suddenly I'm a horrible person who supports rape culture because I squee over Mamoru kissing Usagi at the Princess D ball, even in the 90s anime where she was tipsy! And I like Zoycite as much as I like Zoisite, clearly I support queer erasure!

Date: 2015-05-24 03:08 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
That's good. Disney catches a lot of shit these days, especially Disney Princesses vs Feminism wank. :/ It's good that people can enjoy Pocahontas while acknowledging that it has a lot of problems.


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